Immortal Technique Says George Zimmerman Verdict Is Wake-Up Call For Blacks, Parents

Exclusive: Immortal Technique also says the trial, "wasn't so much about racism as it was about people who had the ability to use those connections they have in a court system."

As he watched the trial of George Zimmerman, Immortal Technique says he was particularly troubled by some of Zimmerman's testimony. Zimmerman, who was found not guilty July 13 of second degree murder and manslaughter, was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.

"[Zimmerman] said, 'I wouldn't change anything,' and I can’t understand that, even if you didn't do it on purpose, which is what he claimed, because there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he killed Trayvon Martin," Immortal Technique says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "That was never what the defense was arguing against if we are going to look at it 'legally.' They never argued that he didn't pull the trigger. They never said that Trayvon killed himself instead of Mr. Zimmerman. No, they said that he killed him in a struggle that ensued on the floor. If he is not the aggressor, why wouldn't he want to change anything about that?"

Even though people have protested before, during and after the trial because they believe that the 17-year-old Black Martin was singled out and killed by the Hispanic Zimmerman for racial reasons, Immortal Technique says that race played a part in the trail, but that a bigger force was also in play, namely that Zimmerman's father was a judge.

"It wasn't so much about racism as it was about people who had the ability to use those connections they have in a court system," Immortal Technique says. "I’ll put it this way. Let’s say a regular White guy in New York gets stopped by the police for a DUI, it doesn't matter. You’re going to jail. They don’t give a fuck about you. They are trying to make a quota. They got bills to pay. How bout this? Let’s say that a Black lieutenant or sergeant’s son is caught drinking and driving. They are going to give that kid a little more consideration." 

When Zimmerman was charged on April 11, 2012 with the murder of Martin, Immortal Technique also gave an exclusive interview to HipHopDX. "This arrest is a step in the right direction, but it exemplifies that local police are either complicit in this mentality or just are too inept to realize that their lives are no more valuable than the life of a Black child that is specifically demonized in the media, and has been way more than any person of the Muslim faith ever has been since 9/11," the rapper said at the time. "If you have ever been the victim of that discrimination as a Middle Eastern person or a Muslim, then welcome to my world, you got—as Paul Mooney so eloquently put it—'your nigga wakeup call.'"

In his new interview with HipHopDX, Immortal Technique says that his perspective has changed since he made the comment last year. "I think it’s a parent wake-up call more than it’s a Black person wake-up call even though it is a Black person wake-up call," he says. "I’m not going to say it isn't. I’m not going to call it a nigga wake-up call because I don’t think that we should even put the Martin family and that word in the same sentence. I say this much, that it is a wake-up call for Black people, but it’s also a wake-up call for parents. Parents, you’re going to have to have an honest discussion with your children about where they are and what they are walking through. You’re going to have to have an honest discussion about the value of people’s lives and how some people see it and where you are and to be mindful of your circumstances."

Immortal Technique says that those circumstances include the perpetrators of other violent acts against Blacks. "The next Black person that dies in America is not going to be killed by a half-White, half Hispanic fake want-to-be cop," Immortal Technique says. "He is going to be killed by a Black man. So you're offended by what? You’re offended by people who hate you enough to kill you, or are you offended by people like you, who hate yourself enough to kill yourself? That’s the question we need to ask ourselves. This needs to be catalyst for people in the ghetto who are killing each other over blocks that they don’t own, over gang issues that are from their parents’ generation and not theirs. This is a wake-up call for them, too, because you have to realize that the clock is ticking and now you’re all on the chopping block, too."

Immortal Technique says he hopes that the Trayvon Martin case spurs Americans to have honest discussions about race and for people to think about their own perspectives regarding race. "This is what has to change: If we're offended by the White establishment's champion, then this is the person they championed to be honest, it’s very sad," he says. "We're offended because someone did something of that nature and killed someone, then why aren't we offended when some of our own people kill each other? We should be just as offended at what’s going on in Chicago right now when they had to send in the Goddamn National Guard. We should be just as offended at what’s going on in Detroit with those killings. We should be just as offended as the majority of everything else that’s happening in terms of violence against our own people. We shouldn't look at that as the norm, either. If we feel guilty for looking at this as the norm, shouldn't we feel even more guilty for looking at that as the norm? Like, 'Oh…another nigga killed. Another nigga shot another nigga. Oh, that’s just the way it is.; Really, you’re mad at the fact that one person got away with killing a Black person, but you’re not mad at your mentality of, 'Well, a Black person killed another Black person, that’s just how it is.' We need to change that."

