Ice Cube Calls Dwight Howard "Dwight Coward"

Exclusive: Ice Cube slammed Dwight Howard during his performance at the "Kings Of The Mic Tour" last night in Los Angeles. The concert also featured LL Cool J, Public Enemy and De La Soul.

Hip Hop legend Ice Cube blasted former Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard during the Los Angeles, California leg of the Kings Of The Mic Tour last night (July 7). In between performances of his “What Can I Do (Remix)” and “You Know How We Do It,” the Death Certificate-emcee shared his thoughts on Howard’s decision to leave the Los Angeles Lakers and sign with the Houston Rockets.

“Fuck Dwight Howard, goddamn it,” Cube said. “We love LA! We don’t need no punk-ass muthafuckas on our team. We don’t give a fuck about a Dwight Coward. We don’t need no bitches on our team, homie. You don’t deserve to go up on that goddamn wall. So, I predict tonight Kobe [Bryant] will win another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one.”

Along with a catalog filled with classic Rap moments as well as an extensive career in movie and television production, Ice Cube is also a noted Los Angeles sports fanatic. In 2010, the South Central, Los Angeles-native directed “Straight Outta L.A.” for ESPN’s “30 For 30” documentary series. The film tackled the connection between the Los Angeles Raiders' subsequent move to Oakland, California and pioneering Hip Hop group, N.W.A—of which he was a member.

During an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” in July 2012, Ice Cube expressed concern about the Lakers trading then-center Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard. “Right now, I keep Andrew Bynum,” he said. “Dwight, you have to want it, man. You have to come and want to be a part of the legacy. You got to want to have your jersey up on that wall.” 

Dwight Howard was traded from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers on August 10, 2012 in a blockbuster deal that sent Andrew Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers. Howard played center for the Lakers for one injury-riddled season in which he averaged 17.1 points per game and 12.4 rebounds per game. The Lakers qualified for the 2013 playoffs on the last day of the season and were swept in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs. Rather than resigning with Los Angeles, on July 5, 2013 Howard tweeted that he will instead play the 2013-14 season with the Houston Rockets. 

Along with Ice Cube, the Kings Of The Mic Tour featured De La Soul, Public Enemy and headliner LL Cool J. “Some of you muthafuckers out there didn’t think I could still do this shit,” Cube said to the audience near the end of his performance, which was the final stop of the tour. “Some of y’all thought I was all movie’d-out. Y’all thought I was TV’d-out. Y’all thought I was Coors Lite-the-fuck-out. No muthafucker, no. Let me tell y’all something. Ice Cube is always gonna be a b-boy—always have been, always will be. When I get about 70 or 80 [years old], you muthafuckers can come see me in [Las Vegas] and shit.”

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  • Anonymous

    Ice Cube your a dumb ass fool!


    CUBE SAID IT "Dwight, you have to want it, man. You have to come and want to be a part of the legacy. You got to want to have your jersey up on that wall. HOWARD IS WEAK

  • Cubehater

    Cube's a coward. A soft dude not from the streets who makes 12 to 15 year old kids think he's a gangsta by frowning on album covers and in video-clips.

  • Anonymous

    "Cube would kick Howards ass easy!!!" Howard is pure muscle while Cube is an overweight 40 year old midget.

  • Anonymous

    "no you don't want to have that basketball conversation because you can't." Anytime you want to debate basketball be my guest. That aside, did you hear the Warriors are signing Jermaine O' Neal? I like that deal. Even though Jermaine's best days are behind him, they need a physical player who can rebound. Then factor in Andre Igeodala, and suddenly the Warriors are looking pretty solid.

  • Anonymous

    "How YOU know Houston made sense when he ain't played not one game?" Even Kevin Durant said after they eliminated Houston that they're building something over there.

  • Anonymous

    "Juwan Howard was the highest paid for years because of his D-League game" Kenny Anderson once had a $50 million dollar contract. What's your point?

  • Anonymous

    "Who died and made you dictator?" When James Galdofini died I took over the mob. Don't worry. I won't put a horse head in your lunch box.

  • Anonymous

    Great, Cube, now say that to Dwight "Coward"'s face.

    • nATE

      dwight is huge but has no marbles. ice cube with the body shot ftw

    • Edubb

      Cube would kick Howards ass easy!!! Howard aint that kind of dude, I would bet 10,000$ on Cube easy in that fight. Playin ball and fightin is 2 different things. Get of bitch ass Howards nuts you lil muthafuckas!!!

