George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty In Trayvon Martin Killing; Rappers Respond

2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, Wale, Raekwon, Twista, Ghostface Killah, Big Boi, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana are among those who respond to the verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter today (July 13). He was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. Many believed that Martin was singled out and killed by Zimmerman for racial reasons. Martin, 17, was Black and Zimmerman is Hispanic.

"You have a little Black boy who was killed," said Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Martin's parents, according to "It's going to be reported in history books and 50 years from now, our children will talk about Trayvon Martin's case like we talk about Emmett Till."

Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black male, was tortured and murdered in 1955 in Mississippi after being accused of flirting with a white woman. Till has been referenced in rap lyrics by Kanye West, Lil Wayne and others in the last decade, and David Banner has worn shirts with Till's image on them in videos.

Members of the rap community voiced their displeasure with the verdict in the Zimmerman case on social media. 

Reef the Lost Cauze said that the verdict caused him to feel afraid for his own son:

Meek Mill and fellow MMG artist Wale drew comparisons between the Zimmerman trial and NFL quarterback Michael Vick, who received two years in prison for dogfighting:

Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Nicki Minaj, Big Boi, and others were more vocal with their displeasure:

An attorney told that they were not surprised by the verdict in the Zimmerman case. "The prosecution had no clear narrative, witnesses that appeared poorly prepared, and at the end of the day, this is more of a loss by the prosecution than a win by the defense," criminal attorney Darren Kavinoky said.

Zimmerman was not initially charged with a crime because police citied Florida's "stand-your-ground" law, which allows someone who believes they are in imminent danger to take whatever steps are necessary to protect themselves. Florida State Attorney Angela Corey, however, charged Zimmerman with murder on April 11, 2012, as per

Among the more than 50 witnesses who testifed at the trial were "forensic experts who testified about the angle in which Trayvon was shot, the position Zimmerman's gun may have been in, and where DNA and blood was found," reported. "Other witnesses offered conflicting statements about how the fight happened, who had the upper hand when Zimmerman shot and who was screaming for help in a 911 call recording."

The verdict means that the jury felt "that Zimmerman justifiably used deadly force and reasonably believed that such force was 'necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm' to himself—Florida's definition of self-defense," according to

The six jurors "decided Zimmerman didn't 'intentionally commit an act or acts that caused death' or demonstrate a 'depraved mind without regard for human life'—Florida's definitions of manslaughter and second degree murder, respectively," as per 

"I think he's going to be great," Zimmerman attorney Mark O'Mara said during a press conference after a verdict. "I think he is still worried. Hopefully everyone will respect the jury's verdict."

Martin's parents were not in the courtroom when the verdict was read, according to reports. Martin's father Tracy posted his reaction to the verdict on Twitter.

The Rap community's reaction to the Zimmerman case is not the first time Rap artists have responded to a high profile legal case. One such case was that of Yusef Hawkins, a 16-year-old Black male who was shot and killed by a White mob in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York on August 23, 1989. Hawkins went to Bensonhurst to inquire about a used car. The mob of white kids who killed Hawkins were waiting for Blacks they thought were trying to date neighborhood White girls. Joseph Fama, who fired shots that struck Hawkins, was convicted of second-degree murder in 1990, according to

Chuck D mentions “A son slain in Bensonhurst,” referring to Hawkins on the 1989 Public Enemy song “Welcome To The Terror Dome.” Chubb Rock says, “In your hearts and mind, never forget Yusef Hawkins” on his 1990 hit “Treat ‘Em Right.” Big Daddy Kane raps, “In the streets of New York, I think of Yusef Hawkins” on the Kool G Rap & DJ Polo 1990 single “Erase Racism.” Kane says later in the song, “When I think of areas like Bensonhurst, notice how I mention Hearse.” X Clan rapper Brother J mentions marching on Hawkins’ behalf on “A Day Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback,” a cut from X Clan’s 1990 album, To The East, Blackwards.

The rap community also commented extensively in songs and videos about the Rodney King case. King was beaten by Los Angeles police officers following a high-speed car chase in 1991. Much of the beating was caught on video tape and aired on television news outlets. In 1992, three of the four police officers charged in the beating were acquitted of all charges. The fourth officer was eventually also eventually acquitted of all charges. The acquittals are often considered to be the catalyst for the 1992 Los Angeles riots. 

Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and others rapped directly and indirectly about the King case.

Additional Reporting By Roman Cooper

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  • Da Truth

    Let's be honest, the dude made out like OJ Simpson.

  • Anonymous

    For the last time Zimmerman is Hispanic! You have to have white skin to be white, get real.

  • Anonymous

    "9 times out of 10 the lead is white. Look at any major movie release, 9 times out of 10 the lead actors are white" Iris Alba is the star of Pacific Rim. Chris Rock is in Grown Up's 2. Denzel Washington is sharing top billing in 2 Gunz. After Earth starred Will Smith and his son. Do your homework before spouting off.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I am not to attached to this situation and im white and I feel he should have at east got manslaughter. Cause lots of people have been found guilty with only cercumstatial evidence. I dont see why this one wouldn't either. People shouldent have made it about race, thats where people fucked up cause courts are not supposed to work based off of race. If people would have treated it like a normal criminal case, like it was, then they prolly would have had blacks and other colors on the jury. Plus the dude wasnt even white and they still tricked yall motherfuckers into making it a racial issue lmao

  • Kizman

    I love how so many sheltered Caucasians insist either that race had nothing to do with Zimmerman's profiling of Travon Matin or that Travon Martin deserved what happened to him because he was a "thug" based on his appearance and the mischaracterizations of him by the far Right media and Zimmerman's defense. Why does smoking a joint at 17 make Travon Martin a thug but overdosing on heroin makes Corey Montieth a "troubled, yet promising talent" like Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, George W. Bush etc.?? It's because there are double standards in our system that allow certain populations to be subjected to civil rights violations. Meanwhile, the benefactors of White Privilege, a DOCUMENTED social phenomenon, continue to trivialize the fact that RACE was the catalyst for Zimmerman's pursuit of Martin. It makes me sad to see that, even in 2013, such abhorrent ignorance and bigotry still persists. I pray that you all find enlightenment and that you are never subjected to profiling that leads to you being offended, much less killed.

    • Anonymous

      You realize those names you mentioned have/had talent? If you make other people money, and are talented at it, then America doesn't care whether you OD's or not. They'll remember that person anyway they choose too. Trayvon was just some punk kid who posted pics of himself holding guns. Doing fight club, and smoking weed. While those things didn't make him a bad person, they labeled him a thug wanna be, and no jury is going to give someone life based on those traits.

  • Justice 4 All

    If you are being chased by a dude with a gun, what do you do? BEAT HIS AZZ if you can!

    • Anonymous

      "What about the other 150 actors/actresses that star in major releases? Directors?" There are countless others. I just don't care enough to bother copy and pasting them all. I will add Tyler Perry to that list. He's one of the biggest, most successful directors out there right now. Dude has his own studio, and employs countless actors of color in his films that get major studio releases. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.

