Jay-Z Says "Yeezus" Helped Kanye West Find His "Place Of Expression"

Jay-Z offers his thoughts on Kanye West's creative evolution, says the rapper's creativity is "good for music."

In the years since the release of Kanye West’s debut album, The College Dropout, the Windy City emcee has craftily channeled his creativity through music, fashion, and more. And according to Jay-Z, West’s former Watch The Throne collaborator, the rapper has just recently found his “place of expression” with the release of Yeezus.

During part two of Jay-Z’s interview with BBC Radio 1, the topic of Kanye and his creative endeavors was brought up by BBC personality Zane Lowe as he compared the rapper’s Yeezus album to a piece in an art gallery.

“He’s always been striving for this moment. Just to find the place of expression,” said Jay-Z, in regards to Kanye. “Through whatever medium it is. Right now it’s music. He wants to do fashion. He’s trying to master all that.”

While some may have critiqued Kanye’s recent musical experimentation, Jay-Z went on to refer to what Kanye’s doing as something that’s not only good for Hip Hop, but “good for music” in general.

“It’s good. It’s good for music. Forget Hip Hop, it’s good for music. Just to have those souls like that…are pushing it forward. Someone to look at it and they’ll take that piece of art on the wall and say, ‘Oh okay, I know, had he moved this around here and it could have been more accepting and you could’ve brought in more people. It speaks to more people. Had he just taken this and moved that and moved that.’”

Released today (July 16), part two of Jay-Z’s interview series with BBC Radio 1 tackles issues of fame while the first part in the series centered primarily on the rapper’s twelfth studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

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  • Beavis

    Yeezus is wack as fuck.

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  • Mike313

    for the motherfucker who said Kanye had a better album then J Cole truly don't know lyrics, j cole tells stories in his album, kanye just talked about how u is a god smh u cant be serious with Yeezus

    • ak

      stupid ass bitch, you obviously didn't even listen to coles lyrics yourself then huh. you didn't hear cole dick ridin Ye about releasin his album on the same date? Bein worried about the competition? And i suppose you didn't hear Ye talkin about cole on Yeezus? Damn right you didn't cos Ye don't need to give a fuck about nobody else and mention they shitty ass names on his classic shit. Listen to Timbaland, YOU DON'T MENTION KANYES NAME ALONGSIDE THESE OTHER RAPPERS. If you think Coles album is better, you a simple minded mother fucker straight up. Enjoy your life, it's always easier for simple minded mother fuckers to do that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Hiphopdx is deleting post when you mention other sites, I'll repost it again: Saying that if anyone didn't get 'Yeezus/Yeezlost' meant that said trash was over people's heads. No, it wasn't in any form any way. Two it has nothing to do with so-called hip-hop standards. Moreover this shit will not grow on you like Miles' On the Corner or Marvin's Hear my Dear. Stop it. p.s. Go to kevinothingham. com if you want to hear innovative hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

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  • sxxx9


  • Industrygangsta

    Kanye dont even know niggas was tappin his baby momma out when she was PREGNANT!!! #facts

  • zxsss9




    • WTF

      Find another site and Rapper to hate douchebag...I don't care what ya'll think Jay-z has earned his stripes and reconition he's been doing this forever anybody who doesn't understand that is not a hip hop fan. Love him or hate him he's earned his money and his respect period.

  • Gucci The Realist

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit.

  • RobMarkman

    JAY need to sign http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth .. he make the type of music Kanye should be making.

  • Anonymous

    look at these 2 arrogant faggots.

  • Level 32

    I'd expect everyone here to be hating on this the same way they did 808's. It's cool, admit all you do is listen to hip-hop and new aged Trey Songz R&B because anyone who respects art and music as a whole has a place in their ipod or whatever for this album. No, it's not typical, no it's not what you're used to with Ye, if that's upsetting to you recognize you're a typical "gimme my plain vanilla cone" ass music observer..

  • imho

    yeah im sure kanye did find his place of expression.. the album sucked- kanye is a fruit, hes prob suckin on that paris fashion guy as i speak.

