Kanye West Confirms "Yeezus" Guests, Rick Rubin As Executive Producer

Kanye West breaks down the title of "Yeezus," says the album title refers to his "God name."

G.O.O.D. Music rapper Kanye West dished out a number of thank you’s during his Yeezus listening session, which took place last night (June 10) at a loading dock in New York City. The Windy City emcee saved his last thank you for Def Jam Records founder Rick Rubin who West reportedly recruited last minute for the role of executive producer on Yeezus.

West went on to speak in detail about Rubin’s contributions as executive producer on the project before offering a short, but precise explanation of his album’s title.

“Last but not least, that came and helped bring this whole shit together. That executive produced the album [with] me and the family is Rick Rubin…I remember Rick even said, he said ‘When we did Def Jam, we wasn’t feeling like we was in competition with nobody cause this shit was so direct’…So, it was good for me to go to the God Rick Rubin and plan my shit,” said West in a video posted on XXLMag.com. “Ask him questions and allow him to take this project to an entirely new level. And he made a lot of great decisions at the end and pulled it to a whole new level. And I wanted to explain something about the title. Simply put, West was my slave name, and Yeezus is my God name.”

The “Black Skinhead” rapper also spoke on the musical versatility of Yeezus, which he later described as being a "soundtrack" to life, as he commented on the album doubling as a project you can ride to, workout to, etc.

“We ain't give a fuck about what no one else said, outside looking in, anything,” Kanye explained. “We just wanted to make the best product possible and this is just the beginning of an entirely new mentality of how to make music [directly] for the people…It’s about delivering some shit for y’all to go to work to, ride to, listen to when y’all working out and shit, whatever y’all doing. To provide a soundtrack for this shit.”

Kanye also reportedly confirmed features from Daft Punk, Chief Keef, Bon Iver, and more on the album. Yeezus will be released next week on June 18.

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  • Guwop

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  • Allara

    Yeezus is actually a more correct proununciation of Jesus. J isn't in the Hebrew language. J was usually substituted for y.

  • Dentaldamboy

    People only say 2pac and Biggie are the best because they died so dramatically and died when they were in their prime. If Weezy and Shady were to die in their prime in the same dramatic fashion, it would be no different. Because truth is as good as 2pac and biggie were there are rappers nowadays that would rap circles around them. So they clearly aren't legendary because of their skills, it's really because of their dramatic deaths. In all honesty they're extremely over-rated

    • gamestwin


    • Donahue

      While there's some truth in what you just said you've got to look at the for more than just rapping skills. Just cuz these new cats now days can rap their ass's off with speed and precision doesn't mean they're the greatest. Biggie & Pac did so much for music and hip-hop. They created a timeless songs that will keep living on possibly longer than you an I. The way Biggie rapped was so natural it almost seemed effortless. He was ment to make music. TuPac came with delivery and passion that is unmatched. His song writing ability, personality, optimism, and rebelliousness will live on forever. He is a lifestyle. To be legend is to bring much much more to the table than fast flows and great one-liners. YOU the artist is what becomes legend. Artist like Eminem, Jay Z, Naz, Snoop Dogg and Tech N9ne will be around and talked about in hip-hop culture for many many years even after their time is over. They became more than just a rapper with some witty lines and infectious flows. They proved there worth and longevity and became a name known world wide. Kanye West will be something of legend one day. If his face pops up on a tv screen everyone knows who he is from your little sister to your granny. He's loved and hated for individual reasons. But he's one of the most well known people living. He just happens to also make topnotch music! Legend. I'll give you this.. If Lil' Wayne would have been murdered just before releasing Tha Carter 3 he would have probably gone down in history. But now he has saturated his talent and produced a lot of half-assed garbage. He's half the reason everyone thinks they can be a rapper! It's like that line from that Batman movie: "Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.." Same goes for 50 Cent. And yes "hip-hop heads" I know their are other great rap legends out there but I said the ones I did because theirs names are much more known. So don't make me a list of other greats out there. That's not my point.

  • Yeezus Christ Amen

    kanye is our new lord and savior

  • Anonymous

    Looking at rap today, we really need a new Kanye West album. Kanye is one of the few top selling hip-hop artists that still give a fuck about music. Look at the music put out by Future, Lil Wayne, Nicky, 2Chainz... if Pac was alive, he would shit on all of them.

  • Eye Control

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  • DZA

    You know I do love Yeezy's music, I really do, and I have followed him for some time. But a theme that has come up time and time again in his music since he went all out thug and ditched the old image is the struggle of the black man (he's rich as fuck) and the dated notion of black power over white privilege. "You know white people..." and all that shit he spits annoys the fuck out of a true fan, hip hop producer, and MC such as myself. Now he sits here and says thanks to the "GOD" Rick Rubin, a white male, who by all accounts is very integrated into hip hop's legacy and culture. I dunno say what you will about me, I am non racist, non hate, but I just vibe that as a sense of hypocrisy and am tired of Kanye's time and time again direct racism and closet minded opinions. Oh, yeah, ain't Kim basically white also? Get real, Yeezy. Please.

