Freddie Gibbs Calls Young Jeezy "Bogus," Says He Never Took A Dollar From Him

Freddie Gibbs says he doesn't respect the man who signed him to CTE, hinting at some of the content from next month's "ESGN" album.

Gary, Indiana's Freddie Gibbs has never been one to mince words. His upcoming album, ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally) is an extension of that personality. In a new interview with, one of the targets on Gibbs' promised-to-be-outspoken album is Young Jeezy.

Late last year, Gibbs broke ties with Jeezy's CTE World label (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) after the partnership failed to deliver a major label album from the Midwest sensation. Gibbs stated, "I think when it comes to credibility in this game, you gotta think about me. Shit, ain’t nobody realer than me in this game. Definitely not [Young] Jeezy, so I am about to show you all that." Criticizing his former backer of over a year, Gibbs further stressed, "At first, when that whole [label] split happened, I was being political about it. I was thinking, ‘Man, I don’t want to fuck up my relationship.’ But fuck that shit, my nigga. I’m feeding the whole city. [Young Jeezy] don’t do shit for me. I am going to point a nigga out when he bogus, and he was bogus for not owing up to his business relationship and doing what he was supposed to do business-wise."

Gibbs stressed that he never receiving a dollar from the Def Jam Records star rapper, despite the signing. In the interview, Gibbs claims that even during his CTE tenure, he was paying for his own recording and videos.

Freddie Gibbs further elaborates on his differences with Jeezy and CTE as well as his upcoming album with Madlib in the interview.

ESGN will release July 9.

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  • Anonymous

    "thriller is the highest selling album in history" That was how many years ago now? Today, it's just another album on Itunes. That was my point. Hundreds of mixtapes are on there that aren't selling shit. You act like Gibbs is Jay Z.

  • Anonymous

    "every one of those tapes is on itunes dick brain" So fucking what sperm guzzler. Thriller's still on Itunes. Doesn't mean anybody's buying it.

  • Anonymous

    "Independent money trumps major label fame that most mistake for financial independence. What would make you think this man is broke?" Most indie rappers don't make big money though. For every Mac Miller, Tech Nine or Macklemore, there are thousands more who make pennies cause they have to pay for everything they do, and everywhere they go. It's not that they don't want to be on a major, it's that there's zero interest from the labels.

  • Anonymous

    "Gibbs was in RUSSIA doing shows there. he's far from being broke. the dude's put out 4-5 dope mixtapes in the last 3 yrs" 4-5 free mixtapes. No official album. Dropped from a major. Doing shows in Russia lol That's called desperation.

  • gnigga_pleeze

    I was defendin jeezy for bein wack when he had gibbs signed to his label. now fuck him. the other day a 17 year old told me jeezy is the best rapper alive. I said he cant rap and he said " but he's the realest". I fuckin hate society.

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    All you nikkas on here posting like if yall there with em when shit go down. Dumb fuckbois! One day yall with the Yeah Jeezy the nikka, next day fukk Jeezy! Pancake as mothafkkasss

  • hypestyle

    Gary and Indiana need way much better representation in hip-hop. Some progressive voices need to be heard.



  • Shame!

    Gibbs is not a gangsta his dad was a police officer and he himself attented ball state haha.

  • d-nucks

    yeah Jeezy track record with is artist IS HORRIBLE....even he even fell out with Blood Raw....and Blood Raw was sayignt he same thing about jeezy that Gibbs is saying.....Jeezy comes off as SELFISH...and thats okay...just don't sign niggaz. He seems to fail to realize that when you can help another nigga become succesful..THAT MAKES YOU THAT MORE SUCCESFUL.....Love or Hate Ross..but he puts his ARTIST ON...and he pushes them....he got Jeezy beat hands down in that department. And the bad thing about it....Gibbs can rap his ass off....with the right presentation...dude can be big.........I think Jeezy knew that...again goes back to that selfish shit....cause gibbs can rap cirlces around jeezy....jeezy did not want to be outshined

    • Anonymous

      amen, i pretty much said the exact same thing yesterday and got a bunch of jeezy dick riders coming at me lmao

  • Anonymous

    That new album will be a damn good, I just know it. NP: Freddie Gibbs - In My Hood W/ L.E.P. Bogus Boys [Str8 Killa No Filla]

  • mar500

    I wouldnt even sign to CTE right now.

    • lol

      Nobody cuz cte sucks azz. Jeezy wants to take mainstream club beats and try to make hits. Keep it hood Jeezy. Go back to your trap or die style.

  • George

    Poor Gibbs. MMG artists have no reason to complain, they constantly tour, constanly drop videos and constanly drop albums, mixtapes or label compilations. CTE hasn't and never will be a label were up&coming artists can expect to get a major push at.