    • Anonymous

      He won't cause Howard would destroy this chubby motherfucker.

  • 00999444

  • Anonymous

    This faggot's mad.

  • Stern will retire

    Lakers fans should be the LAST fan group to ever complain. As a Lakers fan you have enjoyed YEARS of the single most biased refereeing in ALL of sports. As a Lakers fan you have enjoyed rigged games and series and championships. As a Lakers fan you have to understand that all those years of luck had to run out eventually. I will enjoy the new dark ages of the Lakers. I hope for the next 10 years the Clippers become the basketball team of LA. It's about time Lakers fans experience what the rest of the NBA has to suffer through under David Stern...

  • 444666000

  • jasonnn

  • micheal myers

  • Former cube Fan

    Ice Cube you are a coward: - you never sold drugs or killed people so why you claiming to be a gangsta? - in 1991 you said "burn hollywood burn" in a song with Public Enemy now you making wack ass movies in Hollywood. So whats up with that? - werent you not that pathetic child who was bullied at school?

    • Current Cube Fan

      lol @ former cube fan. what did he do to you personally that you no longer like him? Cube has made wise career decisions and seems to be doing what's best for himself. how can argue against that.

    • Anonymous

      @ UmadBro: read before you comment dumb motherfucker.

    • UmadBro

      And yet he has accomplished more then you ever will. U mad bro?

  • xx004

  • NWA

    So wasn't Cube a coward for leaving NWA. Dumb old nigga must have forgot.

  • Fuck The LA FAkers

    All these bitches mad because the Lakers are gonna suck. News flash motherfuckers they sucked last year too.

  • Darlene R. Parker

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    cubes' a smart guy he's just bitter cuz he knows the lakers do not have a fckin chance without howard

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    "Yeah man, I'm disappointed in Ice Cube swearing and having a strong opinion. He never did that in the past" He's older now dumb fuck. He should be able to express his opinions better than calling someone Dwight Coward. That's some junior high bullshit.

  • nate

    wow what a concert last night at the greek. cube tore the arena down. him and wc showed how many classics they have. poor de la soul they only performed for 3o mins. and LL cool j just earned a new fan. he is a great performer and he even brought out DMC. what a sunday night for the last show of the tour.

  • Anonymous

    Howard's career scoring average is 17.1. Nobody who knows the NBA or basketball in general would classify Howard as a shooter. Shaq was never a shooter. He scored all his points off dunks. As for watching niggas' pockets, listed what the Lakers were offering, and what Houston was offering. That's called reading, not watching. At the end of the day, Houston just made more sense, for now. You sound like one of those weekend warrior fanatics who obsesses over a game he was never good enough to play himself. So when a professional athlete makes a business decision, you with all your extensive knowledge from the couch, is quick to criticize. Why don't you you and Ice Cube just shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      I said he's a REBOUNDER with no shot, NOT shooter. How YOU know Houston made sense when he ain't played not one game? I hear and see the same money reports, I don't need that info to prove my point. YOU DO. BITCH. I read you like a recipe all along. You're a weirdo, an emotionally unstable wanna-be trying to fit in. You answered my question, no you don't want to have that basketball conversation because you can't. You have no knowledge (but everybody best believe your opinion is true). Fuck off peon. sn: Juwan Howard was the highest paid for years because of his D-League game.

  • Anonymous

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  • zxsss4

  • Art Brooks

    That's some funny shit. Yeah Cube, what was up with that Coor's Light commercial shit. That was mad fucken sellout.



    • Anonymous

      dont waste your time with Laker 'fans' bandwagon ass fans Now they shitting on Howard yet prior to the season they were acting like the team won the championship w/o playing the season yet. Face it Kobe done aint no more chips. Clippers run LA. The Raiders will probly be in LA before the Lakers win another one

    • Anonymous

      You act like the Lakers are the mafia. They aren't even the best or most popular team in their city now. Howard had the right to go wherever he wanted. Houston was a good fit because they had a better core of players that will be around him. Other than the money, that's what stars look for, compatibility.

