Freddie Gibbs Says Young Jeezy "Made Me Look Stupid"

Freddie Gibbs says he's setting himself apart from former mentor Young Jeezy now as he promotes his new "ESGN" album.

Freddie Gibbs released his ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally) album last month, in part in order to reestablish his brand after a stint with Young Jeezy's CTE Records. "I just need to set myself apart from Jeezy right now," Freddie Gibbs says during a recent interview with the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio. "I had to break away from that fake-ass shit and establish myself, and that is what I was trying to do from the get go, but it didn't work. It was me having to push my own line right now. I couldn't let this whole year pass waiting on another situation."

The Gary, Indiana rapper discussed his time with Young Jeezy throughout much of the interview. Gibbs has called Jeezy a "fraud" before and explained in detail during the interview why he was disappointed with the way his business relationship with Jeezy evolved. "It was him saying one thing and it not being it," he says during the interview. "I don't have no personal problem or anything of that nature because I didn't deal with him on a personal level. We was together a lot, but we was never really cool like that. It just came down to a person lying to you and fuckin' wit your family and future and how your family eat. So when a person tells you that you are signed to this label and that's not the case, then then that's a lie. Jeezy out his mouth told me that I had a deal with Epic and I was ready to go full throttle with this shit, but that wasn't the case. He lied. He made me look stupid. I just got tired of playin' the fool and I'm not just one of them guys that's happy to be around you. I got my own brand and my own fan base."

Young Jeezy did not respond to HipHopDX's request for comment.

Gibbs left CTE in 2012. Soon after leaving the imprint, Gibbs began blasting Jeezy in the media. Gibbs says during The Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio that he would have preferred to have just left the label without incident. "I'd rather do my own thing and I tried to move respectfully with breaking things off with him, but I started to get black-balled, so I just decided to let it all hang out and I don't care if he black-ball me or anyone else in the industry black-balls me," he says. "I will continue to put my music out and get booked for shows.

"He definitely ain't approached me like a man and sorted it out, which could have easily been done," Gibbs added later in the show. "All I wanted from him was a real nigga conversation without the Hollywood shit. That's all and it's over with. I don't want people to think I'm going to base my career around dissing him. I could really care less about him, but at the time I was making this ESGN album, it was 'Fuck Jeezy Every Day' and that's what you got from this album. I put it out there and got it off my chest and I am pretty much done with it until somebody fires a shot at me an then I will go into the annihilation phase."  

Listen to the complete Freddie Gibbs interview on The Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio here.

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  • #ManitobaInThisBitch

    I find it funny how offended you got when I said " G rap is dead ". You must be one of them net G's. If your a true fan of rapmusic, you'll love all forms of rap period. I do, and I meant it's just not popping in the music industry. All rappers focusing on the G-rap is just not maintaining the level of success they want or think they deserve. It's more about work ethic and not credibility. People bumping about cred and being all " I was in these streets " isn't seing no success unless they putting out their music independently. As far as I'm concerned I hate to see an artist starve. And how you ignored that I said " Freddie G has flow ", and " I hope it all works out for him " tells me your prolly in the same boat as him. Shitting on the facts instead of accepting the truth. Bottom line if you were in the industry you'd be on hands and knee's trying to get on a track with Jeezy. Fronting like you wouldn't. Now who is the real. Even the boy Gibbs is questionable about going that route. Be professional not another dick rider. Jeezy on top his game so just respect it & plus there has been no proof of him being anything but real. If Jeezy was so much of a fraud then why try go that route & do music with the guy. Period. Hahaha And all that new pussy boy shit check their bank accounts. Your prolly either drowning in debt or riding the horse dink. Your truely on some hating ass " broke ashy looking type " shit.

    • losa

      you bro you're out of you damn mind. To say Gibbs don't something special on his hands is just being willfully stupid. I'm not a fan of the unapologetic unrepentant gangsta trap life he speaks on. but bottom-line this dude may very well be one of the rarest shit in the game now. A stick-up kid/ hustler turn rapper with an unembellished real back story. A real gangster that can actually rap. Shit, ice T was a real hustler and probably isn't the nicest by nowadays standards but he held it down in his time. Ice-T life was so real before rapping that he walked in the record label building with no music and with a conversation got a fuccin deal. What im saying is that gibbs can blow cuz we rap fans eat this shit up! Gibbs got the same elements yo. He's intelligent, Crazy rep in the streets, absorbing back-story, above-average rap skills & flow and an ear for music. Have u seen the visuals in his videos? or Heard the production his beats? he's already found his style and it's like bobby womack influenced neo-mowtown trap beats paired with a pretty good flow. I don't live or appreciate the gangster shit but like he said it's apart of the world we live in and gottdamit even I got to admit, with this new madlib move, he making it sound cool AF.

