LL Cool J Criticizes Jay-Z Indirectly While Discussing RIAA's New Policy

LL Cool J alludes to Jay-Z and "Magna Carta Holy Grail" as he addresses the RIAA's updated certification policy.

Prior to the July 4 release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) was left to change its certification policy due to Samsung’s purchase of one million digital copies of Jay-Z’s twelfth studio album. The RIAA’s updated policy consequently sparked some debate in regards to album sales and among those to share their thoughts on the policy change was LL Cool J.

The Queens rapper didn’t mention Magna Carta Holy Grail or Jay-Z by name during his interview with Revolt TV, but he did allude to the project as he stated that selling millions of album copies to a major corporation will never compare to selling an album to a fan on an individual basis.

“It’s not anything different,” said LL. “I mean, if Wal-Mart buys a million records, they bought it. I mean the difference is…If I go sell five million records to Bill Gates or if I sell 10 million records to Bill Gates, I guess I’m diamond. I may not touch 10 million people, but I’m diamond. Numbers are numbers, but I think that in the numbers is truth. But in terms of touching the people it’s a little different.”

LL Cool J went on to stress his “numbers are numbers” notion as he showed his support for the policy change, but also expressed that he would rather touch people “directly” when it concerns his albums.

“I think that for me as an artist, I still want to be able to touch the people individually,” the Authentic rapper revealed. “It still matters to me that people individually went out and bought my record. Although I do think a million records sold is a million records sold, there’s no question about that. You can’t argue with math. It is what it is and that’s truth. For me, I like to touch the people directly. I like to know that a million people went out and bought my album. Not that I sold a million records to a company. That’s different…But that being said, I think it’s definitely the right move for the RIAA. I agree with that move.”

The RIAA announced their policy change in early July, stating that, “…sales of albums in digital format will become eligible on the release date, while sales of albums in physical format will still become eligible for certification 30 days after the release date."

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  • Anonymous

    Good for you LL. Stand up for the integrity aspect that is lacking in hip hop these days. Jay didn't need Samsung to buy up a million albums. He just went gold the real way.

  • Anna I. Johnson

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    OK so with the RIAA's new policy does this means that in fact Jay Z has "Sold" 1.5 million copies f his album? because Samsung bought a million digital copies and the figure here on hiphopdx is for hard copies of sold. If I am wrong please school me some one.

  • Anonymous

    So if someone disagrees or in this case has a different point of view from a "more popular" artist he's automatically hating? Damn ya'll some no thinking for yourself dickriding ass sheeple mothafuckers.

  • kanye

    LL COOL J whoops any other artist in hiphop easily.

  • guy

    LL is a legend, he made it thro several decades. who else managed that? 2pac or biggie, would get smashed too after such a long time, who are also legends. ofc hes getting hated now after such a long time! just look at MJ, how much hate he received in his last 15years and how everybody destroyed his albums/music! only legends have haters, and LL is one of those legends. his music is one of the best hiphop/rnb has to offer, get over it. but today, real music doesnt matter anymore. look at lil wayne,nicki minaj, drake, macklemore. mainstream pop with try hard rap and senseless lyrics which are most of the time disrespectful (to women ie.) no wonder, every1 loses music taste!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder where Def Jam would be in Cool J was given the power that Jay was given. Cool J will always feel that envy towards Jay because of that part of history. You have two rappers but Cool J is a pioneer and a legend while Jay is just the legend with two different rapping ideologies. With either one of them, the game would have been different under their perspectives. Obviously Def Jam went with Jay.....upending Cool J, who I think symbolically would have been better for the game. I see and understand Cool J's point. Don't let the game get too digitized. How many consumers take the time to read inside a CD jacket or even memorize the songs but only know songs by a track number.

  • Balal

    Stop hating on LL. He can speak against jay. yall sit and worship jay-z just like he want yall too. weak ass fans. LL damn near made def jam so i would of been tight to if he got president before me. LL one of the only rappers that made it through 3 diff eras of hip-hop.He has sold millions of records already been there done that and if this was 85-95 he probably would of had ur bitch loving his shit. Word Life!! hop of Jay dick

  • Anonymous

    LL raps about bitches and sex most the time so disqualified nigga,you ain't even got what it takes to make a record to stay relevant.I love the old LL,not this sitcom movie making far from street ass nigga really.you was in the game longer then jay z and yet didn't make the moves he made so your mad.if te company loses money by puting a niggas record out then I would shelve his ass to until he created enuff material worth investing in cause at the end of the day those records are investments and it ain't got shit to do with stopping a nigga from dropping .if you not poppin in the streets,Internet,or club your shit aint going nowhere veteran or rookie

  • Anonymous

    But ll coo j have to know even jay z sold 1 million to Samsung but people resquested more than that a thing Samsung didn't expect

  • wouzi

    fuck this old ass player hater ass clown. jay is richer and makes better music than your clown ass. bar 4 bar you can't fuck with hov so stfu bitch

  • Anonymous

    eminem Album : Fans 1 milli 1st week , beat by dre 5 milli

  • qnznykr

    Where is the hate in his statement? He basically commended him on having them album.. He simply stating that I rather have the people buy it. He didnt say it was a sucka move for Jay to do that, hell he said if walmart came to him with the idea he would accept.