  • Dentaldamboy

    Due to my stance on the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman fiasco, I have been accused over a hundred times of being a racist. Am I racist? To an extent. But if I am, truth be told it's probably against white people. I hate the tired argument of "Some of my best friends are black!" every time someone is accused of being a racist. But it's a bit different when *as mine are* 90% of your friends are black. And not for some misplaced white guilt or wanting to kick everyone's asses in pickup basketball *not being stereotypical. Our team will fuck you up*, or even wanting the comfort of knowing that my friends are cooler than your friends because statistically speaking, black people are infinitely cooler than white people. *With the exception of Nick Cannon* It's because they *my close friends* are the most down to Earth, genuine, authentically good people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Does being black factor into it? Probably. Because when you're a minority, you deal with shit that others don't, and you *hopefully* learn from a very young age what's truly important in life. My love for people of all cultures, especially black people, is why I am so troubled and disgusted with the Trayvon Martin case. It's making black culture look AWFUL. The fact that there are police teams on high alert in Florida and across the country because they are anticipating riots, speaks volumes about the current state of unintelligent black people in America. *The 5-10% that is woefully inept. Which is the same percentage I'd give to any race* Some of you stand on your soapboxes and cry "Racism!" without realizing YOUR actions are the problem. I've personally seen dozens if not hundreds of posts threatening to retaliate if Zimmerman is found innocent. Stop the bullshit. YOU ARE HURTING YOUR OWN PEOPLE! If I was black, I would go around slapping the shit out of everyone making the Zimmerman trial a big deal and a race issue. Even if it WAS a race issue, and Zimmerman chased Martin while wearing a KKK outfit and screaming the N word, what the FUCK does that have to do with the rest of the state? The rest of the country? What the fuck does it have to do with ANYONE who isn't George Zimmerman?!??! OJ Simpson killed at least 2 people *that we know about* He walked. There were no insane riots like the LA Riots when the piece of shit Rodney King got his ass beat *which I still think he believed due to his driving drunk and my strong anti drunk driving stance* For whatever reason, the white culture in America *with the exception of right wing Republicans and spoiled rich kids who hate their parents* doesn't go around pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for their issues most of the time. They also don't go around massacring their own people. Look at the gang activity in NY. In LA. Look at Chicago. If you truly give a shit about your people, concentrate more on stopping them from killing their own. The babies. The children. The parents. The people we know 1000% are innocent. Then, when you give that enough attention and make enough progress, you can donate your energy to year old cases that may or may not have anything to do with race, where the victim may or may not have started the altercation. Until then though, let's all work together to focus on the real problems that are right in front of us, instead of letting the media dictate what we should pay attention to.

    • Anonymous

      whateva bicuspid x "For whatever reason, the white culture in America *with the exception of right wing Republicans and spoiled rich kids who hate their parents* doesn't go around pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for their issues most of the time" ^ lol now you're showing us that you spend too much time on the internet you love the attention though

  • Anonymous

    "Stop watching Spike Lee movies. They're dulling your mind." ^ lol what does Spike have to do with this? American history says this same scenario has happened plenty of times, before you even knew Spike existed. Your bitch ass has a problem with Spike.

    • Anonymous

      Spike Lee polluted most of his films by bashing white people, and screaming racism. John Singleton started too, then realized it was better to sell out and continue working than piss off the people who fund your dream job.

  • George Zimmerman

    "look at the major movies" Yes. Let's look at the major movies starring people like Denzel Washington. Jamie Foxx. Samuel L. Jackson. Will Smith. Anthony Mackie. Kevin Hart.

    • George Jefferson

      Even the blue smurfs are white. Damn

    • Anonymous

      Cool, you got 5 or 6. What about the other 150 actors/actresses that star in major releases? Directors? Producers? Script writers? Executive Producers? Look @ any commercial dude, 9 times out of 10 the lead is white. Look at any major movie release, 9 times out of 10 the lead actors are white and most of the cast for that matter...Go look it up, take the blind eye off.

  • George Zimmerman

    By who Kyle, you? lol I'm too trill to be phased by some cyber loser.


    Lauryn Hill was right. Ms. Lauryn Hill MLH On Racism The concept of reverse racism is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous. Most, if not all of the negative responses from people of color toward white people, are reactions to the hatred, violence, cruelty and brutality that they were shown by white people for centuries. Much of the foundation of the modern world was built on the forced free labor of black peoples. The African Slave Trade, the institution of slavery, colonialism, its derivative systems, and the multiple holocausts throughout history, where whites used race as the defining reason to justify their oppression, conquest, and brutal treatment of non-white peoples, are how race became such a factor to begin with. The initial claim by the oppressors, followed a moral imperative (so they said) that people outside of Occidental and European birth were in savage and cursed conditions, and that God justified the captivity of these people, and the rape and pillage of their lands. Ironically, these oppressors would try to discard this same God, who supposedly justified this brutality, in the name of Darwin, whose famous line survival of the fittest was used to justify criminal behavior once the Bible could no longer be used as a hiding place for economic domination and evil intention. Spirituality and morality were replaced by capitalism, and with it a conscious shift of focus toward the exploitation of the vulnerable. In order to justify reverse racism one would have to first create an even playing field, undo the generations of torture, terror, and brutality, and then judge whether or not a non-white person is in fact a racist. This approach would require people to examine the need/addiction to feel superior to someone else for no justifiable reason, and the myriad policies: Spiritual, political and social, that it bore. True dominion is self evident and not the result of sabotaging another in order to achieve it. That would be an illegitimate as well as a fleeting position. The Universe, will eventually seek to right/balance itself.

  • wtf

    all w ury... thats why he got off . raciost amerikkka

  • Anonymous

    "I haven't see WET (White Entertainment Television)" It actually goes by the name PBS.

  • Jonathan Media turned this affair into a pointless race war.

  • Kyle

    It's kinda ironic (from past comments on this page) that white supremacists/Neo-Nazis/English Defence League types are celebrating Zimmerman's freedom when the dude's Hispanic. No place for racism in the world-Trayvon may have attacked Zimmerman out of fear/anger of being followed, but Zimmerman made the wrong decision to shoot when it really wasn't required. Worse still when media tries to make it into a race war.

    • Anonymous

      these white boys are so ignorant to the facts that it's funny.

    • Anonymous

      People who carry guns don't usually spend alot of time weighing the pros and cons of when they should/shouldn't discharge their firearm. He felt his life was in danger which I'm sure alot of people (including the jury) believed, so he used his legally licensed gun. Strange how you're focused on the guy who had the gun, yet are ok with Martin starting the fight, and clearly having his own racial hang up's before the fight began. He was waiting for an opportunity to take out his rage. That shouldn't be glossed over. It should be examined.

    • James from England

      The racists here in England are nothing more than a fucking joke, go on the EDL website and you'll lose tons of IQ when you see what those ignorant berks write up there. This is the same group that mistook the Brighton Pavillion (look it up) for a mosque and are supported by benefit/welfare thieves and school dropouts. Don't take the racist on this site seriously mate, I guarantee you they don't even have the courage to call anyone a racist slur right in front of them, only when they're protected by an internet wall.

  • Art

    I want to hear what Lupe has to say lmao

  • George Zimmerman

    Oprah called and said she wants to interview me. Think it's safe, America?

  • lucky bitch

    This dude Zimmerman avoided some serious interacial gang bang , dang hey.

  • DC

    If you strip the case down to its bare bones and ignore the stereotyping, profiling, and race aspects you would see that Zimmerman was elected as a neighborhood watch. What that means is that it was his 'job' to observe any abnormalities within the community and report them to the authorities. From what i've heard from his lawyer, Zimmerman has expressed that he never saw what Trayvon looked like. However, he did see his clothing (Hoody) and felt that Trayvon was out place in his neighborhood. Now, why is it that after George called and alerted the police, he then armed himself with a gun and confronted Trayvon? Since when did being a vigilante in the United States become legal? I feel like the prosecution should have started there and built their case better. There's absolutely no reason as to why this man should get off freely, and i'm saying that before considering the notion of race. He abused authority that he did not have and should be punished.