Additional Reporting By Justin Hunte

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  • Doom.

    Lupe spoke truth, and all these fucking morons shit their pants and denied, denied, denied. Hip hop culture denies intelligence. You're all hyped little brats, soft minded media slaves, strung along by the tendencies of shallow celebrities who are slowly drowning in self-love and hypocrisy. You're a joke, and hip hop is a joke because of you.

  • Anonymous

    "Plenty of people were found guilty by a jury and later released" Why did the Central Park Five confess to the crime then if they were innocent? They had video taped confessions in front of their parents, and one was even tried as an adult, and got a 5-15 year sentence.

  • Anonymous

    "Trayvon Martin is not capable of regret" He felt regret when that gun went off.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently a jury thought differently. Do you need some fresh perspective?

    • Anonymous

      Plenty of people were found guilty by a jury and later released so stop living vicariously through a verdict so you can get your covert point across. The girl who was convicted by a jury, to serve 20 years for firing a shot in the air in Florida, was just pardoned, today. The Central Park Five were released from jail after a serial rapist confessed to raping the jogger, rendering that jury verdict of guilty incorrect. stfu

  • Anonymous

    Put race the FUCK aside niggas, Zimmerman KILLED SOMEBODY period, and he should be in jail for that shit

  • George Zimmerman Sr.

    "then he gets out of his car and starts coming after you are you telling me your not gonna get defensive and fight this stranger coming after you?" Coming after you and approaching somebody are two different things. If Trayvon wasn't doing anything wrong, why get defensive? He could have walked away so easily. To be clear... He didn't deserve to get shot, but bad things happen when you make bad decisions. Why would Trayvon be screaming if he was giving George the business? That makes no sense. This is a case where both people were in the wrong, and both made decisions I bet they wish they could take back.

  • George Zimmerman Sr.

    Let my son shop at Walmart in peace.

  • Anonymous

    This case had nothing to do with race until the media got involved. Well done Immortal Tech, you proved just as gullible as the rest of America.

  • Deezel

    This guy is right. You can defend yourself to a certain extent, but according to the law if goes beyond that it becomes assault. Once Trayvon got on top and starting hittng him in the head it became assault. He should have just left after the 1st time he hit Zimmerman

  • BKtruth

    Finally some sense injected into this. Thank you Immortal !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is some real fucking talk right here

  • Wow

    Do white people honestly think this kid just decided to beat up a random dude armed with skittles? Zimmy was "protecting himself" lol So Trayvon just saw some fat dude and said "you have an annoying face, I'm going to fuck you up before I go home". It makes no sense at all. How do you know he didn't see the gun first and was trying to fight him off so he wouldn't get killed? Fucking stupid hunkies will do anything to justify murder when a black person is the victim. If he had a gun and shot the dude, he would be a thug in jail. If he gets shot trying to protect himself, he's a dead thug. It's always a lose/lose situation when black people are involved. Always.

    • @stello

      Slavery was not brought up, most of what I said is current, any injustice whites get called out on gets dismissed by shaming a so called "race card" and denied right away. You can't say I'm lying. As far as Obama you're preaching to the choir, he got the votes that he needed from people with expectations of him and he shitted on them, but his election does not mean blacks are in charge or the tables turned. Like how dare these negros get out and vote and have their candidate win, that's all that happened and at the end of the day that's a politician. Police shooting, beating or profiling unarmed blacks > Any rap song you can think of and I didn't even mention lynchings, slavery, innocent arrests, or even apartheid but you're saying a Lupe, dead prez, or immortal tech said about white people on a song hurt more? So if Trayvon is thugging it out on pics then it's ok to kill him? Ok I see. Even though GZ sounded pretty calm on the 911 call after the shooting after getting "beat up" by Trayvon especially for being out of shape, no hard breathing no sniffling or nasal voice you get from a bloody nose. The prosecution never brought up if GZ told TM if he had a weapon like "hey I got a gun" warning, while following him. Domestic violence past or restraining orders never came up but the grill pictures did so who was on trial here the killer or the victim? But if pop's a judge and we know judges and prosecutors go hand in hand taking a dive on a case for a judge's son is not far fetched.