  • Gaz

    LL, can't say I agree. Doesn't matter if It was Samsung that bought 1 Million copies, since they gave them away to customers anyway who had (and paid for) an eligible Samsung device. It was even more of a direct link to HOV fans.. didn't even have to get off my arse and into a music store to get it

  • crabs in a barrel

    uhm ll when retailers buy the albums its the same shit plus he about to go plat with retail sales anyway ll just mad nobody wants his album

  • Anonymous

    LL IS SUCK A HATER. He's been hating on Jay since 98. Even subliminally hated on his song 'Back where I belong' featuring Ja Rule on hook. His first verse starts saying "The other night I was up at Farmers, politican wit some bloods They told me "yo L, in the streets you aint gettin no Love And Ever since the X's and the Jiggas came out my niggas aint tryin to the hear that smooth shit you talk about"

  • Why

    So many blacks and lame people hate Jay.. I don't know if they hate progression in life or they are just as lame as their ancestors before they were captured and brought to the US. Get out of Hov's plan fools

  • Anonymous

    Tell LL stop sniffing coke,grown ass man getting nose jobs smfh

  • Anonymous

    To me it doesnt matter if a company bought a million copies or 1 million people went out and bought it from the store, if i'm a rapper and i'm assured to sell atleast a million records c'mo now who wouldn't take that deal in this day and age where everything is bootlegged,LL can say what he want thats his opinion but u better beleive if they came and asked him to do it he would've he dont like Jay because he shelved his ass when he was president at Def Jam. Ur in the (Business) to make money fuck tryna be true to all that other shit the people gon hear it 1 way or another.LL need to stick to acting his rap career is washed up

    • Anonymous

      when has Jay ever put out totally wack music his weakest albums better than these new niggaz new shit to be honest yall think he gon get back to rapping about the same shit he did back in the day that nigga is a old head now he aint goin be like these old ass rappers still talking drug money shit niggaz need to get off that.

    • Anonymous

      I hear all that but at the end of the day thats just like saying i feel better if 1000 fiends bought my shit wit me personally handing it out rather than 1 person buying my shit in bulk it would make me feel like a real hustler that shit don't make sense dumbass. #NewRules

    • Anonymous

      I thought you were in the business to MAKE GREAT MUSIC with money as a nice addition.

    • Anonymous

      he gave jay his props dumb ass, ll just saying that its better to have 1 million individuals buy an album than some company. U get a better overall feeling of success and pride

  • foreal

    i never really like LL but dude can get in back of the line of people hating on Hova. Dude made a business deal and get 1 million albums out to fans for free. How much did LL sell from his last record, like 10k? Go back to what making sh*tty TV shows and SWAT 2.

  • Anonymous

    cool j is bitter

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree with ll

  • Anonymous

    wonder what everyone would be saying, if baby did this for lil' wayne... tired of living, living by these double standards, standards,...(singing with ab-solo voice)



  • Hip Hop Fan

    I don't think he's hating on Jay. It's about the way music is distributed and if this is the way forward. On the one hand, it's good for the artist because they make their money upfront and we could probably see a serious change in Hip Hop. You won't have to depend on radio friendly joints to sell if you get that deal. Holy Grail doesn't even have a single yet. An artist can make an uncompromising album if he knows they have the money already recouped. That's a good thing for the industry. On the other hand, record sales won't mean anything. If you sold 10m, it doesn't necessarily mean you had a beast of an album that connected with the people, you could have just sold 10m to a company. But the days of multi platinum selling albums seem over. Nobody is going to do MJ Thriller numbers ever again and we'll be lucky to see albums go diamond. Word of mouth and social media are probably the new tools that will show what's connecting with the people. The numbers won't matter.

    • kandonga

      agree with most of your coment, but i think if a coorporation bought 10mil of your album, it must mean something. i think it will be just as hard to sell 10miliion "real" copies as it will be to sell 10mil "corporate" copies. dont forget that for you to go diamon the record companies had to put some serious muscle behind you. when LL was a multiplatnum artist, def jam used to "stop" everything else to push his album. and dont forget the 1million samsung bought end up with the fans.

