Rhymefest Confirmed To Be A Writer On Kanye West's "Yeezus"

From "Jesus Walks" to "Yeezus," the Kanye West and Rhymefest co-writing connection appears to remain strong 10 years later.

Kanye West's third solo single of his career, "Jesus Walks" helped launch a career. West's co-writer on the College Dropout song, a fellow Chicago, Illinois native Rhymefest, would take the 2004 fanfare, including a Grammy Award, and sign a major label deal with J Records and Mark Ronson's Allido Records.

The pair has collaborated sporadically since, notably on 'Fest's own breakthrough 2005 single "Brand New," but not much in the last five years. Pitchfork has pointed out that Rhymefest, who has since run for alderman in his hometown, is a credited writer within the full liner notes, available exclusively online, to West's sixth album,Yeezus, released yesterday (June 18). West is listed, as is government name, Che Smith.

In 2010, Rhymefest released his sophomore album, and first since leaving J Records, El Che. While Kanye did not work on the album, one of the producers signed to West's production company, S1 (of Strange Fruit Project), produced four of the LP's 16 songs.

That same year, S1 explained to HipHopDX how Rhymefest introduced him to Kanye West: "One day Rhymefest told me to send him a few beats over and he will try to play a few for Kanye [West]. Originally, I wasn't going to put that "Power" beat in the beat batch because I used similar drums as Kanye did on "Crack Music." So I was [thinking] he's definitely not gonna pick this one however I sent the beat anyway. Then a couple weeks later I received a text from 'Fest saying, "Kanye is loving your stuff, He said he's about to change your life." Two days later I was on a flight to Hawaii to meet Mr. West. The rest is pretty much history."

The sticker to the retail version of Yeezus only includes album samples and interpolations. Those include Gang Starr's "Chief Rocka" and "Memories" by Beenie Man.

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  • Dummies

    I meant to say 85% to 90% our "HIS" IDEAS.

    • you did

      you did say that the first time and you use the wrong "are" the second time but I agree with what you said.

  • Dummies

    So Kanye has "some" of his beats on his albums done from someone else even tho 85% to 90% are his beats and ideas and ppl come along to give input and now apparently he does nothing? Kanye writes his own lyrics dummies rhymest is getting credit for sample and again some beats that he offered and input he put on songs he I REPEAT: "RHYMFEST IS NOT WRITING KANYES MUSIC", Its goes to show how little some of you bloggers actually know about the industry Hiphopdx looks like they need to dumb it down for most of you guys jeez

  • Come On

    Hiphopdx did a porr job of wording if y'all think Rhymefest writes for Kanye west you ppl are even more niave then you look he's getting credits for the samples he used from him, they don't rap anything alike he does not write Kanyes lyrics and just cxause kanye uses other producers doesn't mean he does't produce for those of you who have a short memory Kanyes has put together he's beats live on t.v performance and produces HIS albums the majority of them himself EVERY producing outsources on they albums dummy doesn't mean he does nothing rap/producers who do: Eminem,Timbaland,Pharrell etc all do most of the shit themselves but still get other producers on some tracks get over it...Its just another way so you haters kind find something else to hate on him for.

  • Anonymous

    I sag my pants until my ass shows I even slap hoes Yeah I'm an asshole

  • Anonymous

    Look the album wasn't that bad guys. It had some lacklustre production and the lyrics were pretty poor but as a whole it wasn't completely a waste. There were maybe 2-3 tracks that had some replay value like New Slaves, Blood on the Leaves and Bound 2. This project felt very rushed and Kanye's rhymes were disconnected from the beats that he picked. It's definitely his worst project to date, but after 7 decent solo+collab efforts, he's gotta drop the ball at some point. Y'all make it sound like this is some uninspired Lil Wayne bullshit.

  • HipHopDx


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    chief rocka is from lords of the underground

  • Anonymous

    wtf is a Yeesus anyway is it something dumbmothafuckkas pray to? shit garbage







  • stupid


  • nigga creep

    So what does this faggot nigga kangaye actually do if he got hired writers, hired producers, and cant play any instrument or write/compose music himself lol?! Someone please off this nigga asap!

  • amaterasu

    gangstar's chief rocka ? are you sure ?

  • Robert A. Shillings

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  • Anonymous

    hhaha kanye exposed the idiots they hate what they don't understand yeezus classicccccccccccccc

  • Little Brother Comeback!

    Kanye no longer writes any of his own lyrics, he only co-produces his beats, his voice is autotuned...i wonder who he hires to sleep with Kardashians.

  • Anonymous

    yall do realize they didnt write the lyrics for kanye...

  • Former Kanye Fan

    This is nothing to be proud of Rhymefest. Yeezus is garbage! Hmm so this so called genius doesnt write his lyrics and doesnt make his own beats (mike dean, rza etc.) So what does Kanye himself?????

  • Anonymous

    throw yeezus in the trash right next to welcome to our house

  • GQ

    So he doesn't write his own lyrics (which were pretty wack anyway on this album), he steals and samples half the beats he comes up with, he can't play an instrument, and he doesn't have any thing that is really profound or important to say (anymore). Musical genius, lol. Gotta give him props though for fooling so many people for so long.

  • Anonymous

    wow did rhyme fest wrote those silly rhymes like : black timbs all up in ur couch again/ blaack dick all up in ur spouse again. yeezus was sack

  • Anonymous

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  • DjZZeRo

    I have to admit this new album Kanye West released was pretty whack. I think 808 is a lot better haha.

  • Philly

    If you read the album credits Cydel is Cyhi, Derrick Watkins is Fonzworth, Che Smith is obviously Rhymefest, Malik Jones is the poet Mailk Yusef, Ab-Liva is on there, Terrance Thornton is Pusha, Wasulu Jaco is Lupe, theres tons or writers on Ye's stuff, always has been. Kanye is a dope artist and producer who gives you great music the rest is for yall stans to argue about.

  • Anonymous

    so its confirmed kanye doesn't write much of his stuff

  • Anonymous

    the music is descent, the lyrics and delivery are garbage

  • Concerned

    Worst Kanye album ever, worst album of the year!

  • J Lit

    Sorry to be Rap police...but its Lord of the Underground's "Chief Rocka". Not Gang Starr.

  • Anonymous

    its kaynes worst album next to 808's

  • Anonymous

    It was already known that Rhymefest wrote a couple of the songs on there. I'm sure others did too. new slaves and black skin head in particular sound different from the way he usually writes...

  • Anonymous

    Lupe wrote sumthin too, surprisingly cus aint no good lyrics to quote off this nonsense

  • Kanye West Yeezus

    Get full album for free here: http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/54354406/file.html

  • dmfslimm

    question: when did gang starr make cheif rocka? i seen that on the album credits said k. elam.

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