J. Cole Says Nas Was "Honored" By "Let Nas Down"

J. Cole shares the story of Nas' first time hearing "Let Nas Down." He says Nas was "honored" and "highly impressed."

Soon after J. Cole finished "Let Nas Down," the emcee ran into his idol at the airport and let him hear the song. In a recent interview with BET, Cole explained how Nas reacted to the track, saying he was "honored" and "highly impressed." 

“I played him the song, gave him my headphones. I was trying to hear what part of the song he was on because he was behind me,” he shared. “And then, like a minute into the song he was like, ‘Wooo,’ beatin' my chair, bangin' my chair. Just overall, he was wowed. The look on his face was like, honored that I would make that and then also highly impressed. That was a huge moment for me.”

Cole also shared how this moment let him know that he was on the right track with the album.

"Soon as I seen him, I knew this was fate," he explained of his coincidental encounter with Nas at the airport. "This album had so many moments that connected to let me know I was doing the right thing. That was one of them. This was a moment." 

More from the interview can be viewed below. 

J. Cole's album, Born Sinner, which features "Let Nas Down" is in stores today. 

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  • Anonymous

    Oh yea, I had a convo with Jesus and it told me I was amazing..and he was honored...point being, we don't that Nas ever heard this song...why would he care about this talent less groupie? Nothing great about this guy... he steals lines left and right. follow at noles506

  • truth

    Aye black archer fuck all that shit you are talking aboutj.cole would be better off stepping his game up instead of trying to win over nas and no i dont make beats and postem on youtube so try again son.

  • Anonymous

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  • Not Impressed

    What do you expect Nas to say?? "That shit is trash"? You made him stop what he was doing and put his back against the wall...He was caught off guard, of course he's going to say he likes it. J Cole is such an insecure little groupie, always seeking others approval. I'm not impressed.

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop is near dead not impressed.... follow at noles506

    • Not Impressed goes jello in the paint

      Not Impressed is clearly a spineless bitch....Nas should, and would, say exactly what the fuck he felt about it cuz he isn't a soft fuckboy. Nobody that's successful, honest, or real is in the business of saying one thing to somebody's face and really thinking the opposite. Backed into a corner?? The fuck??? So you clearly fear confrontation more than you value the integrity and transparency of speaking your mind regardless of it's popularity. And you're saying J Cole has validation issues? Coward ass passive faking the funk bitch

    • Kress

      I don't think Nas was fronting. Why would he? He told Cole that Work Out sucked, he knew what he thought of it. The fact that Cole replied in a song, he proved himself on many levels. Not only is the song well done, it has a deeper message relating to what you say; "Seeking others approval..." Do you really think an artist that performs show after show, records and produces his own songs and charges dollar for his concerts really needs any more approval? He didn't seek Nas out to validate himself, it just happened, and life is like that. If he was seeking validation, he fucking deserves it because he's good. Cole raps about girls too much, but other than that, he's epic. I always try to put myself in others' shoes before spewing hate on blogs. (Not that you were... It's more in reference to the educated individuals that commented below.)

  • truth

    man fuck what nas thinks just make the best music possible quit trying to suck legends dick and make your own lane stop with the mediocre beats first off.

    • Anonymous

      quit cheerleading for niggaz

    • blackArcher

      Youre Dumb....and maybe cause you can get no where in the industry. You probably got a youtube page posting tracks that you make and get no response. Or one of those insecure fcks who think they are gangster because they arent afraid to fight, a fckin ant know how to fight..respect is respect...a Legend is the reason he is inspired to do music that surpasses what the legends did...fckin #idot

  • Anonymous

    Nas was probably just pretending to like it so this emotional, sensitive bitch-made motherfucker wouldn't get his feelings hurt again

  • Bobyahed2dis

    These are two artists that make unoriginal pop music, go pick up IANAHB2 or Self made Vol. 3 coming August 6th!

    • Anonymous

      You got that backwards. Wayne and Ross make unoriginal pop music and ain't nobody gonna buy those weedplates. J Cole and Nas are true hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    j.cole is a groupie faggot and he is not a good or interesting rapper at all. no personality no star power no conviction or originality. jay-z doesn't believe in him, he's ashamed of putting j.cole boring ass on. nas must secretly think these kids rapping now getting paid are losers. nas was a star. no doubt about it. this kid is a spoiled geek making unoriginal uninteresting boring nerd shit records. this clown has a song called "let nas down". nothing else to talk about i guess. i guess the college bars arent limitless. nas never made any faggot shit like that. he did the biography of rakim. that was dope. no ass kissing no looking to play it for rakim. just let it be. when jay-z album drops j.cole is OVER.

    • Anonymous

      j cole isnt that bad....well I cannot say. I do not listen to him, i have no horse in this shit.

    • supreme griffith

      i think your faculties are disarrayed, any reasonable person would conclude there ain't any shred of faggot stuff, well if you hate him I think you you have a problem but first you need to sought out your faggot issue, coz that has been very pivotal in your outburst, have you ever been a victim of such?? seems one can partially deduce that as the coz of your fury, people best tell the truth in masks, anonymous!!

    • Anonymous

      Feel better now that you got that off your chest?


    lmao "Wooo" beatin his chair, good job Cole. Any true fan of a legend would have wanted to make a song like that.

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