50 Cent Says Chief Keef Didn't Follow His Advice

50 Cent reveals why he was drawn to helping Chief Keef, says the teen rapper ultimately "didn't listen."

When Queens rapper 50 Cent expressed his interest in working with teen emcee Chief Keef, many were taken aback by Fifty’s decision to serve as what seemed to be a musical mentor to the Chi-Town rapper. During a recent interview with Hartford, Connecticut’s HOT 93.7, 50 Cent spoke specifically on attempting to help Keef and the reason why he chose to do so.

According to 50 Cent, due to his own experiences he felt he knew exactly what moves had to be made to help Keef in his music career, but despite his expertise, the rapper “didn’t listen.”

“I actually was attracted to the Chief Keef thing. Cause I was like, ‘I can help him. I know what to do. Just do this.’ He didn’t listen…He’s a man…So, when I talk to him, [he] don’t have to take it. I’m not his father. That’s his business. It’s certain things that I look at and go ‘If you play your hand this way, you can be good. If you go them other ways, you gon’ have a hard time.’ And them bumps in the road they’re there for you. It’s not like you exempt.”

Similarly to 50 Cent, who notoriously feuded with everyone from Rick Ross to Ja Rule, Chief Keef has also found himself in an unfavorable light due to issues with fellow artists including Windy City lyricist Lupe Fiasco and pop star Katy Perry. That’s likely one of a handful of career similarities that may have led to 50 Cent referring to the Chief Keef project as his own.

Fifty even offered up advice to artists like Keef as he spoke on the evolution that can take place once an artist stops being conscious of their actions and surroundings.

“Chief Keef’s project is the 50 Cent project,” he revealed. “It’s the same project. In the beginning, he’s completely influenced by the environment. That’s the nightmare. He’s gonna go through what actually happened. And he’s gonna get bumped around. If you catch on and you start to actually say, ‘What’s the [roof] of the situation? I want to be at the highest point I can actually take it in this actual situation.’ And you stop being conscious of your actions and things that’s going on around you then you can actually evolve into something significant.”

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "actually, actually, actually..." that's 50 favorite word in interviews! He actually think he sounds smart, but he actually needs to expand his vocabulary because he actually sounds retarded!

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    • Anonymous

      who cares about his vocabulary! at least he aint out here tweeting that he just arrived in the beautiful COUNTRY of africa like the boy Officer Ricky Rozay. nigga graduated high school. went to college, is black and still aint know Africa is a damn CONTINENT not a country ! NIGGA SHIT

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  • Anonymous

    His advice was to snitch at any point of time , make sure you hit women , do some roids and be a straight to dvd actor

  • Anonymous

    Stop calling this dude Sosa, there is one S.O.S.A. and it's AZ.

  • Anonymous

    I think its easy for 50 to be wise now that hes living comfortably, but clearly he is way smarter and adjusted for the real world than Keef. I like "Bitches love sosa" but that kid is not going to be the next 50, giving advice to the new new comers. Dead or in jail



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  • Anonymous

    Start being conscious or stop being conscious

  • Anonymous

    "no he wont, he on jay-z and diddy level. he a mogul" Oh now he's a mogul? lol Not quite.

  • Anonymous

    "he knows keef, they work for the same label and 50 gives great interviews, that's why they go to him. they wanna know what 50 thinks about keef's recent jail problems" Keef didn't even show up for his video shoot with 50 Cent, so now they're best friends? lol People go to him because they know his past track record of finding new and inventive ways of subliminally taking credit for someone's career/success, or dissin them for publicity purposes. The only people who "know" Keef well are those who actually hang with him 24/7, so there's no need for Curtis to pretend he can relate to him. He can't, so just say I wish him luck and move on.

  • Anonymous

    chief keef is just your typical young dumb uneducated person from the hood.

  • fawaka

    I think it is really funny that they say "teen emcee Chief Keef" since when is chief keef a emcee hahaahahah

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  • Chi-Ill

    I'm a fan of fif but he gots to stop using "Actually" in every other sentence! Get em fif, chief need to wake up and take nikka advice!

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    Chief Keef, Trinidad James, etc. will all fade away

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    No joke within the next year he'll either be in jail or be dead, his rap career hasn't even taken off yet his ruined it

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  • Anonymous

    When 50 speaks you listen Chief Keef dumb as fuck, if a nigga like 50 is giving me advice I'm listening look how much his made in and out of rap

  • dboi fresh

    50 wasn't lookin to help homie he just saw keef was buzzing hard so he thought he could get back in the game.... Keef wit the squad now 50 we don't roll with pigs... U niggas dnt want it wit them bricksqaud niggas

  • Anonymous

    u gotta respect the fact that 50 tried to look out for lil nigga. Hope Gucci can at least talk some sense to the youngin

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  • foreal

    chief keef sucks at rapping. i dont get why him getting locked up every 3 weeks is a problem.

  • Anonymous

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  • KidOnTheCouch

    The only teacher in this world is experience and hers are lessons you learn forever.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is still a debate damn that's old news man move on.