    • Stello

      I'll address every bullshit u said: "Bringing up a half black pres who haven't done shit since getting the votes he needs from blacks" He got elected only because he is black, and black community voted for him only because his black not because his politics. I'm sorry if it burns but it's true. "Shaming people for using "the race card" as if shit was cool before that" I don't get what u mean, really. You mean slavery? Dude, slavery was black-black thing waaaay before white people came to Africa. Slavery is wrong but tell me what would you prefer. To be in a hut in Africa or to be in USA right now? Without slavery it wouldnt happen, and thats also a fact. "Calling blacks racist as if they're oppressing anybody" First of all, read a book it doesnt hurt. Racism is not oppressing its pulling the race card out. It works in both ways. "What racism whites experience besides a beat down here and a name calling?" Check every rap song ever. Really look at Trayvon photos, listen to some rap beats (90% "killin them niggas" "selling dat dope" "running the streets") and ask yourself "Why do other races think we are thugs", well i don't know maybe because whole black culture is build over those principals. How can u treat a guy who wore grill, smoked weed, and was making photos like hes gangbanging like "he met his bully", I mean come on be fuckin serious. Look how black people behave, like they talk, like they act in public and tell me they should be respected for who they are. Hell no

    • @stello

      You have hit all the deflective tactics of a racist white, I don't expect you to say you're racist because that's like a thief announcing he's a thief, it won't happen. Bringing up a half black pres who haven't done shit since getting the votes he needs from blacks-check. Shaming people for using "the race card" as if shit was cool before that-check. Calling blacks racist as if they're oppressing anybody-check everything except "I have a black friend". It's true that blacks say racist things but the system do have laws set up against blacks even after doing away with Jim Crow laws eg. laws against sagging, search and frisk, police profiling, mandatory minimums(more time for crack than coke). Name a law made specifically to hold down whites or to empower blacks like the ones I named, there aren't any, some white people might fall thru the cracks but they weren't made with them in mind. What racism whites experience besides a beat down here and a name calling? Whites still have the bigger body count, but I do hold blacks accountable for their own bad decisions and for playing victim of them.

    • Anonymous

      black people kill other black people more than whites kill blacks its a fact stop moaning like a bitch

    • Stello

      That hole case just showed how insecure, arrogant, ignorant, stupid and racist are black people. This Trayvon has more dickriders than any pornstar in whole career. If you haven't noticed you got "yours" black president and you say "these white folks tryna bring down our race" fck outta here seriously. 99% of y'all dont even know procedures but you wanna be judges. Sayin you dont know what happened but still sayin Zimmerman is def guilty, cus hes white and tray tray was black. So maybe black people have supernatural connections between each other or most of y'all are racist bastards who pull out racist card whenever it suits you.

  • JimmySLim

    Wtf! I thought immortal was dead!


  • JASONNN 666

  • Rome Diggz

    Who really gives two flying fucks about this case?? The media is the only reason anybody ever heard about it, that's the fuckin truth and you know it. Damn, What if the Media showed stories that actually fuckin mattered in our society today? such as, NSA spying on EVERYBODY!, Obama Killing people overseas with drone attacks, Indefinitely Detaining Citizens without fair trial?? Grow the fuck up and realize that George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin is ONE of the same THOUSAND stories from this year alone. This is ridiculous already smfh.

    • breezy

      This case is just a distraction. There are many other issues that affect the impoverished in the US and abroad. Why isn't anyone outraged by the hundreds of war crimes committed by the US government??? Why isn't there outrage concerning the numerous cases of police brutality?? They just want the public divided on this kind of issues so they (the elite class/corporate America) can execute their agenda uninterrupted.

    • 614grind

      So we shouldn't care about the case because there are more important things going on? That's your position? Not sure if you know this or not but it is humanly possible to be outraged by more than one thing. If you're cool with how this shit went down and what it means, then you're the one that needs to grow the fuck up, homie.

  • Joey

    In his last interview he said Zimmerman was a "rich white guy" who wasn't charaged because he was rich and white. Now that it comes out Zimmerman is Hispanic Peruvian, same as Immortal Technique he wants to approach it with a little more thought and downplay the racial aspect. GTFO.

