Kendrick Lamar Chides Jay-Z Critics

Kendrick Lamar reveals how he was able to avoid Compton's gang culture with help from his music.

With twelve studio albums, countless business ventures, and other accolades, the success of Brooklyn rap magnate Jay-Z is quite evident, but according to TDE spitter Kendrick Lamar, at times the rapper’s success is downplayed due to how far he’s made it in the music industry.

The topic of Jay-Z was brought up briefly during Kendrick’s newly-published interview with Bullett magazine. As the Compton emcee commented on Jay-Z, he went on to commend Hov for his accomplishments and criticized those who may have questioned his come up.

“I salute people like Jay-Z,” said Kendrick. “How many tours has he been on? How many verses has he put down? How many interviews? How many radio shows? People forget that. They can’t fathom how a dude from the Marcy Projects is sitting next to Barack Obama, so they make up all types of crazy shit and forget the facts: This nigga dedicated every single day of his life to this, and what he has wasn’t just given to him. It’s no mistake he’s at where he’s at.”

Kendrick also addressed the prominence of gang culture in Compton and the ease in which some people succumb to that particular lifestyle. Instead of giving in to the life choices of those around him, the good kid, m.A.A.d city crafter says he chose to dedicate himself fully to music.

“You’re always around it. It’s easy to get swallowed by it, because it grabs your attention at such a young age—just the thrill of it,” Kendrick explained. “Even cats in the studio were affiliated, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t turn my back to it. More than anything, it became a question of, What am I going to dedicate myself to? The escape was mental. It’s not necessarily about going to New York or Atlanta. It’s saying, You won’t trap me. I can do something positive with myself.”

Additionally, Kendrick Lamar provided Bullett magazine with a brief, 30-second freestyle. Video of the freestyle can be found below.

Kendrick Lamar // Freestyle from BULLETT MEDIA on Vimeo.

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  • Anonymous

    fuckin' love him

  • Anonymous

    "People listen to Ross AND Kendrick and don't even know you exist and don't care about who sold more because it's music to them" Am I supposed to know every Kendrick fan out there just so I can tell them he sucks? lol Of course music is subjective, but alot of people, including you, jump on bandwagons cause your lazy. Someone tells you something is good and you immediately bob your head and wet your cargo pants.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick already has his platinum plaque for his album and is "still going strong" This very site hasn't even posted a story saying he went platinum, and by still going strong, what are you referring to? Every week, it's Macklemore, Jay Z or Cole getting the press.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross has platinum singles and 7 million in sales. Kendrick ain't even platinum, and got overshadowed by a white rapper from Seattle. Not a good look.

    • Anonymous

      Ross only has two platinum singles (Hustlin, The Boss) and no platinum albums and he has not sold close to 7 million. Kendrick already has his platinum plaque for his album and is still going strong.

    • Anonymous

      lol at this bitch Quote-Man People listen to Ross AND Kendrick and don't even know you exist and don't care about who sold more because it's music to them. Why do you keep coming here showing us all how much a bitch ass person you are? You getting paid to comment? You should be fired if you are.

  • Anonymous

    New beats @

  • Kendrick Lamar

    I need to call Rick Ross and ask him what it feels like to be multi platinum. MMG is the real deal. Those cats appeal to real street felons, while cats like me, who spend hours in the bathroom, appeal mostly to women and peoples grandparents.

  • Hip Hop Stans Are Brain Damaged.

    "Anonymous: jay has a lane and does it well. kendrick is the new nas." Please don't ever fucking post this horseshit again. Kendrick is the one of the best mainstream rappers out now, but to compare him to Nas and GKMC to Illmatic is fucking blasphemy. He still has a long way to go before we even start comparisons. Seriously, comments like yours is part of the reason the modern Hip Hop "culture" and stanbase is filled with faggotry nowadays. Let Kendrick be fucking Kendrick. My case has been rested.