    • DC

      Clearly, you are the one lacking in intelligence if you think that a vigilante cannot call the police. Regardless of the fact that a vigilante typically determines their own idea of justice and acts as they deem fit, how did Zimmerman not also do the same? After he called the police, he armed himself with a gun and confronted Trayvon. Although it is not against the law to follow someone, just why did he find it necessary to arm himself? If he feared Trayvon potentially attacking/killing him, he should have done as he was originally instructed by the 911 operator and not pursue! All in all, this is a tragedy and Florida's laws need to be amended.

    • Anonymous

      Vigilantes don't usually call the police, retard. Sorta defeats the purpose don't you think? Clearly, Zimmerman was over zealous. Maybe he wanted to be a cop, or thought in a way he was helping them by being the neighborhood watch. Regardless, it's not againsn't the law to approach somebody. Happens all the time in every sidewalk in America. What people should be focusing on is what happened once they confronted each other. This is where both mens' biases came into play. They profiled each other, and it got heated. If there's a lesson to be learned it's walk away. Be a man and not a stereotype. That goes for both of them. Nobody wants a dead body, or a murder rap hanging over them.

    • AZAZUL

      he will be punished young brother.

  • Anonymous

    I bet none of these hip-hop artist watch or even bother to pay attention to the trail! They just read the headline, a black kid getting killed by another none African American person so he must be guilty! The man was accused of a crime, he got a fair trial and all evidence proved he is innocent. Why didn't you all protest when O.J. was found innocent? Black people are the most racist fucking people in this world! AND AL SHARPTON NEEDS TO SHUT HIS BLACK ASS UP! Real talk!

    • Anonymous

      Oh so with all those commercials, they're putting themselves on a specific category? I'm not white by any means but do remember who is the minority here. If you have the need to have black only (BET) network, you my friend are putting yourself in a category not the white man!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, just turn on any commercial...white-turn on 90% of the tv shows...white, look at the major movies...white. White folk don't need a 'WET' channel, you already have all of the other programming.

    • Anonymous

      Black people are not racist? hahahaha Isn't there BET (Black Entertainment Television)? I haven't see WET (White Entertainment Television)... But white people are the ones putting other people in categories right?! And no one is being tough my lil african american friend! Just giving my opinion, because that is ONE great thing these United States Of America has given me, Freedom of speech!

    • dtrain7

      Wow your comments are way off base, OJ trial has nothing to do with this one...Nicole was murdered on a drug beef, this case was cut n dry....1)He was not a cop, 2) Went against 911 orders,3) got beat up by a 17yr old kid, 4) shot em dead after he got his ass beat....Blacks aren't more racist whites are because they started racism...Whites are the ones who put everyone into a category, enslaved people, denied education, etc... If the roles of whites and blacks were reversed in America you cats would really be tripping...See many white cats can hide on the net and act tough, but the fact is everything we create you guys steal and try to claim as your own... The white man in America has tried to keep the black man down since day one, but we are still here !!!! We have our own issues to fix with black on black crime with gangs, poverty and genocide.....Look up the Eugenics movement with Margaret Sanger, she created abortion and was a follower of Hitler !!!

  • gamestwin


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely just Love the grammar they all use. LMAO.

  • Anonymous

    I have a gun and i'm standing my ground as of today! I'm the new Community security in my neighborhood! -Justice will be served.

  • RealTalk1000

    Get your brain out of thinking of George Zimmerman's right to defend himself. Certainly Zimmerman has a right to self defense, as this is a right EVERYONE is born with. Everyone including Trayvon Martin. Everyone seems to be ignoring Trayvon Martin's right to self defense, and his right to stand his ground against a man which the evidence indicates was chasing him down with a gun.

  • RealTalk1000

    The NAACP and others are mistakenly highlighting the dangers of Stand Your Ground laws, as if this is a law that black people need to fear and be protected from. What they really should be asking is: Why it seems as if black people in Florida do not enjoy equal protection of Stand Your Ground laws and Self Defense laws? Why is the Law not equally protecting black people's right to self-defense and giving them liberty as individuals to defend themselves from attacks? If Trayvon Martin was being chased as the evidence suggests, Stand Your Ground law states: "A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony."

  • fdg

    Im sorry but there is NOTHING to prove that this wasnt self defense. He never ran up on him and popped him. Trayvon did not want this outcome but he did injure a person (Zimmerman would not break his own nose if he wanted to kill this guy) and the person, like any other human being, protected himself. Would be the same thing if it was the other way around. Dont turn this into a race war; Analize the situation how it actually happened...

  • White Guy

    I am white and dont agree with the verdict. I dont understand the people putting color on everything. Not all white people are racist. Some of the comments on here are ignorant as fuck. Why say "Fuck White People"? We aint all bad bro

  • balaramesh


  • balaramesh

    the fact of the matter is, this guy followed this kid and got "tossed up". from there, he was able to legally kill this kid. of course a jury of 5/6 white women will ALWAYS side with the white boy. it could have been caught on camera and been the same deal.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love peoples maturity. The jury made a verdict. Get the fuck over it. Anyone actually take a second to think..maybe he was innocent? From now on even if your only half white you must allow a black person to kill you, because even if you kill an african american in self defense, your a racist. Its the only explanation.

    • Anonymous

      He ADMITTED to killing him. Why didn't he at least get manslaughter? People go to jail for accidental killing someone in a car crash. So even though he was 'doing it for his safety' he still killed someone. P.S No-one will say you a racist for people anyone who is not your race in self-defence. However Zimmerman FOLLOWED even though he was asked not to by the police. The kid obviously felt intimidated then asked/attacked (unharmed). Then the guy killed him.

    • White Guy who is not a Racist

      He makin white people look bad. Ignorant bitch. Fuck it. I am Hip Hop is why I'm on this site tho

    • Anonymous

      why are u whites crowded on hip hop sites making ur stupid comments, go on huffington post or yahoo where your kind are. DAMN.

  • dexter

    I just started a petition National TVM Day, 8.17.2013 We the People. Will you sign it?

  • That Dude in His Basement

    What I learn most about white people from reading these mostly white comments, is that they have a massive superiority complex. They're very self righteous and think they're somehow "above" the things a lot of 'black people' choose to rap about. "How dare they talk about the struggles they had to deal with at the hands of white people, how dare they rap from the perspective a person from a white created ghetto, how dare they rap about having a better life after being deprived of anything and everything their whole lives. They should act like hipsters or pick up a dictionary and use big words to impress us. We control this shit and we should dictate what they do, even though they invented and we're just guests" lol That's what you guys sound like to me. White people have forgotten that they're just guests in our house. They have gotten WAAYYYY to bold and comfortable with this shit, look at these comments. They're no longer just buying rappers music for what it is, or accepting it... They actually think they can control it. They feel entitled to our music, as if it's the natural order of the world for them to take what we have. It's kind of unbelievable to me.

  • Anonymous

    Quote-Man cosigns Rush Limbaugh and his OxyContin rants, you know he was going to defend Zimmerman. At least now you should see he ain't bougie, his anonymous mask is off.



  • Rick Ross

    Were prepared to sign George to MMG as we speak. With the beats we provide him, he will easily go 3x platinum.



  • dentaldamboy is a faggot

    ZIMMERMAN FOR PRESIDENT 2016! The campaign starts now!!!

