Responds To Kanye West's dead prez Comparisons embraces what onetime collaborator Kanye West said about dead prez to "The New York Times" this week. However, he also warns, "I don't encourage no one to be like dead prez."

This week, Kanye West told The New York Times that early career collaborators dead prez helped him develop the artistic style and songwriting that he uses today. "That’s how I discovered my style. I was just hanging out with them all the time in New York," he said, also referring to Black Star members Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey (f/k/a Mos Def), who Kanye worked with individually. "I would produce for them. You know, I was able to slip past everything with a pink polo, but I am dead prez. And now, because I was able to slip past, I have a responsibility at all times."

West worked with the duo of and M-1 on 2000's Let's Get Free, dead prez' major label debut. The would-be Def Jam Records super-star co-produced third single "It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop." reacted to Kanye's interview from his Facebook page. The Florida native and former Loud Records artist wrote, "I enjoyed the time we spent being around Kanye [West]. I thought he was a brilliant visionary in terms of producing and creative ideas. I think he relates to much of our messages cause of the truth that resonates but I also think he was privy to see things from the Rockefeller side in a way that showed him how to make money and stimulate mass interest in his work. I think he is so talented and that is the true source of his appeal."

However, stic—who has produced songs for Nas, also acknowledged and embraced West's perceived contradictions: "But I also feel in my opinion, that he like many artists felt they had to make certain choices to be successful within the rules of the Game. I think 'Ye studies the dynamics of life an uses it to his advantage for marketing. He looks at contradiction as the way things really are. He doesn't want to fit in any one-sided box. I think for him he has found his lane which blends a lot of points of view that are often polarized but with ye's art it becomes one. We all learn from one another. Brothers is out here trying to make an impact take care of their families and be relevant. Everybody don't agree on everything but at the end of the day I can understand how these artists are making their decisions and I think 'Ye offers a great deal of value to Hip Hop... Even if he don't sit right in some folks expectations. I relate to his contradictions. I get it. He's being what he feels is what he needs to be to be Kanye. I respect his honesty and skills and am honored for the acknowledgement."

stic distanced his group from all comparisons though. "I don't encourage no one to be like dead prez. I say find your own expression and make it count. We don't have all the answers. We got plenty room to learn an grow just like 'Ye and everyone else does. I think he is sincere in his embracing of some of dead prez perspective and juxtaposing it with the other stuff he is popular for. I think that is genuine for him." closed with a positive reaction. "I'm just happy a young brother from Chicago like 'Ye is alive and breathing and being creative and provocative and inspiring." The emcee/producer also revealed his own anticipation of Yeezus. "We gotta stop looking for artists to be our saviors and get to work on what we believe is necessary ourselves [...] I'm looking forward to hearing [Kanye West's Yeezus] and going running listening to it. And when I see Ye imma give him a big pound and hug for the shout out."

The full statement is on's Facebook page.

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  • DAD23

    Its so strange hearing a rapper speak in a coherent stream of thought..

  • jus10

    Kanye is Dead Prez? C'mon, man. Kanye was Kanye (cool), but now Kanye is "lost in the woods"

  • no imposters

    He was just being nice Kanye is nothing like dead prez. he is a fucking diva!

  • sxxx9

  • Martha T. Carter

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  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    FUCK dead prez. Garbage group that made 1 hit because of the beat, period, fact.

    • jus10

      Co-Sign, Cee! The Workout is a great (and inspiring) album to workout too!

    • Cee

      that's bs, Stic Man just came out w/ a good new solo album called "The Workout" and they have lots of other good stuff you've just only heard it's bigger than hip hip, period, fact.

  • sxxx9

  • xx009

  • zxsss4

  • zac

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  • KKK Spokesperson

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  • drake best fact

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  • ya basta

    dead prez is still kicking knowledge all u hating are sheeps that need to wake the fuck up

  • rbgwarrior

    after a few listens, Information Age is a bonified classic that goes hand in hands with the other classics. niggas crtitique the beats, but they fail to realize these dudes (dpz) are still the same....lets get free was the political revolution, revolutionary but gangsta was the street revolution, and now information age is the inner revolution.....these brothers are geniuses and should be commended on the music their making, in the same vein as bob marley, peter tosh, public enemy, nina simone, steel pulse to name a few.....stay rbg'd up!

  • Fuck Brooklyn

    "I don't encourage no one to be like dead prez." Thank God for that, cause y'all wack.

  • Anonymous

    dead prez are racist faggots

  • Real Talk

    dead Prez are like most socialists, they rage against capitalism and get rich off it. I'm not sure what is immoral about makin money off your work, profiting off of your labor, it's just hilarious when a socialist profits off his labor:

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Niggasbefrontin'...

    Niggas be scared to speak out against someone that might be able to make some money for 'em. Dead Prez went soft over the years. Where the fuck are these niggas? What happened to the 'revolution'...oh, they got a big paycheck and now they have better things to do.

    • Niggasbefrontin'...

      I'm aware of what they're doing. I'm not a slave to the radio. I couldn't even tell you what songs are on the radio, though I bet I can guess what the content of the songs are. Look, I'm not faulting these dudes for getting theirs. It's just disappointing that all you have to do to stop the 'voice of the truth' is tape a thousand dollar bill over his mouth. To the other shit head...I don't work at McDonalds and I don't take the bus, though if I did there would be nothing wrong with that. I know simple minded niggas like you equate character with money, because you been listenin' to these dumb ass rappers too much, but my thoughts and opinions don't waver based on money, and the truth doesn't cater to other people's egos. You know god damn well that if Kanye West wasn't somehow helping these niggas careers or they felt he could do nothing for him, then they'd be lambasting him. Kanye West is the typical song-and-dance nigga that they love to insult. Doing songs with Chief Keef who is the quintessential bad influence on young black kids. God forbid these rappers actually speak out against negativity instead of profitting off of it. Fuckin' sell outs.

    • Carlito Rames

      Dead Prez will always be relevant,It was great for Kanye to mention them because all these new rappers swear they have to throw up gang signs to make music and they have lost sight of hip hop. Capital Steez was heading here before his death to make some great underground music too.

    • Anonymous

      What are you doing with your life, broke ass nigga? Other than taking the bus to your job at McDonald's to feed your overweight baby momma and your dumb ass kids.

    • Anonymous

      dead prez released the LP 'information age' earlier this year. they're still around bro; it's just radio doesn't play the shit. it is what it is. they're still pretty active & putting out the message.

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