Gunplay Relieved Now That He's Not Facing Life In Prison

Gunplay says, "I don't get upset no more," during an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1. He also discusses his 50 Cent beef and why he changed the name of his album to "Living Legend."

Gunplay was facing life in prison. During an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1, the Triple C's rapper said what he was thinking about while fighting charges stemming from an October 2012 incident where he allegedly robbed his accountant at gunpoint

“You just talk to your son and your thinking these are your last moments," Gunplay said during an interview with The Breakfast Club Thursday (June 13). "You always got to cherish them. You're talking to your mom and usually I’d be like, 'Aight, mom. I’ll call you back.' This time I’d sit there and listen for a hour.” 

The charges against Gunplay were dropped due to the victim not cooperating with authorities, even though the alleged act was caught on a surveillance camera. The Miami rapper repeatedly expressed gratitude and appreciation for his freedom during the interview. “I don’t get upset no more," he said. "I smile a lot.”

The Maybach Music Group rapper also discussed the aftermath of his acquittal, a failed marriage, parenting, spirituality, and his relationship with 50 Cent during The Breakfast Club interview. Gunplay and 50 Cent were involved in a backstage brawl at the 2012 BET Hip Hop awards. Gunplay's chain was reportedly stolen during the confrontation and a similar chain appeared in 50 Cent’s “Major Distribution” video featuring Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy. 

Even though Gunplay Tweeted 50 Cent and asked him to download his mixtape, he had he had no problems with 50 Cent, but that he wouldn't necessarily back down from another altercation with 50 Cent, even given his recent legal situation. 

“At the end of the day I’m a man first, I aint gonna get tried by nobody," Gunplay says. "I don’t care how much money you got, how many people you killed, we on the same thing. That’s not going to happen...But I’m not looking for no trouble. I’m good. I haven’t frowned. I haven’t raised my voice in a minute. I’ve been smiles, moving forward getting this music done, focusing on this the album now.”

The MMG rapper's forthcoming solo album, originally titled Medellin, will now be called Living Legend. The Triple C's member said that the name change was inspired by his recent legal issues. “Not many people, or rappers for that matter...go through what I went through while in the public eye and bounced back from it, bounced back stronger than ever," he says. "I did that and I think I’m a living legend and I don’t give a fuck if you don’t feel it.”  

On Monday (June 10), Gunplay released his Acquitted mixtape, which features the song “Bible On The Dash.”

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    this guys album gonna go double wood!

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  • Art Brooks

    Cuz theres no drugs in prison.

  • Anonymous


  • Esq.

    I fucks with Gunplay. Dope lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    unique**, and I meant to say he is the only rapper on MMG worth listening to

    • Anonymous

      which isnt saying much,. pretty bad when a dope fiend punching bag is the best rapper in your crew

  • Anonymous

    Seriously STFU- Gunplay is an ill muthafucker. You're seriously judging the book by the cover just assuming his name and look makes him ignorant. This dude issssss hip-hop he is super lyrical. The only reason he sometimes over indulges with raps about drugs is because it was literally part of his come up. A lot of other rappers fake that shit. Gunplay is no liar. He tells original stories from a inique point of view and outlook on the world. You just dont fuckin understand. Gunplay is the only rapper, I won't go as far and call him an MC or a living legend per se, considering the historic icons from the pioneering 80s and 90s. Trust me you don't know shit if you're sleeping on Gunplay and if you're a hater, fuck off. Why are you here!! Go check out 2dopeboyz, and don't click a link and comment to hate.

    • Anonymous

      nigga is actually ignorant though. listen to him talk. we dont need to judge him by his ghetto name or bummy appearance. this nigga is a fraud. a customer. he snorted more cocaine than william roberts ever sold in his life.

    • big guwop the realest


  • Cashaholic

    Your boss is a cop. That's how you got out of that situation.

  • Anonymous

    2 seperate interviews i seen hes braggin about tweeting 50 cent thinkin hes real funny we all know 50 would beat the crack outta this fiend with one hand

  • That Headline what?

    Really DX i thought Gunplay would of been bummed out he wasn't spending the rest of his life locked in a cell being told when to eat sleep and shit

  • Anonymous

    You aint no LIVING LEGEND but a living FOOL. Ugly as nigga.

  • jus10

    Uhhh... you mean I have to hear more headlines about this guy again? It's emberrasing! I come here for HIP HOP headlines, but I have to read this. And it seems like the only time people notice me on this site is when I'm passing over some BS like this. It's so difficult to get updates without looking like a fool. Thanks Gunplay and Dx!

  • bongwater

    lol what a stupid headline. of course hes relived hes not facing LIFE IN PRISON

  • Anonymous

    "Not many people, or rappers for that matter...go through what I went through while in the public eye and bounced back from it, bounced back stronger than ever," he says. "I did that and I think Im a living legend and I dont give a fuck if you dont feel it." He thinks hes a legend because he was dumb enough to rob and assault someone and get caught on camera as an established rapper and then snitched on someone to get let off

  • Anonymous

    Most people arent stupid or high enough to put themselves in the positions this man has. It does not make him real or a legend.

  • Anonymous

    smh his still going on about this. just like i said before mmg are using this and that bet fight to promote him as some sort of super gangster and people are falling for it

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