  • Drake runs rap

    who gives a flying fuck this isnt a news site drake runs rap put drake news or gtfo dumb hhdx writers

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  • am alive

    Nicki's tweet really hit me though: WE PAID FOR THIS SHIT! Smh...

    • Anonymous

      Cam, why are you surprised? It's Nicki who tweeted! Dumb black bitch! Anyway, Cam you are right! It's not a federal case

    • cam

      Nicki Minaj is an idiot. This wasn't a federal case, which means if you or her don't live & pay taxes in the state of Florida, you didn't pay for shit. SMH@YOU

  • Anonymous

    accidental muder

  • Yoru

    Fuck amerikkka!!!!!!! They dot care about black people! Once again they show us how it is! No justice! No peace!!!!!!!! Remember how se arrived in this country!!!! Never Forget!!!! The same peolple, but different Times plus different methods!!!!! Fuck white people!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      If you never forget, how will race in society ever progress?

    • Anonymous

      ^ thats true. cept it was done by other tribes you dumb fuck. please get back in school.

    • Anonymous

      "Its a white world, get over it" ^ Asia and Africa say you should travel outside on the US "in most cases that your own African kings are the ones that SOLD their people to America" ^ lol at most cases convenient for you to imply that while kidnappings, rape and pillaging were going on

    • Anonymous

      "remember how we arrived in this country" I hope youknow that in most cases that your own African kings are the ones that SOLD their people to America in the first place. and saying fuck white people as a whole makes you no better then any Klansman in the US. You sound extremely ignorant, your educated black peers are shaking their head at you.

    • Anonymous

      Its a white world, get over it

  • Anonymous

    Right? So much crazier fucked up shit going on and they chose to talk about this for probably the next two years so they can make a song about him or mention him in a shitty bar when meanwhile all those rappers rights could easily be violated by the NSA on any given day but that shit ain't cool to the dumb audience

  • white guy

    TM got no justice last night. damn shame, damn damn shame RIP

  • Andres

    George Zimmerman Nationality, Father: White & Mother: Hispanic From A Country Name Peru. Man, Im American With A Mexican Heritage & It Truly Hurts Me .. There's So Much Corruption & No Justice When Treyvon Was Unarmed.

  • Anonymous

    "If Zimmerman never followed Trayvon" But he did. No sense in playing these little what if games.

  • Anonymous

    "Hey, idiot. Trayvon was unarmed and was no threat to Zimmerman. Zimmerman's the idiot for shooting and killing him" Physically beating somebody down is assault, so I'd say he posed a very big threat to Zimmerman. I wasn't there, so I don't know what was going through Zimmerman's mind right before he fired, but all it takes is seconds to react. He's human.

    • Anonymous

      Doesnt matter zimmerman was white(not really but close enough) and he killed a black person..the only logical explanation is zimmerman hated black people, and killed them regularly.

    • Anonymous

      This ignorant person didn't even watch the case. There was no evidence that Zimmerman attacked first lololol...not even CLOSE. Plenty of evidence that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, thus making it self-defense idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Trayvon was defending himself from Zimmerman, who attacked first.

  • Stop blaming others

    All black people ever do is complain about their social status and how everything is against them when in reality they have just as much of a chance as every other race beside whites to succeed. I said besides whites because white people do have a statistical advantage over other races in jobs but thats changing now. Black people hold themselves down you don't see other races complaining or becoming the stereotype set on them. The other races continue to educate their selves and move out of the streets and stop living that life but blacks still remain the same don't blame others blame your selves.

    • cam

      I've always wondered, if Africa is the birth place of civilization, how did white people get a "head start"? I don't remember any white Pharaohs in Egypt. Y'all act like history started 400 years ago with the African slave trade. Like wealth never existed prior to America. Like slavery & discrimination against others never existed until white people came along. Sorry fam, you can't rewrite history like that just because the rest of it doesn't fit your narrative. This shit is human nature and it afflicts people of all racial makeups.

    • Anonymous

      What advantage do you have if your own skin can't bear the rays of the sun? lol

    • Anonymous

      The black situation is nothing like other ethnic groups, other races or immigrants. They have there own rich culture and heritage to give to the world. When blacks were making progress you had white terrorism, black codes,integration, false leadership meant to deceive, that set us back into a new form of slavery while the only thing left to do is march pray and sing we shall overcome over many years to the present day

    • Srop Blaming Others

      @uptown thats why i said white people do have an advantage how ever compare your race to other foreign races and you can not tell me that your race is progressing as a whole as fast as other races such as asians and indians. They had the same oppurtunity and similar challenges to face as blacks did but they have grew and become educated and don't portray the stereotype put on them as blacks have.

    • uptownfirst

      White people had a 350 year head start over black people in building their wealth which was earned on the free labor and exploitation of black people, civil rights and voting rights acts were passed 1964 1965 which basically make us free for slavery and jim crow for less than 50 years at present get real with your fucking facts before your talk that bullshit!!

    • thank you

      Blacks are keeping racism alive like someone below said. Fuck them and their race is every problem bullshit. Zimmerman gettin off shall teach em ONCE AGAIN

  • Anonymous

    "Trayvon was defending himself from Zimmerman" The jury didn't think so.

  • Anonymous

    "Trayvon felt his life was in danger and defended himself from Zimmerman, who was the real aggressor" His life was in danger because someone walked up to him? The aggressor was Trayvon, who proceeded to assault Zimmerman because he could. It's too bad it ended the way it did, but ask yourself in this same situation what you would do. If you were legally carrying a firearm and someone was beating you down, would you use it, or just sit there and let them pound your brains into the ground. It's a cold world, and Trayvon unfortunately learned that.

  • Anony

    George Zimmerman best watch his back cuz Ja Rule's gonna get him with the shiv.

  • Fuck Florida

    Florida is a shitty state. This is the same state that fucked up an election and allowed Casey Anthony to get away with murdering her own child.

  • RealNiggaShit

    Treyvon Martin. Celebrities are such activists for the last 24hrs. Now that we have so many upset people about the case can we use that God-Like influence you have to do something about it? I see Lil wayne posting he prays for your children when he raps about murdering black people all the fucking time. These kids buy that shit. Rihanna posting about the system when all she offers ever is pour it up pour it up. Miley fucking cyrus and her twerking ass need to shut the fuck up too. Don't be trendy. Make a change forreal. Next week is gonna be another song about pulling triggers and poppin pussy y'all could change this generations mind if you would just offer them something more this is your opportunity. Bet y'all don't do shit but tweet about it. The real injustice is how much you could actually effect lives but choose not to.

  • Anonymous

    Look at all of the white people defending murderer George Zimmerman like he didn't do anything wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Stay watching Fox News.

    • SayWhat?

      Look at all the blind sheep who follow blindly to the majority. Do your research and come up with your own conclusion, fam. This isn't about black or white. What would you have to say to someone who was black and defended George Zimmerman? Oh wait, black people aren't supposed to defend him because he "killed a black person".

  • keepitfunky

    1. If Zimmerman was black and got aquitted, nobody would give a fuck. Matter of fact, it wouldn't even have been blown up by the media. Black on Black crime is nothing new. 2. Trayvon Martin was the aggressor. If Zimmerman didn't have a gun that night, he very well could have died. 3. All you fools love to point the finger at the lighter skinned race, and make them out to be the bad guy. If Trayvon Martin was hispanic, and George Zimmerman was black, all you idiots would be wearing George Zimmerman shirts.

