Diplo Speaks On Beyonce Sampling His Music, Wyclef Jean's Importance

Diplo tried to convince Beyonce that Major Lazer's "Pon De Floor" was too old to sample in her music.

For most producers, getting a chance to have their music sampled by songstress Beyoncé is a dream come true. For producer/deejay Diplo, it's cool if Bey samples his music, she's just got to pick the right song.

Recently speaking with The Sun, The Los Angeles, California native recalls Beyoncé wanting to use Major Lazer's track "Pon De Floor" for her song "Girls (Who Run The World)," and admitting to her that the song had been past its prime.

"When Beyoncé sampled Pon De Floor it was already in the clubs two years earlier and I told her that," Diplo said. "She said to me 'No, but do people know this shit?' So I was like 'fine go ahead'. I don't care, I'm in my own world."

Diplo is a music producer of many talents. He produces an array of different music for multiple genres, which is why he's in such demand. One of those genres is Reggae. Diplo also mentioned during the interview the importance of Wyclef Jean to Reggae and how he believes he himself has a lot to build to when it comes to credibility, admitting he's "never" had any.

"Credibility doesn't matter to me at all. Wyclef is probably one of the most important reggae artists of the last two decades," he said. "Shaggy is still the most successful reggae artist to date, every singer in Jamaica aspires to be him. So it's a big deal to have him on the record.

"I've never had credibility - I'm a white dude doing reggae!"

Read Diplo's full piece with The Sun here.

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  • Anonymous

    the fux he talkin about wyclef. I can't hate on wyclef too much, he has some talent, but i think that's a bit of an overstatement.

  • sxxx9


  • Jon

    Dude just said Shaggy is still the most successful reggae artist to date....wth! His music is irrelevant to the max lol

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  • Doc

    Diplo is the most important producer in the game. While everyone else is still on that same shit dude be on that other shit.

  • getcha mindright

    umm.. diplo is a philly native. sincerely, a cali native

  • Anonymous

    man respect but fuck that you sampled that song yourself so you dont get to take ANY credit

  • Fuck Diplo

    If only I knew who this guy is.

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  • Goatweed

    This guy used to be balls deep in M.I.A.'s tight brown snatch.

  • Drake runs rap

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