Kanye West Promotes "Yeezus" With "American Psycho"-Inspired Projection

Over the weekend, Kanye West orchestrated a short film projection at his Los Angeles listening party inspired by the 2000 Christian Bale film, "American Psycho."

Kanye West was unable to attend his Los Angeles, California album listening and release party Friday (June 14) due to the birth of his daughter. However, that did not stop the Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam Records superstar from breaking new ground this weekend on the promotional run of Yeezus, which releases tomorrow (June 18).

Rap-Up.com reports that at the event, which took place at L.A.'s Milk Hangar, West organized an authorized projection of a short film in conjunction with his sixth solo album. The film appears to be inspired by the 2000 Horror film, American Psycho, starring Christian Bale and based on the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis. The approximately two-minute clip, captured below by Rap-Up, stars Scott Disnick and Jonathan Cheban in an axe-wielding slasher sequence. Both men have ties to West, especially to his girlfriend and mother of his newborn, Kim Kardashian. Disnick dates Kim's sister Kourtney, and was in attendance at the event, while Cheban is close friend and associate.

Last month, Kanye West orchestrated a series of projections of the Yeezus song "New Slaves" on buildings in over 90 North American cities.

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  • zxsss4


  • p

    Yeezus is a big Nigga moment, a better I am not a human being, abstract at best, p say so, Dope album

  • xx004


  • Kurtousy

    I don't think Ye is done, but this album is bullshit... After dropping 3 classics (The first 3)... We let him get away with 808 & Heartbreaks (which was aiight)...now he's lost it with this new one.. Not saying the man can't do it anymore, hell he's done in on Cruel Summer and Watch the Throne.

  • wiz

    now at the wiz kanye west new album titled 'screw you dude' with songs called "hey mixed girl ill get skateboarders after ya' with songs "god slam it" at the wizzz.

  • lapetitecollette

    it's funny because patrick bateman listened to music for clues in participation of generalized conformity... so i guess in that sense, ye was successful. lol. there is not a single iota of originality in this stupid-ass video... you replace the actors and the cd they're listening to with kanye's pick, and this is supposed to be spoutings of genius? fuck off with this bullshit. this is insulting. bitch you're not clever. you're like tumblr. you regurgitate popular images to give yourself a fucking personality. go be a dad.

  • Anonymous

    Download "Black Skinhead," "I am a God," & "New SLaves" For FREE @ bigblogtalk.com/songoftheday Fast and free downloads on the hottest songs of the week for your ipod! Thanks for support!

  • Anonymous

    kanye doesnt give a fuck about this album at least twisted fanstasy had production value

  • One

    I listened to yeezus and thought to myself, "I think Kim drove him bat shit crazy." Maybe cocaine will help you get the concept of the album.

  • Anonymous

    SCOTT DISICK! GO NOT DISNICK. https://www.google.com/search?q=american+psycho+scott+disick&rlz=1C5MACD_enUS505US505&oq=american+psycho+scott+disick&aqs=chrome.0.57j0l2j62j0.7611j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  • d-nucks

    as much as I want to.......i don't get it....enought with artsy fartsy shit....just give me dope beats and rhymes kanye...

  • Anonymous

    hes promoting it cause it sucks dont buy his album

  • YeezusWalks

    Yeezy is a god, so hurry up with his damn massage. I got the leaked album but I'm definitely buying this shit cause it is a goddamn classic. Kanye is hip-hop.

  • joe

    Kanye West is a fan of Huey Lewis and the News.

  • A rap and music fan 1st

    Good God Kanye can literally do no wrong. Brilliant. Yeezus Christ our lord and savor. By the way Yeezus is ANOTHER classic Kanye album cop that bad boy tomorrow folks.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck was kanye think releasing this wack ass abortion of a so called album yeezus my ass= should be called chicago wackness

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah dublin is a project bitch

  • jp from the hp

    Coonye west sucks cocks n cant make a beat worth shit. Its just amazes me how many of you weak ass bitches jock his shit so hard, like he the greatest ever lol!. Juicy J murders this fools production any muthafuckin day

    • Anonymous

      hip hop not music fuck kanye there a certain formula that make it hip hop kanye said fuck a formula

    • A rap and music fan 1st

      Stop hating man. Your favorite rapper is not breaking the musical boundries that Kanye has. The concepts, the flow, the production, how it all comes together Yeezus is a masterpiece album we will be talking about for years just like his 5 previous albums. I'd rank it like this CD>LR>MBDTF>Yeezus>808s>Graduation

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