Jay-Z Says The Internet Killed The Album Review

Jay-Z credits his "ultimate confidence" as the reason why he's able to focus solely on his own projects.

Following the release of Jay-Z’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, many reviews of the 16-track project were penned, but according to the Brooklyn rapper, the importance of those reviews is beginning to wither away in the age of the internet.

During a recent interview, which took place earlier today (July 10) with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Jay-Z blamed the internet and the fact that everyone now receives music at the same time as the reason behind album reviews gradually losing their importance.

“I think reviews have lost a lot of their importance now because of the internet,” Jay explained. “Everyone is experiencing things at the same time. You can write a review like the guy from USA Today, tomorrow. Ya’ll both can write the review at the same time…That’s why the critic became important in the music space because they got the music first. They would get the music two months early because the magazine had a long lead time. They get it. They sit with it. They review it. They send it out a month ahead of time. You reading it. You looking like ‘Oh, this album’s gonna be dope.’ You don’t have the music. So, you’re reading reviews for a month. Right now, the music comes out like this. People are writing a review in a day. First of all, you can’t listen to an album and rate it in a day. It’s just impossible…And when I see that I’m like ‘Oh, so this is all just bullshit.’”

Jay-Z also addressed the numerous albums that were released last month, including Kanye West’s Yeezus and J. Cole’s Born Sinner, and explained that it’s up to the fan individually to decide if they want to “slow it down” and focus on consuming one project at a time.

“It’s up to the individual to figure out how to slow it down cause it’s just going faster and faster,” said the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper. “Everything is moving quicker. Information is going quicker. These great things are fleeting…I’m not gonna let anybody speed up my process. I don’t care what’s happening out there. That’s the great thing about having ultimate confidence in yourself is it doesn’t matter what’s happening.”

Jay-Z’s full interview can be found below (via XXL Magazine).

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  • AnonC

    Source: http://www.vingle.net/posts/159100-INTERVIEW-Watch-Jay-Z-Says-The-Internet-Killed-the-Album-Review Music reviews these days have a detrimental effect on those who aren't familiar with said artist/genre. Seriously. A lot of people, instead of going through the hassle of listening to a whole album, will look up an album review to let the "professionals" guide their opinions instead of developing their own. I mean, reading an album review is just so convenient, especially when something is really hyped and everyone seems to be in on it, but you don't really want to invest too much time into. And that was definitely the case for Magna Carta. Of course, a huge amount of people did listen to it and still justifiably hated it, but media coverage definitely paints the album's credibility and has led a lot of people to talk shit or say its amazing. a lot of reviewers basically said jay-z put out a shit album, and then a huge wave of people started saying the album was shit. like a DAY after the release. and it's really hard to comprehend an entire album within a day...which brings me to my next point. A lot of established publications and blogs are exploiting the album review. every website wants a lot of traffic and a lot of views, comments, likes, retweets, etc. and these days, the fastest upload of a wanted content (like the review of the MCHG- it was getting a lot of press, hype, expectations before its release for obvious reasons) will get the most views, most traffic, while the others trail behind it. So these music critics have to get in their reviews fairly quickly to not fall behind... This really has the potential to hinder the critic's utmost ability to really review and critique the album. A LOT of reviews were published on July 4 or 5 (LA Times, USA Today, NYT, Billboard, MTV.) on the day of release or a single day after it. And admittedly a lot of these reviews are really well written, But I can't help but think that it's all about who uploads/publishes it first and gets the most views, etc. Can you really review an album in a day? or even a week?

  • T

    Dear Jay-Z, What happened to to you? I get that youre rich and Blue Bloods are hating on you, but what about the lyrical and musical content of your music. Thats what put you on the map. I love ya Hove, but your new album is wack and pretentious. With all the talent that helped you produce this album; I cant believe this is the end result. Maybe you should spend a year in the Marcy Projects and rediscover you roots.

  • Anonymous

    he's absolutely right, but the album is still weak.

