Ice Cube & Bun B Say There's "No Shelf Life For An Emcee"

Ice Cube and Bun B say as long as fans still want to hear from them, they'll keep making music.

It has often been said that Hip Hop is a young man's game, but increasingly, emcees in their late 30s and even 40s have begun to become more commonplace.

In an interview with HipHopSince1987, Rap vets Ice Cube, 44, and Bun B, 40, spoke about why they continue to rhyme, and don't adhere to age limits.

"I think it's crazy," said Cube of the idea that an emcee should retire at a young age. "I think any young man thinkin' about, talkin' about like they want to reture, and they not playing sports, then they crazy. What the fuck we gonna do? Go fishin'?"

"This is what we do, and it is no shelf life for an emcee if he's committed to his fans," he added.

Cube admitted that pressure does exist for established acts to "bow out gracefully." "It can be frustrating, because it's an 'out with the old, in with the new' mentality. But if you're committed to your fans, and you're happy with your spot, keep doing records, and you keep giving the people what they want to hear, and you're happy with what you get out of it... We've all carved out a career out of this, it's all gravy, so whatever we get out of the game, we should be happy with."

Bun B chimed in, stating that as long as fans still wanted him around, he'd be there. "You gotta remember that Hip Hop is one of the youngest art forms out there. Still a very young genre of music. Our fans are still in a certain age group, and they haven't given up on us yet, so I see no reason why we should be giving up on them."

"We just gettin' to the point where our fans are fifty, sixty years old, but we still see artists out there giving them that music, man," said Bun. "They wanna come to the shows, they still wanna listen to the music that they appreciated in their younger years. They haven't given up on life; they haven't given up on enjoying themselves and partying, and we should still be there to facilitate that."

Watch the interview below, which also includes both emcees poking fun at one another over the depature of basketball player Dwight Howard from Cube's Los Angeles Lakers to Bun's Houston Rockets:

Ice Cube just recently ended the ultimate Hip Hop veteran tour, the Kings of the Mic Tour with LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and De La Soul.

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  • Anonymous

    Every artist has an expiration date. Especially in hip hop where new albums are getting harder to come by.

  • Money Emp

    Co-$ign,It's almo$t like his Pro Blk Gangsta Mentality went out the window,then came the Movies. And not to put him in a box,but I like the AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted,Death Certificated,Lethal Injection - Cube,Not the yea,yea Cube

  • sxxx9

  • Cube fan

    Cube after predator you fell off. Hang up the mic. Death certificate Classic.

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  • You Ain't Shit If You Love These Niccas

    Cube's last album worth buying: War & Peace Vol. 2 (And that was like 13 years ago) BUM B's last album worth buying: Ridin Dirty (From 17 years ago, plus he had help from Pimp C) Admit it, you niggas been garbage ever since, all y'all do now is trash and y'all really should retire and drop dead on a sewer

  • Art Brooks

    Any musician is expired when people no longer want their product.

  • Fuck L.A. & Fuck Houston

    The thing is, BOTH YOU NIGGAS ARE WACK

    • Anonymous

      Don't ever come to my place talking that Fuck Houston shit, plus you just hating them cause they rich and you struggling

  • You wanna be Hov

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  • xx004

  • Anonymous

    Ain't no different than Aerosmith, Beattles, Rolling Stones, U2 etc... the fans grow with the band, and they pick up younger fans along the way. follow at newtracksdaily

  • Anna I. Johnson

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  • bswag

    Cube got owned by jews. He was fire, now he better go fishing. SO to Bun B tho.

  • COCA


    • Tom Ford

      Numbers don't lie check the score board.. Tom Ford. This saying is bigger than you think but if you sit your fucking ass down and think of your life and where you really wish to be if you're a human being with sense you will run with numbers and not word of mouth bitch! @ anon, etk and haters

    • ETK

      LOL at bitch niggas bringing up numbers to defend their bitch made idols. If numbers meant so much then Rihanna would be the best artist in the world. Nigga grow the fuck up, Ice Cube is trash now.

    • Anonymous

      1. Who gives a shit what Jay sold. Sales dont matter. Quantity doesn't equal quality 2. Nothing to contribute? Yes because the flavor of the month has something new to contribute [Drake, Wayne, Ross, Keef, Gucci, Waka, Nicki, Meek, Big Sean.........]

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z just sold 600,000 in a week.... move on kid. add on whinebook @thachronicizback

  • xx009

  • dre8791

    Ice Cube was my first favorite rapper back in the day and is still on my top 5. O.G. of the game.

