Asher Roth Addresses Woes With SRC & Def Jam Records

Asher Roth expresses his desire to relay his music directly to fans following a handful of ill label experiences.

Morrisville, Pennsylvania rapper Asher Roth has become the latest artist to channel his thoughts into an open letter addressed directly to fans and released exclusively via As an artist who has faced his share of highs and lows in the music industry, Asher spoke specifically on his various, musical trials and tribulations in his letter.

The Asleep In The Bread Aisle rapper went on to detail two particular occurrences where two promising records of his ultimately lost the attention of Def Jam, while at the same time the Steve Rifkind-created SRC label he was signed to begun to fold.

“The label had begun its search for ‘I Love College II’ and I was only interested in compiling household recordings over some of my favorite beats, which became known as Seared Foie Gras With Quince And Cranberry,” Asher explained. “I remember recording ‘I’m Eddy’ and feeling like I had accomplished something. Something I was proud of. For the most part, nobody at the label really gave a shit…The lack of direction and certainty inspired a song titled ‘G.R.I.N.D.’ I remember being overwhelmed with that ‘When the going gets tough…’ feeling. I was so proud to play the song for record executives. I thought for sure an uplifting singalong coupled with an honest outlook on the daily work load would satisfy all parties involved. However, reality reared its ugly head and the reconfiguration of UMG left the song with no real home.”

With his Greenhouse Effect Volume 2 mixtape due out later today (June 25), Asher now plans on taking what he refers to as “the scenic route” with his music and hopes to deliver his music directly to fans.

“That is why I’ve decided to stray from the path UMG has laid for me and continue on the scenic route. I prefer to relay my music directly to my fans. Show them what it is I see,” said the rapper. “Share with them what it is I think. I enjoy letting you hear free-flowing ideas recorded in basements and broom closets. Who cares that they will probably never be heard on the radio? I want to be proactive and not reactive and I would rather nothing get in the way of the relationship I have with my family, friends, fans and my music.”

With today’s release of Asher's open letter, he joins a number of artists who have taken their sentiments to pen and pad. Earlier in the year, Seattle rapper Macklemore penned an open letter after receiving criticism for the use of his song “Wings” in a NBA All-Star Game commercial.

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  • micheal myers

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    asher roth is making the right choice


  • 666[term]=michael%20myers&filters[primary]=images&sort=1&o=193

  • dam

    Im trying to figure out the hidden joke with the Wiz picture behind Asher.

  • Mike

    Hopefully he can drop a album soon

  • Michael V. Copeland

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  • Anonymous

    These label heads arent as smart as they think they are. As an artist you gotta do you and then the labels are gonna follow. Ill use columbia for example Keep in mind Columbia told beyonce that her first album didnt have ANY hit singles on it. They were beyond wrong. They passed on Kanye AND dropped 50 cent. They also dropped Mariah Carey then her next album went triple platinum on island def jam. Universal head Sylvia Rone told Drake hed never be a platinum selling artist. etc etc. Point is FUCK THEM LABEL HEADS

  • Anonymous

    I don't know why he is surprised. I knew right away he was going to get shelved again when he signed with Def Jam. All these majors are gonna do that to him. Stick with the indie labels dude.

  • Kramer

    Damn, its upsetting no one is giving Asher a chance. So hes completely done with Def Jam now? I wanted to see more Asher Roth albums in stores, I guess that wont happen now...

    • Anonymous

      As long as you can hear the music, who cares where it's at? CD's and record sales are dead, the internet is king and touring, sponsors and self promotion are the new path.

    • booty

      thats not happening dumbass , hes just promoting via himself/internet

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