  • Ricky Rozay the Bawse

    Ricky worked as a CO for ONE year. Youve never seen thug niggas who hold down day-jobs? He has many real Miami thugs that he still runs around with to vouch for him Sure, some of his rhymes are fabricated, but who the fucks arent? Rap is full of hyperboles and bragging. Tell me a rapper that hasnt made up shit in his rhymes, and Ill call you a liar Bawse!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "and they asked him about keef what he supposed to say" I wish him luck. End of questions.

  • Anonymous

    "curtis is a 9 figga nigga...i dont think he cares about attention..." Then why is he always doing interviews and showing up places he isn't wanted?

    • YESSIR

      Wayne is worth a billion 50 is worth 4 mil wayne has 11 number1 albums 50 has 4 albums, 2 at number1 YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you have that same dilemma, you don't have to comment every time curtis is mentioned, but you do. you're free to share your opinion, why isn't he? he knows keef, they work for the same label and 50 gives great interviews, that's why they go to him. they wanna know what 50 thinks about keef's recent jail problems. the internet barely said a peep about 50 for months, but when they do now, he's seeking attention, says the ones who give him the attention. lol

    • Anonymous

      example of showing up to places he wasnt wanted please

  • JLAW

    "Let Fitty Down" track coming soon?

  • Big C

    Gonna be funny 20 years from now when we talk about how well 50 did with his life.

  • Anonymous

    wait, is that Chief Keef nigga the same nigga who was burstin' out in tears when he was handed his juvie time??? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

  • Richard Tease

    I listened to chief keef's album on my 30 day trial of google play all access. I canceled that sh*t afterwards. Keef is probably one of the worst rappers ever. I hope the hip hop police put him away for life. On what charges? for being worthless

  • Bruce_Leroy

    Sorry Fif, the difference is while you could actually spit while Keef can't rap to save his damn life...and South Jamaica aint Chicago...

  • tom brady

    that nigga keef a real nigga he don't need no advice that nigga a savage #300

  • Anonymous

    he said actual and actually 625 times....step ya vocab up 50

  • Anonymous

    fuck outta here with your advice ! you're probably one of the biggest failure in hip-hop alongside ja rule and mc hammer. nobody forgot how your career crashed down after your second LP. therefore don't be surprise if even a 17 years old crack head don't follow your "advice"

    • Anonymous

      are you mad because he's making moves and alot of money outside of rap??? He really is set for life without the rap money! Look at all the endorsements he received after his "career crashed" after the Massacre album! If he told you how to get endorsements after his rap career "crashed", you would heed that advice to get rich too you stupid fuck nigga! GTFOH!

    • The Game

      tell 50 why you mad thou? no seriously its not like he gon read this. Go to 50's twitter n post this matter fact I double dare u. U aint bout that life. Go ahead diss me faggot n I ll put on u 600 bars



  • STFUUIgnants

    Chief Keef is too immature & high all the time to listen to sound advice. Well at least it won't stick. He probably thought it was some real talk, then the next day was like "I was kicking w/50?".

  • Yessir kills Tupac


    • Anonymous

      smh what a troll I wish i can go back in time and punch your pregnet mother in the stomach causing her to have a misscarage and you not being born thus saving the world from your stupidity

  • Fish

    50, ask yourself this - Aside from your bank balance, does Sosa want to be like you? Answer - NOOOOOO!! Why would he want to follow in the footsteps of someone who has spent roughly 7 years making himself totally irrelevant to the point where the only time you're even in the news is when you mention someone who is poppin like Keef??

    • Rap Fan

      Of course Keef would like to be like 50. Keef likes to flash money all the time and 50 is in the top 5 richest rappers. Also, 50 is irrelevant because he still gets alot of hits online and news stories. Basically he is set for life and his kids. I am sure Keef would like that but he is uneducated and ignorant, thats why he doesnt listen. Sometimes it seems like Keef is retarded...

    • Anonymous

      Chief was NEVER relevant. He had one hit internet song (not even a hit on the charts) and was forgotten about the next month, not that many people cared about him to begin with.

    • Anonymous

      Even if 50 is irrelevant in hip hop today, he's been through what chief keef is going to go through. Why not take the chance to learn from someone who's willing to mentor you, and who's been successful. You don't have to go through the hard times to learn. It's possible to avoid those times by learning from other people's mistakes.

    • Anonymous

      Yes because going around shooting ppl with a water gun n going to juvi over dumb shit plus taking a baseball player from his city's name as his is relevant. NEWS FLASH HE SHOULD ACTUALLY FOLLOW 50'S FOOTSTEPS. Sure its not like Jay or Diddy are offering him advice. Its either Gucci or 50: Pick One

    • Anonymous

      50 more relevant and known that keefs bum ass. he sold 200k yet? LOL

  • Roll Tide

    I like how they said Chief Keef project; this nigga is all fiction

  • stabler420

    I don't like his music much. You have to admit that he's pretty businesses savvy though. If you have a brain on your shoulders you would recognize that what he says actually makes sense.

  • zxsss4


  • Anonymous

    Curtis is starved for attention.

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  • Anonymous

    lol chief keef's beefs are nothing like 50. 50 was way more aggressive

  • John-Boy

    I'm pretty sure Chief Keef hasn't followed anybodys advice. Ever.

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