    • Anonymous

      nobody got time to read this shit.

  • CaptainSkeez

    Gucci was right, Jezzy a bitch!

  • CaptainSkeez

    Gangsta rap doesn't sell anymore? Doesn't fly? That's that new-age pussy boy sh*t talking right there. I've never liked an artist because f@gs like y'all buy their album, I respect quality music period! And Freddie Gibbs is a high quality rapper. ESGN!!!!!!!!!

  • #Manitobainthisbitch

    At this point Gibbs needs to just focus on himself. G rap isn't flying. It's the inspirational tracks that bump. ASAP Rocky, Kendrick, ect. If he can develop his own formula. He can out do himself and surprise others. Labels will be competing for his deal. Promotion, shows, marketing, is key in the music industry. Nowadays labels don't do shit for artists. Only when they are a marketable value. The industry is in the business of buying soul's & only fuck's with the people willing to sell them -Paul Cain: Real Talk (Album) Intro.

  • #Manitobainthisbitch

    K on a professional level. Gibbs has flow, Jeezy had the work to get him off on his own. But it doesn't seem like Gibbs was nor even made an attempt to put work in. Make tracks, promote himself, ect. I wouldn't doubt Jeezy came from the same place as in, working hard. Why the fuck would Jeezy put this guy on if he didn't see any future. Freddie Gibbs on all levels is questionable. If you ask me Gibbs didn't seem like a person who wants to do all these things to make himself a visible artist. Jeezy did. Sure BMF paved his way, but in the end Jeezy marketed himself to the fullest and still to this day. Gibbs seemed like he was trying to ride the gravy train. No offence to Gibbs. Hope it all works out for him

  • yessno


  • Anonymous

    "I was bein cool til that hoe ass nigga Carbon said I was walkin around ATL duckin them Niggaz when they the ones wit 20 security guards" - Gibbss

  • hotbox

    download Freddie Gibbs ESGN 2.0 --->

  • jack johnson

    I remember commenting how it was a stupid move when he first signed with young jeezy, wtf was he thinking man

  • wouzi


  • 110006

  • 110006


  • Anonymous

    gibbs one of the best spitters out.

  • Henny

    How can you have a deal without your signature on it? You're stupid. Jeezy is right for using you because you carry yourself like a fool.

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Anonymous

    its really about time for gibbs to shut up now, hes sounding like a tired ass hoe

  • HAHA

    Anyone who believes Freddie Gibbs is real OG is a dumb ass. Just like Young Jeezy, he a fake gangster. It's laughable to see some wack rapper like Freddie Gibbs who has no mainstream appeal and gets butthurt when things get tough like his label deal. Hopsin is the only real nigga in the rap game. No need to fake his image and raps about real shit not this ugly big foreheaded bald motherfucker. FUNK VOLUME! TURN IT UP!

    • Anonymous

      man u just made hopsin look bad. smh. dumbass

    • wtf

      Lol Hopsin is weak AF on like every verse ive heard by him, the dude is a step down wack version of Eminem, hes what like 28 and is still making goofy shit a 14 year would do. No disrespect for him but for real?

    • Anon

      ^Whats wrong with wearing contacts? I'm an FV fan but really? Who are you to judge who is or isn't gangster. Not saying I'm for Jeezy but I can't say that he isn't a real og bc i dont know him. People gotta stop makin so many damn assumptions

    • Anonymous

      u a clown. how can you compare contact lens wearing gay ass hopsin to gangsta gibbs.

    • Anonymous

      fuck that bitchass hopsin. fuck funk volume.

    • dickick

      hopsin is one of the corniest gayest rappers ever

    • Kizman

      LMAO, don't bother comparing a wack ass gimmick like Hopsin to a real ass street dude like Gibbs. BFK > Hopsin's career


  • Anonymous

    freddie gibbs is nice but unfortunately that gangst music dont sell no more.

  • Anonymous

    young Jeezy a fraud nigga

  • Anonymous

    Okay Gibbs we get it. You hate Jeezy. Leave it alone already and get on with your career. Jeezus.

  • COCA


  • xx004

  • YoungKelzCT

    This nigga is obviously retarded.. How do you not know if you have a deal or not? U trust a nigga that much lmao you need to sign ur own deal GIbbs

  • Anonymous

    If you don't care about him, stop talking about him lol Jeezy didn't owe you. You owed yourself. This happens all the time. The best way to move on is to literally move on and stop talking about how you got a raw deal.

  • micheal myers

  • THe only real faggot gucci mane

    Gucci mane is a fag with a ice cream cone on his face.

  • THe only real gangster gucci mane

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit.

