Hit-Boy No Longer Signed To G.O.O.D. Music

"I came in and I did...what I was supposed to do," says Hit-Boy of his time with G.O.O.D. Music.

During his time with G.O.O.D. Music, Hit-Boy produced "Niggas in Paris" for Jay-Z and Kanye West, "Cold" with Kanye and DJ Khaled, "Clique" with Kanye, Jay-Z and Big Sean, and a slew of other tracks.

Despite what would appear to be a very fortuitous relationship, Hit-Boy revealed in an interview with Miss Info at the 2013 BET Awards Radio room that he is no longer affiliated with the house that Yeezy built.

"I got nothin' but respect for Kanye, [but] I'm no longer a part of G.O.O.D. Music anymore," he said. "HS87 is where my heart is, that's what I'm reppin'."

HS87 refers to Hit-Boy's crew, which released its debut album All I've Ever Dreamed Of via MySpace.

Info asked Hit-Boy whether any specific reason led to his departure from G.O.O.D. Music. "No, just committed by contract. I did what I was supposed to do. I came in and I did six, seven singles for the label, and did what I was supposed to do."

The producer also briefly commented on Kanye's latest album, Yeezus. "I love it. It's great. I think, just sonically, a lot of the things that he's doing is Kanye. He's supposed to be doing that."

Watch the interview below:

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  • dentaldamboy

    I told each and everyone one of you dumb cunts that GOOD Music was falling apart, and none of you believed me. Maybe now you will finally understand that I do talk to Birdman every day. The only ones left on GOOD (other than Kanye) are Pusha T, CyHi, Teyana Taylor and Big Sean. The first three have no buzz and no release dates planned. Big Sean doesn't roll with Kanye...only with Wayne. GOOD music will be a defunct company soon.

    • dentaldamboy@hhdx.com

      Someone pretending to be me said that I'm from Compton (i'm from New Orleans) and mentions the gay orgies. The only rapper who is enemies with YMCMB that is gay is Jay-Z and that's through his relationship with Larry Johnson. I'm sure you can tell the difference between me and people pretending to be me based on the writing styles. Aside from that, I actually do work as an accountant for YMCMB. I do talk to Birdman every day that he is in the office and a lot of cool people come to visit the offices (not to see me...but to see Birdman). And in the article about Kid Cudi leaving GOOD Music and in one article about Pusha T dissing Wayne, i did write that GOOD Music is falling apart.

    • Anonymous

      dental, out of all the times that i've seen you comment, you always talk about how your least favorite rappers get involved in a gay orgy, how you talk to birdman every day, how many different people walk into your "office", how different artists were going to sign to cash money but other people threatened them, how kanye and j cole are flopping and lil wayne isn't, how you're from compton, and a whole lot of other made up bullshit, but never have you once said that good music is falling apart.. and travis scott is still under good music as a producer, while also signed to ti.. and you say you always tell the truth?.. i'm still waiting on that evidence that you're a ymcmb accountant, nigga.. oh, that's right, you can't because you're a lying ass bitch..

    • dentaldamboy

      @ Anon...I have always said that GOOD Music is falling apart. I always tell the truth and you are a liar for trying to deny the truth. And Travis Scott is signed to TI now. So go fuck yourself you GOOD music groupie.

    • Anonymous

      dentaldumbitch, you never said shit about good music falling apart.. just because somebody leaves a label doesn't mean the entire label is going to fall.. and you forgot about other acts signed to good like mos def, john legend, q-tip, mr hudson and travis scott.. and you can say that you talk to birdman and that you are a ymcmb accountant all you want, but no one will ever believe you.. if you really are, then why won't you show us proof or evidence, huh?..

    • All Commenters On HHDX

      We still dont believe you. Get lost nigga

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  • Anonymous

    he did what his was suppose to do : give kanye and hova his best beats until ppl got sick of his style.



    • Anonymous

      who left wayne's label?.. omarion, currensy, boo, kidd kidd and lil chuckee all left.. checkmate!..

  • Ballin

    Yeezus was so bad Kid Cudi & Hitboy realized they better leave before Kanye reaches Soulja Boy status.

  • Anonymous

    looksthat"jayz interview" track got him dropped.


