Ice-T Narrates "Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire" Documentary

Iconic West Coast emcee Ice-T narrates a documentary that conveys his perspective on the Second Amendment's significance.

Ice-T continues to use his voice to express his views on various topics. The Hip Hop ambassador is narrating a documentary titled Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire, a film that is striving to take a step back from public discourse on limiting magazine capacity and defining "assault rifles," and offer a unique perspective of the Second Amendment’s significance. Rock icon Ted Nugent also makes an appearance. The 79-minute film comes out on June 20. 

The documentary comes at a time where the debate on gun control is currently a popular discussion due to recent unfortunate tragedies like the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. 

Ice-T has an impressive list of film credits. He is well-known for playing the role of Detective Odafin Tutuola on the TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," some frown upon his part because of his Gangsta Rap persona. 

The rapper/actor has also contributed to a slew of motion pictures like Urban Menace, Leprechaun In The Hood, and Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn, among many others. 

In the last two years, Ice-T and his manager Jorge Hinojosa released two documentary films, Iceberg Slim: Portrait Of A Pimp” and From Nothing To Something: The Art Of Rap. The latter was Ice-T’s directorial debut and expounded on the craft of creating Hip Hop. From Nothing To Something: The Art Of Rap features heavy-hitters like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Rakim, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Nas, Ice Cube, Common, Q-Tip, Big Daddy Kane, Yasiin Bey f/k/a Mos Def and more breaking down their knowledge of the culture. It made the Sundance Festival and was critically acclaimed. 

For more information on “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire” visit their website.

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  • Anonymous

    "some frown upon his part because of his Gangsta Rap persona".... Why though? He was against corrupt cops, he doesn't play one on the show.

  • Victoria L. Smith

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  • dc3

    I'm a pussy because I don't want everybody carrying guns? We fight with our fists here and go home to live another day. You guys go either die or go to jail. You decide what's better.

    • JimM

      dc3:, We certainly DO fight with our fists here, you are correct. This issue is NOT about settling a dispute among ourselves (as Americans). The issue is our freedom that is INSURED and GUARANTEED by the Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms. This fundamental right is "unalienable", and its purpose is for self protection from all enemies (someone who would forcibly take from the individual what is not theirs) both foreign and domestic, and, very importantly, to resist a government that begins to become oppressive (tyrannical) to, and over its people. By the way, I don't think you are a "pussy" because of your views, I think you are a US citizen, who is free to state freely, and without repress, your opinion (your first amendment right)! See, that is the great part about being an American, we can disagree, and we don't even have to fist fight over it.

    • Anonymous

      masta ace was talking about how that exact used to be the norm when he was young on his debut. It's sad how it changed

  • dc3

    So glad my country doesn't allow everybody to walking around with guns. You Americans are nuts!

  • Jay Malcolmaveli X King

    wish they made more doc's like this

  • jay_stl_mo_314

    would LOVE to see this.......

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