Juicy J Show In Texas Shut Down By Police

Midland, Texas police shut down the show before it started.

Juicy J was scheduled to perform in Midland, Texas Saturday night however the show never even happened.

According to Juicy J's videographer, Ted Cadillac, a police officer was mobbed, hit with a bottle and then beat up while on stage before Juicy was to perform. At least 10 police cars were on scene as the situation was subdued. The show was cancelled upon the Three-6 Mafia member's arrival.

Juicy's performance was to happen at Cabana Sports Bar, an outdoor venue.

Juicy J tweeted an Instagram video of his disappointment. The video also includes footage of numerous police cars near the venue.

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  • Anony

    PUSSY! Ja Rule NEVER lets the fans down if the popo tries to shut one of his shows down. Ja Rule will let his gang take care of the cops while he raps. Ja Rule is Love, Ja Rule is life. Ja Rule made this rap shit possible.

  • Raul ledesma

    Personally I'm a entertainer who got told there were no more spots available at the time I was thinking now how will I get outta poverty I wuz countin on this moment of givin juicy j my YouTube and sound cloud links but now I'm glad I didn't go but JUICY on sound cloud please search bendro/benfrank dirty girl it's our best work so far as far as remixes go

    • Anonymous

      I seriously doubt that Juicy J reads this article, especially comment section. And even if he (or somebody famous) helped you, you have to be the shit and survive, people like Juicy could make you a little bit more famous, but you have to get yourself outta poverty, Juicy J can't.

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