Being successful outside the booth is not something new for Feli Fame (f/k/a Felony Fame). He has appeared alongside Hip Hop heavyweight 50 Cent in his film, Before I Self Destruct and in MTV’s reality show “My Life as Liz”.

It was spending time on the set of Before I Self Destruct that made Feli realize he wanted to make a movie of his own. Fame went on to fulfill that desire in the form of his upcoming film, Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face, a movie that was written and produced by the rapper himself and directed by Anthony ScottDeperto. You can pre-order the film on Chill

In regards to why he decided to drop a film, Feli said in a press statement, “I just wanted to make myself different from other artist. I wanted to put more on the table and bring more to my company. So that’s why I decided to do a movie,” said Feli Fame in a This Is 50 interview. “One day I was just writing a song and I said this sounds like a movie. I got it in order, took action, went and got my permits for the places and did it.”  

Now that Feli Fame has become a filmmaker, some might think that the lyricist will put music on the back burner. A lot of work is required to be successful in the filmmaking world but despite the time it takes, the rapper has no plans to give up the mic.

The 2012 Coors Light “Coldest MC” champ will return to this year’s crowning ceremony to update the audience on what’s new and to perform. The “Coldest MC” competition is judged by iconic West Coast rapper Ice Cube. In 2012 he released his album Dirty Laundry, the companion piece to his short film. Feli’s achievements in the rap game are inspirational to many of his fans when you consider that he had to overcome a speech impediment, something that can discourage someone from pursuing a career in music. 

In 2010 the rapper/actor released his debut project, Till Death Do Us Part. Since his Hip Hop debut he has featured on Cam’ron’s Heat In Here, Volume 1 mixtape, won the 2012 Coors Light “Coldest MC” and released various projects. In May of this year he dropped the music video for his single, “Jealousy Turned Love”

Check out the theme song for his “Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face” film below: 

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