Jay-Z & Beyonce Trip Reportedly Inspires Bill Restricting Travel To Cuba

The trip to Cuba taken earlier this year by the couple has reportedly inspired a new bill approved by the House Appropriations Committee dubbed "The Jay-Z Beyonce Bill."

On Wednesday, July 10, a spending bill was approved by the House Appropriations Committee. It was dubbed "The Jay-Z, Beyonce Bill" by Rep. Jose Serrano, who opposes a provision in the bill meant to enhance restrictions on travel to Cuba. 

“Absolutely [it’s a response to the Jay-Z & Beyonce trip], and it’s playing to the audience in Miami,” Serrano shared with Politico.

The $17 billion bill which features this provision would likely restrict travel to Cuba to educational purposes related to a degree program.  

Subcommittee Chairman Ander Crenshaw, a supporter of the bill, expressed concern about the couple's trip to Cuba. 

The trip taken by Jay-Z and Beyonce earlier this year “was an example of how the guidelines are not being enforced,” Crenshaw told Politico. “I think that if we’re going to say that we have this policy in place that relates to travel in Cuba that it ought to be enforced and that becomes a grey area where they’re probably not really following the guidelines.”

Serrano, who backs the trip and opening relations with Cuba, has supported Jay and Bey. 

“The mistake they made was being seen in public, by that I mean they being who they are walked down the street.,” he explained. “We may consider Cuba a closed society, but even it is – it’s not closed enough so they don’t know who Jay-Z and Beyonce are.”

“What you’re seeing here is the result of a successful trip," Serrano added. "Isn’t it educational for a superstar in our country to go to Cuba and say, ‘Look who we are?’”

The couple's trip to Cuba was reportedly licensed by the US Treasury Department. Soon after images surfaced of their trip, Jay-Z and Beyonce were criticized for it due to the United States' history and relations with Cuba. President Obama distanced himself from the controversy but also joked about it at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, saying he has "99 problems and now Jay-Z one." Jay himself addressed criticism on "Open Letter," a track leaked soon after his trip to Cuba. 

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  • John McAuliff

    Push back at the dunderheads in Congress. Support Beyonce and Jay-Z and your right to make the same kind of trip to Cuba here http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/beyonce-jay-z-vs-cuban?source=c.url&r_by=945311



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  • Anonymous

    Man FUCK the U.S. government! Anybody should have the right to travel any where in the World. Just because our Government has a problem with Cuba don't mean we as people do. #FuckinHypocrits

  • Anonymous

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  • John McAuliff

    Actually this isn't about Beyonce and Jay-Z, although they should be honored by the enduring attention to their extraordinary visit. Its the same game as was tried last year to undo President Obama's opening of travel. The bitter-enders in the Cuban American community want to prevent people seeing for themselves and concluding that the embargo is total nonsense. Members of the full House and Senate Appropriations Committees need to hear from constituents about how dumb this legislation is. The President will presumably stop it if the Senate doesn't, as he did in 2012. He should go further and provide a general license (no application needed) for all purposeful non-tourist travelers, just as he gave Cuban Americans. That way a greater diversity of Americans could make less expensive trips, staying in privately owned bed and breakfasts, using public transportation and rental cars, and organizing their own independent program. John McAuliff Fund for Reconciliation and Development

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  • shitfunny

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  • Jay

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  • Anonymous

    so this is the reason they went , another personal liberty goes right down the toilet

  • wycliffe mulindwa

    Bill restricting travel in the 'land of the free' lol

  • Anonymous

    lol these niggas is wastin their time. instead of focusing on restricting travel they could be more positive and want to contribute to these trips in order to change cuba from w/in....but nooooooo stay hatin losers

  • Anonymous

    You can still go to Cuba via Mexico or Canada no problem.

  • bullsh*t

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