Teen "Wondagurl" Explains Production For Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail"

Jay-Z allowed a high school student to craft a beat for "Magna Carta Holy Grail" and the song, "Crown," made the cut. Wondagurl talks about what it's like to be featured on S. Carter's latest release.

Ebony "Wondagurl" Oshunrinde, a highschool student, has a beat on Jay-Z's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The teenager from Ontario, Canada produced the beat for "Crown" on the album, an instrumental that was originally meant for Pusha T.

In an interview reported by The Sun, Wondagurl explained how the beat landed on the album. She crafted the beat and sent it to a friend, who just happened to be Travi$ Scott. Scott had been working with Jay-Z and Kanye West. 

“Travi$ texted me and said, ‘I’m about to change your life.' Usually, that doesn’t happen to 16-year-olds," she explained soon after completing eleventh grade. "A lot more people want to work with me now. It’s pretty cool.”

In an interview with MTV, she added more about how the track came together. 

“I was at home one day and I was looking for reggae samples for a while and I finally found this one that was like crazy, it was Sizzla's ‘Solid as a Rock,’” she shared. “I took it and I cut it up and I put it in the software FL Studio and I started building around it, just adding 808s and the more I built, I knew what I wanted.”

According to Wondagurl, the beat was made with Pusha T in mind after hearing "Blocka" but she's pleased with the outcome.

More from her interview with MTV can be seen below.

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Now, Wondagurl says she has hopes of working with Kanye West, Drake and Timbaland. She also added that she would like to make a "comeback" track for Keri Hilson, who she is a fan of. 

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  • in2deep

    good on her. well done. keep doing your thing..

  • Drake runs rap

    irrelevent hoe is irrelevent

  • Nikki757

    It is actually one of my favorite songs on the album next to Holy Grail. It is heartbreaking at some of these comments whereas instead of uplifting youth for doing something positive, you are trying to break down her spirit. I commend her for a job well done & encorage her to keep doing what she doing. She will go far. Keep your head up!

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  • lol

    that being said, its still fuck Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    it doesnt matter whether you use an mpc, fl studio, or make all your sounds with live instruments n shit...as long as it sounds good, thats the only thing that matters...there is no 1 way to make beats, just gotta do what your comfortable with

  • lol

    not hating good for her but honestly it is a played out sample. Actually the Ja Rule song that used that sample is a lot more dope (production wise). yes, ja rule haha

  • sxxx9


  • xx009


  • Nellie J. Peel

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  • zxsss4


  • Anonymous

    id say she sucked his balls thru his drawers 1st

    • Nikki757

      I guess that is what you had to do to do a track...oh wait..you didnt and your name is no where to be found...damn loser..

  • Anonymous

    drake might be next



  • Anonymous

    Anyone who hates on this is a crab in a bucket... all mad u been working on those a** beats for years and haven't gotten anywhere... #workharder , don't be mad at others for getting by... #sourface #butthurt #madattheworldcuzufail follow at noles506



  • 666






  • Anonymous

    Who cares? All those beats were weak as hell and lame. Niggaz aint got no musical talent no more, just put a buncha noise n sounds over some dusty ass drums and now they a producer lol!

  • jim

    I bet she uses FL STUDIO Tutorials from beatgenerals.weebly.com

  • datroof

    Not sure If I saw the comment here or not, but somebody said the girl didn't get credit on the album liner notes. I just checked, and she did. It's listed under "additional programming." Travis $cott and Mike Dean took the main credit for the beat though. Kind of lame. If she made the beat those dickheads should've gotten the additional programming credit because I'm sure that's all they did if that. It's not like those assholes need the credit or did much to produce Jay Z of all people for the track. Well, at least they gave her the opportunity though, just saying they are a lil douchey too.

    • Anonymous

      oh i never saw that. i saw this story in the toronto paper a few days ago and looked at the credits on the song and saw a bunch of names but i didnt see her real name or production name on there

  • zxsss4


  • Anonymous

    ooooo lets throw a parade for the first 16 yr old female producer. fkottahere.

  • zxsss9


  • foreal

    I AM NOT HATING Travi$ texted me and said, Im about to change your life.' it is cool to have produced a song for Jay Z, but how will that change her life? Sure, other artist may want her tracks but they might not. I call it an opportunity, not a life changer. Crown is a good track.

    • Anonymous

      How you do you know if she's going to eat on that record? Who knows the kind of deal she agreed to for this track.. Could've gotten paid a one time fee with no residuals.....The fact that you have NO idea on the specifics of the agreement, makes your argument invalid....

    • guerilla jones

      ?how will it change your life?WTF? thats like asking how will getting a championship ring change your life,or how will being signed to the NBA change your life...are you THAT stupid...you put "Produced on a Jay z album"and you can eat off that for years ALONE!!

    • Mark

      It's a life changer because as a producer, your able to go form charging 5,000 a track to 20 grand plus just off havin jay on your resume.. and people will hire her for production just off the cosign alone...I work in this game and have seen it many times before...Plus your now in they're social circle which leads to more opportunities and placements. Not to mention the royalties she'll get off the record. I'm just sayin

  • Anonymous

    That girl have hit the jackpot. Check out thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news and videos on there too

  • Anonymous

    i didnt know boy 1da was boy wonda, i thought it was like boy I'Da tapped dat ass

  • Anonymous

    i looked at the credits and i aint see her name

  • dmfslimm

    sorry the songs overrated. heard the sample many times. someone shouldve told her.

    • Anonymous

      I give the girl props for her grind, you have to see the big picture dude. She's a female producer @ 16 making big things happen. Who else is doing that?............... Pretty Much no one, respect due for getting that far. Now go back to selling donuts.

    • Anonymous

      if the beat is wack its jay z's fault for using it. also, have you heard any primo beats from when he was 16? What about swizz beats? Timbo? no?

    • chyea

      soulja boy never made it on a jay-z album.. this girl made it on arguably the greatest rapper of all time's album, and only 16... crrrrrrrrrraazy

    • dmfslimm

      geez a nigga cant state his opinion. shits wack. soulja boy was 16 too when he came out. you point is... im through.

    • ._.

      Well, if you stopped making music and you haven't placed music with a major artist, your stance should be "good for her", not "Someone should have told her". She's 16, and she has a major placement to her credit already. I'll congratulate her for grind and never give up attitude. It's much easier to point out the bad in someone, than the good.

    • dmfslimm

      no hate man just opinion. the sample had been run to the ground thats a fact. plus i been stopped making music.

    • Anonymous

      Always a Damn Hater in the house, where in the f*ck is your music? Has Jay rapped on any of your tracks?

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