  • For His haters

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    you people are ridiculas like wtf is up with the world why is everyone all of sudden fucking gay?? and everybody is saying or accusing everyone for being gay. Makes me wonder about the ones who are throwing stones all the time..this Gay movement is getting annoying not everybody is gay..and before Hiphopdx gets excited and removes this comment there is nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something severly wrong with every fucking person on the damn site saying "this dudes about to come out of the closet" just STFU already!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Sorry in technical terms P. Diddy is considered a rapper, so if you read Forbes (Hip-Hop Cash Kings to be exact) then you'd know that he is actually richer than Jay-Z" He's a producer not a rapper, and if you combine Jay and Bey's net worths, they exceed 700 million. Diddy's at 500 million. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Anonymous

      lol at this bitch Quote-Man nobody said couples asshole and that's his wife's money, he has his own, but look at the bitch in yoo counting them together to make yourself look good, lol

  • I

    Rappers Adore Hov... Just ask any rapper out there I mean any rapper. Even when the truth is clear niggas still stay black. So real

  • zxsss9

  • xx004

  • sxxx9

  • a gay hiphopfan

    I think that after Frank Oceaan Kendrick will come out of the closet and will admit he is gay! Although theres nothing wrong with being gay.

  • sxxx9

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  • wale

    Wale sent a young sista to college. Is HIphopdx gone report on that

  • Come On

    Like I said in another Post ppl need to find another site and a different Rapper to hate on. Jay-z and Hip hop dx have more than earned their stripes weather you agree with them or not or weather you like Jay-z or not they've earned everything they accomplished through countless days of work to achieve anything they have and I'm tired of these new disrespectful bloggers or readers on this site that have nothing but bad things to say everytime they come on, It's this simple you don't like Jay-z don't buy his shit! or read articles about him, and if you don't like this site stay the fuck off it cause no cares or wants to here you hatful disrespectful opinions anymore.

  • fukkenny

    fuck this overrated pussy

  • Anonymous

    To all y'all motherfuckers on that Jay v Nas shit, in the words of R. Freeman ' y'all (fucking) gay.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga looks gay

  • Anonymous

    he needs to come out of the closet, just look at the pic. this dude mad suspect

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  • That Dude In His Basement

    The hyphen looks like a minus sign. Jay-Z = J-Z. J = 10th letter of the alphabet Z = 26th letter of the alphabet So, follow me here, cause Im about to blow your fucking mind (remember, hyphen = subtraction): J Z = 10 26 = -16. If you add 1 and 6 in the number 16 (ignore the negative), you get 7. Does that number seem familiar? It comes from the Seven Day Theory!!! Now, you know how Tupac Shakur made his last album while he was alive in 7 days? The album was released in November 5, 1996 (11/5/9611 + 5 + 96 = 112) but it was recorded during the month of August of 1996 (8/968 + 96 = 104). And 112 104 = 8. Now, lets take a look at Jays first album after the death of Tupac Shakur. (Vol 1) The eighth ( remember? The 8 from 112 108) track on the album is called (Always be My (Sunshine) wait a sec (Always Be My)Sunshine! Sunshine = Illuminati Reference! He wants you to join his clandestine group of overlords!!! meaning JAY Z KILLED TUPAC SHAKUR!!! And That Hyphen in his name was the evidence! thats why he took it away!

  • jerry

    I really wasnt making it a nas vs jay. I was just commenting on how rappers naturally decline as they get into their 30s and have put out a ton of material already. Nas is the only one I could think of that still kills it everytime hes on a song. That J cole remix he did was top notch for someone no matter his age or time spent in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z and Nas have there fair share of bad albums, but nas has a overall better catalog, I like both of them, but Nas wins in the long right, if you measure it in success Jay-Z wins, but Nas is the better MC.

  • Anonymous

    Year of B.Hudson. Google B.Hudson!!

  • Anonymous

    Eminem Best Rapper of All Time? VOTE now @

  • I-Drive Orlando

    I love Kendrick Lamar - best voice out right now and clear raps with a reason.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Why does everyone dick ride this muthafucka. I own about 2 or 3 of his albums, but mainly because he gets nice beats from top producers, a few good features and has a decent flow. He's not even close to what people make him out to be. The producers should get most of the credit, not his average rap skills. He isn't even in my top 10.

  • Anonymous

    i fucking hate jay z but no doubt hes top 5

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick's next album will flop hard. Next stop Koch.