  • big mike

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mFT2p72ECs check out this video new fire

  • foreal

    Jay Z is right. I do not get how people can listen to an album once and review it. The first time i heard Watch the Throne, i HATED IT. it was just not what i was expecting. one the second listen i liked it a little bit. But after that i feel in love with the album. If i was to write a review on that album after the first listen, it would be a bad review. Sometimes you have to let the music sit in marinate...

  • Anonymous

    He has a point. But I'm sure he wouldn't be having this discussion if people weren't saying the album is bland and boring. It's just not very good Jay.

  • Anonymous

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  • YEAH

    What a coincidence he came to this revelation just as his album is getting so-so reviews.

  • Anonymous

    I need you badly

  • Anonymous

    To all the young fuck boys worried about another man age, KILL YOUR self now and save us ALL from you becoming old. As a matter fact... Go tell one of your other crab in the bucket homies to shoot you in your head while you shoot him at the same damn time... SMH! You lames have been brainwashed to hate another man success with all types of lame shit... Now ya worried about another mans age... SMH Only in Hip Hop. LoL... Ya must only like young boys on some faggot shit since you don't like older people... Oh and fuck your father and Grandfather since you don't like old head! LoL

  • Anonymous

    "But NAS still might have his SOUL" No. Kelis took that along with the money, the house, the Mercedes and the home entertainment system.

  • nasty nas

    this washed up old ass fraud booty hurt

  • Fall Off...

    MCHG gets mixed reviews (currently 58 on metacritic) so Jay decides to dismiss all reviews and opinions because the internet exists? Sounds like an irrelevant, old ass, rapper who cant adapt to the level playing field of the internet age. Just quit rapping Jay. His new music is lazy sounding and uninspiring. He should be working with other skilled rappers that will challenge him to get better. Instead Jay is isolating himself by rapping with Kanye and other yesman type rappers around him. Where's the Renegade Jay-Z who was bold enough to spit alongside Eminem back when they were both lyrical killers (not that Em has lost it yet). Being his 12th studio album, MCHG marks Jay-Z's decline as an influential or impressive rapper of rappers.

    • wtflol55969

      ^Guess you missed American Gangster then...

    • Anonymous

      maaan jay been on the decline since black album

    • Anonymous

      He is projected to sell 500 thousand (and will) this week without including the Samsung deal. By the way the app got 20 million hits the day of the release because everybody with a Galaxy was thirsty to download the album... How is that being irrelevant? Nah you're irrelevant and your crab in the bucket mentality got you mad as hell at his success! The hate doesn't even allow you to think about the stupid shit your about to say... SMFH!

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are fucking idiots.

    • SupaNiceMC

      Co* Sign.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, you cant listen to an album and rate it in a day. Its just impossible ITS VERY EASY ACTUALLY= LISTEN TO THE ALBUM FRONT TO BACK 3 TIMES TAKE A BREAK FOR A SHORT WHILE, GO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM AGAIN another time thats 4 times, if you can review it after that = you must be 1 slow human being







  • Lindsay E. Desir

    like Kelly responded I'm dazzled that some people can make $7544 in a few weeks on the internet. have you seen this site... www.Can99com

  • Anonymous

    is there a rapper called "The Internet" these days? the Game, the Weekend

  • Elitesmoove

    I will never understand this site nor others for that matter...everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinions but what artists know now and are trying to get ahead of is the criticism of bloggers out there who simply hate on an album just to hate or because its not their favorite rapper's album...as long as you have people who can put anonymous on their names in this digital era, someone is always gonna hate...but the mere fact of the matter is that people take years to develop a craft...while this may not be Jay's best piece of work...it is still a complete project that we definitely do not get in this age...we get hit singles...that's it...Jay is still giving us a body of work...kinda like what set K.Dot apart from all the other youngins coming into the game....Regardless of the fact...Jay been around since the 80's he has hung with the best of them, out rhymed the best of them...and some can say arguably he is the last one standing in a mainstream eye...Had the 90's still rolled into the 00's Jay would still be spitting flames...as he does at times...but when you do not have anyone, and I mean ANYONE in his lane to challenge him...of course the flow gets lazy...Think of life in general...if you have achieved all you wanted to achieve, that grind begins to end...you ready to relax and enjoy...Jay doesnt have to keep putting out albums...he getting money in too many ways now and music is probably the SMALLEST revenue stream he has now...but he is doing it for the Love and he knows that unless some others come along fast...the ART FORM you had to have BARS to even compete for..is gone...everything is microwave rap...no thought into lyrics...well lyrics that make mainstream...because underground, Bars are still relevant...Just my opinion...Jay is in my Top 5 but not the TOP 3...and I am sure many people feel that way...but he will go down as the best to ever do it because of the exposure he brought to hip hop...I appreciate he still has the love for the ART and even his worst tracks are better than what's out now...