    • ^^^

      You're an idiot. Following someone IS a crime. Zimmerman attacked first, so it was self defense.

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous, Following someone is not an attack nor a crime, therefore attacking someone who is following you is not self-defense.

    • Anonymous

      Zimmerman should've never followed Trayvon. Trayvon felt his life was in danger and defended himself from Zimmerman, who was the real aggressor.

  • Anonymous

    If the situation was reversed and Trayvon killed Zimmerman and claimed self defense, would the outcome be the same? Let's ask Taryvon about this whole thing. Oh, wait. He can't say anything because he's dead, thanks to Zimmerman's dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      truth doesn't always come in the form of great speakers, as for the facts? I very think you already what the community thinks

    • Anonymous

      If Trayvon were alive he would have embarassed himself just as much as his friend did when she testified (if you call that testimony). It would have been mud slinging, name calling, and racial insinuations instead of actual facts being examined.

    • Anonymous

      Well its obvious OJ the Juice Simpson could never even the score!

    • ^^^

      That's what you think, redneck.

    • So true

      so true. if zimmerman was white (or both) who would care? nobody. blacks keep racism alive more anything

    • ^^^

      Nobody gives a fuck about your bullshit, Uncle Tom.

    • Anonymous

      stfu you dumb faggot. Were these same people protesting when OJ Simpson got away with murder? The man was found rightly not guilty, seems these people only regard justice when the black guy is found not guilty or when the hispanic or white guy is found guilty. So who are the real racists in all of this?

  • Anonymous

    Martin shouldn't have started to beat Zimmerman. Funny how everyone ignores this simple fact. Yeah, Zimmerman shouldn't have followed....but if you're being assaulted, firing a single shot is perfectly fine, mo.

  • what the hell

    Why didn't these rappers say anything, when Edward Snowden came up with these facts about the cyber crimes of the government, and now whine in twitter like damned b*tches... F*cking bullsh*t...

  • SMFH

    So a Florida woman shot warning shots near her abusive ex, hitting a wall, didn't hurt or kill anyone, has to go to jail for 20 years for "attempted murder" and was denied "Stand Your Ground," yet Zimmerman shoots and kills a teenager, pleads "Stand Your Ground," found not guilty, and goes home free. Something's wrong with that. No justice in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Thats because you've been raping black children and lynching plus burning black families alive for over 400 years and have been getting away with it.

    • Anonymous

      Plenty of people were outraged when OJ was found not guilty, I don't know what you're talking about.

    • Joey

      Were these same people protesting when OJ Simpson got away with murder? The man was found rightly not guilty, seems these people only regard justice when the black guy is found not guilty or when the hispanic or white guy is found guilty. So who are the real racists in all of this? Hang on where was these stars when Shawn Tyson gunned down two innocent British tourists didn't see them tweeting their disgust that day....

  • Zimmerman Is Lord

    Lynch all racist N.I.G.G.E.R.S

    • Anonymous

      Yeah and tonight as you are listening to your favorite rapper and fantasizing about a black dick in your mouth.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, I can confirm that Birdman is working on a deal to bring in George Zimmerman as our lead headquarter security advisor.

  • Anonymous

    Lol at all these bird brain rappers displaying the same one sided, racist perspectives they're putting on blast. To blindly take sides with somebody simply because of the color of his skin is unforgivable. Zimmerman got his trial fair and square, and walked out free. It's over. Start teaching your kids how to act so the next time they get confronted by somebody (of any color) they can make the right decision instead of the gangsta decision.

    • Anonymous

      its not the skin, but the relation of injustice they know they have experienced being a person of color. Anyone who is black has experienced this profiling of them based on their race at some point(often numerous times) in their lives. They may have gotten rich , but some cop or someone that doesnt know who they are will treat them like a criminal profiling them if they didnt recognize them...AND THAT is fucked up.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, idiot. Trayvon was unarmed and was no threat to Zimmerman. Zimmerman's the idiot for shooting and killing him.

  • Anonymous

    what about the two 16 year old black kids who shot that white baby in the face. that baby was one year old where's the justice??

  • Anonymous

    Funny part is if you go back into HHDX archives, these whiteboys were saying Zimmerman wasn't white, but today they side with him. You young brothers and sisters better start paying attention and stop thinking everything is sweet.

    • Andres

      George Is White And Hispanic From Peru

    • F your judicial couch, ninja

      you stupid fucks talking about someone siding with or against because someone was or wasnt white are f#cking stupid! people sided with trayvon because they can all relate to how fucked up the legal system is and how people of color are always presumed to be at fault when something happens to them. as if trayvon sat around looking to fight somebody...gtfoh with that bull. what would u think if someone was following your ass around at night unannounced? you wouldnt think someone may be after you or could possibly be a nut case trying to kill you? and as usual some white people and others who believe in black stereotypes go looking for anything they can find in the person's life to justify their death. as if the shit trayvon did in his personal life has anything to do with him being murdered. u mean to tell me black people are the only folks who have engaged in delinquent behavior like smoking weed or stealing at that age? man, please! All this boils down to is that there is an us vs them mentality in this country and when something happens concerning black men they are RARELY seen as individuals. they are seen as "them" and non blacks want "them" to pay for their fears of blacks, they want them to pay for what some sh!t some other black guy done or took for them as if they are one collective unit and not individual people. George wanted Trayvon to pay for what other individuals did to that neighborhood. He was a black male or one of "them" and that is why he went after him, because "they"(the assholes) always get away, so he made sure trayvon didnt....but again what makes trayvon part of "they/them"? NOTHING but the color of his skin... and before some white person comes with this reverse "yall do it too" sh!t that yall try to pull ALL THE TIME these days, rarely do blacks see you as a collective and not seperate individuals. the only time we see you as a collective is when we are expressing frustration with this double standard justice system and other matters when we are told to believe in a free country that allows you privileges that others do not share. dont lie and tell me its not true when all of you know to be sure to tell the police someone is black when you want them to get right on what does that say about society? stop running the bull like you dont know, man. The shit aint happening to you so you play stupid like it doesnt exist, but you know it does. I wonder what bothers white people so much about blacks. Yes I know george is latino and white...STILL i wonder what bothers white folks so much about blacks existing in this country with you. Its not like we got the best of sh!t for you to be jealous...we take are lil bullsh!t we're given and try to make the best of it, but for some reason when we want to be treated bothers you. If we become successful its always some way we didnt earn it or just got it If we were getting it like that the majority of us wouldnt be struggling. We all cant be uneducated and lazy so stop with these scapegoat statements you use. What race does not have these generalized attributes? there are no stupid or lazy whites, arabs, latinos, or asians? c'mon man. this country is never going to be sh!t untill we acknowledge each other equally. how the hell are we gonna live peacefully in a multi racial society with races grouping together with their own and talking sh!t about the others that arent the same as them? This is why people hate the U.S. because that same mentality that we are perfect and everyone else is beneath us has been shown towards others in the world and comes off arrogantly causing them to hate us. Im not saying black people dont do stupid sh!t too, or that they are exempt from punishment for things they do...but come on man our system is bullsh!t and there is imaginary scorecard competitions going on between blacks and whites that will never end untill race and discrimination issues are talked about, explored, and solved. personally i think most of it could be solved if people would stop think one person's culture is better than anothers. we all live in this country with different cultures so ALL should be learned about so that there is understanding of each others social perspectives. lot of shit i want to say but f#ck much can u absorb in a day...peace.

