Jay-Z Interacts With Fans On Twitter

Jay-Z answers fans question via Twitter and shares his thoughts on the new RIAA policy, twerking, and more.

Fans of Brooklyn rap magnate Jay-Z are likely well aware of the fact that the rapper keeps his social media updates few and far between. But with last week’s release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay-Z took the time to interact with fans via Twitter and even answered a few questions today (July 8).

A majority of fan questions were kept lighthearted while some were a little more intense. One particular Twitter user asked Jay-Z to provide his thoughts on the reported invasiveness of the Magna Carta Holy Grail, Samsung app. The rapper retweeted that particular question and left his answer in brackets as he commented on doing “better.”

Jay-Z also confirmed that there is a finished version of “Dead Presidents 3” and even gave Just Blaze and Young Guru “Twitter permission” to release the record. The first version of “Dead Presidents” was released as a promotional single in 1996 while “Dead Presidents 2” was featured on Jay-Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt.

Jay-Z also showed off his humorous side as he made mention of Miley Cyrus’ twerking and even used the hashtag #mylaugh when questioned about being forgiven by actor Robert De Niro.

Serving as Jay-Z’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail was released exclusively to Samsung users on July 4 and was released for retail sale today, July 8.

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  • Biggie Smalls Interacts with Jay-Z on Twitter

    Son what are you doing? Im rolling in my grave: - you did a song with Justin Timberlake? Whats next a song with Miley Cyrus? - Your flow and delivery sounds lazy. - You talking about mona lisa and picasso paintings. Niggas in the hood dont understand this shit. You hanging to much with your rich white buddies. The average hiphop fan cant identified anymore with your music. - Your bragging is getting boring. Kids brag about there toys not 43 year old mans. - You want to sound deep making songs about your family? Then use some emotion nigga. Your songs dont have heart or soul like pac. - Did you make this album on the automatic pilot? Wheres your passion for hiphop. - Nigga you only make albums to make them and not for the love. Nigga remember when we played eachothers records in 96 and 97 that was the shit. Now you dissing older hiphopfans saying you dont like my shit then buy my old shit? Beyonce was your first piece of pussy which you didnt pay for(remember you only fucked hookers because you aint a pretty boy)But Beyonce made a sissy out of you. Nigga im very disappointed! I cant blame the kids on this site they are 12 years old and the reviewers to. Brooklyn aint proud!

    • Hova

      1. You do not know who justin timberlake is, he is a good singer 2. You probably had the most lazy flow after big pun 3. I am rich now, i like the finer things in life. After i got money, i started to take a look at art and like it. Those thoughts keep minorities down, that we can not get our mind out of the hood. 4. i brag cuz i love what i have. enjoy life when i put the top down in the rari' 5. i got heart, and do not have to rap the way you want me to. 6. i got passion and am business savy. 7. i make albums cuz my fans love them and to make some money. you would be proud... i have built an empire and people hate. I found love with beyonce, i grew up and stopped running with tricks...besides have you seen those legs and thighs... brooklyn loves me

    • NONO

      -43 year old mans? -Get a life outside of the internet. -lol



  • R.I.P. Jay-Z 1996-2003

    Sad that your are dead now. But you had a great run. We dont want 43 year old mc not: - to brag about picasso or they money contstantly. Bragging is for children and not for adults. - we dont want to haer lazy flows - we dont want commercial records with justin timberlake. - the adlibs sound wack uhh uhh. you aint no Biggie he could do that shit you just sound annoying. Rest in peace!

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      I agree he lost me too about that time. He is fake as a $3 bill..He can only rock with fans when he has an alblum out...GTFOH

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    this guy is so full of himself lol but good consistant albums and business moves- i would be too cant be mad at a man THAT rich.

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    "Jay-Z Interacts With Fans On Twitter" Funny, a headline so boring I had to click just to see what news could possibly be in the article. Nothing to see here.

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    Hov 45 and still going hard. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news and videos on there too

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    I love Jay-Z, he got so much money...

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