Mike Dean & Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Provide Insight Into Kanye West's "I'm In It"

Despite the content of Kanye West's "I'm In It," Bon Iver singer Justin Vernon says "intelligent conversations" on gender led several studio discussions.

As one of Kanye West’s most overtly sexual records, the rapper’s Yeezus track “I’m In It” finds Kanye in an unexpected light, but according to Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, the song’s content doesn’t necessarily demonstrate the G.O.O.D. Music emcee’s mindset.

“I don't even know what I'm singing on ‘I'm in It’-- I'd have to look at it. Kanye's talking about a bunch of really violently and stunningly visual sex shit in there, but it's not like he's saying stuff like that to his friends 24 hours a day,” Vernon explained. “I mean, sitting around the studio, we all have intelligent conversations about the state of women in the world-- I wouldn't say we had a conversation about feminism, necessarily, but we're sensitive to it.”

Justin Vernon was one of a handful of Yeezus’ numerous collaborators who recently chopped it up with Pitchfork about Kanye’s sixth studio album. The recording process, studio tales, and individual songs including “I’m In It” were all discussed during the conversation.

Producer Mike Dean also shared his own personal insight into “I’m In It” as he commented on the Yeezus collaborators’ need to push the music to be “weirder” and Kanye’s individual desire to bring the music back to Hip Hop.

“We're all trying to push things to be weirder,” Dean revealed. “I sometimes push for stuff to be more musical, and then Kanye pulls it back to hip-hop. ‘I'm In It’, for instance, had these crazy guitar parts and all this stadium stuff, and then Rick, Noah, and Kanye pulled it back. I wasn't very happy with that at first, but it came out really well.”

Among the plethora of musicians who lent their help on Yeezus were Rick Rubin, rapper Travi$ Scott, producer Evian Christ, and more.

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    Travis Scott lowkey one of the illest producers out right now. Just heard the joint he did for Wale called Rotation, and it's dope as hell. And if you listen to his Owl Pharaoh EP you can really hear the influence he has on Kanye's new album. Young nigga is dope, since he hooked up with Ye last year Kanye has been moving towards that rough minimalistic sound. Give Travis his props

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