    • imho

      also again im not 10 years old.. i listen to the FULL albums. i liked almost all of kanyes albums hes had shit to say and meaning behind.. this album is just complaining and ranting of a millionaire who has nothing else to talk about so he wants to act like everyone hates him when in all reality noone gives 2 shits about him n his trap bag...over n out 2

    • imho

      @wtf- 1)you dont need to be gay to tell someones gay, are you dumb?lol . 2) my favorite rappers are eminem, jadakiss, pac, biggy, nas, jayz-- hes not better than either. maybe production yes. 3) the album sucks IMhO. i can careles what you opinion is i didnt ask. and 4) name calling if for people with no reason to call the person names- bitchmade (aka dickriding kanye fans) like yourself writing out 5 paragraphs on why YOUR favorite rappers album was shit is bitchmad and calling someone gay isnt namecalling when its true. now go jerk off to your kanye west posters on your wall please...over and out

    • WTF

      @imho: you seem to know alot about gays and calling his fans that too, makes you seem sort of fishy to me, either way he's better than your favorite rapper, and if you actually listen to the album(hater)Blood on the leaves and Bound 2 love are example of two songs that don't fit your discription so nice try, your just a typical hater that doesn't appreciate the art in music, like I said there's plenty of standard and dumbdown hip hop that you could listen too, it seems more like your style, and you say your not 10??? but your the one calling ppl names on here, name calling is for 10 year old kids who can't handle debating and getting their point across without calling names

    • imho

      yeah hes gay, soft and has woman tendencies just like his bitchmade fans

    • mon

      I haven't read one comment calling him perfect you fuckin loser^

    • imho

      ps i dont rap so why would you hear my album? and if i did drop an album it would be more than a bunch of complaining songs trying to be some myth and hype my songs by acting like a bitch on stage for months complaing about random shit.. like how corporations have our 'souls' but all he did his entire career was talk about those same corporations in each of his albums... not only does he have female tendicies hes a monster hypocrite oh yeah but its kanye so lets dickride him bec hes soooo perfect. faggots

    • imho

      @thaKritic - jayz did what kanye did- way better @Come on- i didnt mind 808 or MDTF- with this album it feels like kanye doesnt know what to talk about so hes rants and just tries to stirr shit up- he acts like a bitch @wtf- im callin gayfish a fruit? fuck you mad for? im making no where nearrr min. wager bitchmade- sure kanyes a legend= doesnt mean yeezus wasnt weedplate material. and no im not 10 years old i can comprehend lyrics after a few spins- hes just a bitch. rich complainer all he does is complain about EVERYTHING. tryna be some revolutionary leader n shit--for the gays maybe yeah plzzz- bec its not hiphop- its DEF hiphop album..it just sucks lol just bec its different doesnt mean its not trash.

    • plzzz

      hip hop fans dont like the album because its not hip hop. simple as that. Yeezus was creatively genius but its obviously gonna be tossed around as garbage on a hip hop site!!

    • Wtf

      Who'u callin a fruit your sitting behind a computer desk proably making minimum wage and you critized his album can Hear yours please??? Kanye's a Legend and his album is a clasic ppl like you will take 2 years to understand this''like how it took 2 years to understand how good his last album was.MBDTF

    • Anonymous

      Meant to say dummies who are new to hip-hop.....moreover there was nothing innovative about this trash of an album. p,s, go to kevinnotthingham.com if you want to listen to innovative albums.

    • Anonymous

      That shit was over the heads of dummies knew to Hip-Hop or music in general, do your homework.

    • Come On

      None Of Kanye's albums sucked and niether did this one it's just over ppls heads,I love how you guys in the states take j.cole album which is nothing different from anything we've heard over the years in hip hop,he changed nothing and you guys say thats a better album? Or how Kanye's suck you guys trashed 808's and heartbreaks when it came out you guys trashed MBDTF when it came out just to later praise it, so you can go listen to your generic albums and I'll listen to music that actually evolves thanks.

    • ThaKritic

      The album wasn't that nice.. i compare it to 808's n Heartbreak. but i have a feeling this album is going to breed a new style, or a new star.. sorta how 808's n Heartbreak bred Drake (Which he admits in interviews) YEEZUS prolly got like 3-4 bangers MAYBE but you cant question this guys impact on the new artists to come. Aside from those 3-4 Good songs.. this album was str8 trash, i agree.

  • MIO

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  • zxsss9



    Enough of these garbage niggas in the news yeezus and holy grail was fucking trash garbage albums even most of their fans beside a few nutriders here can admit shit was dissapointing fuck off with these wack niggas.

    • you wish

      Without Drake nobody cares lil wayne's on the downside now and he will never eveeeeeeeer be able to have Classic albums like Kanye does so keep trying to convince yourself, I love hearing about pussy,drugs and money every song thats some real good song writing, maybe when you get older you can play it for your kids cause Young money is so good and inspiring...try again moron!!

    • 80sbaby

      Just lick lil waynes anus already.

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    Jeezus DX how many fucking Jay-Z articles are yall gonna make from one interview?? Cmon man...

    • Anonymous

      as many as they want hes one of the GOATS! i havent seen a rick ross article since he got dropped from reebok i thought that fat piece of shit had an album coming out

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus, good music, bad hiphop music for hip hop standards

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