    • Anonymous

      too bad he cant make a hit record to save his life!

    • Anonymous

      its music not who did the most crime, you sit here on your computer and diss someone like nas and say gucci mane is the best rapper to ever live, gucci may have killed someone but that doesnt make his music good, its just my taste in music but i think a retarded monkey could wright a better song than gucci

  • Anonymous

    No not reading your contract makes you look stupid. Also your belly being longer than your shirt makes you look stupid

  • #RuleTalk

    SMH all these new rappers are wack as hell, man we need Ja Rule to walk up in here and start smacking niggas around n gettin them into check.

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    Why is this faggot always trying to act tough? Ugly bald pussy youre not 2pac. Its your own fault for signing to jeezy in the first place. You saw a big name and got your dick hard trying to be famous, we get it. Now shut the fuck up you bum. you lost, deal with it

  • Wow

    He lost me when he said Jeezy TOLD him that he was signed. SIGNED being the operative word. That usually requires your SIGNATURE. I can see if Jeezy kept telling him that he was about to sign. But he thought he already was? Dude gotta learn the business man. Or business in general.

    • Anonymous

      He was high and couldn't remember if he had signed. Honest mistake most wack rappers make daily.

    • ButterySlickness

      When I read it, I figured it was the latter. Gibbs said, "Jeezy out his mouth told me that I had a deal with Epic and I was ready to go full throttle with this shit, but that wasn't the case. He lied." To me, that reads he was told he was getting a contract, and he was ready to sign, but Jeezy never came through.

    • Anonymous

      I know right. LOL!!!! How dumb can a person be.

  • wigger and nigger hunter

    going out hunting for those people rite now

  • Money First

    This goes out to any MC/Rapper/Singer/Entertainer, etc...If you not going to take the time to learn the business get the fuck out of it ASAP!! Its not for you homie!

  • Anonymous

    its not about disrespecting, its just gibbs expected too much from jeezy... He should know its not a major label I just think hes using this for attention and not fucking with this atm

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    jeezy not going to sign someone better than him u cant be better than ur boss

  • zxsss4

  • Art Brooks

    So U thought U got signed to a major label without signing a contract? I got some beachfront property in Arizona for sale if U're interested Gibbs (no contract required - just give me the money and it's yours!)

  • killer nuse

    do u have dyer eyes

  • crazy mother fucker

    walked in this one house 7 days ago whole bunch of ppl hanged them selfs. turn around looked at them they start kicking each others real fast than they stop off and on few mins.then hole bunch of ppl walked in start writeing 66s all over em.devil demons

  • Anonymous

    gibbs more original than jeezy plus his music realer

  • Anonymous

    gibbs got a huge buzz around my town fuck jeezy

  • Anonymous

    wait! he told u signed to epic u aunts see no document, didnt sign none and u believed. u a dumb ass nigga. lol


  • jasonnn

  • 666 devil spys

  • kennyken

    jeezy isn't fake. jeezy is just caught up in the industry. just like jigga.

  • Anonymous

    CTE = Artist Graveyard

    • Anonymous

      Hip-hop equivalent of scammin' seniors out of they pension dough. Not sayin Freddie's vulnerable and shit, but when you promise a dude somethin and don't follow through after much investment and sacrifice on his part, you're a bitch ass nigga. Straight up. Jeezy's bitch-made.

  • Rap Fan

    This dude has to realize you have to put in work to even get noticed. Gibbs does not have the songs or look to make it mainstream. Now he is just using Jeezy's name to get noticed, but the only thing is Jeezy isn't a big name anymore so its falling on deaf ears. Wasted studio time

    • Rap Fan

      Tyga isnt even that good and he paid everything out of pocket as well and look how big he made it.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you haven't heard BFK. Gibbs has the songs and even the look. He could easily make it in the mainstream he just needs to be backed by the proper label. Jeezy wasn't pushin Gibbs like that, he wasn't hookin him up with hot producers and puttin money into makin videos for him. Gibbs was payin for everything out of pocket

    • Anonymous

      "does not have the songs or look to make it mainstream" nor is he willing to, cause he isn't Jeezy. Jezzy did that and became a straight up fake-ass. That's exactly why Gibbs peaced from CTE. Fake-ass bullshit. He could give a fuck if he ever went mainstream, but don't feed a nigga some line about how you're about to get signed to Epic, and then you find out it was 100% bullshit. You tell any muthafucka that, and they're probably gonna get excited to a degree. Gibbs put some work and sacrifice in while at CTE, and got virtually nothing in return.

  • Anonymous

    baby face killa and esgn are 2 of the best mixtapes/albums in a min!

  • Magnus

    Freddie raw, Jeezy fake. Glad Freddie split and doin his own shit now.

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