    • No hero

      Kanye perpetuated the negative ignorant stereotypes for his whole rap career. its not like he was 18 when he started rapping he was a grown ass man. Now that he's a pop star he has to stay reverent (according to hiphopdx readers) so he's switching his stance. Stop making him out to be a leader or visionary. Bob Marley was this guy is just an imature piece of shit with a grip of homos on his dick

    • PhillyMu

      Point Blank, if you're not BLACK, you literally have no right to speak about a BLACK man who has the guts to speak out about white racism/white priviledge/institutions that are designed to keep blacks enslaved (mentally). Just because he works with white people to create his art doesn't mean he's a hypocrite. DAMN I WISH YALL WOULD GET EDUCATED!!! How fucked up is your criticism?? Yall claim rappers don't have anything to say about social/political issues, but when a HIGH PROFILE, super famous BLACK MAN does it, yall wanna cry reverse racism. THAT IS THE EPITOME OF WHITE GUILT, AND U AIN'T EVEN KNOW IT

    • no homo

      kanye doesn't give a shit about you or your skin color he just wants your money you homos

    • Anonymous

      @DZA Agreee. Expect KIM is not basically white. She IS WHITE!!! For any of you idiot American's that think Armenia is somehow arab or serb or some shit.... The country is 80% WHITE. Her family are from the WHITE side....

    • myty gz

      everyone struggles within your class. your poor its tryna get rich and broke and if your rich you find some other shit to complain about that lower class people cant understand. its not a black and white issue its and a black,white,brown w.e color in the would you ares problem. just bec yoru black dont mean you have any less or more problems then the next man.

    • A

      I agree to a certain extent with Advocate comment....I think the main point was that being a huge Kanye fan, It's tough to see him tip top that fine line of racism. Granted, none of probably understand his true struggle because we are neither wealthy or famous. However, Rick Rubin is a white man who founded Def Jam (also a legendary producer for rock acts). The fact that this album seems to have a bullseye on "White CEOs" or "Whites in power" is pretty contradictory given the fact that Rick Rubin is helping him finish what will most likely be a CLASSIC album.

    • Anonymous

      tru 100% ^^^^^

    • Industry Advocate

      So you think the Struggle for The Black Man ends when you're rich? You think things get easier because you got money? You think people look at you different and treat you different because you not "financially" struggling? No matter how much money you make, or how high you get in ranks, people will still treat you like a NIGGA! Real Talk! That's the difference between Black listeners and everyone else.

    • A

      Came in here to say the same thing! You couldn't have said it better. I agree completely. Hoping once I hear the album that my expectations for that "Theme" won''t be there.

  • Yeezoid

    Its going to be anonther dope album that DX will give 4.5 to...cause they wack

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef and Young Chop are going to save this bullshit...I have a feeling its gonna be more experimental trash like 808 Heartbreak...

  • Anonymous

    the review of the album is on rolling stone. trash ass album if u love euro acts like david guetta, daft punk. u will love this album though.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    ive pretty much hated kanye since cruel summer

    • PhillyMu

      So, you just disregard an entire discography of brilliant hip-hop music because you don't like a FUCKING compilation that isn't even a Kanye album? Oh ok, you've just confirmed your status as a moron

  • Right On

    Kanye West is a gay fish.

  • 7 Cities Slymm

    * we all can't go and we all can't stay.... *that being said, Kanye is the greatest ARTIST (not MC) to materialize his vision into music that Hip-Hop has to date * he is achieving Prince/Madonna status as an artist, so if he sells 50K first week in U.S., he will still go platinum WORLDWIDE * plus, who cares what it sells (esp if you not a record exec), just look for quality music * we need artists like Nas, Lupe, Kanye, Kendrick & etc to challenge Hip-Hops boundaries...we need artists like Redman, M.O.P., Ice Cube, & Scarface to keep it rooted in its true essence * Drake, Wayne, Ross & ect are needed to keep it "relevant"/pop for those who are too lazy to look up new talent (Krit/Bada$$) and those too ignorant to learn the history(NWA/Rakim)

  • Whorida

    Would like to hear more about the input Rick Rubin had. If he had a hand in all tracks, shit will be fire.

  • sx0009


  • sx0004


  • fraef


  • Anonymous

    Kanye will sell at least 400k the first week. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool hip hop news and videos on there too

  • Anonymous

    They need to hurry up and leak this shit. I don't have anything to listen to besides nas life is good. hiphop is over :(

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