  • Scott

    I'm still waiting for Ja Rule's opinion on this shit. Realest nigga in the da business, I respect his opinion 100% over any of these fuck boys. HOW MANY ALBUMS HAVE YOU SOLD, "IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE"??? I CAN'T TRUST WHACK ASS RAPPERS WHO CAN'T SELL LIKE THE GOAT. YOU AIN'T IN THE SAME ECHELON AS THE GOD, JA RULE. #JARULEDAGOAT

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Noetic

    Wow man so many freaking trolls on this discussion it is sad, to half the "Anonymous" people making the useless uneducated comments, Grow up. To all the dudes blaming Black People, Grow Up and learn to spell, To all the dudes blaming White People, Grow Up Learn to spell Fact of the matte ris, non of you were there, non of you were involved and non of you will ever get what really happened because we are only able to get ONE SIDE of the story. Plain and Simple, you can make all the accusations and assumptions you want, that does not make them right or wrong, it makes them a opinion. And in some of these posts, some really bad ones at that. I.T. made some good points, but I think this should be directed to ALL people not just black Americans. And to the person saying anyone who does not like Obama is a republican, dude grow the fuck up. I voted for his ass and I HATE his recent political stances on things. Everyone is SOOO pissed about this Zimmerman trial, I do not see a single one of you giving a single tear to all the kids who have died from Drone Strikes (That Obama sanctioned BTW), I do not see anyone crying for the people, White, Black of Hispanic, who are killed on the Streets in the US every single day. So before you people blow your tops on this trial, try focusing on your local community to make it better to try and avoid something like this from happening in your community. And to the people who are rioting, hunting down white and beating them, seriously chill the fuck out, I do nto see you calling for the death on hispanic panic people. Remember Zipperman (yes it is a joke) was half white and half Hispanic. Jesus F@&#ing christ people, i thought we were supposed to be a civilized society, not a rat pack of retards calling for Mod justice every time we disagree with a Verdict.

    • REborn4lyfe

      "To all the dudes blaming Black People, Grow Up and learn to spell, To all the dudes blaming White People, Grow Up Learn to spell Fact of the matte ris, non of you were there, non of you were involved and non of you will ever get what really happened....." You might want to check your spelling before telling others to learn how to spell....

    • jason

      "So before you people blow your tops on this trial, try focusing on your local community to make it better to try and avoid something like this from happening in your community" absolutely but not just in your community in your home also.

  • jason

    i love Immortal Technique and restect what he has to say but i disagree with somethings or views of this. i don't think race played a part is the trial like its thought to be. if treyvon martin wasn't smashing zimmerman's head in the concrete ground and stopped the beating when he was yelling stop and help then the jury would have charged zimmerman. there is somethings unclear in what happened but treyvon took it to far and continued the beating when it should have stopped. so a jury could see why zimmerman was scared for his life thus stating a point for self defense. the media needs to stop starting a race war. this is not about race. it has to do with laws that are there so people can protect themselves and this was a close call. treyvon took it to far and its sad result is still unfolding. but yes talk with your kids about the value of life, not just of others but of there own. life is to beautiful and precious to be wasted on aggression. and no i don't think zimmerman is a hero for pulling the trigger, not at all. i think to be a hero you haft to save a life rather then take one. nobody wins this case, nobody is right nobody is innocent. zimmerman and martin. to zimmerman : you killed a 17 year old kid. martin : whatever anger and aggression you followed made you violent. and now sharpton is trying to take this to federal court on the grounds of race, which in my opinion is a another step backwards. the facts are what counted in the courtroom not opinions.

    • Anonymous

      What you should do is go and tell your dude to get a uniform some legitamite ID or FUCK OFF!!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ this dude is an idiot. 1st of all nobody really knows whos voice it was yelling stop cuz both familys claim it was their son. 2nd of all ZIMMERMAN WAS NOT A COP. bitch was a wanna be cop who stalked the poor kid when the police told him not to pursue. Some dude starts following you in his car you notice it. you know you havent done anything wrong and dont have any drugs or weapons on you. then he gets out of his car and starts coming after you are you telling me your not gonna get defensive and fight this stranger coming after you? sftu wit ur nonsense

  • Johnny Blaze

    people would say that my hope is broken but my faith is present as long as my notebooks open i was a broke boy hopin, that id find my way wishin i could call my momm n say i got signed today but in reality im still miles away my tank n bank account empty i should just hide away but instead i that god n reach to the sky for a handshake i could give a damn about how much money that a man makes i guess thats easy to say when im broke searchin for a rolled up dollar bill used to sniff sum coke i could give a fuck if they say that this kids a joke prolly just crack a smile as i exhale my smoke

  • Matthew

    I agree. This is a messed up country and the justice system is assbackwards.But If it comes to my life what am I suppose to do? I don't care what anyone thinks. Attack me because i'm "white" or whatever. and I'm going to defend myself. I've done nothing to oppress anyone in my life. Just work hard and treat everyone with respect. The hate has to end somewhere. Things will never get better until people come together and stop the hate. The Zimmerman trial was a shock. I hope people can get past this and see through all the bullshit being pushed by people with certain agendas. HATE IS NOT THE ANSWER. Racism toward anyone is not acceptable. Equality has not been achieved in America yet. But " Revenge" or whatever word is used to disguise hate crimes is not an answer. It just will breed more death and violence. Protect yourselves, Use your heads and look to your heart. Peace.

