Action Bronson Says That "Saab Stories" Is His Last One-Producer Project

After projects with Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Tommy Mas, Party Supplies and Statik Selektah, Action Bronson says that he's going to be working with his friends a la carte on upcoming releases.

In less than three years, Action Bronson has organically transformed from a Queens, New York artist appearing DJ J-Love mixtapes to a Goliath-managed act covering magazines, and signed to Vice/Warner Bros. Records. Speaking with another Queens artist, DJ Whoo-Kid, Bronson spoke about the importance of Saab Stories, which comes to retail today.

"Harry Fraud did the whole thing," Bronson explained of the Brooklyn, New York producer who shares the billing on S.S. "There was a time when I was working with just one producer. And this is the end of it," Action revealed. In 2011, he released Dr. Lecter with longtime collaborator Tommy Mas, before following with Well-Done, with Statik Selektah later that year. In 2012, Bronson released two free projects, Blue Chips with Party Supplies, followed by Rare Chandeliers with Alchemist. The Flushing native stressed that Saab Stories will be the fifth and final effort in this format.

The Outdoorsmen member did say that all the previous collaborators will remain on his forthcoming releases. "After this, I have music with mixed [producers]. I'm not putting out just a [one-producer] thing anymore," pointing to Al, Harry, Statik, Party Supplies and Tommy Mas, who is signed to Duck Down Music as a member of Team Facelift. "I feel like the older dudes are not tryin' to give the younger dudes a shot. I feel like if I go pay these mothafuckas, instead of paying my friends that I've been doing music with, I'd be playing myself. I'd rather take care of my homies. They make my favorite music anyway." Bronson stressed that he prefers to make music with producers in the studio rather than sending tracks over email.

The full interview is below:

Action Bronson & Harry Fraud's Saab Stories is in available for purchase today.

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    Ghostface Killah - Meteor Hammer (ft. Action Bronson & Termanology)

  • dr.lector

    who cares if he sounds like ghostface ... no one said anything about hopsin sounding like eminem fuck it, have ghost and action on the same track

    • Anonymous

      everybody said something about hopsin sound like eminem not only his actual voice but his flow and lyrical content/subject matter in general

  • dr.lector

    he better keep it underground fuck that wiz collab

  • Anonymous

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    Apparently he's not interested in making albums, but not many are these days.

  • Anonymous

  • A

    These trolls get so damn old.... Saab Stories is good. Prefer Blue Chips though. Very interested to see the retail response he gets from this EP.

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