  • ThaKritic

    Maaaan i wish canibus terminated this nigga back in the early 2000's. I nvr liked this nigga. Im a hater, fuck it. You aint touched a fan since the Ice-T beef my nigga. Off yourself. Jay stay winning lol.

  • Sean

    Not touching people with them? It's not as if Samsung kept them in the stash...they gave them away!!

  • insanemacbeth

    why is this bredda hating on JAY-Z? the bredda done been winning, since 'RADIO' came out. what, you're the only bredda that's meant to eat offa rap? k.m.t.

  • realtalk

    sales of hchg will always have an asterisk beside it.

  • chris

    Somebody tell this clown Hov sold 527,000 physical copies as well...

  • mased

    nigga go make a hit....

  • MIO

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  • TouchThisLL

    The Samsung deal aside, Jay-Z still sold half a million copies "individually." Back to the Samsung deal, his draw comparison about selling 10 million copies to Bill Gates is dumb. Samsung is not 1 person. The company simply spread the album among fans who wanted to get the album early by downloading the app -- around 22 million hits, btw. And, if you still want to hate on Jay-Z's innovative game-plan, then go back to when he pumped half-a-million copies of Reasonable Doubt straight out the trunk. Jigga for the win.

  • GAME


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    NIgga just mad he aint do it first. Plus he aint had a album that "touched" a million people in over a decade so I think he bitter lol

    • Anonymous

      I dont see how he is mad.....he asked a question, and provided an answer. A correct answer at that.

  • MIke

    I mean I know he's not hating...but LL is about to eat his own words with this one...

  • Gucci Mane

    Gucci = tha realist alive!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit. -Snoop was never a crip -Jay z was never a gangmember

  • Anonymous

    just because you cant handle the truth doesnt mean a nigga hating. everything he said was factually corect

  • Anonymous

    old, wack, hating ass sit yo ass down and learn something nigga get that shit checked

  • GjiggaJ

    LL is a straight hater, He fail off and HOV keeps moving. He sold over 500,000 still!! BOSS!!

  • Roos1020

    All you idiots talking about 1 of the baddest MCs alive LL will tear anyone I mean anyone a new A-Hole. You young ignorant fools need to respect where it came from as you would not have those WACK ASS rappers out today you young ones call Hip Hop. LL isn't the creator but he'll wipe the floor with all out there today!!!!

    • Roos

      Canibus did rock 2nd round knockout that was a hott track but in the end we all know who the RIPPER was lol. No rookie should EVER try and go @ LL as we all know. Remember Canibus just shit on himself in that battle rap he pulled out his rhyme on paper. REAL TALK..

    • Anonymous

      LL won in the end. Even Canibus got destroyed by Dizaster recently in a real battle, something Canibus used to profess he was the best at.

    • YEBO


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Get the fuck outta here, Canibus lyrically molested this wack ass botox shooting nigga so bad it's not even funny. He got blackballed for it, but 2nd round K.O. will still go down as one of the best records of all time.

  • Anonymous

    LL sounds bitter. 1 million sold is 1 million sold hand to hand or not. 1 million people downloaded the album so the intrest was obviously there. That's not even including the 500,000 sold in stores.

  • realtalk

    Okay. And it was accessed 20 Million times IN THE FIRST HOUR. It still engaged people. AND it sold half a million Physical. Not that numbers really are the real topic of discussion. But, it did Both. HipHop has set SEVERAL records the past few weeks.. it should be a time of celebration. Far as LL, he needs to be somewhere trying to atone for that garbage he put out.. "Ratchet" and that country western bullshit and that string of below-sub-par albums. Ain't been the same since Canibus let off. Touch THAT. All the rule changed was the immediacy of when they begin counting. They still ain't worrying about the million. But this is something Jay had been saying in XXL and The Source since 10 years ago, before the technology was even there. Use technology to control the medium. Take it out of a labels hands. Why would anyone be mad at that? USE THE TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR OWN PURPOSE. Who can be mad at a man with a plan? Especially nowadays when so many men is walking around WITHOUT a plan??

    • bkstylz

      Always a pleasure reading your posts. You should check out the hiphopheads sub on reddit, if you haven't already.

  • nope

    is ll's wack ass not aware that that's what certification is anyway? it was based on how much you ship to begin with. meanwhile, ll ain't had a semi-hot album since "phenomenon" (and that's REALLY fucking debatable).

  • GAY-Z

    GAY-Z is the wackest nigga alive (biggie ugh, that that nigga stole)

  • guy

    u guys are complete bum holes and total a s s f a c e s. accidential racist wasnt a ll cool j song, its from brad paisley. LL did one verse on it, u jealous prick heads here.