  • RM

    Looks as if Bun B and Cube wanted to slap the shit outta talent screaming ass nigga!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Where did they get the mic from,toys R US? Damn.


      "Where did they get the mic from,toys R US?"...........................(coughs) Just read that and cringed. Shit joke

  • Anonymous

    Magna Carter Is Trash----

  • xx004

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll act like after a certain age you have give shit up. Premier said it best hip hop is like fucking, you still gonna like it when you're old if that's what you did for entertainment.

  • Mortis

    I call BULLSHIT! Ice Cube hasn't given fans what they want since the mid 90's. He makes music that he hopes gets played on corporate controlled black radio. FUCK U ICE CUBE

  • Anonymous

    Keep it real shaday

  • Anonymous

    Why do these rappers gotta expiration date when rock bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath are playing in front of millions of fans and releasing huge selling albums? Rap fans got the game fucked up

  • J dirty

    Seen Ice cube,Busta rhymes,and Xhibit Live last year....Them 3 cats still got the best live shows.Crowd was goin ape shit.

  • Anonymous

    I get it, they don't want the shelf life, but you gotta know when enough is enough and when you've made your legacy for you to lie in it. It's all good making music for the fans, but when you start making bullshit it just tarnishes your career. I bet the fans of both of these guys wish they'd quit because they aint interested in their latest music, their fans want their old classic music.... not that clutching on because they're washed up music.

  • OUCH!

    "I think any young man thinkin' about, talkin' about like they want to "reture" Come on HHDX, you guys are "professional journalist" for Christ sake.

  • Anonymous

    Wow hating is at a all time high on this do you know how much Money they have who still likes there music if there gangster ,if they broke none if it should matter to you cause you have a life right?wrong it's cause you don't have a life and its worthless to you so you hate from your little tablet or computer like a love to ice cube bun b and dram for there contribution to the game,you will always do a lot more then these lames

    • Ja Rule Army [trolling since 2013]


  • Gucci The Realist

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit.

  • hiphop is no country for old men

    No Cube retire. Which dumb motherfuckers from 45 years old talks about: - being a pimp - being a husler - being a killer - having platinum chain This is for children! Go do some stupid comedy movies Cube! Remember 1991 you did the song "burn hollywood burn" and you do movies? You fraud! Also you never were a gangsta so why you say it in songs?

    • Fuck Art BrooKKKs

      ^^ And no one ever asked you that

    • Art Brooks

      Cube's Raps are a hybrid of gangsta-political shit...

    • Ja Rule Army


    • Anonymous

      @ hip hop is no country for old men

    • Anonymous

      youre just a plain moron

    • hiphop is no country for old men

      @ ETK tell em why you mad son

    • ETK

      lol stop with your haterade. basically you're cryin cause 45-year old men are rapping about things you've never done in your life yet. even if they done half of those things they got clout to rap about those things cause they been livin the streets. all you can do is pull up some god damn 1991 song as if a rapper has to stick by his word for 20+ years.. FOH. he's not a fraud, he's just doing him by getting that $$$ you fuckin spack.

  • Anony

    Ja Rule poops on these irrelevant niggas. #PoopSwag

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cube still one of the illest

  • JP

    Damn Ice Cube is that old...I thought he was about 40.

  • khordkutta

    It does bug me out when i go to concerts and see folks there young enough to be my kid. Or is it that im old enough to be their father?!

  • crazy mother fucker

    son of a mother

  • crazy mother fucker

    they try to be other ppl.going after them

  • Nigga Slim

    "It has often been said that Hip Hop is a young man's game"... Ok why? Why the fuck do I wanna hear these weak, young ass 120lb niggas runnin around rappin about the same shit(guns,money,bitches,and whips) these veterans have been doin for years, when the veterans do it better n slicker lol?! You faggots can have 2chainz,future,scooter, Gucci, chief keef, and Ill take Cube,Bun,Juicy J,W.C., Daz...Real niggas that been doin this shit for years and doin it better than ever.

    • Anonymous

      because its wack if you are rapping for 20 years about guns! Thats boring! Face it Today cube aint that good as 20 years ago.

    • Magnus

      Cosign, except Juicy J is weak now. He was dope in Three 6. Shit lately has been wack, cookie-cutter hip-pop that's all over the radio.

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  • ma

    Cube needs to go back to daddy day care and leave rap alone

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