Madlib Doubts "Madvillainy" Sequel, Talks Collaborations With Mos Def & Freddie Gibbs

Madlib says it's on MF DOOM for the "Madvillainy" sequel to come to light.

Madlib has put out dozens of records, but one of the Stones Throw Records artist's most cherished projects was Madvillainy, the 2004 collaborative album released with MF DOOM.

In an interview with, Madlib explained that it was up to his reclusive emceeing counterpart to get a sequel to the project released. "I handed all the beats to Doom years ago, but ever since he's been in Europe, he's been hard to get a hold of."

"I feel it probably won't happen," admitted Madlib, "but you never know. I can't sit and wait on that. I did my part."

Madlib spoked about collaborations that were coming to fruition, chiefly among them Cocaine Pinata as MadGibbs, a project with Freddie Gibbs. "It's done. It sounds good. Gibbs killed his parts. So did Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown on the guest verses."

"It's hard to really explain in words. I look at him as a new version of Tupac," said Madlib of Gibbs. "He does musically a lot of the stuff that I try to do as a producer. He's capable of doing everything, but he's interested in being original and not sounding like all the other stuff on the radio."

The deejay/rapper/producer also spoke on his Zambian-Rock-inspired collaborative effort with Mos Def. "We've been working on it for a long time. I've got a lot of unreleased tracks with him, and when he comes to L.A., we link up," he revealed. "I showed him all the Zambian stuff from the group Witch that [Now-Again Records' Eothen 'Egon' Alapatt] released on Now-Again. Mos loved it. I have another album, too, full of all Indian Bollywood sampling stuff that I did with Mos. We'll hopefully put out an album of that later."

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  • Truth

    First off, understand that DOOM is dealing with immigration issues right now. He's from England and stuck there until he can handle these legal matters. Everyone criticizing his work ethic is way off the mark, he's doing as much as someone who's not allowed in the country can do... Second, all you pussies talkin' shit about Freddie Gibbs can go fuck yourselves! He may very well be the last gangster rapper we'll ever see. Skilled, street, and a great ear for music, whoever disagrees is just a geek too busy being intimidated by the content to appreciate the passion, and skill level being displayed. I'm not saying that you should kill yourselves, just saying the world would notice an improvement if you did....

    • Anonymous

      dude can't out material from London?? GTFOH - love Doom but his work ethic has always been light-weight... where's that DoomStarks??

    • Truth

      Sounds to me like your the white boy, twitter nerd trying to be something your not.......

    • Anonymous

      he sucks you faggot geek. gangsta gibbs is a gangsta to white boy nerds who think hes tough on twitter. whoaaa freddie, nice tweet, such a g. his dad is a cop and hes from a nice home. hes a pussy wanting to be something hes not. thats why he tries so hard. and he stinks on every level. songs are trash. lyrics suck. he sounds like krayzie bone if krayzie bone was wack as fuck. doom is a g. gibbs is a bitch. get it together.

  • Anonymous

    gibbs is a joke. wack as fuck. deep voice wannabe bum. completely sucks. jeezy couldn't squeeze a buck out of him and he's never gonna amount to anything becuase he's just another boring ass rapper talking shit he isn't gonna do. gangsta gibbs is a twitter bitch. doom is fucked up. last i saw him, he could barely form a sentence, he sounded fucked up. like he been drinking and drugging hard. i hope not. doom is the best. you never know with doom he always has something coming. that jj doom shit came outta nowhere but it admittedly wasnt very good.

  • anony

    Mosdef has always sounded nice on madlib tracks

  • Anonymous

    Did this dude just compare Freddie Gibbs to Pac? Gibbs is trash, couldn't even cut it on that bullshit Young Jeezy vanity label...

  • Anonymous

    DOOM dont respect no one, ungratefull nugget

  • LEATHER face

    • Adolf Sniffler

      I'll punch the crap out ya both if you keep this shit up. Actually, two two are the same user, jocking horror films for your username. Damien from Omen gonna get y'all.

    • childs play 8

      chucky will get you

  • Add

    DOOM is one lazy mofo. Come on, man. Give the fans something to ride too.

  • sizakhoza

    DOOM was intereviewed last year and he said he was done with his part and it was up to stonesthrow. This is turning into another Blackstar 2.


  • This Some BULLSHIT!

    SMH! No Madvillain album..........Kinda not surprised it being DOOM's fault. His work-ethic has always been questioned. Looking forward to that MadGibbs collab, though....

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