    • Anonymous

      You're clearly desperate to hate on white people. Grow the fuck up. And if anything, tonnes of black people were siding with Trayvon simply because they ignorantly thought Zimmerman was white. Essentially, it goes both ways, idiot.

    • mack

      Truth. These wiggers have a deep seeded hate against blacks, no matter how much they admire us. We are like gypsies. They are in awe of our colorful gear, our "magic", our dances, but see us as beggars...Funny how Obama is white because his mother was white but Zimmerman is hispanic because he says he is. This is the double standard that we live with everyday and wiggers are usually the first to scream reverse racism to suppress us and scream out some "lets get along" rhetoric but are the first to benefit from white privilege

    • Anonymous

      he's not white. he's Hispanic kinda like Obama bein the mixed candidate but now he's our lord and savior black president quit being a creepy ass nigga

  • itslantz

    so say yer Zimmerman n dude is 16 year old fucking yer shit up ...u had a gun n yer scared for yer life ...people laugh but I ment many 12 13 14 year olds who sell crack on the corner n have a gun on there waiste line... yer dame right yer gonna use yer gun in self defence.... zimmermans neighbors r black who testify him as a good man. in florida theres a self defence law that u can defend your self weather the out come is death...if this was in ny maybe diff outcome aslong as trayvon attacked Zimmerman sadly Zimmerman didn't break the law. maybe trayvon didn't attack him who knows.... 14 year old was shot by another 14 year old for a pear of sneakers in my hood there both black so who cares but if white on black would it be a story ...... black young kids die every other day that same day 3 other kids died of guns so.....

  • theory henri

    being racist won't help the world we live in.... it's a tragedy that he was found not guilty..someone was killed someone died someone lost someone they loved and all people can do is be cold and show no sympathy... so when something bad happens to them and no one will show compassion they will feel about we change and start being less hatefull

  • Staff Sgt Barnes

    Any of you grease dicks start rioting, and I will court marshal your sorry n.i.g.g.e.r asses, I shit you not.

  • Zimmerman Is Lord

    Fucking jiggaboos. All whining about the verdict on twitter. Losers

  • Teh LuLZ

    Sharpton and jackson trying to start a riot,smh. Niggas ain't built like its 1992 anymore. They all rioting on twitter. Soft ass niggas

  • nonya




  • dentaldamboy is a faggot

    All these rappers need to shut the fuck up. If zimmerman was black and got acquited they wouldn't give a shit. If martin was hispanic or white they wouldn't give a shit.

  • 10thAve

    I never realized that there were so many white people on this site but I do now!

  • Anonymous

    dis be ignant, y cum we get kalld nigga all dey time they fousa had respek fo us rappas and bruthas keep shucking and jiving motherfuckers your playing right into the illuminati's plan race wars funded by the Obama administration

  • Anonymous

    The prosecution was terrible and didn't prove their case of Murder 2 OR Manslaughter. It's not about what's about the law, the evidence, and what what PROVEN. It was not proven that it WASN'T self defense. Why have a license to carry if you can never use it to defend yourself against anyone. And I guarantee none of these celebrities or most black people in general watched the case at all, yet they're SO outraged lol! And they wonder why they get called 'ignorant'. That's the dictionary definition of the word lol...

  • JJ

    Wiggers are funny when they get the upper hand all good god the glory.

  • jd

    a simple dog fight??? you are a n*gger

  • MAck

    As Nas would say, hatred is confused admiration. You have to wonder what these white boys are doing on a website about black culture, with mostly black personalities spewing hate about black people. This is not a blanket rage. They know everything about these rappers, their names, their discography, and yet they still hate them. Why so much time and energy spent on something you hate. I don't go to country websites to wish Travis Tritt any ill will. I'm just not interested. Then you have the wiggers trying their best to suppress justified emotion with shouts of "reverse racism" and coming down on rappers for having an opinion that is not all inclusive. Keep showing your true colors. It's entertaining to those who already know, and enlightening to those who don't

  • jd

    a simple dog fight? no wonder why people are still racist because of ignorant comments like that these thugs get no respect who the fuck thinks its ok to fight innocent dogs then try n say its a black tradition? well so was hanging blacks in front yards but people had to stop doing that right? just because you like to kill each other mean its ok to kill dogs who are more well behaved then them and a majority of the black for the case when is it wrong to defend yourself.and dont give me the "he was just a kid 16yrs old" because we all know these lil 12,13yrs old wanna act like the thugs in the streets and in the music they hear and go off and fuck the streets up im more scared of black kids then black adults lil bastards have no hearts.

  • Anonymous

    these are the same rappers who celebrate gun violence and black on black crime , and are know fake "revolting" , fuck all these flakes , zimmerman shouldn't have killed trayvon but it was self-defense , both parties fucked up , we should move the fuck on , it's sad but ain't much you can do about it

  • Zeal

    These ignorant rappers have no understanding of the law.. Why did I even bother reading their opinions.

    • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

      @Anon Fair to say.

    • Anonymous

      Well said Mack, these fruits listen to rap because it is another way to live their fantasy of sucking a black dick.

    • Mack

      Keep going white boy. Your law is flawed. Deal with it. You white boys have a perverted admiration for these rappers that make you consider yourselves hip-hop heads but maintain your thinly veiled superiority complex and racist attitudes toward them. These rappers expressed emotion, they did not enter a debate or offer legal advice. Where do you get their misunderstanding of the law from. From Raekwon saying wow? off yourself

  • Not shocked

    If you followed the trial at all the not guilty verdict was coming a mile away the prosecution case was amateur at best. They over charged Zimmerman they were never gonna get second degree murder charge based on Florida law and the manslaughter carried pretty much the same sentence so that didn't work. Might get a civil suit settlement but Zimmerman broke anyway so they aint gon see the money

  • Proud British white man

    On behalf of proud white men everywhere I'd like to thank you George Zimmerman, thats one less filthy mouth stealing welfare. Someone get this chap a beer LOL

  • What? What if Trayvon Had Been White, and the Shooter Black?

    • Anonymous

      If the story is just about the tragedy and loss of a child then let us discuss Antonio Santiago from Georgia. Now that WAS a baby who was shot in the face by a kid named Elkins who was the same age as Trayvon.

  • lol

    I dont agree with the verdict but I loooove how all these rappers glorify and rap about violence and says niggas every two seconds are bitching and making it a definite race thing... If trayvon was white no one would give a fuck sadly. But since hes black its an international thing give me a fucking break. It should be about an innocent 17 year old not about the color of his fucking skin cells

    • Truth

      truth right here these rappers are all a bunch of phonies a product of the media. They dont even know the facts just a bunch of idiots thinking they know something.

  • j

    are people really surprised? anyone with common sense of the law would had known there was no way you could convict him of first or second degree murder. the absolute least he would've gotten is manslaughter and I've been calling that from the begging. but maybe thats because i have experience in the justice system and don't just look at whats black or white or "right" or "wrong".

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Zimmerman attacked Trayvon first and Trayvon acted in self-defense.

    • Wolfman

      Well said. I knew that too, cause someone I knew had to kill someone in his home because he threatened his family. The guy he killed didn't even have to throw a punch, and he got manslaughter for it. In this case, there's evidence Trayvon was actually fighting him, so I'm not surprised at all.

  • Anonymous



    This ni**er got what he deserved. In Germany this is 100% legal if the aggressor is coloured. Long live Zimmerman

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • fuck trayvon

    LMAO this dumb bitch is on twitter talkin bout ill always love my baby tray bitch get ur ass off of social media wtf u doin tweetin that shit

  • Mortis

    I TOLD YOU! NOT GUILTY!!!! Angry rappers -- go back to your studio and give me 1988-1996. Doubt it will happen since you are all bought and paid for by the media that stole hip hop from you around 96.