    LMAO BAD FUCKING MOVE. He thinks he can make it on his own?? Really?? No personality, no originality, no style and he's not light skinned so the white people won't support. Making beats for good music was his lifetime meal ticket. He fucked up thinking he's talented enough to do this shit alone. He is like J Cole, he has a Kanye complex. He saw Kanye doing the early albums alone and seems how far he made it doing beats then rapping and he thinks he can follow that same path and be successful. NEGATIVE. Kanye was only successful because he was extreme talented, he has it all as an artist, hit boy doesn't. This is the last time we will ever see this dude...I promise you in 1 years time people won't even remember his name.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. Dude is a talented producer (MC..eh) and He's already laid a foundation for himself working with artists like Fab, Big Sean, Ye, etc. He doesn't need Kanye's label to progress even more. In this day an age, you don't need the full backing of a major.

    • Anonymous

      @Finz....ear thrasher....lol...

    • Anonymous

      lol, you don't even know what your life is gonna look like on Friday but you know all about some rapper's future career. you look stupid right now.

    • Finz

      bad move? you are a moron. if anything leaving GOOD music was a smart long term move. Why? because well over half the artists on GOOD will be nobodies in a few years. Kanye will stop making music soon after that terrible, ear thrasher of a project he just released. Pusha T is going no where, and Travis Scott and the rest of the artists are just no name mixtape artists who will never sell big. The only artist here who is going to succeed in the long term is Big Sean, and thats only if his next album does well (its been co signed by eminem so thats why im being half positive) other then that, what the fuck is GOOD Music. Most people stopped giving a shit about them after that terrible ear thrasher we call Cruel Summer. All that being said, how can you say Hit Boy is talentless?! The dude is a basic ass emcee who will never make it as a rapper since he really has no uniqueness in that area (his flow and voice is boring) but as a producer? are you kidding me? Go watch the Westlake video of him and fabulous in the studio going through his beats. Some of those beats are INSANE. Quit nitpicking. More and more artists AND producers are going independant because it makes more sense!

    • Mike Balls

      White people wont support him because of his skin tone? Pretty sure white people supported Kanye, Dre, Snoop, Jay-Z, Diddy, 50, Wu Tang etc... I think it speaks to your own prejudiced views when you think racist white people make the distinction between shades of black.

  • So Icy Boi!

    finally diz talented producer left dat shitty label. YMCMB will sign him soon. just check. C5 gon be a classic. swag

  • dentaldamboy

    Hit Boy is producing beats for tha carter 5 and told me he left because kayne was trying to rape hit boy in the ass. Ran the fuck out.

  • Rap Fan

    Who cares about him leaving G.O.O.D Music. Cudi already left and nobody is really pushing any decent music from the camp. Pusha T's album so far sounds like trash. Kanye's album wasn't even a Hip Hop album. To top it off, 2 Chainz got robbed and lied about it, he had us all thinking he was a duffle bag boy. G.O.O.D Music had the summer on lock last year but this year they have fallen the fuck off.

    • Anonymous

      Im not basing it on Album sales, cause I dont really look into all that when judging music. I liked Guap as a single, I dont think it "flopped" per se. I think it got a good amount of attention. Ive heard switch up one time and it could very well be a flop.... I was basing it on Big Sean's skill and ability. I think he is a pretty good rapper and as long as his beats are straight, he can put out a good album. His singles are sounding a whole lot better than Pusha T's! And Im a huge Pusha T fan!

    • Anonymous

      "...Even though Big Sean's album has potential to be good. Pusha T's singles have been lackluster. " what are you basing this on? big seans last 2 singles flopped (guap and switch up). an em collab/cosign doesnt mean anything in terms of quality. em has never had an ear for talent and cultivating it. aftermath is full of flopped signees, and lets not all forget that loyal to the game album em produced. em is great when it comes to his own stuff, but as far as talent scouting goes the guy has little credibility. not saying it wont be good but i wont take em's word right off the bat

    • Anonymous

      ^ good has been an official label for over 3 years now.

    • CyHI the (never come) Prince

      good musicc,ymbmc, mmg etc are all brands NOT labels. ie. you sign and can use the name, rep the team - and may get inivited to studio once it a while... unless u have a real deal ie, big sean def jam you paying for you're on marketing, travel the whole 9! SO...

    • Ken RIley Jr

      I agree 100% Rap Fan.... ...Even though Big Sean's album has potential to be good. Pusha T's singles have been lackluster. Good enough not to be called "trash", but not as good as I thought it was going to be. Kanye's album aint even Hip Hop, so thats that. Hit-Boy was the best thing they had going... Kanye is gonna be forced to come down to earth, and get back on his boom-bap shit, and chill with the EDM.. or GOOD music is gonna fall the fuck off.

    • Anonymous

      You know nothing about rap, faggot.

  • Anonymous

    G.O.O.D. Music is starting to feel like Shady Records splitting after The Re-Up dropped...

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