J. Cole Says Jay-Z Didn't Pit Him Against Kanye West

J. Cole says that Jay-Z called his move to release an album the same day as Kanye West "brave." J. Cole also discusses finding a sponsor for his "Dollar & A Dream Tour."

J. Cole released his Born Sinner album today (June 18), the same day Kanye West dropped his Yeezus LP. Both artists are affiliated with Jay-Z, but J. Cole says that Jay-Z wasn't behind the two rappers releasing material on the same day.

"He just respected it," J. Cole says during an interview with DJ Drama. "He thought it was like courageous. He thought it was a brave move. That was it. He wasn't pitting me against him like, 'Yeah, let me get my two artists [to release albums on the same day].' Nah. He was just like, 'Yo. That's brave. You can't lose,' is what he was saying. Nobody even expects me to really win that day, in terms of sales, and that's not really what it was about to begin with. It was about putting my name in the hat in terms of the music. You might have to make a decision. You might love both. You might love his. You might hate my album, but you're not going to. But it's forcing you to make a decision on which album [you're going to prefer]. I'm just putting my name in the hat. That's it."

DJ Drama x J. Cole from Sil 'Spike Jordan' Beyah on Vimeo.

Last month, J. Cole said that he wanted to wanted to compete with West, which is why he moved the release date of Born Sinner to June 18. It was originally slated for a June 25 release. 

During his DJ Drama interview, J. Cole also discussed the motivation behind his "Dollar & A Dream Tour," a 10-city outing that features him charging $1 for concert tickets. The jaunt's next stop is scheduled for June 20 in Washington, D.C. "I want to go perform just the classic joints," J. Cole says. "I didn't want to have to worry about doing the singles. [But] I do 'Power Trip,' definitely."

Despite the buzz surrounding Born Sinner, J. Cole says that getting a sponsor for the tour wasn't easy. "We actually did reach out to mad brands at first," he says. "People don't want to spend that money, so D'USSE did." D'USSE is a cognac. 

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  • Alex

    "SuerNovaBlunder" -you are an idiot. He's pitting his album against Kanye's to see which album listeners like more. AND he even said its not about the album sales, so your whole perspective is way the hell off.

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    This comment was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies.

  • SuerNovaBlunder

    J.Cole you clown. There can only be a completion if both parties are participating. Kanye isn't checking up on your album sales lil nigga. == I'm snagging both albums regardless.

  • Robert A. Shillings

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  • Anonymous

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  • meh

    kinda disappointed by both but still gunna bump the shit out of them

  • Anonymous

    BALLS. J COLE is a legend, Kanye Is A Legend. Big Day For Hip Hop

  • Anonymous

    does it matter? roc nation getting it



  • Victoria L. Smith

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  • sccc9


  • sccc4


  • sxxx4


  • 818

    If you brought your tour to LA sponsors would take you serious. We know all the big boy sponsors are on the best coast. Figure it out...

  • MIO

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  • Anonymous

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  • HHp

    1 dollar for a ticket? A dollar & a dream, guess it's true for some people Very nice move from Cole.

  • Anonymous

    J. Cole looks like a gay pirate slash teddy bear

    • 7NiM$

      @ least he looks like something,U LOOK LIKE NOTHING FUCKER...For the record,I'm an African fool.... DA M!

  • zxsss4


  • jg

    Yeeuz is better. Kanye doesn't have to hunt for concert sponsors sponsors beg him.

    • Yep

      Andre 3000 did the same shit with his Love Below album and people praised him. Kanye does it and it sucks.

    • HHp

      I like about 80% of Kanye's music But his new album, too much of a Euro-dance vibe Some people call the beats on Yeezus experimental But in Europe (Ned, Ita, Ger, Fra, etc etc) it's kinda regular I really do think the Euro-dance movement will keep growing on Hip Hop And in that light I have to say that I prefer Cole's new joints over Kanye's By the way I think TDE is doing the same Using more and more trippy/dance-like beats Because lately They have 9 trip/dance beats for every West Coast beat

  • sxx004


  • not brave imo

    NOT BRAVE JAY, YEEZUS aint no great shakes


    Kanye West is a gaylord... if anybody tried to give me a Kanye West Cd to listen to i would go to the top of the tallest building in NYC and frisbee it

  • Anonymous

    First Jay made this guy change his release date to the same day as Ye's, then Jay announces his new album title and release date just three days before Cole's and Ye's release date....... Boy, this nigga here.....c'mon mane........ *A Jay Z album is not guaranteed to go platinum in the current musical climate....what do you do?...you cook up gimmick that's a win-win for the artist and Samsung.....Yep, that's one smart Black Boy....a hoe ass nigga, but he has an impeccable business sense....

    • Anonymous

      You are a fool who is trying too hard to be clever and figure out some non-existent, behind-the-scenes plot. Where the hell did you hear any of that? Cole has already confirmed several times that HE presented the idea to Jay and Jay said it was brave. What reason do you have for thinking there's any scheme? Just believe a nigga's word for once man. People tend to be too untrusting because their fear of betrayal is so great. Trust a nigga for once.

  • dentaldamboy

    Yeezy was so poor (thanks to Kardashian taking most of his money) he can't even pay XXL Magazine this time for an xxl rating. XXL magazine thought the album was wack, like his last album but Yeezy didn't have the money to pay them to give him an xxl.

  • zxsss4


  • Anonymous

    i check out that wale, www. HipHopGood .com has a clean version of it up right now, the diry one has yet to come out, but you can still get the effect of the cd, i recommend everyone go check it out, better than born sinner imo,

  • IMhO

    everyone knows cole wont outsell kanye but i def took what cole did as a sign of confidence in the game. it was a ballsy move and hes got a pretty dope album too

  • jimmonie79

    I heard both album more than a week ago and I think J. Cole's album is pretty good. Kanye is all about sales and his beats took me off guard. I can't buy his album, so I will go with J. Cole. Lets allow the young to grow. He is talented and took so much in developing this album. He deserve some credit 4 putting out a good album.

  • 666


  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      that's what I'm thinking too.. i liked yeezus but j cole had the better product.. born sinner sounded like there was more effort and thought put into the album, while yeezus sounded like 10 random tracks pulled out of a hat and called it a day.. yeezus will sound great live in concert though..

  • COCA


    • roshan

      do you know how to read? "Nobody even expects me to really win that day, in terms of sales, and that's not really what it was about to begin with. It was about putting my name in the hat in terms of the music." To conclude, you're very stupid.

  • kkk

    u dirty wigger nigger

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a win win for Jay z

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