  • Anonymous

    Go make relevant album cause its been over 15 years since you've made any sort of fire!!! O'Shea is just butt hurt over Howard

  • Anonymous

    "he really doesnt lose anything" Clearly you lost all credibility with that silly comeback. Last time I checked $122 million was > than $88 million. There's no state taxes in Texas, but there also aren't as many endorsement deals, not to mention many hollywood stars out there either. I give Howard 2 seasons there tops before he gravitates back to the larger markets like NY or LA.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      The L.A. deal is a year longer, so after 4 years in Houston if he gets offered another max deal (which is very likely) he really won't be losing much. endorsement act like Houston is a small market team. Houston has one of the highest populations of any major city in the country. Plus, it's irrelevant for endorsement deals. Payton Manning played in Indy for a decade and had more endorsement deals than anyone in the NFL. Miami isn't the size of NY or LA, but LeBron seems to be doing pretty good with endorsement deals.

    • TROLL

      dude face it thats all this site is about. lames counting another grown man's money

    • Anonymous

      What he makes (stop watching niggas' pockets that's a female trait) doesn't translate to what he brings to the court, a rebounder with no shot, fickle motivation, a bad back AND shoulder. He couldn't handle LA what in your mind thinks he can handle NY? He didn't want to go to Brooklyn, passed up Dallas, Golden State has a better team. You really ready to talk basketball like you know it? You need to stop counting people's money

  • zxsss9

  • xx004

  • Anonymous

    I thought he was sincere. And at the end of the day, an opinion is an opinion.

  • Ralph

    What the fk? Did Ice cube call Shaq a coward when he left the Lakers? Why the big deal about Dwight Howard? Many B ball players leave teams to play at another. If Cube has a problem with that he has a lot of name calling to do every season. Maybe his comedy movies made Ice Cube a joke himself. There are more important issues in this country in general and the black community in particular than who Cube wishes to stay on his favorite Lakers.

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    Don't be pissed Cube. Its free Follow me at gwillisjr89..

  • COCA


  • crazy chainsaws

  • Anonymous

    FUCK THID NI**er

  • Fuck L.A.

    Fuck this non hip hop story

  • zxsss4

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck Dwight realll nigga shit!

  • Mortis

    Coming from a nigga who aint made a good record since the 1990's. Fuck you, Ice Cube.

    • Troll

      he probly means a mainstream record..........YOU SOULJA BOY UP IN THIS HOE

    • TRE

      that's false. War and Piece Vol. 2 & Laugh Now Cry Later are dope and Raw Footage isn't that bad. I Am The West was pretty shitty though.


  • mixed

    had a facebook few ppl start putting up pictures of mixed bags of chips none stop at me i found few of them killed them

  • xx004

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    Dwight Howard wasn't the right fit in L.A. Everyone knew it, especially Dwight, who couldn't stand Kobe micro managing everybody, and that bum coach who couldn't diagram plays to save his life. Now he gets to play alongside Harden and Lin, and could very well get to the finals. Plus he left millions on the table to do it.

    • not really

      not really because there is no state tax in houston (texas). he really doesnt lose anything... same goes for lebron if you would like to make that argument.... so if endorsements are in texas or miami.. they dont pay state tax .. only fed.... as we know cali is very expensive... so your argument doesnt really say much

  • 614grind

    Dwight is a star player but he's far from great.


    Me and Cube were right, I told lakers fans that lakers should not get rid of bynum for dwight, and guess what happened?smh Bynum is wayyyy better than dwight, dwight undersized big man, has no moves and he too silly and he cant make free throws.

  • Anonymous

    Been a big fan of Cube and his music for a long time..but this is nothing more than sour grapes, The Lakers were awful last year, will be awful this year too... old hurt Kobe, Nash & Gasol, I would of left's not like Howard asked to be traded to LA.. they took the gamble, then hired a coach that has no idea how to utilize a big man... mistakes all around. follow at noles506

  • Doubl Negative

    Anyone think Spurs can hold on to Gareth Bale? Had he not got injured towards the end of the season, we would've won some vital games and easily qualify for Champion's League and might've won Europa Cup as well. YID ARMY!!

  • Burmy

    Don't get upset, Howard. While one OG is dissin' you know, you have the support of another OG...a Trill OG, might I add.

  • Anonymous

    LA don't give a fuck about a Dwight Howard. Bye!

  • Fuck Outta Here

    Tough talk from Cube when he knows Dwight can't do anything about it unless he wants to risk his career, or millions of dollars.



  • KingO

    Werent they dissing Howard in LA in the first place, especially Kobe??? And they are wondering why, he wouldnt stay???? really????...Originally, Howard's intentions were to play for Houston even before he ended up in LA. Howard is in a good place. McHale as coach, and Hakeem as a mentor, and a good youth movement. Good move....

  • Anonymous

    phenomenal wordplay Cube!

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