  • Fuck Compton, Fuck Marcy

    And fuck this mouse looking nigga

  • jerry

    here are the facts: 1. Jay z haters still probably hold him in their top 5 or 10 of all time 2. ITs ok to critique someones music if it isnt good either in general, or for that particular artists 3. Jay-z is in his 40s and has rapped about a lot and done an amazing job with it. I dont expect guys who have been in it that long to come out with amazing music anymore 4. Jay-z has absolutely declined in his rapping ability. Magna carta and Blueprint 3 were very average compared to Black Album, Reasonable Doubt, etc. 5. Nas is really the only rapper who has been in it the same amount of time and hasnt lost much in terms of rapping. Thats not a knock on jay, just a big accomplishment for Nas. Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, Kanye, Rakim, etc., all lost it after a few cds.

    • TRE

      You can hate Jay-Z all you want but to say he has 0 classics is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard. Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, The Black Album

    • Anonymous

      ^^^when did Made You Look come out?

    • Da REAL Facts

      1 - I hate Jay and he ain't on my top 5 2 - That's why I critique these niccas 3 - Neither do I. That's why I hate this nigga 4 - Let it be known, this nigga ain't got no classic album 5 - Nas fell the FUCK OFF after Stillmatic.

  • sxxx4

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  • Fish

    Jay-Z haters spend their time disrespecting him on message boards, but I would guarantee that the faggots typing shit on the internet are probably listening to Magna Carta while they do it. If you really hate at artist, you just ignore them. For example, I despise everything about Drake. So I dare someone to find my name ANYWHERE on a Drake article. Keep it up haters, you're just lining Jigga's pockets.

    • Anonymous

      You love slobbering all over Drake's kosher sausage.

    • Art Brooks

      When U have a lot of success, some sucker-ass loser hater don't even bother U...not even a blip on your radar.

    • Fish

      I listen to a album with a album cover of 2 dudes fucking each other in the ass..

    • Rasp

      To niggaz who care about Hip Hop, they have to reply. They can't let wack rappers just take over and brainwash these MTV/Nickelodean children. Its because of MTV kids that these niggaz are doin the number they are doin. And if Jay-z was so 'huge', he would've sold 2-3 million copies already. the only mfs that buy his cds, live in NYC. thats it

  • Not Impressed

    I salute people like Jay-Z, said Kendrick. How many tours has he been on? How many verses has he put down? How many interviews? How many radio shows" They talk about everything but the lack of content in his half ass songs, to defend him. It's clear this guy is a Jay stan, so I wouldn't take his opinion seriously anyway. I'm not impressed

  • Adr

    I don't think whoever came up with the title knows what "chide" means

  • zxsss9

  • sxxx9

  • Jimmy Lovine

    Kendrick, you're rich son. Enough of this co-signing. That's what ruined Game's life and tested my patience.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z must be the nigga to hate this year I don't remember this many people hating on him last year I like jay-Z he makes good music he's not my favorite that spot is reserved for Wu-Tang and tech n9ne but he doesn't put out garbage I think the problem is that everyone wants people to sound the same and rap about the same stuff I on the other hand like diversity

  • Gina R. Franklin

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  • Anonymous

    so sick of stuff about jay z hes obviously power hungry and makes garbage music to top it all off his fans call him some god when he is clearly a manipulator.

  • Fuck Marcy

    Why do shit gotta be like this? Why in the hell do people have to dickride this nigga??? What the fuck has he done for y'all besides over 17 years of wack music?

  • Anonymous

    He salutes the richest rapper in the game today. What a shocker.

    • COCA


    • Sorry

      Sorry in technical terms P. Diddy is considered a rapper, so if you read Forbes (Hip-Hop Cash Kings to be exact) then you'd know that he is actually richer than Jay-Z

  • COCA


  • Bobyahed2dis

    This dude needs to shut up, his music is wack and he paid birdman to put him on Rich Gang. The gang lifestyle is what turns children into business men like Birdman and Wayne! Yolo!!

    • zerocool6687

      Awe, did K-Dot put out some music that you find hard to keep up with? The guy is a breath of fresh air in todays mainstream climate and the fact that you put Wayne over him is proof you have no fucking clue what you are talking about. While K-Dot had to live life in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in the US Wayne was a nine year old signed to a record label with all kinds of money attending an "all girls school"... Ya I am sure Wayne was all about "Da Thug Life."

    • dre8791


    • -

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  • Fuck off about jay z for god sake

    Wow if i had a dollar for every jay z article posted by these jay z camel hump riders hhdx faggots i would have 100 dollars this past month.

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