Mike Dean Re-Confirms Kanye West & Jay-Z Will Record "Watch The Throne 2"

Kanye West's engineer reveals that Jay-Z and Kanye will be back in the studio for another collaboration.

Mike Dean has been doing the media circuit recently, detailing his involvement as an engineer in recording Kanye West's Yeezus.

Now, Dean has dropped a bomb, confirming on Twitter that Kanye West and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne will be getting a sequel.

Dean made the reveal while responding to producer Hudson Mohawke's comment that he wasn't a fan of Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail (spotted at HHNM):

Dean stated that Watch the Throne would be getting a sequel last year, but nothing had been heard about it since then.

With Jay-Z releasing Magna Carta Holy Grail within weeks of Kanye West's release of Yeezus, it's very possible the two Rap superstars could record WTT2 and roll all of the material into an international tour, much like the duo embarked on for WTT.

As of now, however, Kanye will be going on a tour in support of Yeezus, and Mike Dean will be joining him. Dean has performed with West since 2010. Dean's early work included mixing and mastering for Rap-A-Lot Records, producing for such Southern legends as Scarface, Geto Boys, and Devin the Dude.

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  • Anonymous

    A Ja Rule, Jay Z and Michael Bolton album would be so trill.

  • zxsss4


  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    Jay-z over that fag annoying douche bag Eminem any day

  • Watch The Throne 2 - World Famous

    1. World-Famous (feat. Justin Timberlake) (produced by Timbaland; co-produced by Jeff Bhasker and Mike Dean) 2. Lord's Ascension (feat. Beyonce) (produced by RZA; co-produced by Jeff Bhasker and Hit-Boy) 3. Heaven on Earth (feat. Rihanna) (produced by Kanye West; co-produced by Daft Punk and Timbaland) 4. Go Pop (produced by Daft Punk; co-produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean and Hudson Mohawke) 5. Respect (feat. Frank Ocean) (produced by Pharrell; co-produced by Kanye West, No I.D., Travis Scott and S1) 6. Hate It or Love It (produced by Travis Scott; co-produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean and Hit-Boy) 7. Deepest Shame (produced by Kanye West) 8. Let Us Cry (feat. Common and Jhene Aiko) (produced by No I.D.; co-produced by Kanye West) 9. Death's Dance (produced by Daft Punk; co-produced by Kanye West and Travis Scott) 10. Things Get Better (feat. Kylie Minogue) (produced by Kanye West and Hit-Boy; co-produced by Anthony Kilhoffer and 88 Keys) 11. All Black Everything (feat. Nas) (produced by S1; co-produced by Mike Dean, Hit-Boy and 88 Keys) 12. Black Rockstars (produced by Hudson Mohawke; co-produced by S1, Noah Goldstein and Southside) 13. Trapped in Chains (produced by Southside; co-produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean and Hudson Mohawke) 14. Veritas (feat. Andre 3000 and Justin Vernon) (produced by Hudson Mohawke; co-produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean and Andre 3000) 15. I Have A Dream (feat. Beyonce, Kid Cudi and The Notorious B.I.G.) (produced by No I.D.; co-produced by Kid Cudi and Kanye West) Deluxe Edition 16. The Greatest (produced by Canei Finch and Sounwave; co-produced by Travis Scott, WondaGurl and S1) 17. It's Time (produced by No I.D.) 18. Why Stop Now (feat. Hit-Boy and Justin Vernon) (produced by Hit-Boy) 19. Presidential (feat. Swizz Beatz and Young Jeezy) (produced by Swizz Beatz) 20. Chess Chorus Choir (feat. Raekwon and Justin Vernon) (produced by RZA; co-produced by Mike Dean and Kanye West) 21. Never Lose (feat. Elle Varner) (produced by J.Cole; co-produced by Kanye West)

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay Z sounds tired and lazy here. YMCMB runs the game now.

    • Anonymous

      YMCMB don't run shit. Wayne has no variety. He always go off-topic and talks about money, drugs, and pussy. Jay sounds hungry and inspired and has more variety than Wayne.

    • dentaldamboy

      Wayne talks about being a martian, president, and gangsta. He has variety.

    • Anonymous

      All Wayne raps about is skate, pussy, skate, pussy, lean, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, and more nigga skate

  • Anonymous

    More gossip than news really, and it's a shame that something like this gets an an alleged hip hop news website. Instead of constantly reminding us about albums that are constantly on rotation and impossible to avoid, how about giving us some news on hip-hop that is genuinely slept-on? Stuff where the criteria is that it's just excellent, rather than the artist knows someone who knows someone, or whatever.

