Jay-Z & Beyonce Appear At "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Celebration

Timbaland and Nick Cannon join Jay-Z and Beyonce at a Brooklyn warehouse party held in celebration of the release of "Magna Carta Holy Grail."

For powerhouse couple Jay-Z and Beyonce, the evening before the Fourth of July holiday was spent celebrating the release of Jay-Z’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The project was released exclusively to Samsung customers on July 4 via an app that allowed users to download the album for free thanks to a partnership between the Brooklyn rapper and Samsung.

The Magna Carta Holy Grail celebration took place at the Pier 41 Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn and was also attended by producer and Magna Carta Holy Grail contributor Timbaland, actor/television host Nick Cannon, Adrienne Bailon, and more.

Magna Carta Holy Grail, which serves as Jay-Z’s first solo album since 2009’s The Blueprint 3, will be made available for purchase to the general public beginning on Sunday, July 7.

Pictures from the celebration, courtesy of Kevin Mazur (WireImage), can be found below.

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  • jj

    lol look at lil dude in left corner jus lookin at jay in last two pics

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z can't dance. That's obvious, but then again rap's undisputed goat Rick Ross can't dance, but has already received word that he's qualified for the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

  • Lisa D. Mendez

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  • Lisa D. Mendez

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  • Anonymous

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  • sewlyt

    Our only desire is to rise up.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah where is the song with Rae??? I see a deluxe version in the near future

  • xx004


  • sxxx9


  • sincereproducer


  • ty

    This nigga cant dance for shit.

  • Anonymous

    This album sucks okay its better then a wale or wayne album or other crap these days but it aint a blueprint! Biggie is rolling in his grave this hipster is doing a song with Justin Timberlkae.

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but i listened to the album a few times to give it a shot but it didn't work out for me. it's a fuckin huge DISAPPOINTMENT ! people sayin this album is dope are totally blind by the idolatry they have on jay. as far the production goes, the lyrics, the concept of the album, the features etc it's a fuckin failure it definitely worths a 1/5 nothin more

  • Anonymous

    hey Jay, that's faggot dance lol

  • Quit Mr. Kardashian

    Wasn't Rae supposed to be on the album? Anyway. It's a good album. Oddly enough Jay-Z Blue and BBC the 2 songs I was looking forward to the most weren't that great. I fucking hate FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt. The beat is crazy, but Jay and Ross seriously wasted what could be a hell of a banger Nothing is amazing but everything is good. So overall I enjoyed it. From Wikipedia it said that TImbo did like 10 tracks and his production is actually pretty good as well.

  • Anonymous

    album is straight ass...a couple of tracks sound like left overs from timberlake and ross' sessions with timbaland

  • Anonymous

    what a waste of good production

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule was denied entry at the door.

  • TRE

    i cant believe people are digging this album so much it's like the definition of average. better then Yeezus, still mediocre.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    just finished listening to a stream of the album, and this album is fucking insane!.. jay killed this album and the production was amazing too.. definitely copping this next week.. one of the best i've heard this year..

  • Dentaldamboy

    to keep it 100 you never see jay fans shitting on nas in every jay z post.. its always the other way round. jay fans got nothing to prove because jay is already highly regarded. opn the other hand i cant even enjoy a new nas song on this site without reading some nas fuckboy saying some sideways shit about jay because nas gets somewhat over looked and they dont think jay deserves all the love her gets. i think nas dickriders are just insecure about nas' place in hip hop and the fact that jay, his rival, is more esteemed and celebrated by pop culture. so they are constantly talking down on jay on every blog to make nas look better. nas already top 5 DOA, yet his groupies despise jay's success to the point where they become bigger haters of jay than they are fans of nas himself. but personlly i think all dickriders need to just stop listening to their music personally.

  • Way past his prime

    Can we face the facts here? Its his 12th studio album. The dude is just going through the motions at this point and is simply riding his wave of success into old age. MCHG pretty terrible but hey, Jay and everyone around him is probably very happy with the career and legacy he has set up for himself today.