  • TrapLord

    This is true zimmerman getting away with murder is some bullshit this has a lot to do with who he was connected to i heard his family is jewish and you know the jews control the media and they got connects that are deep.

    • Joey

      He isn't even Jewish both of his parents are Catholic and he was raised as a religious Catholic. No one in America is more discriminated against than Jews. Any Jew with any money or power is viewed as a criminal automatically.

  • Anonymous

    all these rappers crying about trayvon martin need to STFU they promote shooting eachother drinking and drugging and shit on the next man but ALL love to comment and capitalize on the controversy of this media made story. niggas get shot everyday. stories more disturbing than trayvon martin are happening right now. the media chooses what to run to make the monkeys do a dance. and it works everytime. ppl gotta wake up. the news isn't there to keep you informed, they're running social experiments on you. immortal technique is a fraud. he is raps bill o'reily. opens his mouth to give his 2 cents with a slant on whatever the news is running. drop some entertaining music or go away you fucking clown.

    • Sage

      Clearly you have never listened to Immortal Technique. Clearly you have no idea that he is actually a very well informed individual who writes music about all kinds of political issues. It's so typical of an ignorant person on the internet to start placing labels on people they don't understand. Maybe it is YOU who needs to STFU.

    • Barrio 18, E'z up!

      Couldn't have said it any better myself, homie. It's amazing to me how many people can get so easily brainwashed.

  • Anonymous

    you don't have to be racist to know the american history of cases like this one

  • Matthew

    I'm white. Looks like I am going to have to stay armed even though i'm not a racist and I think Zimmerman is guilty as all hell. But racism against me for what whites have done in the past is gonna force me to defend myself at all cost. To bad for the ignorant fuck that makes an attempt on my life cuz I know i'll come out on top. Pay head.

  • Rap Fan

    I don't even want to read this nonsense from Immortal Technique. This case had nothing to do with race, because it's been proven that Zimmerman was not a racist. Since when do racists tutor black children? Since when did racists help convict a police officers son of killing a homeless black. Yeah, Zimmerman fucked up but he did so defending himself from a ground and pound attack. I think the whole situation is awful but I don't think race had anything to do with it. Also, NBC is messed up for editing the 911 call to make Zimmerman look racist. The media is trying to fuel a race war just to make a profit.

    • Anonymous


    • sunone

      somebody didnt read the article-lol

    • anonymous

      Back in the fields boy!

    • Anonymous

      you are a white dude obviously. if you listen to immortal technique, then you know what hes about, mr. rap fan (only suburban white dudes listen to rap). you know this was a racially motivated homicide, everyone knows that. this shit happens EVERYDAY. So shut the fuck up, sit your ass down, with your self righteous racist prick. white people always calling reverse racism, always tryna downplay obvious racism. WE WOULDN"T BE HERE IF THE WHITE MAN DIDN'T PUT US IN SLAVERY IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND SOME OF YALL KNOW THAT BLACKS AND LATINOS ARE WAKING UP AND ABOUT TO SHOVE A FOOT UP YALL ASS FOR 400 YEARS OF RAPING STEALING AND DEHUMANIZING US!! THE SINS OF THE FATHER WILL FALL UPON THE SON, DEAL WITH IT, WE KNOW YALL TRYNA JACK OUR CULTURE JUST LIKE YALL DID OUR LAND, OUR GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHERS INNOCENCE , AND OUR IDENTITY. SHUT THE FUCK UP. YOU GOT NO PLACE TO SAY IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE A RACIST. YOU ARE THE RACIST DEVIL, THIS IS JUST A SIGN OF THE TIMES.

  • DJ85

    Regardless of race. This justice system is really fucked up. You got the Aurora shooter pleading not guilty, The guy who held them girls captive, pleading not guilty. Casey Anthony getting off. WTF Is going on. These our worst criminals, and somehow people are finding loopholes.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this racist ass bitch.

