Logic Debated Making A "Rap For J. Cole Or Die Trying" T-Shirt

Logic also drops an exclusive rhyme and discusses how his fans have made some memorable shirts for him.

As he was building a name for himself, Logic looked up to J. Cole, among others. When the Maryland rapper heard about J. Cole making a making a "Produce For Jay-Z Or Die Trying" T-shirt in 2006, he had a similar idea.

"I remember like two years ago, I wanted to make a shirt that was like, 'Rap For Cole Or Die Trying' because at the time, I was just like, 'Damn. This is my favorite rapper' and I wanted to do that," Logic says during an interview with the L.A. Leakers. "Then I kinda stepped back and was like, 'I don't want to do that' because when I meet Cole I want it to be like a peer thing. Obviously he's like big brother. He's J. Cole. But [I wanted it to be] where he would respect me as a musician and not look at me like the lil' homie that really fucks with him. I'm glad that I did that 'cause we eventually met and had a great conversation. He's like the homie. He's a really cool dude."

The tables turned for Logic when he was on the road. "I was in Chicago and I was performing at Reggies at the time and this kid came up to me and he was wearing a shirt that said, 'Rap For Logic Or Die Trying' on it. It really put things in perspective."

Logic then goes into a rap about his meeting J. Cole that he says he should probably save for his forthcoming album: "I remember meeting Cole for the first time / At No I.D.'s studio talkin' business, kickin' rhymes / Talkin' 'bout our favorite rappers and discussing lines / Thinking to myself, 'Damn, this motherfucker's mine' / But never said it, I guess it was just pride at the time / 'Cause he my competition, but the brotherly kind / You know like Big Brother / Was Big's brother / That type of shit when I write this shit / Paintin' pictures like no other / Not quite on his level, so I watched him from a distance / 'Til my skill level improved and I got closer from persistence / A real inspiration, don't know why I didn't say it / And even on this record second guessed if I should lay it / Like this one time a fan make a shirt that said 'Rap For Logic Or Die Trying / I almost died cryin' / 'Cause Cole made the same shirt for Jay back in the day / Now that's how my fans view me / Goddamn what can I say / Man, it's funny growin' up, even funnier blowing up / Went from no one in the crowd to thousands of 'em showing up."

Logic signed with Def Jam Recordings earlier this year and is working with No. I.D., among others, on new material. He released the Welcome To Forever mixtape soon after announcing his Def Jam status. Logic is on the Welcome To Forever Tour with Castro, Skizzy Mars and Quest. The trek stops at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio tonight (June 18).

Below is a 2006 freestyle where J. Cole rocks a "Produce For Jay-Z Or Die Trying" T-shirt.

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  • Anonymous

    wow corny nigga with a bunch of ghost writers...thank you ratpack and everyother ash roth that made u possible

  • Anonymous

    he better than j cole but somehow need his style to make a way in the game trying to get clearance in his lane? why try to kill him with fakeness and just battle... everything aint suppose to be easy

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  • Jimmy

    I don't understand why he would he even would say "rap for j.cole" Cole made sense cuz he was producing trying to show he was a Kanye type...but Logic he doesn't make beats at all from what I know so I don't get why rap for another rapper...

    • Anonymous

      1. Logic does make beats. 2. Rapping for your favorite rapper is just a dream come true. You can rap all you want. In front of a microphone, in front of your homies or in front of strangers. But when you rap for your favorite rapper, that's just some crazy shit.

  • lloydconner_

    his flow = j.cole's flow

  • Victoria L. Smith

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    CAMSWEEZY shits on Logic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po08AVDpE4k

  • xx0004


  • xx009


  • Andre.CO

    Logic's verses were still solid on Ballin' and On the Low, but the songs were a little weak. He needs to keep the commercial records on the debut similar to stuff like All I Do, Aye Girl, Tic Tac Toe, 5AM, Just Another Day, Do Ya Like, etc. You can make commercial records without sacrificing yourself as an artist, and I feel like on a few tracks on Welcome to Forever, he forgot that a bit. On the Low, Ballin', and Break It Down were the weakest tracks. I can still listen to On the Low and Ballin', can't even listen to Break it Down though. He needs to good combination of stuff like Young Sinatra III, All Sinatra Everything, Dead Presidents III, along with personal records like Dear God, Welcome to Forever, Just A Man, Man of the Year, along with the commercial stuff like Tic Tac Toe, All I Do, 5AM, and finally some stuff for the ladies like Aye Girl, Let Me Go, Can I Love, etc.

  • Andre.CO

    Logic's the shit man, fuck the color of your skin, seriously. Get over it. Anyways, his first 3 tapes were dope as hell, and while I like Welcome to Forever still, I just hope he doesn't go toward the On the Low, Break It Down, Ballin' material for his album. He needs more stuff on his debut like Roll Call, 5AM, Walk On By, Nasty, Midnight Marauder, Just A Man, etc.

  • jasonnn


  • leather face


  • Anonymous

    A corny nigga that's that shit I don't like (LOGIC) A nigga willing to put J Cole's name on a tshirt...smh..a white dude, inevitably

  • sccc9


  • Not Impressed

    This what J Cole fans look like. White, 15 year old, suburban, wannabes who just started listening to hiphop a year ago.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt contradict himself. logic looks white. and that's all the original commenter said.

    • Here this soft ass bitch goes again

      Not Impressed coming with some more gushy bitchmade fuckboy shit

    • K Dot

      What does it matter what color skin he has? If his good his good, if his not his not.

    • pidgeotto

      yo Logic got that Benjamin Button syndrome looking like he was submerged in water for over a week,,,,but he got skills word is bond

    • Kyle

      You are aware that J Cole has black fans, right? Plus by your comment you contradict yourself since Logic is part black.

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