Snak The Ripper & Ces Cru To Appear At's "Mission Underground" Event

Exclusive:'s June 23 event in San Francisco will also feature Azizi Gibson, Duckwrth, Irv Da Phenom, Kung Fu Vampire and Bay Area icon Spice 1, among others.

Snak the RipperCes Cru, Spice 1, Azizi Gibson, Duckwrth, Irv Da Phenom, Nocando and Kung Fu Vampire are among the artists confirmed to perform in cyphers at's Mission Underground show in San Francisco, California.  The event is scheduled to take place at the Mission Cultural Center on June 23.

The cyphers will all be done live, in one take, and over original production. “You get to see the artist live right then and there," says Nelson Silva, who co-founded in 2010 with Armani Cooper and Dev Tejwani. "There is no ‘Hollywoodness’ to it. It's one take. This is them and their talent. It’s the most naturalistic way to show an artist and how they go in the studio and get on the track. We get to see it live.”

“We want to make it about the talent of the artist," adds Cooper. "We’re trying to get the dopest artists into it and make it about the art form.  When you make it about the art form, respect is coming back into Hip Hop and Hip Hop will be taken as a serious art form again.”  

Founded in San Francisco, California, has posted several of their cypher videos online during the past few years. The Funk Volume cypher video featuring Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton and SwizZz has more than 1.6 million views on YouTube. A cypher featuring Irv Da Phenom and Aqualeo has more than 400,000 views, while another installment featuring Krizz Kaliko, Futuristic, Black P and Jeff Turner has more than 150,000 views.  

As for the Mission Underground show, Cooper says had a specific goal. They wanted to “bring together artists from different sub-genres and people from different parts of the world to make awesome-ass music.”  

Tickets for's Mission Underground show can be purchased at The three-hour event, which begins at 6 pm EST, will be streamed live at

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  • Matt Williams

    Can't wait to see Kung Fu Vampire. He was awesome on the ICP tour.

  • NIX816

    Hate to break it to you all, but Ces Cru is going to dance around Kung Fu. He's good, really good, but not Ces Cru Good.

    • Stoned Raider

      It's not a competition, both artists bring something totally different and fresh to the table, equally!

  • Carlos S. Schneider

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  • Joe

    TeamBackpack is awesome! d(-_-)b

  • Yoda Looney

    My Good Friend Kung Fu Vampire Is One Of The Illest Most Talented Artist I Know, Seriously This Dude Has Shown Me Sick Style From Different Genre's Of Music Mixed With Hip Hop, To Different Styles In His Flow, His Word Play Is Phenomenal, His Concept's On Music Are Amazing His Loyalty Respect And Dedication To Progressing In This Music Industry Is Just Outstanding,. This Dude Show's His Fan's An Followers So Much Respect An Love, Hes The Only Artist I Know Who Kicks It With His Fan's After He Performs At Big And Small Venue's He Out Signing Autographs Taking Photo's Showing Kindness To Children, Seriously I Have Learned A Lot From My Good Friend Kung Fu Vampire, From Music To Friendship, I Have Seen This Dude Struggle An Make It To Where He Is Now, Promoting And Pushing His Own Music When No One Else Will, He Has Earned His Spot In The Era Of Legends As Far As I Am Concerned This Dude Is One Of The Greatest, Put Him On A Beat An Watch The Creativity Flow With Lyrical Illustration. Seriously Do Not Underestimate Kung Fu Vampire, He Also Has His Own Band Chris And Jeremy And Kung Fu Vampire Always Go Hard On Songs An Not To Mention Stage Performance, Even When Kung Fu Vampire Is Just By Him Self His Stage Performance Is Outrageous, I Can't Say Enough About Him. All I Know Is That Once He Get's On This Cypher There Is Going To Be Lyrical Skill Bleeding From The Coils Of The Mic! Real Life Music #KungFuVampire #DoingBigFangs #RealLifeMusic -Looney_Toonz

  • Charles Anderson

    No one is better live than Kung Fu Vampire no fake shit he can spit so for the rest of you just try and keep up!!!

  • Ben Hoyle

    Kung Fu Vampire will no doubt give you the dopest performance you will ever witness. Can't wait to see him sink his fangs into this cypher!

  • George (BIG G)

    It brings me great joy to see my friend,Kung Fu Vampire rising to the top. He's the most laid back artist and is always willing to help a person out.He really deserves the credit thats being finally giving to him.If your wondering if his style of music may not inner twine with this cypher,your in for a bad ass show!! His lyrics and music is off the charts! Kung Fu Vampire will dominate this cypher! Fang,Fang!!

  • B_W_S

    Snak the Ripper is dope as hell dont sleep on him

  • James Harris

    Kung Fu Vampire is a phenomenal performer. Can't wait to see him kill this cypher! Much Love to Kung Fu Doing Big Fangs!!

  • Dan B

    Kung fu will shred no doubt but on a cypher with Irv? #wigsplitting

  • M80

    Can't wait to see what Kung Fu Vampire has instore!!

  • Blake McRitchie

    Snak's gonna crush this!

  • Big B

    Snak The Ripper is next up!

  • Beverly C. Cramer

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