Fiend Speaks On Master P And How He Was Forced To Sit At The Back Of A Bus In Germany

No Limit's Fiend talks about a shooting incident involving Snoop Dogg overseas, Master P and how he and his team were forced to sit at the back of a bus in Germany.

No Limit rapper Fiend has always been known as one to speak his mind. Sometimes, interviews regarding certain artists coming from their peers reveal more information than actually talking to the specific artist. 

In a recent interview with Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio, Fiend talked about a myriad of topics including his relationship with No Limit founder Master P.

Fiend says he believes Master P's negativity toward him is uncalled for and doesn't understand it.

"This dude is out there some where still talking negative about me," Fiend said. "I wanna go on record bro, I never bashed Master P a day in my life on an interview. I never sued him for rightful payment of things that I worked for or nothing, but I feel from time to time I catch a little negativity."

The No Limit signee also spoke on a shooting incident while overseas during a Snoop Dogg performance.

"We had so much love for Snoop," he said. "While he was performing someone shot a pistol and Me, C-Murder, Mac, Kane and Abel, and Magic jumped off the stage looking for a man with a gun when we ain't have a box of popcorn to throw at this dude."

Finally, another story emerged during the interview when Fiend claimed that he was a victim of racism in Germany.

"I was in Germany and I had to be locked up in the back of a bus because they are not into letting people of color into certain areas," Fiend explained. "We had to be locked up in the back of the bus and be quiet."

Listen to the full Fiend interview with UGS Radio here.


  • swc1

    Locked up in the back of the bus in Germany ? Wake up nigga, you was probably in Holland and smoked some good stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I love weed but it distorts your brain at times .fiend that nigga but come on ol boi ,master p no limit are you kidding me that shift was like 15 years ago niggas don't wanna let go of the past from a rich or poor angle.we have a lot of smart brothers in are culture but you also have a lot of dumbasses.

  • Anonymous

    He said he never bashed p in a article that's bullshit cause he did a interview in St. Louis and had some shit to say and I'm a fiend supporter but I'm a realist first.

  • Anonymous

    There are racists in every country, but too say you where locked up in the back of a public bus???? Do you mean a police bus? That's the only bus you've been locked up in germany! What a fool!

  • Anonymous

    That guy is totally stupid with his comment about germany!

  • jasonnn

  • Herb L. Presson

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  • sxxx9

  • D-verse

    I was born in Germany and lived there for 7 years and Fiend is full of shit. He probably didn't understand the language and they put him in the back cause he was likely making trouble. Lol pulling the racist card. A coworker in Germany when I worked over the summer was black and never seen any racism. Racism exists everywhere including form blacks towards the white minority in SOuth Africa. But calling Germany generaly racist is utter BS. DON't be that dude Fiend. Follow me on twitter I'll follow back @Dverse_

  • jujurightnow

    The whole interview is great... and good questions, especially the last one "what would it take to bring back all the legends of the rap game all together one last time?" - someone at the top got to make it happen. Fiend got to be one of the realest in the game & I love his music....

  • sxx009

  • zxsss4

  • sxx9

  • Anonymous

    im from Germany aswell and can say that this is absolute bullshit. Fiend is trippin, call him Dope Fiend.

    • kristofo

      You know, i live in France near the German border, so i often take the bus in germany. Altough i like his music, what he said never happened to me, and i'm black.

  • german rap fan

    You are a racist yourself, in Germany there is no bus for black people to sit in. You are lying. btw retire because we dont need your wack ass in Germany or in the states.

  • Grace G. McCracken

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  • zxsss4

  • zzzx9

  • Germany One

    you got that right bitch... In Germany you are NOTHING so ssshhhh be quite hoe

  • Loyalty equals Royalty and Fiend ain't never been royal

    Fiend and KLC are the most turncoat people, who were ever made millionaires by Master P. Percy Miller was already a millionaire when Parkway Pumpkin record label (KLC's label)wasn't making no money in New Orleans.

  • zxsss4

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  • allen nasty

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  • fuck you

    This motherfucker is out of line! Taking a piss on an entire country? Congrats you fag you just ruined whats left of your bitch ass career

  • Snoop doggy dogg

    I'm smoking green with a fiend by the age of eighteen

  • HHp

    Germany? Which movie?

  • VS

    This would actually NEVER happen in Germany.

    • Anonymous

      guys, fuckin' HipHopDX usn't the place for a serious discussion about all this important shit you're talking about

    • Doubl Negative

      @Kyle, there's a misconception that racism only manifests itself in white, working- class communities and the worst outcome is the murder of such Black individuals as Stephen Lawrence. This erroneous way of thinking stems from white middle-class liberals who want to distance themselves from accusations of racism so create their paradigm of what constitutes a racist; football fan, shaven head, Sun reader, non-college educated, thus mitigating themselves because they don't share any of the characteristics or proclivities of a typical racist. Eating Egyptian food, listening to Ravi Shankav, watching South American cinema and finding Halle Berry attractive doesn't mean you're not racist, it just highlights your white guilt, a burden not suffered by most proletariat white people who are more likely to have mixed- race family members, attend schools or the work place with a more ethnically diverse populace and generally be less colour-blind, even if paradoxically they hold more contentious views on race. Guardian reading types are also insular and parochial and have the quixotic notion they're less racist than people from different social stratas, but it's this breed of person that is incredulous when they see a Black man in an art gallery, the theatre, at an art house cinema or buying a Bartok CD. I never feel incongruous at a heavy metal concert a Spurs game, even if I'm surrounded by prodomently white people, I can't say the same about the befored mentioned institutions.

    • Kyle

      England was worse in the past, especially between the 1960s-80s, but for the most part people have been more tolerant towards the African/West Indian and South Asian immigrants. Nowadays there is the odd case of murder motivated by racial hatred (ie Stephen Lawrence and Anthony Walker) and the presence of extreme right wingers such as the EDL (who don't have as much support as the National Front did in the past, and are in conflict with other extreme right wingers-such as the International Third Position, who accuse them of being Zionists), but levels of racism over here aren't as bad as in the past. With France racism has mainly been towards Africans (Saharan and Sub-Saharan) but nowadays is more focused on Saharans (due to the rise of Islamophobia), and the banning of the hijab/headwear alongside cases such as that of Mohammed Merah haven't really helped out much, but this isn't really something that happens all the time. You could also say that the Japanese are worse since they don't have a law against racism and view blacks in a negative light in public (stereotypes of them being touts and criminals) and even discriminate whites, to the point where some buildings even had signs such as 'Russians not allowed' which is pretty reminiscent of South Africa's Apartheid policy. So yeah, I'm not trying to say that those countries don't have racism, but just that I disagree that they're worse than in the past, and when compared to other nations.

    • Doubl Negative

      @Kyle, England and France are just as racist as Germany, maybe more so.

    • Kyle

      It would actually. Remember the Solingen firebombings in the 1990s? The presence of Neo Nazi groups (mainly in the eastern areas, such as Brandenburg) are mainly focused on racial violence/hatred towards Turks, since there are hardly any blacks in Germany when compared to other European nations such as France and England.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently it did....

  • abc

    Prob in the back of a police bus ^^

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like somebody hasn't released a real album in awhile.

  • Anonymous

    didnt this dude die in a car crash ? or was it mr magic

    • Anonymous

      well, he recently (within the past week) gave an interview, so unless he granted that interview from the grave it would have to be the latter who died in the car crash....

  • Anonymous

    This would never happen in Germany.



  • Anonymous

    wtf... i'm from Germany and i never heard bullshit like this, over here the black & white people have no problems

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