Jay-Z Says "CNN Is Almost Like TMZ"

Jay-Z also says that he prefers to watch sports more than anything else on television because, "The outcome of that is real."

Jay-Z announced the release of his Magna Carta Holy Grail album on television during the NBA finals last month, but that doesn't mean that the Rap mogul watches much television himself. "I'm really just [an] ESPN, HBO guy," Jay-Z says during an interview with New York radio station Hot 97. "That's pretty much the extent of my TV."

The owner of the Roc Nation Sports agency and a former minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z says he enjoys watching sports in particular. "That's the only thing that's real," he says. "The outcome of that is real, although people want to believe that it's fixed. 'We're going to go to Game 7 because the NBA fixed it.' Nah. It's the real thing. That's the real reality show."

As for reality television itself, Jay-Z says he is not a fan of the genre, although he watches it on occassion. "I'm not into that," he says. "That's not my business. I'm not into that. I don't have enough time in the day to invest in it." 

Jay-Z doesn't invest much time in watching the news, either, as he says it has an agenda. "CNN is almost like TMZ," Jay-Z says during the interview. "Certain things, it's like, 'Ah, man. This is like really just entertainment.' It's really like all for ratings at the end of the day. And you squeeze a bit of information in there."

Jay-Z's wife Beyonce released the HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream in February, which he says he did watch. Hova said he had mixed emotions about the film. "It gave me a little anxiety," he says. "But, you know, it's something she had to do, she wanted to do, so you just fall back and enjoy. I had a little anxiety, but it was all good. You feel weird just putting yourself out there in that sort of way, especially when you reveal so much in your music. If feels like, 'Any more and I'm gonna be naked out here.'"

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  • Anonymous

    fuck cnn they dont shit about rap they watching the comments and claimed nas was the finest mc...which he not nas lines got to many flaws in it we need a rapper that doesnt make mistakes

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  • John G

    I watch CNN more than any other chanel. Jigga is mentioned quite a bit. I've even heard Wolf Blitzer say "I like Jay Z."

  • Anonymous

    Miami won that game fair and square. No way the shots Allen and James made were fixed. Lebron missed his first attempt even. Did Stern push a button to guide the ball in the second time? lol

  • Anonymous

    "The NBA is not fixed in any way possible, nor is NHL, MLB or NFL" ^ smh @ this dude you forgot about NBA's Tim Donaghy? The NFL bounties? MLB with steroids for big contracts and livelier balls and bats because of the strike? The Chicago Black Sox? Don't the NHL teams hire goons to specifically target stars to change the game? What planet do you live on boy?

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  • Joe King

    kinda awkward, wasn't there a couple of referees that came out years back saying some of their officiating was "slanted" (as in calling a game to force a Game 7, for more profit)...just saying

  • imho

    cnn is the tmz of world news tho..not bitch ass celebs

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  • Anonymous

    It's one of the simplest things Jay-Z has said, but I agree because I say the same thing.. sports, is really the most unpredictable and unscripted event on TV. You can think you know what will happen, but you have no idea what so ever. The NBA is not fixed in any way possible, nor is NHL, MLB or NFL.. as someone else mentioned soccer has had problems, well a lot of international soccer players DO not make what a North American athlete would make. If a person is making peanuts then it makes all that much more likely they would take money to fix a sport... follow at noles506

    • Anonymous

      in other words noles506, stfu

    • Anonymous

      Actually, NBA playoff games were fixed years back. Steroids practically tainted baseball forever, and boxing has become a rigged sport. There's to much money to be made by owners and promoters not to control some aspect of the outcome of most major sports.

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  • anon

    Not reallY. The major sporting events are rigged. Over 250 soccer games were manipulated look it up. The superbowl was a fuckin joke. The spurs random "meltdown" in game 6? Its all fake.

    • Anonymous

      No it wasn't a melt down, RIGGED. Go suck Lebron's dick fuck ass.

    • Anonymous

      Soccer doesn't count... it's been rigged for years, international soccer any ways...and the Spurs "meltdown" was all real... get over it. follow at noles506

  • BK Nigga

    you people don't realize what he's doing don't you? in order for him to speak on these things he's gonna have to put out material that doesn't touch on the things that's going on right now in the world. he just cut a deal with Samsung, he ain't gonna rap about this shit on MCHG. at least he's finally opening up about this shit now.

  • attention whore

    this attentionwhore needs attention

  • Anonymous

    CNN is indeed like TMZ nothing to say. But hey Jigga you have also nothing to say: i have money, i have a buggati, i have a picasso. So whats the problem?

  • Mortis

    He also said he aint dropped a good album since Black Album and that he used everyone from Dame to BDK to get ahead in his career. Fuckin donkey lips

  • Anonymous

    Now if he dropped insight like this on his albums, I would start supporting again. lol

    • joemoms

      he does, you just buy into the bs that you read on the 'net...kinda like what he was talking about.

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  • dean rosen

    Bobyahed2dis, please do not post anything to this or any other website - you are an idiot.

  • BK Nigga

    looks like this man Jigga is severing ties with the higher power, he wouldn't of said this about CNN sinces it's a big time corporation.

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  • Bobyahed2dis

    The one thing that should be fixed are those huge dick sucking lips. I mean nas is wack too but he was right on the money with that line. Jay-Z is a bitch made nigga who only subliminally disses wayne cause he knows wayne is a triple OG blood.

    • John G

      ... you must be a child.


      You're a gullible idiot man.. Lil Wayne is no triple OG blood.. Even if he was, which he isn't and if was makes all bloods look bad, that means nothing. He doesn't write his own music, he can't freestyle, he's a bigger sellout than Hov, and he thrived in the worst era of hip hop which is no coincidence.. Why you care so much about Jay-Z lips? You gay? Just listen to the fuckin music lol. Jay-Z has tracks from the 80's til present, with all diff styles and flows. I'm sure there's some Hov even someone with such a horrible taste in music like you can fucks with. Hov and Nas are 2 of the greatest of all time, next to Rakim and Kool G Rap and obviously others. Listen to real shit, fuck the corny bullshit

    • -

      waynes a man kissing gremlin pop starlett that was in the boy band Hot Boyz (sounds like a gay bar) since he was like 13.. aint been nowhere near the streets since.. only a dicksucker would have a name like boyahed2dis.. fagot bitch

  • routten@sfu.ca

    HiphopDX is a lot like TMZ too.

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