Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Reviewed By Florida Congressman On Twitter

Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" is reviewed in a series of tweets from Rep. Trey Radel, a Florida Congressman.

Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" has garnered attention from a bevy of media outlets leading up to and since its July 4 release. Today (July 16), Hova's LP was reviewed by an unlikely source when Rep. Trey Radel, a Florida Congressman, provided what he said was a "Totally unqualified review" of Jigga's new release on Twitter. 

After a Tweet about Obamacare, Rep. Radel sets his followers up for the review.

Rep. Radel is a Republican and Rap fan who is known for "producing his own remixes of classic songs, which are distributed around his office as 'Beats by Trey,'" according to thehill.com. "Beats by Trey" is likely a play off of Dr. Dre's popular Beats by Dre company, which makes headphones, among other things.

Rep. Radel grew up near Cincinnati and told thehill.com that he found value in Rap because he learned about a new world through the music. "By hearing this, I heard about other parts of the country outside my little box in Ohio," he said to the site. "I heard stories that would explain everything from violence, to gang warfare, to the crack epidemic and issues with law enforcement. This gave me a wider view of the world."

Rep. Radel's review was endorsed by several people on his timeline. 

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  • Anonymous

    The congressmen's kid had it on his Ipod, and he heard a few seconds and tweeted his praise because it's a publicity stunt.

  • Fresh boi Hov

    Fuck you haters.. Hov wants a billion. Hope that is not a problem for you black lames

  • Anna I. Johnson

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  • xx009


  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    All I heard was slurp slurp slurp. Anything else u want to add congressman, slurp!

  • Anonymous

    He's only praising Jay so Jay praises him, he knows Jay is popular and he wants to appeal to Jays fanbase. Why else would an old white politician talk about Jay.... plus Jay is a rich ass business man, he probably wants to do deals with Jay....

  • rmacq112

    Jay-Z is the only rapper who can pull off a Kurt Cobain reference?

  • Gucci The Realist

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit

  • RobMarkman

    this is dope. JAY need to sign http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth ASAP. he make the type of music kanye is SUPPOSE TO BE MAKING.

  • Anonymous

    don't be surprised he grew up with hip hop he 37 years old he knows more about it than most of you do

  • Europe

    Americans must be the most stupid people in the world. Which politican gonna talk about rap? Do your work dumb motherfucker! In the states: - peoples have 2 or 3 jobs. (we in europe have one) - in states there's no healthcare (in europe we have healthcare for everybody) - every dumbass owns a gun and shoots. Now america is crying about travyon martin but if Obama says banned guns then you dumb motherfuckers want the right to protect your selfs. - only the rich have pesnions not the poor (in europe if you are 65 you get pension from the state, not much but better then nothing.) - A bunch of arrogant rappers who only talk about there maybachs and platinum chains. (in europe we dont rap about such a bullshit) So politicians do rapreviews????????????? Im a little bit hard on you guys its not i hate but come on?

  • Anonymous

    He actually gave a good review, didn't expect that at all. I was expecting to read something I could laugh at. Good shit.

  • Anonymous

    damn, now old politicians have a positive opinion on hip hop. hip hop used to have that dangerous element to it. not anymore i guess

  • Anonymous

    pretty neat. he should llisten to real hip hop though. MCHG is decent as is all hov's lp's at best I wonder if this guy even knows about hip hop that is not mainstream.

  • Anonymous

    this is where it goes wrong wwhen mixing hip hop with politicians i like my hip hop but i am a middle class bank emplyee. problee some politicims who into fetish don voic that. please don t tunrn an ooverrated mc like Jaz z into a god

  • ThaKritic

    It's amazing how many people wanna hate on Jigga lol. MCHG may not have been his nicest album but if you compare it to the most recent releases in the past few months, its pretty top-shelf bruh bruh.

    • Anonymous

      people always say: its better then other releases this year. That doesnt make mchg a good album!!!!!! Accept that rapmusic sucks nowadays!!!!!

  • Oops

    Great political move coming right after the Zimmerman verdict. Snowden?

  • Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't Lie

    I agree with Senator Trey Radel. Jay-Z was the first rapper to rap about politics. Example: Dead Presidents, Politics as Usual. 2pac rapped about the thug life, Biggie rapped about the girls, and Nas rapped about the streets. Jay-Z was the only rapper to rap about politics. Not only that, Jay-Z is the only rapper to meet President Obama. He's got connects people, and rightfully so. He earned his spot. Jay-Z has the most hip-hop albums, most number 1's, most records sold. Stop hating.

    • Listen

      He's tryin to say Hov did not cry rapping about politics like other rappers did but got smart about how to rap about politics.. And that goes for everything from flippin that raw Flippin whores, flippin vocal chords, don't get it twisted Get it right, did different, did it better, did it nice Did the impossible then did it twice (get it right). Don't be good Be Great bitches


      Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't Lie: Jay-Z was the first rapper to rap about politics WHAT THE F*CK??? You are just another lost d*ckrider who doesn't know sh*t about hip-hop......

    • Anonymous

      Biggie rap about girls? Dumb motherfucker! Do your home work! Public Enemy and BdP and countless others rapped about politics before JayZ. fuck groupie!

  • real recognize real

    Trey Radel really knows his hip-hop, might be my favourite Republican. Stereotypes goes both ways, and for a middle aged Republican, Trey surprises me. Beats by Trey.

  • micheal myers


  • crazy chain saws







    chucky will kill jason freddy n michael.

  • internet radio

    slacker.com underground hip hop got the essence

  • jasonnns


  • crazy mother fucker

    jumping out on fuckers with devils

  • Anonymous

    whyd he shoutout eric b and rakim when mentioning BBC? does he think nas is one of them or something? come on now, Nas voice is super distinct. cool review tho.

  • Anonymous

    I was actually going to say something like must be a slow news day....I expected him to say, oh wow..good album or something he pretty deep into it.... but u guys should just rename the site jayzdx dot com.... its all camel stories. If you wanna call him that. follow at noles506

  • imho

    respect! just shows everyone loves everytype of music-

  • yup yup

    Numbers dont lieor do they? Despite Billboard not counting Jay-Zs million seller, the tangible edition of Magna Carta Holy Grail has sold approximately 528,208 copies. If the number holds up, this will mark Hovs 13th number one album. Watch out Paul, John, George, and Ringo; hes on your ass. Pause. Final tally tomorrow. so the album sold 528,208 so far until final tally tomorrow still very impressive

    • Anonymous

      yup yup was talking about billboard number one albums..not total sales. hov got the most number one albums as an individual artist and only the beatles are ahead of him, but they are a group so u know. hov is comin.

    • Anonymous

      The Beattles have sold something like 2,303,500,000 albums dude... Jay-Z ain't touching the Beattles. They sold over 200 million albums in the US alone.

  • Mary C. Finlay

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  • Mary C. Finlay

    my co-workers aunt makes $70 an hour on the internet. She has been without a job for nine months but last month her income was $17227 just working on the internet for a few hours. Heres the site to read more... can99.M

  • COCA


  • OUCH!

    Henry Jude "Trey" Radel III = EPIC!! Tweet of the day!

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a legend.

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