  • Anonymous

    Lock a man away for dogfighting (which is wrong) for two years . But u can kill a. Child tho.

    • Anonymous

      Tortuting and killing dogs is serious, and Vick should have gotten 10 years. You forget there are people in society, myself included, who think of dogs as humans. You do that crazy stuff to animals, repeatedly, you don't deserve to ever come back and resume your life.

  • RacistWebsite

    If he was white, asian or hispanic - would Hip Hop Dx have posted this? I doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    I am outraged.... I can't believe are judicial system looked at all the evidence and what happened and made the correct verdict. what a shame..smh these dumb rappers didn't even watch one second of the trial but yet their racist ass want Zimmerman locked up because he killed a black kid. If he would have killed a white kid they wouldn't give a fuck.

  • a white guy

    zimmerman is free and theres nothing you n****rs can do but bitch about it online. dumb inbred porch monkeys have fun rioting!

  • x

    A lot of black people are missing the point. Like Nicki Minaj described Travyon as an "innocent boy"...NO. In the eyes of white america if you dress up and play thug then you get what you deserve, their "justice" will not protect you...thats what this case is about

  • j dirty

    Fuckin Rappers...Glorify Violence,Then turn around and BLAME THE "white" guy.Stop killing and robbing eachother on the regular.Stop shitting in ur own neighborhoods,Makin it hard for lil kids to walk outside.Stop rapping about how u pack glocks and kill ur own folks.White people are scared of yall,Cuz somtimes yall can be some scary mufuckers.No Lie.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is justice? People get it through your minds. this is a racist justice system. made to protect the white and keep blacks and browns locked up in prisons. Not anything we do or say or what jesse jackson or al sharpton say..Wont matter. this is the way this fucked up country is. NOt anything that other activist have done changed anything. and dont think by voting your gonna change shit...politicians are politicians. they will say whatever u wanna hear to get them in office, but as soon as their in they forget all about the minorities. Yes even your beloved Pres is a Politician. stop believing their BS. maybe i should stop since the Gov is monotouring all our shit now

    • Anonymous

      Their locked up in prisons because they rape, steal and kill.

    • Anonymous


    • DDog

      You probably never even watched the trial. As much as people may have disliked the end result, it was because the prosecution provided no real evidence and still tried for 2nd degree when they should have began the sentence as manslaughter, where they would have had a chance. Instead the prosecution back-peddled and fucked it up for themselves.

  • What?

    This was the OJ murder trial all over again but spun in the other direction. Zimmerman's great grandfather was Afro-Peruvian so he had black roots. Roderick Scott who is black shot and killed an unarmed white kid in 2009 in NY and was acquitted of all charges by a white jury.

  • CrazyNegro

    So now it is officially legal for me to start a fight, wait for the other person to fight back, then shoot them and claim self-defense...good to know.

    • Anonymous

      If you went crazy on a cop he'd do the same thing. What's the difference?

    • ^^^

      You're an idiot. If Zimmerman never followed Trayvon, this shit would never happened. Trayvon was defending himself.

    • rideonemjixxer

      im sick of people saying,'you start a fight, when losing, its ok to pull a gun.' You people spin this shit worse than the media. fight or no fight; if someone is bashing your head into the ground and you fear for your life, then some might be inclined to draw their weapon. He fired one shot! he didnt go 'pop pop pop' like some of you thugs woulda done.... People see things so black and white so its no wonder that damn near every black man has defended trey on the simple fact that he was black. How ignorant is that! If treyvon had been white then not one of these rappers would have cared, so it makes it obvious its only because hes black that they rallied to his defensive. Which further shows the level of ignorance and racism.

    • x

      not if youre black...u payin attention or what?

  • Kizman

    Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics could give a fuck about the social, economic or political status of Blacks around the world...So why the fuck are ya'll worried about who can say "nigga" and who can't??? Muthafuckas that try to pretend or pacify the word nigga to mean jus somebody who's ignorant, regardless of race is following along with a RACIST agenda...Making you believe that calling somebody who's black a nigga isn't racist...That way they you can't bring them to justice...White people have the burden of proving that they are overall better than anyone else, so they are constantly thinking of ways to separate themselves from the prejudice mindsets of their grandparents, who were very honest and open about how they felt towards people of color. Today they cloak their bigotry with humor, cuteness and whit...A cowardly stance but much more effective because now they can execute racism and you'll buy into it because it's not overtly demeaning. If a white person calls you a nigga or thinks that shit is cool or tries to justify doing it because black people call themselves that yourself a favor and get the fuck away from them ASAP...they are not your friend!!!

  • Anonymous

    all you dumb ass motherfuckers saying he racist and shit. do some research. from 1979-2010....270,000 blacks were murdered....250,000 of those were done by OTHER BLACKS. IDIOTS.

  • George Zimmerman

    Justice was Served

  • Anonymous

    kill this fat zimmer prick...

  • Uncle Sam

    Only in America.

  • simple

    kid walking with hood a guy in a car is following himt he kid text his girl says he is being followed zim calls the cops makes up a story to go attack the kid the end

  • Cealix

    I don't know about y'all, but when I turned 13, I wasn't considered a kid anymore... In fact, I had my first serious job when I was 13. Anybody that has done corn detasseling knows what I'm talking about. And at age 17 I actually had a real job and I wasn't labeled as a child.

    • Fish

      So would you also think it's okay for a man in his 30s or 40s to have sex with a 13 year old girl? Because she isn't a child under your logic, she's an adult, yeah?? Basically, shut the fuck up you inbred cock sucker.

  • rick

    everybody just stop your bitchin' and get your gun and carry permit. bitch azz hoes....get a dam gun!!!!


    ...And muthafuckas still hollerin that America ain't racist as ya fuckin eyes...this shit happens EVERYDAY!!! Step yo punk ass to the side if you scared...

    • cam

      America is racist as fuck. You're right. Look at who's in the Oval Office, then look at the bullshit you're posting, and then look in the mirror.

  • Anonymous

    Is street justice going to be served out to Zimmerman?

  • Anonymous

    If you black people start rioting. Don't kill your own people like the 50 or so deaths during the 92' LA riots. This is not the perfect time to kill your mother in-law.

  • calm down

    As article pointed out, the prosecution didnt do their homework. You guys forget that the court is held not to convict, but to examine the evidence, which must be beyond the reasonable doubt in the case of a murder. Which means, that if prosecution fails, the person walks free. You came in here with your minds made up already, because a. we all want to see the authority challenged b. some of you are racists The court does not establish whether the prosecuted DID kill or DID NOT. It establishes whether there is enough EVIDENCE and the CASE that is made against him. Article points out the prosecution fucked up. Don't skip school

  • Slave

    So I guess people don't realize yet that in 2013 we're all slaves. It's not a black and white thing anymore, it's a rich and poor thing. Stop being so blind and letting this stuff distract you. White people aren't the enemie, it's those in power that want to hold everyone else shown... Black, white, brown, purple... Doesn't matter. Don't find another dumb reason to divide yourselves.


    Justice has been served


    Ok, its official. The war is on now.

  • ...?

    BUT HE ACTUALLY KILLED A UNARMED KID!!!!! Fuck the people that think it's still right to possess firearms, y'all just making greedy dirty government workers more money. SMDH... Americans.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who thinks justice served in this case?