  • zxsss4


  • xx004


  • xx004


  • Anonymous

    still too much jigga with the same substance: wealth. there is some smart and witty wordplay in there. the maybach 62S is nice Jay Z but we know you have it by now go talk about the state of america, give us some insight in the relationship between terrorism an capitalism, give us something new mate, your buddy kayne is doining a lot better although exaggereating a bit here and there he keeps it creative

    • lolwtflol40505

      Jay-Z has never been a socially-conscious rapper...others are, like Common, Nas, etc. People also act like he's suppose to go back to his rapping about dealing drugs and gang bangin when that's not the life he lives anymore.

    • Anonymous

      you know. I disagree. I felt like that maybe 10 years ago. I feel Jay is 100% real. Why speak on that stuff - it wil be spun into spin by fox and cnn and politics/preaching gets u no-one. Don't be good my nigga, be great!

  • Don Dotta

    old ass nigga, has no wisdom in his raps just cars and clothes sitdown

  • Anonymous

    go to metacritic and see what white hipsters were saying about j cole's album. writing paragraphs about homophobia and not even talking about the musical highlights of the album.

  • Glitch

    This album is not that great, watch the throne was better but it was a collabo. I like 2 of the songs, fuckwithme and somewhere in america other then that everythig is mediocre... and please stop paying frank ocean to sing jiberish its not art if it's just crap.

  • Drake runs rap

    album sucks fuck off gay z you illuminati camel. Gay z mad that drake will top him and make gay z into the irrelevent camel that he is.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • D-PICK

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  • Assassin221

    Jay's right about this one. Some of my favorite albums I didn't even like the first time I heard them. Definitely couldn't predict the way they would affect me overtime right up front. And you can tell by the level of (lack of) detail in half the damn reviews on DX that whoever wrote it had barely heard the shit. They make a few broad assertions about the album/artist and leave me with barely any idea of what the record sounds like or what it's about. So I usually read reviews more for entertainment than information. Although I do learn about some dope albums (White Mandingos, Ugly Heroes) that I wouldn't even know about otherwise, so props for that much.

  • Kid Dyno

    Okay this album was godly, Ima hip hop producer check out MCHG Type beats at KidDyno(dot)com

  • zxsss9


  • Dentaldamboy

    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. He told me that in 96, Biggie was looking to get out of his contract with Bad Boy so he could sign with Cash Money. If Cash Money is right for Biggie, then it's clearly the top record label. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and Diddy found out about Biggie's upcoming departure and had him shot. Also, Birdman as always a role model for Pac. Most of you don't know this, but the song Hit Em Up was originally supposed to be Split Em Up, a song where Pac brags about fucking Faith, leading to her breakup with BIG. But Birdman explained to Pac that real gangsta's talking about killing people, so that's how Hit Em Up took on such a violent tone. YMCMB for life. We got the game by the clit.

    • SupaNiceMC

      Dude... you are a straight up idiot! I wasn't even going to write anything I was just crusin the internet for other people who thought that this album was wack as fuck... but then I happened to see the off the wall bullshit you wrote and had to comment. Shut your mouth and stick to what you know about cause it fa sho ain't hip hop or rap... stay in yuh lane playa!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah i agree but yr album was just shit

  • triPAUD

    "First of all, you cant listen to an album and rate it in a day. Its just impossibleAnd when I see that Im like Oh, so this is all just bullshit." real fuckin talk.

