Today, Decatur, Georgia-based emcee Jarren Benton delivered My Grandma’s Basement, a follow-up to his digital releases Freebasing With Kevin Bacon and Huffin’ Glue With Hasselhoff. He is a member of the Funk Volume collective, a California-based label that includes Hip Hop artists SwizZz, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, and DJ Hoppa. 

In addition to being a part of the F.V. crew, he maintains strong ties with the Atlanta Hip Hop scene and works with artists like Rittz, Playboy Tre, Spitzwell and his SMKA affiliates. My Grandma’s Basement is his junior project under the F.V. umbrella. 

In regards to how he feels about the new release, “This one has a different vibe. It’s a lot more personal stuff so people can learn who Jarren is,” Jarren Benton said in a statement, on the Funk Volume website 

Tracklist & Album Stream are as follows:

01. Yaya (skit)

02. Razor Blades & Steak Knives featuring Hemi (prod. Kato)

03. Life In The Jungle (prod. Kato)

04. Don’t Act (prod. Kato)

05. Big Rube Interlude

06. Dreams (prod. Spittzwell & Horns By Born)

07. The Way It Goes featuring Planet IV (prod. Reckless Dex)

08. Cadillacs & Chevys (prod. Roc N Mayne & DJ Hoppa)

09. Heart Attack featuring Poodie The Byz (prod. The Kraken & Ricky Fontaine)

10. My Adidas (prod. Kato & DJ Hoppa)

11. Smells Like featuring R.A. The Rugged Man & Mic Buddah (prod. Spittzwell)

12. Even More No Homo (skit) (prod. Spittzwell)

13. Bully featuring Vinnie Paz (prod. Kato & DJ Hoppa)

14. I Deserve It featuring Hemi (prod. Kato)

15. Go Off featuring Hopsin & SwizZz (prod. M16)

16. We On (My Own Dick) featuring Dizzy Wright & Pounds (prod. Kato)

17. PBR And Reefer (prod. SKMA)

18. OJ ft. Elz Jenkins (prod. Kato)

19. My Grandma’s Basement (prod. Oh)

Stream My Grandmas Basement on Funk Volume’s official website

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