  • Anonymous

    no essence jay bout his money

  • Anonymous

    wtf are kanye and jay thinkin seperate religion for rap and get lyrical muthafucka

  • Anonymous

    i hate his album bring back the raw emcee

  • Anonymous

    if you dont have MANGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL yet i suggest you go get it 10/10 www. hiphopgood .com has it along with all the albums from this past year.

  • Bernice S. Reed

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  • GjiggaJ

    Clapp for a Nigga with ya rapping ass!! HOVA Killed the whole joint!! People be with all that Hate, Crazy!! MCHG Tight CD!!

  • Anonymous

    why is your website always late on news? i read this shit 2 days ago on raprader and complex

  • Stupid Headline

    Who would have thought the man who created the album and his wife would appear at the launch party for the album?

  • Anonymous

    what is wrong on that black guys (timbaland?) back of the head on 1st picture????

  • Anonymous

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  • JAY-Z


  • Andre Allen

    Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind non credited guest appearances? I was listening to the new Jay and track "BBC" has non credited guest appearances from Nas, Swizz, Timbo, Bey, and JT. What is the purpose of this? I would think a guest appearance from Nas would be very attractive to the potential consumer, so why not publisize it?

  • wer

    Look at Jay-Z he is dancing like a faggot with that fist in the air! And why celebration? This album is funeral music. jay sucks nowadays.

  • Truth

    I'm a HUGE Jay-Z fan but honestly, this album is wack as fuck!! I listened to it 4 times to give it a chance but came to the same conclusion. Jay is at the point where he can drop average beats, lame/tired lyrics (with wack subject matter) and people will still defend him. Like I said, I'm a fan of Jay but this album is GARBAGE!!

  • Anonymous

    MCHG was actually pretty good, honestly ya'll make quick ass decisions I listened to it at least 5 times and its becoming one of my fav HOV album.

  • Anonymous

    the album is wack as fuck only two tracks are worth listening to : BBC (feat. Nas) and Blue 1/5

    • NewRules

      Jay murdered Nas.

    • TrollHunter

      I agree the album is wack but BBC? That commercial sounding trash NAAHHHHHHHHH. Best tracks where Oceans and SomewhereinAmerica. This album is a huge dissapointment

    • Anonymous

      4/5 easy. Ironically - BBC and Blue (and the beyonce one) are worst tracks but still OK. The of the album is fire. You stay popping molly, I'm rocking Tom Ford.

    • Not Impressed

      The song with Nas was the probably the worst song on there and I'm a huge Nas fan. The beat and subject matter of the song is horrible. I'm just not impressed

    • Anonymous

      The track with Nas actually SUCK

    • chris

      nigga you lost your mind....album is fire.....stop looking for bubble gum rap and shit ti twerk too...

  • Beyonce

    Part II (on the run) and Beach is Better is my shiiiii..

  • TrollHunter


  • TrollHunter

    This album was a HUUUGGEEE disappointment nonetheless, Jay-Z is still the GOAT.

  • Court_jester11

    Why is it news that Jay-Z was at HIS album release party??

  • Anonymous

    What ya'll honestly think about the album? Not in the sense of today's shit, but for jigga's standards.

    • Anonymous

      Good Question. Well personally I can't say Ive heard a more genric album this year. That to be said its does knock in the whip ridiculously well... MCHG > Blueprint 3 ///That's a given. every track is pretty fucking good. but nothing is super duper amazing..maybe F.U.T.W or Somewhereinamerica. Rick Ross and Frank Ocean kinda take over their tracks, soncially. Only cringe moment is Nas singing "rip to gianni" on the hook of BBC... doesn't sit well with me.... (EITHER is still best beef record of all time) and last point - wtf happen to Raekwon..?? he clearly didn't make the cut. would of been nice. 4/5 strong effort. Best cut. Picassco Baby.

  • xx009


  • Not Impressed

    I'm just not feeling the new album. The beats are okay, but they aren't good enough to make me want to listen more then once. And the lyrics are just garbage. It's clear Jay-Z just talks about money and shit because he has nothing to rap about. I'm not impressed.

