Chance The Rapper Says Fear Has Made Chicago So Dangerous

Chance The Rapper addresses violence and murder in his hometown and why he thinks it's continually so aggressive.

Chicago's Chance The Rapper has become somewhat of a rarity in the Windy City. As someone who has lifted off without an affiliation with the drill scene, Chance has a unique perspective when it comes to violence and violent lyrics in music.

Sitting down with Sway Calloway and Shade 45, Chance The Rapper spoke on the violence in his city and attributes it to the mistrust of others.

"My theory is that it's just fear," Chance said. "People are just afraid and there's a mentality of no lacking shit where niggas don't want to be caught lacking and feel like everyone's out to get me and nobody's on my side."

Chance also said that the paranoia starts at an early age and has made kids reach for a weapon before they are even legally allowed to drive a car.

"Them 15-year-olds got guns, 14-year-olds got guns, 13-year-olds got guns," he said. "It's because of how accessible that shit is to kids and I really don't know where the center point is or where all the violence is coming from."

Watch the full segment with Chance The Rapper below (via Shade 45):

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  • Anonymous The Commenter

    What makes Chicago so dangerous is the fact that y'all ain't shit

  • Anonymous

    Chicago has gotten so bad Sammy Sosa won't leave his mansion.

  • Anonymous

    It ain't easy to break 10 to 30 years of programming with a few words and actions. Plenty are out there teaching, many just ain't listening.



  • Anonymous

    A lot of niggas are jealous and hateful hearted,and the new young niggas aint were it started.its the niggas u see now the 30 tob55 year.old so called g's who got guided by g's before them but don't give a fuck about nothing else now ,to tell a young nigga chill out.niggas are fake it's the real black man you should pay attention too.we glorify worthless scum on DVDs movies or whatever cause after Malcolm and Martin there hasn't been that true essence of love and care for are people.i like to hear about no good niggas dying or getting killed its the real brothers I worry on black man die nigga die nigga die for real.

    • chillthrillz

      cant even hate on your verse,,but each one teach one,,,a lot of these people that do that savage shit,,are chemically unbalanced,,their mental condition is in the blood,,a lot of these wild heads is crack babys,,,and a lot of them older nigga is just coming home from bids,,,shit is systematic,,,,so it takes a rare breeds to nurture the seeds,,ARE YOU A RARE BREED?,SHOW AND PROVE!

  • sxxx4

  • zzxss9

  • sccc9

  • Herb L. Presson

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  • micheal myersss

  • Anonymous

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  • chief keef

    chief sosa runs gangster rap and chicago chief keef king

  • xx004

  • zzss9

  • M

    what makes Chicago this way is the increasing liberal attitudes of the politicians of that area. A crack dealer there isn't a criminal, they are "a product of their environment". A gang member isn't a criminal in Chicago. They are a "kid who just wants to be accepted". Start locking up all of these mofos in state and federal prison and dont ever let them out.

    • Anonymous

      The real politics is the rail money isn't trickling down to the urban communities and we spend almost 80b a year for jails in US because of people like you.

  • What

    They say that niggas dont died, but niggas be dieding everyday. We are only hurt ourself keeping real.

  • Anonymous

    Police need to put the flame thrower on these ninjas that will teach em

  • zxsss4

  • xxsss9

  • Anonymous

    Really the whole culture in chicago needs to change. Everything from the police to the parents to the kids. Kids used to fight to settle problems now their to pussy they just get a gun. Someone needs to teach these kids the value of human life. If you are willing to take a life for no reason you dont deserve yours..

  • Anonymous

    kids having kids and lack of direction and horrible role models aka rappers made chicago all messed up.

  • Anonymous

    Sheeeit, Flint and Detroit way more muthafuckin violent.Just check them latest f.b.i. stats...

  • Anonymous

    you gotta give it up to white people... they got the black race exterminating themselves... lol who needs hitler when you have rick ross and chief keef

  • IG-88

    Chicago's always been violent. The murder rate in recent years has hovered around 500+ casualties a year. In the 80's, 90's it was in the 900's. The difference between then & now is that we know who got shot and killed in minutes if not seconds. Bad news travels fast, and with social media it travels even faster.

    • Anonymous

      Its not just the murders though.. Its how many people are getting shot and stabbed duct taped and raped.. Last weekend alone 47 shot 7 dead. and those are the bodies they found.

    • A


  • Bobyahed2dis

    The reason chicago is out of wack is cause Lupe backed down to Chief Keef and made him almost retire from rap. His Fear caused a shift from the consious sounding rap to the real authentic gangsta sound that dominates the south side.

  • Anonymous

    Cats ain't paranoid, they are gangsta.

    • Anonymous

      cats ain't gangsta their fucking ignorant cowards big difference. The new gangsta is going to college getting a degree and making something out of yourself. If you have a job its for minimum wage no doubt

  • Anonymous

    Cats ain't gangsta, they are paranoid.

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