Suge Knight Is Wanted In Two Additional Arrest Warrants

Two driving violations and missed hearings reportedly made Compton's Suge Knight a wanted man for the second time in 2013.

Former Death Row Records CEO and co-founder Marion "Suge" Knight has amassed a reputation for legal trouble. The Compton, California native has spent over five of the last 15 years incarcerated, for charges ranging from probation violation to assault. He may soon add to his rap sheet, as reports that two separate warrants are issued for the executive producer to Tupac's All Eyez On Me album, among many others.

The celebrity news site reports that these warrants are different from the pair reported in February of 2013, a warrant TMZ says those are now "resolved."

These new warrants reportedly pertain to two hearings Knight had in June regarding a case from 2011 and one from 2012, when cops busted him driving on a suspended license. TMZ's sources allege that Knight failed to appear in both hearings, prompting the bench warrants.

Both warrants are reportedly for $20,000 each.

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  • Anonymous

    314 W. Florence Ave. Los Angeles

  • Norris Day

    He exchanged V cards with the retards.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    rick ross = new suge knight. both of those OG's are cold blooded gangsters who just care about making profit.. i can see ross as being young suge knight and meek mill is 'pac.. mmg vs g-unit is like death row vs bad boy.. and death row wins, 50 is done

  • Anonymous

    karma is a mothafucker

    • Anonymous

      do you really think this is a case of bad karma coming back to bite him in the ass? this is a matter of him being irresponsible and not keeping his shit in order and being careful not to break any laws or traffic rules. if he was more attentive to these issues then none of this shit would be happening, after all, the reason why he's always getting arrested and having warrants out on him the past several years is because of stupid shit like driving on suspended licenses and shit like that.

  • C.O. Roberts

    Warning inmate Knight is not to be left un-supervised with other prisoners as he will rape them for his own amusement

  • hollywood

    Come on man.. first off Hip Hop is reporting from TMZ... DOn't you get it TMZ REPORTS THE DOWNFALL OF HIP HOP or any MAN who isn't gay.. DO you see any articles on GAY DUDES with Tax trouble or Gay dudes that didn't know about a parking ticket from 5 years ago no... COme on Hip Hop DX stop with the according to TMZ crap. Until TMZ balances the scale on their reporting by no means should any site with the name HIP HOP take articles from them without questioning their credibility.

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