Jay-Z Details Relationship With Kanye West, Explains Fatherhood's Effects

Jay-Z also shares significance behind "Tom Ford" and goes further into the dynamics of his relationship with Kanye West.

In the final installment of this four-part interview, Jay-Z spoke about fatherhood, his relationship with Kanye West and his work with Timbaland on "Tom Ford." Jay explained how the Timbo collab came about and how "easy" it was to work with Yeezy. 

"I'm a writer. So, literally, I'm saying, 'the birth of my child gave me this new energy and focus' so 'Blue told me to remind you' but just the energy and focus. She obviously can't say, 'Fuck the shit y'all talkin' 'bout. My dad's the one.' She's 17 months. I mean, [laughing], she's amazing but come on. So, I'm using a metaphor to say that her energy and presence gave me the focus again to remind you exactly who I am.'" 

After speaking on fatherhood, Jay took on "Tom Ford." 

"This one came midway through," he shared of track. "This was about halfway through and it had a different hook... I loved the beat but that [hook] was so typical to me. It was like, 'Aw, that's just too...' So once I got rid of that - it took me awhile to get it out of my mind and then once I got it out of my mind - it was like, 'This is Tom Ford.' ... Almost like saying something is dope, not just a suit." 

He then revealed a bit about his time with Kanye West in the making of Watch the Throne.  

When told that witnessing the two perform was "an amazing experience," Jay-Z replied "For you!" with a chuckle. 

"I'm just playing," he clarified. "It actually was really easy because of the relationship. It's always been a big brother thing and a respect thing. It's always a good experience but he's gonna challenge everything because he's really trying to test it and poke holes to make sure that it stands up to the test, which is good. I admire that. It kind of works for me." 

In the interview with BBC Radio 1, Jay also discussed fatherhood and Beyonce. For more of that, check the interview clip below.

In part one of the series, Jay-Z spoke about Magna Carta Holy Grail, Timbaland and his growth. Part two dealt with fame's impact and effects and part three focused on politics, racism and sexism

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  • kool man

    There are 100'of rappers out their doing their thing but your site talks about 5 people .......jayz, kanye, 2 chains, J cole, Kendrick Lamar.........There is way more to our culture than just radio cats..... Please promote cats that need it and help them get some shine....HIP HOP IS NOT ON THE RADIO !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    'Son sayin I dont pop mollyI rock Tom Ford like those two things is related n shit Shit is like if somebody offer you a glass of water n you like NAH I ALREADY READ A BOOK.' /Big Ghost/

  • Papi

    Kanye and JayZ blow each other that's their relationship.

    • Anonymous

      Look at this faggot telling the world about his dreams.

    • Papi a bitch

      You wrote your foolish comment after reading Hov's lyrics your past, present and future gens will never right. For your info Hov is the best rapper, mc what are you call it ever to touch the mic.

    • Anonymous

      and you know this because you watched them

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  • deviner92

    this interviewer is brutal...way too casual, trying to be cool. Shut up and let him answer your unthoughtful questions

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  • Chad Aroo

    This series of Jay-Z interviews is amazing. #tomford.

  • pac

    jayz killed tupac killuminati

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  • Ghostly

    Jay-Z sucks man. His new album didn't impress me at all. Decent beats, and lyrics were too bad. But the delivery was lacking hard. Wasn't feeling his shit at ALL. He's almost talking on the mic.. smh

  • Jay-Z fan

    Im probably the biggest Jay fan of all time...but yall are saturating this website with him damn!

  • Yooo He's 6'2

    Hows he fit in that new bugatti?

  • 99000666


  • Loon The Realist

    together with my homie Gucci Mane we are the realest ever. i aint talking on records about selling dope i sell dope in real life! Talking about jail nigga? I do jailtime 14 years! Not like faggot Prodigy and Wayne 2 years.

  • Harrison Ford

    I thought the song was about me. I hate rap!

  • Anonymous

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  • Jay z fans suck

    jay z fans are the worst when defending him they bring up album sales and money for his crappy music these days then they go on and attack lil wayne who's fans use the same defence but they say that money and sucess doesn't equal rap skills. Jay z fans are a bunch of real hiphop fan wannabes like everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Notice how he immediately goes to the big brother and respect card. Ye's making music for aliens and he's talking about respect and admiration like Ye doesn't believe he's a better artist than Jay.

  • Anonymous

    Crazy how Jay has matured. I've never been a big Jay fan but dude has gained my respect the past couple of years because of his business mind. His little girl has changed him for the better now and can careless what others think of him. He's doing it for his kid now. RESPECT!!!

    • Anonymous

      ^ok..... Anyway the OP has point. I truely belive the older i get the deeper Jay'z lyrics get. When I was 16,17 I listen to all shit. But once u go through shit his shit is like 100% autobiographical its unreal...

    • Anonymous

      fuck this bullshit. Jigga is a sucker for love! Since beyonce came in his life nigga became a pussy

    • Anonymous

      Don't get it twisted. He's doing all this for Beyonce. The minute he stops buying her things, she's seen on camera with Ja Rule.

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    Man there is rarely a positive comment on this website.

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  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z is not as deep as he thinks he is. He's also not that good of a rapper. People forget that most people thought Reasonable Doubt was okay prior to Biggie's death when NY needed a new hood hero.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with ja rule comment. Anyway - I agree but he certainly deeper than people first think... kids and women think its pop. Let me repeat. Jay aint never been POP>>>>>>>>>

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Ja Rule is deeper, and has more insight on what it means to be a billionaire.

  • Anonymous

    hhdx are true jay z dickriders

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  • Anonymous

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  • call me li

    Great interview. Jay-Z def has a good perspective on life, and my man knows how to ask the right questions

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