SpaceGhostPurrp Says He "Ruined" A$AP Rocky's Career

SpaceGhostPurrp takes aim at A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky via Twitter and Facebook as he lets loose a series of ill comments.

The tension between members of the A$AP Mob and Floridian emcee SpaceGhostPurrp have yet again been reawakened this week as the Raider Klan spitter unleashed a handful of comments aimed at A$AP Rocky and others in the Harlem spitter’s crew using both his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In one of many Tweet’s, SpaceGhostPurrp accused members of A$AP Mob of being “devil worshippers” as he engaged in a back and forth with A$AP Twelvyy.

SpaceGhostPurrp also took aim at A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg’s newly-released record, “Shabba.”

The comments continued on Facebook as SpaceGhostPurrp stated that he “ruined” A$AP Rocky’s career and referred to the rapper as being “wack.” Neither A$AP Rocky nor A$AP Ferg have responded publicly to SpaceGhostPurrp’s comments.

Issues between both parties initially arose last year when SpaceGhostPurrp accused A$AP Rocky of stealing his style and even some of his lyrics. Prior to their riff with each other, both rapper’s collaborated with one another on a handful of songs.

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  • Desperado

    so much hate for purrp. like it or not he did ruin asaps career. he had mad love in the underground but he sold out. Purrp will always b respected for not selling out and never changing his style. also asap did steal his lyrics. look up purrps song "my enemie" then listen 2 the chorus of "goldie" asap used 2 say my enemie was his fav purrp song 2...

  • Anonymous

    i thought this nigga just retired? seems like he was just looking for some buzz as usual his music doesnt speak for itself so he gotta do bitch nigga shit

  • Troyer

    I kinda understand why he would be resentful tho...Asap does jack styles...flow and all. I hear sgp in his sound and alot of triple six, at least in asaps old shii...I know nothing of his new stuff

  • Anonymous

    Who, who & who? Nobody's arguing with nobody's?? follow at noles506

  • Happy jizz

    SpaceGhostPurrp? sounds like a faggot to me. Fuck everybody here. Have a nice day.

  • Mary C. Finlay

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  • COCA


  • kuto kende

    SGP is a ill ass producer asap fucked up by playin him asap is fucking wack as hell anyway he caught feelings and quit a show cuz one of his few fans took his hat Lmao

  • dom mac

    i met asap rocky and the his crew before he was even signed to rca sony and the nigga is a normal nigga chill as fuck who just want to rap and make it his life. this space ghost purp fool is immature and ignorant kid cant get a buzz without hating on the top rookies of last year.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. All the respect i've had for Purrp is gone because he keeps trying to stir up some bullshit. Maybe you should retire Purrp because you're looking like a buffoon.

  • arkitekt

    this nigga has nit retired yet?

  • Dade County

    Dudes an embarrassment to the city of Miami and ain't even from there. Dude is from the Miramar burbs. He just needs to keep his mouth shut and grow up.

  • kjoh

    i'm a huge SGP fan but i think he needs to focus on his own shit and don't give a fuck

  • dun king

    haha, SGP needs to quit smoking dust. shit's fuckin his schizophrenic bipolar brain the fuck up.


    everybody involved in this dispute is a lame

  • Really

    Is this dude serious? He should shut the fuck and worry about getting raider klan on. A$AP MOB has way more clout than the klan

  • Anonymous

    SGP is an immature dumbass. I wont support anything he does. ASAP all day bitch. ASAP doesnt hate on fans because of color. The fucking hipsters put him on and they are the same ones he hates.

  • Marx

    I guess news & gossip are now one in the same. I give props for good stories. This is reaching & poor journalism.

  • Anonymous

    I like Spaceghost but he didn't ruin anybody's career except for his own.

  • Jahorse

    SpaceGhostPurrp is such a bitch, he just finished saying how he wasn't even mentioning their name any more and now he's fighting like a 16 year old girl on twitter? The shit he's saying doesn't even make sense

  • Anonymous

    Spaceghostherrb needs to shut the fuck up, that nigga ain't bout that life #miamiposer

  • Anonymous

    fuck asap rocky......quitting a show after his precious hat got ''stolen'', slappin females in the face for no apparant reason SGP better continue to ruin that pathetic fools career...fuck em

  • Anonymous

    Kids shouldn't be allowed to play on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    asap rocky, asap ferg, spaceghostpurrp...can't keep up with all these dumb names.

  • Spaceghostpurrp

    ASAP Rocky is fuckin gay

  • Anonymous

    how did you ruin his career when he had a number 1 single on the hip hop charts, it topped out at number 8 on the billboard 100, a number 1 album, and 400k+ sold? pretty sure hes doing pretty good, and Ferg is building up his own fanbase as well. Purp is crazy.

  • Anonymous

    this is why i dont like sgp...asap is getting awards and touring the worlds dude...dude should just stick to producing!

  • OUCH!

    I like spaceghost but honestly he should leave the "beef" alone and stick to producing, hes a beast at it. now ruining A$ap rocky''s career? 400k on your first album with only 2 singles released sounds like a good career to me...

  • dino

    devil worshipers? these niggas still think they bone thugs n harmony man we should straight up IGNORE THESE FUCK NIGGAS

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