    • Anonymous

      And part of that is the fault of Gibbs and those other artists. Their work ethic is weak and it shows.

    • Anonymous

      they constantly get clowned by sports announcers, constantly get beat up on camera, chains snatched, ethered by cats who havent been relevant since 2005, yeah them mmg niggas got it made!

    • NO SNOW


  • killer. literally.

    bitter and mad at them detroit niggas. he did gain from being with jeezy. people who didn't know him checked him out because of the anouncement and articles on him including the press he got on this site. suck it up and roll. a real nigga doesn't say he's not gonna say anything then turn around before the release of his album and start talking.

  • zxsss4

  • xx0009

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    Nobody told him to sign w/o getting an advance, and the best thing he could have done was pay his own way, more money coming back. Gibbs sounding like the youngin who thought he was getting paid until he found out he had to electric boogalo on the corner with a Little Caesar's sign for commission pennies. Smarten up son.

  • Anonymous

    Get trade to mmg

  • Anonymous

    What did gibbs expect signing to another rapper who probably doesnt have the best deal on the major label hes signed to? All you get are free features and maybe theyll pay for your video when you have an actual hit

  • zxx009

  • Kizman

    still the realist rapper right now

    • Kizman

      @1st anon, Gibbs was in RUSSIA doing shows there. he's far from being broke. the dude's put out 4-5 dope mixtapes in the last 3 yrs

    • Anonymous

      lol he makin good money just off of sold out shows. He doin shows in Europe lmao

    • nic

      actually most of the broke rappers are backed by major labels. Independent money trumps major label fame that most mistake for financial independence. What would make you think this man is broke? SMH, dumb ass rap fans.

    • Anonymous

      And the brokest.

  • Anonymous


  • LOL Smh...

    "His upcoming album, ESNG (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally)"... wait, what?? I think all these hip-hop websites hire the same retarded 3 writers and these guys must be caking.. simple errors that would only take a second glance to catch, and nothing! Get it together!!

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    I love this. Props to Freddie for speaking out. Fuck Jeezy and CTE.

  • Enlightened

    Once again.... THESE DAMN ARTISTS DO NOT HAVE LABELS!!! It's comedy. These damn labels tell an artist, yes you can say you have a label called MMG. Or you can say you have a label called Young Money. See what happens when the artist tries to release a project that the MAJOR,or should I say ACTUAL, label is not feeling. Why did Grand Hustle not release one project from another artist all the times TI was locked up except B.O.B. They had supposedly just signed 8Ball and MJG. The game is all smoke and mirrors. Dame Dash might be broke now, but his recent interview with Combat Jack was shedding truth. They give these niggas fake ass titles and treat them like little pets on a leash. None of these niggas own shit. Master P was the last nigga who actually owned a label. He put out whatever the fuck he wanted to. After P, they made sure a nigga would never get that type of deal again.

  • dcd

    you guys are experts at knowing what reason people think, do and say things for. good job at not assuming.

  • Anonymous

    its already well known that Jeezy was never the type to build other artists rather then build himself. i never thought this was a good fit anyway but i had high hopes. Gibbs is leagues above Jeezy talent wise and Jeezy cant handle anyone on his own label getting bigger then him.

    • Anonymous

      Jeezy ain't shit without Shawty Redd.

    • Anonymous

      Getting bigger than him? He never had an album lol Jeezy been around long enough to know what to do in situations like this. Cut your ties and let this no talent bum talk and talk about how bad he supposedly had it.

    • Real

      If Gibbs was heads above Jeezy talent wise he would already have a name for himself. Ne rappers know beef sales cds. Go at Jeezy, get a little exposure, sells some records. He doesnt make music the masses want to hear. He has flow but nothing special

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    ja rule choked young jeesy in jail

  • Anonymous

    you mad cuz because you were paying for your own studio time instead of jeezy paying for you? wtf wrong with you, or perhaps this is getting him some heat for his album. can't say if i believe him on this one.

    • Anonymous

      and videos, photo shoots, take the nigga to radio and let him freestyle. hes supposed to be ur artist rite? da fuq jeezey smfh. get ya $ fred

    • Ran

      if your signed to a management/label, they are expected to help pay for expenses... studio time being one of them. It's part of the business...

  • spizz

    at the end of the Day I think Gangster Gibbs energy might be misplaced Jeezy wasnt in the position to green light anybodys album hell...he got pushed back like a whole year his dam self..that fool got two singles out r.i.p.and showout and Defjam aint thinking about him now I think these labels are ficitious ways for has been artist to front when their album isnt coming out. also I dont think you can to a rappers label and play "little man " and have longevity in music

  • CTE

    someone is trying to get attention i see

  • Anonymous

    Oh oh, I smell some beef cooking. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool hip hop news and videos on there

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