    • NewRules

      Again, writing long ass comments to cover your hatred under paragraphs. What a fucking loser.

    • Anonymous

      Kinda like how Yeezus is about nothing?

    • Not Impressed

      ^^^ Not impressed by your comment. Whenever people say vague things like "deep", they're revealing that it has no substance. What is so "deep" about this album? Because on every song I heard, he was just bragging about money and being rich, like he always does. None of that shit is deep, you're just over hyping it because you're a fan. The lyrics are basic, and most of the songs are about nothing.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know what you were listening to but its defiantly not MCHG, cause he talks about a lot of things clearly you don't listen and only hear the vulgar things lol. Honestly listen to it he talks about deep things, oceans deep as fuck, Heaven talks about earth being heaven or hell depending how you make it seriously you got to listen fuck

    • Very Impressed

      Nope. Magna Carta>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yeezus. Yeezus is gay.

    • Not Impressed

      Nope. Yeezus > Magna Carta

    • Anonymous

      You just described Yeezus.

  • Anonymous

    All these ymcmb groupies hating on Jigga, album was nice but Jay Z really 42 years old, in 2013 wearing chains that big

    • mased

      so does slick rick...so does ghost face, so does nas...and with the price of gold what it is, im sure thats about a 50k gold chain..

    • Rap Fan

      Jay had dudes wearing diamond chains, switched it up back to gold and all these rappers copied him. I will say his gold chain is massive...

  • Drake runs rap

    album was trash drakes album will shit on gay z drake will outsell jay z drake runs rap fact

  • Anonymous


  • zxsss4


  • zxsss9


  • dentaldamboy

    All of us at ymccmb listened to the album and we all thought that Jay Z is wack.

    • Anonymous

      Stay making up bullshit, dentalbitch.

    • dentaldamboy

      Im telling you the truth. Beyonce has most of jay z's money (men are still paying for the shit we treated women in the 1900's) and Jay Z got desperate.

    • Whoop Dat Ass

      The only reason dentaldambitch posts here everyday cause you dumb motherfuckers reply to him. Quit replying to him and maybe him and his lies will go the fuck away

    • Anonymous

      Keep making up lies, dentalbitch. Your hate won't stop Jay-Z from being more successful.

    • -

      of course you did y;all have no taste i've heard the music y'all make... WWWWWWWWACK

    • dentaldamboy

      No, Riaa changed that albums SOLD online are immediately eligible for certification instead of waiting 30 days later like physical cds. Jay Z sold 1 million copies HIMSELF to Samsung. Since they are not sold at stores or online stores, they aren't counted. And Beyonc is richer than Jay Z because she got most of his money.

    • foreal

      RIAA actually changed how they recognize sales because of this deal. and beyonce is probably richer than jay z

    • dentaldamboy

      Jay Z may proclaim it already platinum but riaa won't recognize it. Jay Z had to resort to this deal because beyonce has most of Jay Z's money and she needed it for her tour and upcoming album.

    • foreal

      he sold the first million copies to Samsung, it wasnt a loan. Dont get mad at dude for making a smart business deal of pushing an album out to a company that wanted to buy a million copies. i'm not a businessman, i'ma business.....man. - Jay Z

    • dentaldamboy

      Jay Z did not sell a million copies. He signed a deal to loan a million copies out. Otherwise, it would maybe go gold at best. Yeezus won't go platinum and Wayne will. Wayne choose not to because that hinders promotion.

    • dentaldamboy

      Won't sign a samsung type deal BTW.

    • imho

      people in shelters wouldnt take the album if wayne said they could sell it on the street for 100 percent profit.

    • foreal

      i get it... you guys are jealous since Jay Z can sell a million copies before his album drops and weezy struggles to go gold. weezy couldnt give away a million copies of his album. well... maybe he could. people need drink coasters and something to roll their weed on

  • Anonymous

    thats a big ass chain Jay got on, it looks HEAVY!!

  • Anonymous

    Shaw dat ass B, shake shake it!

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