The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 6/17/13

Eminem makes his rhyming return on a new track off a Tony Touch tape, Drake makes an appearance with a previously unreleased song and a throwback Dynasty-era Jay-Z track acts as a Father's Day anthem.

After Hip Hop’s biggest commercial week of the year, our top 10 singles of the week comes in the form of a mixed bag of just released commercial heavy-weights and random but welcome song drops. While Kanye, J. Cole and Mac Miller dominated the headlines, a leaked track off Tony Touch’s upcoming “The Piece Maker 3” mixtape finds Eminem reminding listeners of his champion status. A previously unreleased Drake track featuring James Fauntleroy also serves as a precursor to the Toronto emcee’s officially announcing the release date of his upcoming album. The list is rounded out by a couple notable Yeezus tracks, more peeks at Wale’s new record and a Black Thought tribute to Super Mario.

Eminem Returns On "Symphony In H"

After some time quietly stewing (and working with his in-house roster of Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse amongst others), the Detroit emcee returns with a vengeance on “Symphony In H,” reminding listeners of his aggressive but incessantly lyrical abilities. The track, a leak off Tony Touch’s upcoming “The Piece Maker 3” mixtape, is the first fans have heard of Eminem in some time and has no doubt fueled the collective curiosity regarding more new music.

With “Symphony In H” Em has taken it back a bit, rapping about nothing in particular as an excuse to bare his fangs as much as possible: “Hockey shit, thought I had the place flowing / I hate to put you on ice but / You already had 3 periods in 60 minutes, great going / Plus you remind me of cocaine ho / You always in the mirror with your face / So, I feel an urge to put you all in a line / And chop you with a razor blade, yo wait / I’m an a-hole / Devil with a halo / Hell yeah I’d nail J. Lo / To the railroad!”

Unreleased Drake Featuring James Fauntleroy Song Surfaces

Although it’s not new, and possibly dates as far back as 2010, an unreleased Drake track featuring James Fauntleroy, a duo that already brought us “Girls Love Beyonce,” came right before the Toronto emcee released details regarding his upcoming third studio album. The album, tentatively titled Nothing Was The Same and now scheduled for a September 17 release, was coupled with a pack of four other songs. Whether or not “On My Way” will have a place on Nothing Was The Same, fans of Drake’s intimate R&B leanings will no doubt appreciate the track either way: “Oh baby I just landed / Bout to get my bags in / All I need’s an address and I’m on my way / Don’t fall asleep / Yes I see you calling me / Promise it’s worth waiting for / Because I’m on my way.”

A Throwback Roc-A-Fella Records Collab Is A Father’s Day Favorite

With Father’s Day celebrated this past Sunday (June 16), a Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel collaboration from 2000’s album The Dynasty Roc La Familia was one of our most listened-to tracks later this week. The song, “Where Have You Been,” is less a celebration of fatherhood than a lament over a father's absence as Jay raps: “I would say ‘my Daddy loves me and he’ll never go away’ / Bullshit, do you even remember December’s my birthday? / Do you even remember the tender boy / You turned into a cold young man / With one goal and plan / Get Mommy out of some jam.”

Two More Wale Singles From Next Week’s The Gifted

With Wale’s The Gifted album just around the corner, the Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper drops off two more singles in the form of “Tired Of Dreaming” featuring Ne-Yo and label boss Rick Ross as well as “Clappers” featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J. The Gifted will be released on Tuesday June 25 and will act as the first Hip Hop album to be streamed exclusively on iTunes prior to its release.

Black Thought Raps About Super Mario

In celebration of video-game week, The Roots frontman emcee Black Thought raps over the Super Mario theme on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show.


The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 6/17/2013

1. Eminem - "Symphony In H"

2. Drake f. James Fauntleroy - "On My Way"

3. Jay-Z f. Beanie Sigel - "Where Have You Been"

4. Wale f. Rick Ross & Ne-Yo - "Tired Of Dreaming"

5. Kanye West - "I'm In It"

6. Black Thought - "Super Mario Rap" [VIDEO]

7. A$AP Rocky - "Long Live A$AP Remix"

8. Pharell - "Just A Cloud Away"

9. Kanye West f. King Louie - "Send It Up"

10. Wale f. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J - "Clappers"

Last week's top 10

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    dat nigga bonie as fuk in dat pic.. look like they dry clean'd his body and left the skeleton

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    The King is broadcasting the first place.

  • jamie

    eminem looks like a freak these days. dude has taken the michael jackson route

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  • EMINEM > Jay- Z, Nas

    Don't ask me what's up with the hoes I'm still working the kinks out Love stinks, that explains all this anger that's spillin' out And I ain't chilling out. Got an Oscar but I'm still a grouch I use it as a doorstop and a prop For the broken leg for the couch Yelawolf, Shady, Tony-Touch, Slaughterhouse Yeah the SWAT team 'bout to break them flyswatters out Go to hell in a drought, break ice waters out Nice try shorty wop We can windowshop the jewelry store But Christ for that price coulda' bought a house Besides only thing I ever had iced out was my heart since I started out Its F.Y.I, if ya ain't knowing What, go with you? Where? Nah, ain't going. Oh wait, you wanna date? Oh, well in that case ho, it's June 8th, oh! and Kinda like Beethoven composin' a symphony of hate So much hate woven into these raps He stitches a bitch, straight sewin' Shit, I'm beginning to hate clothing. I hate overalls cause they remind me of hoes For Christ sake, they're shaped like an H woah and You know what else starts with H though? Hockey, shit, thought I had the place flowing I hate to put you on ice but You already had 3 periods in 60 minutes, great going Plus you remind me of cocaine, ho You always in the mirror with your face So, I feel an urge to put you all in a line And chop you with a razor blade, yo wait, I'm an a-hole Devil with a halo Hell yeah, I'd nail J-Lo To the railroad! Say I won't! Better hope you can stay afloat When I take the wind out your sailboat But, I ain't playing yo! Dope as Shady? Don't kid yourself. Bitch you ain't even a baby goat

  • EMINEM > Jay- Z, Nas

    The KING is back :) ''You ain't even a baby GOAT' , eminem taking shots but no one ever gets back at him...that's because he is king...hahaha why da fuq Jay-z, nas don't reply to this shit ASAP? He is talking about shit that includes them :) cause they pussy and know that EM is the greatest

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    Eminem just isn't the same, and sounds terrible when he tries to rap like he used to. He's done enough for the hip hop culture, now just sit back enjoy the fruits of your labor don't ruin it dude.

    • Dhiven

      What the fuck you talking about bruv? U ain't know shit...Em's flow is hoarse on the track...u r so dumb, u dont know shit about rap and the techniques that it embodies... eminem > your favourite black rapper i know its hard for blacks to accept that a white man is the KING but who gives a ain't about race, just accept it, EMINEM IS THE KING... EM > Jay-Z, Nas

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