ScHoolboy Q Says He "Soaked Up Game" From Eminem

ScHoolboy Q says that landing a collaboration wasn't the goal when Black Hippy met with Eminem in Detroit last month. Q says he went to learn.

Kendrick Lamar had questions. ScHoolboy Q paid attention.

That's how it went down when Black Hippy met Eminem in Detroit last month. "I sat in there and I didn't say nothing," ScHoolboy Q says in an interview with MTV News. "I soaked up game. I didn't want to say too much. This is my first time meeting him. That's Eminem. That's not like any rapper. When you think of Em, you think of Jay[-Z], you think of the Kanye [Wests], legendary people. I can't go in there running my mouth or trying to act like I know everything, that's a dude that done been from nothing to something. I sat there and I just soaked up game. I didn't really say too much. I was just listening, really."

Kendrick Lamar says that Eminem told ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and him to, "Always stay focused on the craft and not indulge in all the other crazy stuff that comes around."

Given that Black Hippy looks up to Eminem, they decided before meeting the Detroit rapper that they would just go to get to know Slim Shady, not to try to work with him. "We wasn't trying to go in there all, 'Oh let me get a verse. Play this. Listen to this,'" ScHoolboy Q says during the interview. "We hate when people do that to us, so we actually wanted to go in there and be cool and feel him out and see what's going on before anybody asked for a verse." 

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The unplanned meeting, which took place at a Detroit area studio and also included Mr. Porter and Royce Da 5'9, ended up having a relaxed vibe. "We just sat there," ScHoolboy Q says. "We chilled. We talked. We expressed what we liked about each other's music. We talked about Slaughterhouse. We talked about his artists. We talked about us individually. He's just a good dude."

Eventually, ScHoolboy Q says he imagines someone in TDE will ask Eminem to record with them. "I'm pretty sure one of the homeys gonna ask for a verse," he says.

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  • Anonymous

    "GKMC is going platinum next month" That's KL's album, not Schoolboy Q's.

  • xx009

  • Andrew

    Why the fuck ppl talking about Em and race. This shit about schoolboy q too. Schoolboy and kendrick are 2 of my fav 5 rappers today the others being danny brow, kevin gates, and mr muthfuckin exquire. Em is a great rapper but why u gotta knock other rappers when u say hes your fav why not just explain why hes your fav? And no eminem did not bring rap to white ppl and the middle class rap has been popular way before em.

  • Shiv-Rey

    New respect for this guy At least he has proper respect for Dons and Og's in this game Like Em said on that track with Dre back in the day " Wasnt for him , this wouldnt be shit" Every rapper who ever makes a dollar owes em... he brought this rap game to the forefront Plus I reckon verse for verse hes the greatest of all time Pac and Biggie dont have enough albums... Jay has 3 good albums thats it Ems got 3 certified monster classics and 2 very good ones Best of all time

    • Anonymous

      Not sure if he brought it to the forefront. Em had a nice run, and is still capable of putting up numbers, but if you go back and re-listen to alot of those old songs, they aren't classics. They were solid for the time, but there have also been alot of bad songs he did that to me take away from his being the GOAT.

    • nATE

      Em is great but not the greatest of all time. Chill out dude

  • sxxx4

  • zxsss4

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    DOWNLOAD 6 OF THE HOTTEST TRACKS OFF JAY-ZS NEW ALBUM NOW @ tell a friend, thank you!/

  • xx004

  • zxsss9

  • rich t.

    Eminem is the best rapper of all time and im black..the person below who said the guy was starting "racist" talk is another person who is actually the racist one..immediately attacking eminem fans and claiming they are "white" stfu and go to another genre of music you make rap fans as well as most black ppl in rap look bad

    • Pete

      SHIV Rey STFU... "Em brought this rap game from the streets and ghetto to the middle class and even the world Wasnt for him this wouldnt be shit" The rap game has been here before Em and will continue there after. He has contributed many things to hip hop but calling him the "savior" since he "brought rap to the middle class and the world" is incorrect. From what it sounds like you are saying, only a white man can save the predominatly black rap game and make it popular.

    • Shiv-Rey

      Anybody hating Em because hes white is pathetic and needs to fall of the earth Em brought this rap game from the streets and ghetto to the middle class and even the world Wasnt for him this wouldnt be shit

    • Anonymous

      "Eminem hands down the GOAT. Took a shit on every nagger rapper" > what do you think nagger is once you take the a away and put an i there? go read it again, see the response was accurate, then slap yourself

  • Soren Baker

    Hey, stop ridiculing dentalboy. He's just stating his opinion.

  • epic

    He should have soaked up some talent...lyrically he's not very good at all.

  • seATLien

    The comment section of this site represents what is bad in hip hop; 90% of it. I've been a hip hop fan since I was 12, Almost a quarter century ago. Most of the good stuff in underground these day. What's tragic is that now, when these underground artist sell some records that reach mainstream status, they are considered sellouts. Then, others rate success strictly on numbers; how many albums they sell and how much money they are making. Don't sell enough, you lose. Sell too much, you lose. How can you win in this genre? I guess you have to just be yourself and make your music. Whatever happens happens. It seems that after 40+ years that this genre would grow up a little and make room for a new "fad". But it hasn't. It's grown less mature, at least on the surface. However, I strongly disagree that hip hop is dead. It is alive as ever, thanks to the true artist, under and above ground. I love hip hop, I just don't like or understand the relationship deterioration of it's community, of the fans.

  • Anonymous

    Should have tried soaking up some sales.

  • Anonymous

    That's the one time you DO ask for a verse or something... Black Hippy X Bad Meets Evil would have been insane..

  • Laura B. Santillan

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  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    "you know what I mean/saying" said 9 times in 1:10 loooool

    • Anonymous

      Look at the dude. He looks retarded. He probably started to ask Em how tall Royce Da 5'9 is, and Em just looked away and wished he was still hanging out with Dre.

  • zxsss4

  • Tek09

    Eminem hands down the GOAT. Took a shit on every nagger rapper that was and is in the game and put those white boys who thought they could rap in their hiding place. Real talk.

  • dentaldamboy

    No wonder why Schoolboy Q is wack. He learned from wack ass Feminem.

  • Anonymous

    Select few of "GOD MC's" in the [Rap] game and "EMINEM" is DEFINITELY ONE of them.

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