J. Cole Says Nas Was "Honored" By "Let Nas Down"

J. Cole shares the story of Nas' first time hearing "Let Nas Down." He says Nas was "honored" and "highly impressed."

Soon after J. Cole finished "Let Nas Down," the emcee ran into his idol at the airport and let him hear the song. In a recent interview with BET, Cole explained how Nas reacted to the track, saying he was "honored" and "highly impressed." 

“I played him the song, gave him my headphones. I was trying to hear what part of the song he was on because he was behind me,” he shared. “And then, like a minute into the song he was like, ‘Wooo,’ beatin' my chair, bangin' my chair. Just overall, he was wowed. The look on his face was like, honored that I would make that and then also highly impressed. That was a huge moment for me.”

Cole also shared how this moment let him know that he was on the right track with the album.

"Soon as I seen him, I knew this was fate," he explained of his coincidental encounter with Nas at the airport. "This album had so many moments that connected to let me know I was doing the right thing. That was one of them. This was a moment." 

More from the interview can be viewed below. 

J. Cole's album, Born Sinner, which features "Let Nas Down" is in stores today. 

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