    • triPAUD

      at least they had the choice cause they got the advance before the rest of the people. Also before the internet we had things called magazines, so they had a lot of time to put their time into reviews before print. probably not every album, but there was probably more average time put into each release.

    • Anonymous

      do you really thing those reviewers back in the day listen for 2 months and then wrote there review? They listen and wrote the review. jay must stop complaining.

  • IMhO

    when i judge a person off music i thnk how is he gonna be talked about when hes dead and has 0 money left. jay-z - a beast who dumbed down to sell. eminem- was a monster that turned weird nas- beast kendrick lamar- if he keeps going and doesnt go the jayz route- next nas lil wayne- potential at 1 point to be top 5-10 ever. kisses guys, wears womans cloths, gay.

  • imho

    its hard to slow it down when you got yeezus, born sinner on the same day..then wale the following week..then jayz. jayz album is a beast but theres those 2 wack ass songs. BBC and la familia. they fit the album they just suck

  • R.I.P. Jay-Z 1996-2003

    Whats the problem Jay-Z? Every hiphop site is sucking your dick and is saying this is the best album since the blueprint3! Okay most of your older fans like me are shitting on your album why: - lazy flow and delivery -you dont rap with passion because you already achieved everything in hiphop - you only talk about picasso paintings and your basketball team. Hallo Jay im just a regular fan i cant buy picasso paintings. You hang to much with your rich white buddies who school you in the finer things in life. Rich white dudes dont walk around with a grill in there mouth and platinum chainz. - You have not the ability to be emotional even in the songs about your family you are bragging about money. Well Jay your are 45 years old and its no shame to retire from rapping when you are 45.

    • mcq

      he is just old and must retire. Even the rolling stones who are 10 times more talented then Jay suck because they are 78 years. Enough is enough. R.I.P. Jay-Z!

    • H

      Um he's not 42 kids. He's 43 and turning 44 this year. So yeah, that's pretty old for a rapper. Don't get me wrong. I'd bump MCHG over BP2 or any of that collaborative R. Kelly shit from the early 00's anyday, but I'm just saying,he's pretty old.


      Pathetic statement one minute you say he is too "old " Is that because hip hop is for the streets ..lolz.... Those day's are long gone hip hop is corporate and biz been that way for a long time now ..Don't let the marketing fool you Moving on you also say he is old to rap ! But you then say a 42 year old should be rapping about griilz it's not 1998 and he kind of said he was past that stage on the blue print 2 back around 01 It's not back in the day you're not a kid anymore You're trolling efforts have ended in only 1 thing a massive FAIL

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      hes like 42, last i checked thats not over 45

  • Kurtousy

    Funny how someone on here said Jay Z doesn't give a fuck about us, but this probably the same person that has bought Jordans his entire life for $150 a pop....as if Jordan give a fuck about what nigga bought his shoes as long as they get them... Poor argument buddy.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Jay-Z is too old for da internet... young niggaz like Weezy, Cheef Kief, Rick Ross or 2 Chainz can use diz shit. sit back old man 2013 is too modern for ya old ass. swag

  • jjthainnerprize

    Is that why DX waited a week to review it, they didn't want Jay to move his ass off their lips before they got a mouthful so they delayed it/// I was checkin foe that review an then I said fuck it and just bootlegged the shit

  • jjthainnerprize

    all ya'll lettin' nas down

  • Jason

    Okay so if you can't listen to an album and write a review in a day, then let me ask you this. Can u hear an album one time and be blown away and love it from first listen? Fans know their shit trust me we have been buying comparing and contrasting for years. Some of us buy your shit the day it drops and don't even have a fuckin job. Some of us have been laid off and left to rot but we keep lovin music.

    • triPAUD

      ^ I agree. An album can be hot, every track bangs, but it isn't good after a certain point. it gets played out. meanwhile other tracks begin to become great after a couple listens. if you haven't experienced that, then you're doin it wrong. Also most fans don't really listen to a whole album if any before judging. The other problem is that reviewers and critics aren't just fans, they should know the previous material of an artist and have a fairly in-depth understanding of hip hop history.