  • Dentaldamboy

    I generally try to avoid albums by musicians I just can't stand, and Jay-Z ranks pretty high on that list. But when these people release an album that doubles as a "cultural event" then I'm compelled to throw in my two cents. Jay is a rapper who I've really grown to hate in the intervening years after Blueprint 3. It was just clear to me that he didn't care about the people who remember him from the Reasonable Doubt/Vol. 1 period (you could throw me into that category) and now caters to Coldplay fans. When he spoke out against Occupy Wall Street, I knew he was too far gone. This is a guy who conducts business deals on yachts during the week and then skis with Gwyneth Paltrow on the weekends. Yet he has the audacity to say he's in touch with the common man by invoking the 'duffle bag boy' imagery with absolutely no compunction. This album is yet another egregious entry into his parade of wealth. True to Jay's businessman style, he secured a deal with Samsung to move 1M units upon release. A major undercurrent throughout the proceedings is dispelling the Illuminati accusations that have dogged him these last few years, but it goes nowhere as the never ending litany of possessions occupy the bulk of the subject matter. Large swaths of the album contain his laziest rapping to date. Now, you could say that this is a result of him being a father but the ironic truth is that selling albums is probably his least lucrative business venture - and people were going to buy this regardless - so why try? If there's one positive I can say here, the production is not that bad. Timbaland really pulls out an impressive set here, probably his best in years. Adrian Younge shows up as co-producer for one spot, it's pretty obvious what his contribution to the track was. Pharrell continues his outstanding run this year with "Oceans" (man, I wish this was an instrumental). There is still a heaping helping of pop stuff, this is a 2013 rap album after all, but there were a surprising number of detours for those that pay more attention to the beats.

    • foreal

      Ni**as fantasize about the sh*t that I do daily Like these rappers rap about all the sh*t that I do really I'm like "Really: half a billi ni**a, really?" you got baby money Keep it real with ni**as, ni**as ain't got my lady's money Watch the throne, don't step on our robe Bad enough we let you step on our globe HAM 2 is coming!!! all you lame rappers take a seat and WATCH THE THRONE



  • Blaine

    Watch the Throne 2... I hope that isn't the name of the LP. Jay-Z is a better rapper than Kanye. Kanye is a better artist than Jay-Z. In my opinion Yeezus is the best album released so far this year. It grows on you. Mike Dean is the new Guru, he can speak on whatever he wants. Fact, Jay-Z needs Kanye more than Ye needs Hov.Kanye would have found another way to the top. Together the Throne is unstoppable and that's all that matters.

  • jerryc

    kanye comeon stop wasting beats and time on jay man. Hes 43. Hes a legend and one of the greats but he doent have it anymore. His songs are boring now. Produce for the next jay z..someone with fresh material

  • ssne1

    fuck dat shit niggas wanna cop tht bad meets evil sequil

  • dentaldamboy

    This shit gonna go down like r kelly and jay z tour where they end up suing each other. Former gay lovers yeezy and jay z will end up suing each other.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    people will just diss Kanye West because he's Kanye West...every song he's done is better than any song anyone else has done in hip hop

  • zxsss4


  • dentaldamboy

    This is gonna end up like the time R Kelly and Jay Z worked together. Lawsuits will come about the 2 former gay lovers Yeezy and Jay Z. Watch The Throne was wack edm shit and Watch The Throne 2 looks to be the same.

  • emad hsad

    No No No! Im sick of niggas constantly bragging about there bitch and there money, saying im god, i buy picassos. Fuck that. Music with no substance by rappers who are 43 years old! Jay retire with your lazy flow and delivery you had a good run but now its time to retire. You sleep next to the Mona Lisa? Niggas dont know shit about picasso or mona lisa. You hanging to much with rich white dudes and totally dont care for your fans.

  • Ken Riley Jr

    So Timbaland beats are "Lazy" now?!?.... .... THis is the reason why EDM producers/djs need stay in their lane, and stick to dance music. Nobody gives a fuck about this random Dance DJ other than Kanye. He's actually linked to songs that I like so I enjoy his music (I guess.... since I dont know what part of the song(s) that he is responsible for), but I dont understand how he can call the production or the direction on this album "Lazy". Just cause he kept it HIP HOP and didnt try to incorporate no Electronica in the shit?!? Hudson Mohawk needs to go take a bottles worth of pills for me.... just my opinion!

  • Anonymous

    Mike Dean better not burn his bridges, Kanye & especially Jay-Z don't like people talking about projects that have not been released or even planned to be released. He said the same thing 14 months ago. Stay in the your engineering lane Mr. Dean, your not TMZ. follow at noles506

    • Anonymous

      lol Im dead at one of the comments that Hudson guy made though.... "oh wait this whole time i thot i was listening to magna carta it was the fl rida album" LOL!!!!!!!!

  • jasonnn




  • 666


  • Mortis

    FACT is Jay-Z needs Kanye more than Kanye needs Jay-Z.

    • NewRUles

      Now niggas saying the gawd need Kanye? What did Kanye last album sell? Jay already plat.

    • So True

      Hov had 4 plat n some Grammy's before Ye tot he would live.

    • YEBO


    • ak

      did any of you even go to the watch the throne tour? i went twice. both nights jay-z praised kanye and said that if it wasn't for him he wouldn't be here. kanye returned no such comments. yeezus has critical acclaim from absolute musical legends, some of whom aren't even in the hip hop industry. mchg seems to be getting quite a few similar comments of lazyness. i hate reading comments from kanye haters who are just blatantly hating and dont have a clue what their fucking talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Jay Z doesn't need anybody.

    • Anonymous

      theres a good chance Jay-Z could be irrelevant by now, if it weren't for kanye west. look at nelly, ja rule and dmx. not saying jay z isn't more talented, but his career wasn't cemented by the time he started working w/ Kanye

    • Anonymous

      or maybe Kanye West made Jay-Z Jay-Z tried to stop him from rapping. Kanye west was producing for other people before Jay-Z. he would have come up another way.

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z made Kanye West.... enough said.

    • COCA


    • Fuck you talking bout

      Fact is MCHG was better than Yeezus and didn't even have a Kanye produced track or feature hahah

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