    • B.dot

      I missed the part where I defended Jay-Z or "Gay-Z as you so eloquently have stated. You are right one million Samsung users did get that free. What companies are buying the album back? Maybe a label would buy the album back but what label would that be? He may not give zero fucks about me or any other fans but I don't buy music because he cares about me, I buy it because I like it. Feel free to find a ledge and step off!

  • B.dot

    What is better than "touching" the fans than giving out one million free albums. However, if he really feels like "touching" the fans is selling them the album, Jay is still projected to move over 500k. So I guess the fans win either way.lol

    • ^

      Someone's filled with hate.

    • B.dot da BITCH

      keep it 100 my nigga... Gay-Z is WACK AF now and only thinks of the dollar. most of those "500k" sales are from the company buying the album back; one million albums arent going to be "free", one million albums are going to be "free" to samsung users, i aint getting the album free. stupid nigga, stop defending someone who gives 2 shits about u. Gay-Z is wack, period, and hasn't been in touch with fans since his Hard Knocked Life days

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like LL is jealous that Hov's album sold more than his.

  • Idk

    Idk i think it was pretty brilliant. Because this way he did touch the people. Samsung had 1M downlloads if I am not mistaken. Its not like only 100 people downloaded the APP and Samsung took the other 999,900 and called jay platinum. he is the mother fucking innovator of this game--consistently changing it for the betterment of the artist, not the corporation which he himself is. Its awesome keep it up Jiggggg

  • C

    Lol at LL Cool J talking shit. Sorry my man, but after Ratchet and Accidental Racist, you should not be talking shit about another artist and how they handle business or "touch the people" for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    fuck boy old ass hatin irrelevent nicca fuck Lame L fool j

  • Mortis

    Bitter. Go back and hook up with Marley Marl. Be the BAD Cool J. Be the Mama Said Cool J. Be the Walking with a Panther Cool J. Stop trying to make records to get on corporate owned urban radio. I don't understand why you ran from who you were. Go back to Farmer's and figure shit out.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule would never hate on jay like this

  • BeTrue

    Damn LL I can't cosign what you saying and it sound like you hating. What part you don't understand, music is not selling because of the internet so a change is greatly needed so people can eat.

  • Dashing

    It's no secret that he's disliked Jay-z for a long time...and it's also no secret that he'll never sell a million records ever again.

  • Anonymous

    ll cool j is becoming a old ass disgruntled rapper

  • diggydown

    u guys are p r i c k s. that guy is a legendary rapper and hes way better than the average shit of today. his authentic album was really awesome. all this mainstream shit of today isnt hiphop anymore (macklemore, lilwayne garbe,nicki minaj,drake), they produce for the radio and for the money, no matter how shit it sounds. and u guys are actually listening to that shit :D nice! you guys should leave this page and go listening to justin bieber and selena gomez, bubblegum pop.

    • Anonymous

      this nigga aint no legend legends are nas jayz tupac biggie eminem outkast , rakim tribe, nwa thise are legends

    • DrebinSlevin

      LL fell off hard after that DEFinition. People got sick of seeing a legend sell out by making pop records. Lip Licking Cool James is mad because he didn't think of selling albums to companies first. He was always selling albums FOR companies and not himself.

  • Anon

    no one fucking listens to this dude anymore. He fell off harder than jay. They're both ass.

  • Floyd

    He puts out a song called ratchet yet he feels he is the Goat and called his album Authentic....#Fraud

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    I don't think LL honestly understands the business savvy that Jay-Z has. Samsung GAVE away millions of free downloads to fans because they purchased a phone. It is a business relationship at the end of the day. Jay-Z was compensated and the fans did not have to PAY for it directly. It is also a loyalty strategy because if a company values their customers they will keep coming back and spread the word of mouth to others (example - Grocery stores, shoe stores, pharmacys.) #winwinwin

  • Anonymous

    Or he's mad that less than 1/10 of a million people went out to actually buy his Authentic garbage

  • Anonymous

    I guess he leaves out the fact that 1 million people still downloaded the album from the app.

    • Anonymous

      yes, and people download free mixtapes as well. that's hardly the same as purchasing that it.

    • Anonymous

      The app didn't work... it crashed on people...most folks went the way of the interwebs to grab a bootleg copy of the lastet version of the corporate sellout.. follow at noles506

    • Anonymous

      Actually Hov said there were 20 million or so hits... because over 1 million people try to access it several times. Either way its false that he didn't touch fans

    • Anonymous

      did u watch the Power 105 interview (it was on here) Hov even said it was 1 Million HITS (doesnt mean downloads) ppl could have gave up on the download, lost connection, retried or w/e

    • Anonymous

      well, we don't really know if ALL of the million people downloaded it.. there could be some people that might've passed on the download ( killer mike for example).. while i am a jay fan and i did like the album, i do see what ll is saying..

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