  • Assassin221

    In the past I haven't been a Tech supporter, but it's nice to hear a rapper actually trying to drop some knowledge and think this shit through a little bit rather than just responding to the gut reaction provoked by the media. That said, I don't full agree about the connections part. Don't get me wrong, 99.9% of the time the son of a judge is probably going to get much better treatment than an average Joe. But that shit has to happen behind closed doors so people don't know. You can't exploit your connections when the entire country and the NAACP and shit has your case under a magnifying glass. The media blew this shit way out of proportion, but maybe the good thing about that is it had to be a fair trial, because if it wasn't the whole world would know about it. People protest anyway, but believe if there really had been some blatantly racist or unfair shit that took place in the trial, riots really would have popped off. I wasn't there when the incident went down so I don't know, but it's entirely possible Zimmerman was motivated partly by race. Maybe he wouldn't have followed a random white teenager like he did Trayvon. It's tragic that it went down like it did. What I don't get is why people say the TRIAL was unfair. Isn't that how a fair trial in America is supposed to work? The prosecution presents their case, the defense presents their case, and the jury makes a decision based on which side seemed the strongest? It disturbs me when half the country cries "injustice" just because due process didn't get them the result they were hoping for. Especially when I hear the Feds are caving to this shit. But whatever, I'm rambling now. Thanks, Tech, for trying to put some perspective on all this.

    • Assassin221

      Tech has plenty of opinions, I don't know if I would call most of that shit knowledge. But then I haven't heard anything since Revolutionary Vol. 2, maybe he's changed since then. I will say he doesn't sound as cocky now as he used to in interviews and stuff.

    • Hmm...

      Well Anonymous, maybe YOU cannot read those 2 paragraphs because your little dumbass is illiterate and diagnosed with ADHD, which is typical of today's uneducated kids.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck u for that large post, nobody tryna read that bullshit

    • bizzalls

      "it's nice to hear a rapper drop some knowledge." But you said you haven't been a fan of Technique? That's ALL this guy does! All he does is drop knowledge! I can't see how anyone would not like him.

    • Anonymous

      nobody reading that blabber, fuck u

  • Roy

    so when a "white" guy shoots a black teenager in self defense its racism, but when a black guy in south Carolina shoots and kills a white teen it never makes it past the local news. how is that right? and the only racists are the people that bring race into it. and the people that bring race into are the media, and the supposed trayvon martin supporters, because THEY are the ones screaming race, saying Zimmerman shot him because he is black. If I say, "I don't like barack Obama" and someone else says, "oh, that means your racist" to me, the person bringing race into it IS the racist. People have forgotten what the word racist means and it is now used as an excuse.

    • HNIC

      @lol "hundreds of black republics"..............out of millions of voters........say it isn't so......LOL. You ignorant fool... @Mr. Awesome you call yourself a progressive, but play devils advocate for someone that can't see the simple connection between racism and republican principles.....ummm, ok @Tre Your in-depth analysis was soooooo intriguing!

    • Anonymous

      @Mr. Awesome are you sure you're talking about Obama or just about every president, homie? Many of the things you mentioned were already in place or scheduled to happen in the future...I feel like a lot of people want to blame the black man because it happens on his watch, but forget all the other presidents brought us to this destination. they just jumped ship at the right time so someone else would get the blame and frustration. Do you know any whistleblowers that do not get smeared or attempted to be discredited? thats part of the game dude. All these presidents are part of the same team and are all part of trying to realize the same goals, yo. Dont be fooled.

    • TRE

      ^^ I wouldn't waste my time the guy you're talking too probably has no idea what you're talking about.

    • Mr. Awesome

      @HNIC In Roy's defense, as a progressive myself, I try to like Obama (hell I voted for the guy), but as a concerned citizen of the American republic, it is impossible to ignore all of the horrible acts of the Obama administration. The drone strikes, implementation of the NDAA, extension of the Patriot Act, NSA wiretapping/PRISM program, assault/character assassination of numerous whistle-blowers, non-prosecution of the banks guilty of various acts of fraud, continued support of Big Oil & Big Coal, the ENHANCEMENT of the drug war, and his overall hypocrisy in denouncing all of the above in the first place. He claimed to be change we can believe in, and he's turned out to be more of the same, if not worse. He gives great speeches though.....

    • lol

      ^ at this clown not realizing theres hundreds of black republics (wasnt that a nas/jayz song?)

    • HNIC

      Same song and dance response from the younger generation of white boys. If you don't like Barack Obama, chances are you're a registered republican. If you are a registered republican, you either support or willfully ignore the racist ideology that is strong at the republican core. You claim you're not a racist, but choose to vote for a party that has proven ittself to be racist. SO, YES, you are a fucking racist.....a ignorant racist oblivous to simple facts of history.