    • Anonymous

      There's no justice. A guy got away with murder, where's the justice in that?

    • rideonemjixxer

      Fuck you too. What does zimmerman being let free have to do with race? Ignorant ass. Some people are too dumb to realize that he wasnt being tried on the basis of whether he killed or didnt kill. it was whether they had enough evidence to prove that he didnt act in self defense. Half these people commenting have no clue what this was about, but their favorite rapper has made up their minds so the sheep follow. Justice was served based on the case. idiots.

    • FUCK YOU

      Racist piece of shit

  • really?

    Am I the only person not surprised by this outcome? Lets take a step back and look at this guys name: ZIMMERMAN , yes people this kyke mothafucka is free because his daddy is a JEW and the whole justice system and the goverment is infiltrated by these money grabbing racist scumbags.

    • Seitan

      Look at these 2 fagboys above me hiding behind their Anonymous names as if they are hiding from being traced and having crosses burned on their lawn lol

    • Anonymous

      "He's half Puerto Rican morons" Really? I would have never guessed, Lol.Nobody said he wasnt half puerto rican you stupid faggot. The first poster even said his "DADDY" is jewish. Try taking a bit more time to read things fully and understand them before you get your panties in a twist, bitch.

    • Anonymous

      He's half Puerto Rican morons above me and he much browner than white. Look at the picture fucker.

    • really?

      "Zimmermann is not a jewish name" Dumbshit, yes it is. " it's a German last name" Last time I checked there were plenty of german jews. LOL do a bit more research next time

    • Anonymous

      Idiot. yes it is a jewish-german surname just like Goldman, Hoffman etc. lol

    • RIP Big-L

      Zimmermann is not a jewish name, it's a German last name, meaning carpenter.

  • IROC

    Very sad day in this country the loss of a child while this grown azz monster smile and walk away to live his life, justice in amerikk i rest my case ,Rip lil Travon

  • Anonymous

    Zimmerman should killed himself for the fact alone that he had to pull a pistol on that kid and couldn't handle him with just his fists. Top flight wannabe muthafucka. Niggas gonna catch up with him real quick though lol

    • Wishfull thinking??

      " Niggas gonna catch up with him real quick though lol" Nah dude we all know that nothing is gonna happen to this guy, give it a few years and nobody gonna even remember the boy except the family.

    • Anonymous

      As much as I hate Zimmerman, the sad reality is niggas will be too busy killing each other to care about him. But maybe him getting off is a good thing, because from here on out, he'll be living in hell. His day will come.

    • Ja Rule Army

      Ok so he shoulda let the kid (6 ft +) continue to bash his head in the pavement. What would u suggest? Dude can't fight n was getting his ass wooped. Both were in the wrong. Trayvon could have: 1. go home tell his pops he was being followed n call the cops or 2. fine confront the guy but not escalate it to the level it went. It escalated and what do you have? BUT THEN AGAIN WHY ARE PPL SUPRISED MOFOS DONT LIKE TO SHOOT FAIR ONES ANYMORE? NO MORE 1 ON 1s. Bring a gun to the fist fight. But since it was a "white" (half Hispanic) dude that did it right lets riot. What about the black on black in Chicago n NYC recently but nope lets just continue to divide and fight against each other as a ppl meanwhile all this distraction is blinding everyone from whats really happening. SMOKE & MIRRORS

  • scallywag

    Perhaps one can rightly argue that the moment George Zimmerman gave pursuit to Trayvon Martin despite 911 pleas not to he became the aggressor but nevertheless what couldn't be proved was Zimmerman legitimately fearing for his life when an ensuing struggle eventually took place? Perhaps Trayvon Martin was legitimately reacting to what he perceived as a threat and sought to save his own life when he reacted to Zimmerman? Would the verdict have been different had it been a white boy killed instead? Who can be sure but the African American community perhaps senses blood on their watch and simply sought to expose the prejudice that they are forced to deal with in day to day life. Then perhaps it could all boil down to Zimmerman getting way over his head and in the end resorting to lethal force when he suddenly realized he picked the wrong action fight to contend with....?

  • Anonymous

    Why cant we kill black kids and not be called racist? If trayvon was white or hispanic, doing the same thing that day, fighting n shit, he still wouldve been shot. And none of these rappers would be saying shit. Not saying this man is innocent, just saying stop pulling race card in every situation. It is messed up tho that this guy walks and does no time at all, when people are getting locked up every where for little to no reason by a system that makes money off prisoners.

    • okthen

      Poster 2 sounds very educated and speaks the truth. Fuck the white devil posters on here. Quit using us for entertainment and music and go to a country music website you bloodthirsty demon. If it was a black man killed a white girl, you would not say why is not ok for us to kill white kids. Fuck whites they are the devil

    • Kill Whitey

      How do you know 2nd poster is black? White man always commits crimes against other races and in the end if we dwell on it says "you're the real racist". I hate you all, it's time we purge the world of you....

    • Soul patch

      Co-sign 100%. All poster No.2 did was live up to the uneducated angy black man stereotype.

    • ^^^^^^IDIOT^^^^^*

      @second poster. Don't know how many times you said idiot lol but it describes you perfectly my friend. All you did was prove the first poster was right by focusing on race and not the crime itself, seems like you want a race war/riot which makes you the racist homie.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. If Trayvon was white, and a white person killed him it would make deadlines locally, but that was grown man, an adult, a white adult, killed off a little boy, a black little boy, in the name of self-defense. Not only did he get away scratch free but he will be treated as a notorious white male who was victimized and vilified into a helpless act in which he could do nothing more but defend himself. And you definitely shouldn't kill kids, be it black white brown yellow red, you shouldn't kill a kid you nitwit. And don't try and victimize yourself into some reverse racist corner. You're an idiot. That idiot? Is going to be tokenized into an atypical type of white victimization and I promise you this type of shit? Of not finding him guilty, trickles up and down. Hardcore Republicans, both that are either unapologetically racist and those that know how to conceal it, from the politicians to Southern white folk, will see this as something they can capitalize on I assure, it may be not spoken of clearly, but it will resonate in their minds whenever they want to go about being suggested a racist. There are repercussions to this type of shit. There always is. Whether you let off an idiot like him or condemn him. There always be repercussions but his lack of sentencing, it truly a fucking tragedy. Truly a fucking tragedy. This sets a standard on how racial dynamics are held in America and I promise you that it will be reflected in everything from politics to day to day life. Shit like this doesn't go away. It's been decades and people are still talking about Emmett Till, people are still talking about Oscar Grant. This type of shit doesn't go unnoticed or is forgiven easily. These type of incidents make martyrs of these types of victims and inflame the racial divide, only to have some pathetic half-witted chump like you pull some reverse racist shit. No you idiot, you can't kill black kids. That's not how the civilized world works. So don't front like you're not capitalizing on this shit either, Ya Idiot.

  • t

    but none of these guys do anything to help there local hoods clean up the violence, only when these media hyped trials come around do people speak on justice and peace, this should be a year round effort, and for people to really be shocked dude got off are you kidding me?? the system been fd up since day one

  • Anonymous

    I swear....This Era we live in these days are fuckin wacked-out as hell.

  • 2016 Presidential Nominee

    one word accountability on both parties

  • Microsoft Slow

    Rappers need to learn how to use proper grammar.

  • sanchez

    this is the type of thing that sparks revolutions Amerikkka, I think ya'll fucked up more than ya'll will know.

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