Chief Keef's Trespassing Charge Confirmed, Rapper Served With Second Paternity Test

While Chief Keef has been arrested three times in less than a month, he's also been served with two paternity suits in less than six months.

On Monday, it was reported that Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef was arrested immediately following a court sentencing related to another arrest last month. While the Glory Boyz/Interscope Records rapper's lawyer alleged that the June 17 arrest was related to a trespassing charge, details were still pending when Keef was taken in custody from a sidewalk in Skokie, Illinois to a holding cell in the city's South Side.

Spin has now obtained additional info concerning this week's apprehension, the rapper's third in less than one month. Confirming that he was in fact charged with trespassing, Spin adds that Keef was served with a paternity test as he entered the courthouse to face Cook County Circuit Court Judge Earl Hoffenberg. Moments later, the judge would serve Keef with a $531 fine, 60 hours of community service and 18 months of probation. All of this transpired before the Finally Rich rapper was cuffed just blocks away.

The details concerning this new paternity suit are still emerging.

While incarcerated this January, Chief Keef, who is 17 years old, was served with a paternity suit by a junior high-school student in Chicago, who claimed, as an 8th grader, the rapper fathered her daughter.

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  • Anonymous

    Keef learned about fatherhood from Shawn Kemp.



  • Anonymous

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  • thatguy

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    • Fish

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  • J.P. Sheldon

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