  • Anonymous

    "This needs to be catalyst for people in the ghetto who are killing each other over blocks that they dont own, over gang issues that are from their parents generation and not theirs. This is a wake-up call for them, too, because you have to realize that the clock is ticking and now youre all on the chopping block, too." That's the realest shit this nigga ever said.

  • What

    Man it is a wake up call, america letting up know that Black life is cheap and the only time they are willing to listen to us is when we are tearing something up or we decise to turn the gun away from us too them

  • Anonymous

    1. Obviously, nobody proofreads HHDX articles before posting 2. Zimmerman was found not guilty 3. Stand Your Ground was never used in the trial 4. Zimmerman never testified 5. For everybody that identifies with Trayvon, maybe you'll think twice about bushwacking someone, they might be armed 6. Muslims have brought all scrutiny on themselves; you never hear of them denouncing the violence that usually targets Muslims(sound familiar?) 7. If IT didn't want the n word used in reference to the Martin/Fulton families, maybe they shouldn't have trademarked their son's name 8. I agree with IT that a non-connected white guy doesn't get the same preferential treatment that a connected minority would 9. If you make a statement like he did with #8 how could you say it's racism and not classism 10. FBI states that if you're a victim of crime committed by another race, your probably a white person victimized by a black or hispanic

    • Anonymous

      I read where you're a godless Marxist/Lenninist so I know this won't do any good but here we go: It is a proven fact that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, according to a court of law anyway If any Muslim leader(not a 13 year old girl) would denounce the radical Islam sects that commit violence I would stand corrected, but nope, none If the Fulton/Martin family spent half the energy raising a decent son that they've used to seek fame and fortune, I bet Trayvon would still be here Middle/Low Class white people endure the same prejudices that Middle/Low Class minorities do. Classism has existed in isolated, one-race cultures before globalization/immigration began Look up the FBI stats, minority on white crime far outweighs the opposite I know you don't like hearing the truth, but that is what I've delivered. You bring up slavery because that's the one card that people with no argument will play. I'm referencing the present.

    • Mr. Awesome

      1.) True 2.) True, but it doesn't mean that he's innocent; BIG difference! 3.) True 4.) True 5.) It is not a proven fact that Trayvon "bushwhacked" Zimmerman. There is no evidence other than Zimmerman's account of what happened He had every reason to lie about what actually occurred so you should take that talking point with a grain of salt. 6.) That's actually untrue. While I denounce all religions being an atheist myself, it is a fact that multiple muslim entities, individuals & leaders have publicly denounced the atrocities of muslim extremists. It never gets publicized b/c it's an inconvenient truth to anti-muslim (typically christian) conservatives. A quick google search will yield numerous results of muslims denouncing the terrorism of extremists. 7.) Very nonsensical point. I don't see how this statement even makes sense. 8.) True, but a non-connected white person has better odds than a non-connected minority 9.) Racism and classism go hand in hand; both have been known to exist all throughout human history 10.) Really? Because there was that whole slavery thing that tends to get neglected. In addition, what exactly do you mean by crime? Are you talking violent crime or white collar crime? A lot of white collar crime affects gigantic amounts of people of various races both directly & indirectly (great depression/recession anyone?) in hugely negative ways. You sound like you're trying to pick and choose some facts and ignore others that counter your seemingly biased narrative. Try taking in ALL the facts for a change lol

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is this retard Puerto Rican trying to make news every other day? If Zimmerman believed he was defending himself, why would he change what happened? He believed he was doing something right by being the neighborhood watch. I doubt he'll be patrolling his block with a gun anytime soon, but he wasn't the one who started the fight. Should he have walked away, maybe, but so could Trayvon, but he decided to throw blows and it cost him.

    • QBN

      No one knows exactly what happened except Zimmerman who had every reason to lie, and Trayvon is dead and can't tell his side. The girl he last spoke to said that she heard him say "Get off me" suggesting that Zimmerman put his hands on Trayvon.. it's highly unlikely that the kid would just start attacking Zimmerman because he asked him what he was doing IN HIS OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. It's sad that Amerikkka is still full of racist fucks that have no compassion for the loss of human life..

  • Barrio 18, we don't discriminate, E'z up!

    People (Whites, Blacks etc.) who are racist need to seriously wake up, man, for real. We simply don't have a choice when it comes to what color our skin is. You are who you are by CHANCE and not by choice. What don't people understand about that!? We need to start having RESPECT for each other regardless of the color of our skin because we are all the same on the inside and we ALL have something to offer. We are all in this game of life together and we should start helping each other out instead of being hateful towards one another because of race. E'z up!

