Kanye West Praises "Pacific Rim" On Twitter, Ignites Conversation

Kanye West takes to Twitter to let everyone know his love for "Pacific Rim."

Kanye West's Twitter account currently has less tweets than it does hundreds of millions of followers, so when the Chicago rapper tweets twice in one minute, it's news.

Recently attending a pre-screening of the movie Pacific Rim, Wednesday, West took to Twitter to give his opinion on the film. According to him Pacific Rim is one of his favorite movies ever.

"I saw a pre-screening of Pacific Rim yesterday and it's easily one of my favorite movies of all time," 'Ye said through the social media site.

In his second tweet, just seconds later, West praised the film's director, Guillermo del Toro, and disassociated the movie from other "Robot" movies.

"This is not another "Robot" movie," he tweeted. "Guillermo del Toro is a master."

The $180 million picture has received mixed pre-release press, and it’s difficult to say whether Kanye West’s input will hurt or help the film's success. Combined, West's two tweets currently have over 12,500 retweets and 7,500 favorites.

Numerous people involved with the film responded to West's words. Ron Perlman, appearing in the movie as a dealer in black-market Kaiju organs, responded to Kanye via Twitter.

“Need Kaiju parts, u get the fam discount!” Perlman tweeted to West, referring to the film's “Kaiju” monsters.

In an interview with The Showbiz 411, actor Robert Kazinsky replied, "No big deal, it’s just Kanye," he said. "Questionable decisions in most of his life, but in this case, I think I’ll go with he’s got excellent taste when it comes to films.”

Pacific Rim opens July 12.

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  • Dohn Joe

    Lame-o movie of the decade: Pacific Rim If you're one of those dorks who get a hard-on from watching robots fight then this movie is for you. All the normal people can pass on this one. Now that Pacific Rim has ended in a Jaeger Bomb (don't ask) I'll spoil-the super-secret plot for Pacific Rim 2: Invasion of Uranus obtained from Guillermo Del Toros official screenp...err...the other side of the cocktail napkin which part 1's storyline is to be found: Giant Kaiju monsters continue their assault on humanity via a new secret home base on Uranus. After failed peace talks and embarrassing defeat after challenging and losing a series of armwrestling matches humanity places it's hope in MGD, the Macarena Gerbil Dance. Giant dancing robots, resembling small rodents and referred to as "Gerbellings", are constructed and trained to perform a choreographed dance in unison forming a force known only as the "Macarena" which, as science has proven, always results in the Kaiju joining the dance until it results in a destructive explosion from within a Kaiju monsters' mid-section. This dance cannot be performed by just any group of pilots - they must be intimately familiar with each other so they can "drift" together and perform dance together correctly. In order to achieve this elite pilots with specific skills are selected and put through weeks of rigorous training consisting of buggery, tea bagging, and watching reruns of Brokeback Mountain until they are "NSync" enough to perform choreographed dancing. The movie concludes with a Gerbelling assault which manages to penetrate Uranus and uses a final MGD to take down the Kaiju home base.

  • foreal

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  • Anonymous

    when he said no big deal its only kanye he was clearly being sarcastic

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West is easily the best artist in pop culture but I guarantee that movies not great

  • jasonnn


  • Heathen_Havoc

    LOL @ "hundreds of millions"?!? really?? or how about 9... Do you even read what you write?? & This isn't news worthy. Stop dickriding this shit artist, he fell the fuck off musically many years ago.

  • Jason

    if you like more CGI I guess. I prefer real actors and a dramatic solid story. Dead Presidents now that's a movie!!!

  • zxsss4


  • Anonymous

    if you go see it cuz kayne went kill yourself

    • Anonymous

      If you take time out of your day to write a comment about Kanye's comment and use that to project onto other people you are an extremely lame individual.

  • from the best era

    I thought hip hop was from the streets. Now its from Hollywood. Fucking sad.

  • wow

    WOW. Robert Kazinsky said Kanye has made "questionable decisions in most his life". Thats a strong statement, homie. Did you grow up with Kanye or something? lol.

  • blitzlegga

    Kanye endorses a movie. So what? He's not the first mainstream artist to get paid to endorse something....

  • TIB

    I'ma leave it to Peter from Family Guy to give my response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLk4Ia0otko

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    fuck kanye fuck drake fuck lil wayne fuck eminem fuck any rapper that killing the the realness we all love

  • zxsss4


  • zxsss4


  • xx009


  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    Most moronic article I've read in a long time. "Ignites conversation" lmfao

  • jus10

    This movie looks awesome, but no doubt Kanye was paid to promote this film... and maybe DX?

  • Anonymous

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    Would you like to become a HHDX editor? Well here's your chance bitch, all you need is a twitter account, the ability to read, and a keyboard. Pick a rapper, find something he or she posted on social media, and BAM! You are a fucking HHDX editor. P.S....dentaldamboy is a faggot who sticks ballpark franks up his ass

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ye was paid to tweet that (much like his girlfriend's random praise of Bahrain a while ago) and HHDX were paid to write an article about it (or they just had no other news).

  • Homo Nigga

    Ima let ya'll finish, but pacific rim was one of kanye's favorite movies of all time, of all time.

  • Anonymous

    That movie looks like a gay wannabe japanese anime cartoon

  • Nick Newman

    So if I follow these artists on twitter and write a full-blown article about what said artists talk about on twitter, can I be a Hiphopdx journalist??

  • So Icy Boi!

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  • Bobyahed2dis

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    not a lot of news today, huh?

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  • trash

    shitty movie seen by a shitty rapper

  • nohomo

    this just proves that this homo is an idiot!

  • Anonymous

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  • jasonnn


  • 666


  • Anonymous

    DX, What has this to do with hiphop? Is this news? Kanye giving his opinion about an movie. What next: Dr. Dre says that the farts of Eminem dont smell like parfum

  • imho

    im the first one to call kanye a premadonna emotional female.. but how are ppl mad bec he likes a movie? really though he cant say he likes a movie and somehow it wrong.. people are so petty its crazy im glad im not famous bec id prob caught bodies by now.

    • Anonymous

      Not butthurt, I just called you out for what you are. A faggy dude that talks shit but calls other people "petty" for talking shit.

    • imho

      butt hurt? and for what reason?

    • Anon

      Shut up you queer, talking about calling Ye a "premadonna emotional female" and then you want to talk about how people are petty. Shut the fuck up, you douche.

  • Kanye Guest

    pacific rim sucks fuck off kanye you have horrible music tastes now horrible movie tastes kim k sedate you with her skank pussy

    • Anonymous

      someone needs to lay off the dick. that's the only explanation as to why you're so butthurt. faggot.

  • Foekist

    Robert Kazinsky's comment is the best comment I have heard about Kanye in years! Questionable decisions in most of his life>>>>>>CLASSIC

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