    • Kizman


    • ETK

      sorry but no, fans don't know that much. fans can be so fickle, they want somethin that one rapper offers but others can't, and when some rapper doesn't offer that "oh he fell off" "wtf he sold out" and all that bullshit. you got niggas here rating rappers' albums, not in a day, in mere FUCKING HOURS! they listen to three, four shitty quality tracks on youtube and decree it is shit. fans don't let the music settle in no more. it's all "now, now, now". Like/dislike. Some call it the Facebook mentality this generation's got, just liking and disliking things, little middle ground or open mind towards an album.

  • DrebinSlevin

    Jay-Z is right though. Reviews are written to generate page hits online these days. Everyone wants to be first and forget that music has to settle in. Its the same problem with mainstream news. They concentrate so much on being the first to say something about a topic that they don't check all of their sources and get shit wrong all the time.

  • Fuck Marcy

    Fuck your reviews nigga.



    • Anonymous

      i don't think it has anything to do w/ feedback. i think hes one of the few rappers that could care less, but its still fucked up for other artists.

    • Anonymous

      "People are writing a review in a day. First of all, you cant listen to an album and rate it in a day. Its just impossibleAnd when I see that Im like Oh, so this is all just bullshit. Lol why wasnt he complaining wen USA Today reviewed his album literally hours after it was released through Samsung? Oh, that's right, because they gave him an extremely positive review. smh.I personally enjoyed the album but it's just hilarious how Jay's trying to completely dismiss critics' relevance just cause it's not the feedback he was expecting. I guarantee that if they were giving his album positive reviews & calling it a classic he'd be in this interview talking about how their opinions are extremely important & relevant lol.

  • xx004


  • 209SINS

    Butthurt much Jay Z?? Everyone is a critic....you're just a sad chap bc you could not get your cd out to your media cronies ahead of time so they could hype your shit and manipulate your target demographic....your album is rushed and it shows.

    • lol

      whose Ethuggin- i see nothing but truth in his statement-- rushed.

    • John

      Please stop E-thugging kid. It's humiliating....

    • hiphopdx-thug

      um dumbass we know its a rushed album that was the point. it was finished in 2 wks. n why address Jay like he gon read ur shit. anything u wanna address u address it with me. im ur judge, jury n executioner bitch made motherfucka

  • Anonymous

    NO MORE JAY Z ARTICLES....seriously

  • XX004


  • JJ

    The album was not good or thought-provoking. Sorry Jay.

  • anon

    Ok thats enough jay articles for a week. Thanks dx.

  • Anonymous

    Music critics opinions don't mean shit anyway...They universally praised that Yeezus bullshit...Check the blogs and word on the streets, most people hated that trash ass album...

    • Anonymous

      People forget that critic reviews are free publicity for the artists. Even a bad review still means they're talking about the person. It's a win win.

  • 999555000


  • Anonymous

    ""I told everyone, Bleek & all, flood the music because 50 Cent is coming. 4 months later, 'In da Club' hits and it was over."" yo it really seems like the gawd 50 cent made Jay-Z retire when he said that!!!!

  • Mortis

    Fuck you donkey lips. Your shit is meh at best

  • xx009


  • kas

    Jay is right. You cant review an album in one day. You gotta sit with it for at least a week. And all these idiots are reviewing albums these days on their blogs and truly critical reviews are getting lost in the mess. By the way Jay's album is easily better than Born Sinner. And its unfair to compare it to Yeezus since Kanye's album is completely experimental and Jay kept it pure hiphop. They are both solid albums in their own fields.

    • Not Impressed

      I think they're both average and forgettable albums. I can't name one song on J Cole or Jay-Z's album that I'll be listening to a year from now. I'm just not impressed by hiphop anymore.

    • jimmybarlow

      well said

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • Anonymous


  • JASONNN 666




  • Anonymous

    yall really milkin that breakfast club interview huh? 2 articles for the same interview on bullshit! he said way more interesting shit but yall wanna write stories about lil wayne maybe getting signed to the roc and this

  • RIAA

    Who care? You still winnin'.

  • Anonymous

    He's right. - TalentDisplay

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