  • One

    I'm not going to express my opinion because every other nigga has already. Honestly I just don't want to hear shit about this case anymore. It's been worn out for the past 2 - 3 weeks. If these people really want a change like I do, study law.

    • QBN

      I hear that...we need more brothas in law, science, politics, and less rappers, athletes and entertainers.

  • Anonymous

    The nigga thats stuck in the hood with me, plays by the same rules I have to because we in this shit, but if either of us is lucky enough to survive all this bullshit only to have some mutha fucka that aint living what we stuck with, kill us, what the fuck is his excuse, Tech? thats what thats about g. I know u politickin because they got the spotlight on you and you got to walk that line carefully, but c'mon man...every time someone black wants justice its time to turnm tables... how about we ask the question of why niggas in the hood except deaths that come from black on black crime? BECAUSE WE GOT COPS WHO DONT COME ON TIME TO SHIT, PEOPLE WHO AINT LISTENING WHEN THE PEOPLE THERE CRY OUT FOR HELP, JUSTICE SYSTEM THAT INSTEAD OF HELPING US WILL JUST TREAT ALL WHO LIVE IN SAID AREA AS THE FUCKIN CRIMINALS..c'mon, g dont act you forgot how these kats make money by keeping and perpetuating a cycle of violence on those in the inner city. tickets, fines, and bonds to make money for departments knowing niggas poor to begin with to keep us isolated in these areas. The moment you work hard to get something nice, you racially profiled because aint no way you were supposed to come up...and because u did they gonna try to hit you with as many costs as possible to send your ass right back to the bottom...lets speak the truth, my g. yea brothas killing brothas and its fucked up, but thats a complex problem that comes from a lot of shit we are put thru and even when someone make progress putting shit like that together to unify us, there's still those from that same "system" that like to meddle in affairs and dismantle shit. Dont mean be defeated or quit, but tell the whole truth, guy. panini

  • Anna I. Johnson

    what Melvin explained I'm taken by surprise that anybody able to get paid $5749 in four weeks on the computer. have you seen this webpage... www.Can99com

  • imho

    "The next Black person that dies in America is not going to be killed by a half-White, half Hispanic fake want-to-be cop," Immortal Technique says. "He is going to be killed by a Black man. So you're offended by what? Youre offended by people who hate you enough to kill you, or are you offended by people like you, who hate yourself enough to kill yourself _________ PREACH

  • Anonymous

    Its actually a wake up call for the people who profile other people thinking that this person/people is/are 'up to something no good', and its always the usual suspects pointing fingers and doing the profiling, as if they are pure & perfect. The wake up call is that we are sick and tired being judged by you because of your fears, prejudices, and racial perspectives. We dont have to do anything, especially conform to these paranoid folks. I will not conform to suit their needs because they can't get over the fact that not all minorities are 'criminals'. Accept me as I am, get over your fears, and stop profiling us.....before we do it to you, and turn the tables around. #JustUs

    • GHBJR

      Thank you! Profiling some one for no reason is wrong. You can't walk down the street & kill some one just because they look & dress a certain way. Now the racists azz bitch gets to walk a way free. sit on the porch & kill another black kid all over again.

    • Anonymous

      Trayvon profiled Zimmerman, and was far from a choirboy himself, so open your eyes and make sure everyone is being held accountable, not just the guy with the gun.

  • Anonymous

    Big up to Technique! Great interview. Big up to HHDX for the coverage of this interview!

  • Ryan

    Hands down, one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. I wish I could vote for this guy for president!

  • Anonymous

    just like i said you going have to put them in there place. take away the effect of a black president.

  • P

    Marley Lion. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    dude your stupid there putting blacks in there place because there is a black president in office. then they turn around and gave a woman 20 for a game in the air. any racist white person there live in a stand your ground state will shoot and nigga and say hey he pulled out a gun. they are the new slave masters

    • Anonymous

      1st of read the facts of that fucking case. it wasnt just shooting in the air. 2. Before any racist white person would do that..more bodies thanks to black on black in Chicago, Camden NJ, Detroit, Flint MI would happen 1st.

  • Drake runs rap

    most brainwashing rapper of all time him and jay z are too brainwashing phonies. Only the 40 year old virgin nerds with no hope of pussy take these niggas seriously

  • D----Block

    The most intelligent rapper of all time don't argue he speaks the truth and knows more bout history culture and world issues than a Harvard professor

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