DJ Paul Confirms A Reunion Of Three 6 Mafia Members, With New Group Name

Exclusive: DJ Paul brings back Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous and Crunchy Black as Da Mafia 6iX. He also confirms that he is not working at all with Juicy J on "Stay Trippy."

Rumors of a full-out Three 6 Mafia reunion have been circling this week with speculation that the comeback would feature all of the Memphis, Tennessee group’s members. Speaking exclusively with HipHopDX this afternoon (June 7), founding group member DJ Paul laid out what fans can expect from the upcoming group and why they have taken on a new name.

“Well, the first thing I want to clear up, and I cleared it up on Twitter yesterday, it’s not a Three 6 Mafia reunion [per se], because all the group members not in it—[Juicy J] is not in it—so it’s not considered a Three 6 Mafia reunion because it’s not Three 6 Mafia," clarified Paul. "I like to look at it or call it just a new project [or] group, it’s a new group, a totally new group—for the most part—and it’s a new project. Like I said, J’s not in it so it can’t be Three 6 Mafia because one of the key members not in it. So I just look at it as a new project that I’m taking on [or] a new group that just happen to be with people that I’ve known for most of my life and that I trust, so that’s why it don’t have the Three 6 Mafia name. In actuality, it’s kind of a Three 6 Mafia reunion, but I don’t want to call it [that], I’d call it a reunion of members of the Mafia, the members who I brought in the group. These are all the people that I brought into the group, these are people that I went to school with or blood-related to. So, it’s a reunion of the members that I brought into our clique.”

When asked about the specific members of the new group, DJ Paul, who is back and forth between his hometown of Memphis and creating music in Hollywood, California, provided the names of all other previous Three 6 Mafia members besides his current partner and co-founder Juicy J; Paul also described the altered group name and the initial response he’s seen from fans: “Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous and Crunchy [Black]. The name of the group is Da Mafia 6iX. So like I said we can’t consider it a Three 6 Mafia reunion without all the members of the [group] being in it so we’ll just say that it’s a reunion of members of the Mafia that created a totally new group called Da Mafia 6iX. [Fans] are going crazy about it on Twitter, they happy as hell, they’ve been waiting on this for years, some of these members have been gone since 2000, you know, it’s 2013.”

Given his absence in the new group, Paul also added that he has remained on good terms and is often in contact with Juicy J though they no longer collaborate musically: “We still talk. But no, I’m not on his album and we haven’t did nothing musically. But we still talk because we still own all the companies together, we still get big checks together, so we still talk business stuff but I’m not on the album.”

Da Mafia 6iX has not yet announced an official release.

Earlier this week, DJ Paul released a 20-minute documentary, Person Of Interest:

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  • Gunzmore

    Yeah after 13 years it feels good to see that "Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous and Crunchy Black" back on the Scene together wit Dj Paul as a team but really miss Juicy J , project pat and frayser boy on this ...Dayummmm !! I can't wait until march,2014 for the official (full-length) album release ..i'm pretty sure it's gonna be BOMB !!! Big Up DJ Paul .keep making moves !!!! Much Love From Sri Lanka #Respek

  • DoubleA

    Lord Infamous is one of the greatest ever. Combined with some of the old crew and quality production, this project should result in a great album. Good to see Boo and Koopsta involved as well. Keep grinding Paul!

  • J dirty

    Crunchy black is that nigga,dude never tried to be the best rapper alive,He just spits that hood style.Good to see Lord Infamous is back also..I expect good shit coming here.These hipster shitty hip hop fans these days wont appreciate it tho Im sure...If theres no Lil wayne or some r&b rihanna bitch on the hooks.Its not gunna get the respect it deserves

  • Elizabeth M. Thompson

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  • stabler420

    *Say. Fuckin phone smh!

  • Stabler420

    " For those that day I can't rap. I don't rap anyway nigga. I rob."-Crunchy Black. Crunchy black is a hype man dumb fucks! I'd understand if dude was claiming to be the dopest rapper alive but he ain't.

    • j

      u dnt deserve to know where that quote comes from. u dnt kno shit bout the triple 6. Fuckin bitch how dare u act like u kno. The only ppl that know their old shit is me and the ppl lucky enough to have me turn them on to it. U arent the chosen one. Stop listening to my music or i will find u and destroy ur life

  • Anonymous

    What companies do these has been's own? lol

  • aaaas4

  • dj nemesis

    very sad when a legendary producer like dj paul, has to jock the lex lugar bass...dont he know lex lugar is influenced by 3 6 mafia? he needa keep usin that thick 3 6 mafia bassline theyre known for an leave that bullshit lex lugar bass alone..same goes for the hi-hats, stop jockin this lil jit dj paul, do you, thats why your a legend, you innovate

  • Killah Casp

    Anybody need they dick sucked?

  • Donald O. Slocumb

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    • White dude

      3-6 is signed to Columbia. They can't put out an official record on another label without being in breach of contract. Of course, every 3-6 fan knows what this is.

  • IROC

    Without Playa Fly & Gangsta Black it aint no reunion Fly and Black got real skills and where the only Real Rappers in the group PERIOD !!!!!! paul and j just chant, lord infamous is ok crunchy black not that good,Boo cool !

    • IROC

      Only idiot dont know the only true spitters were Fly and Black out the whole click no matter the others are light weight they were connected and left over money issues suck on that idiot Anonymous !

    • dj nemesis

      lmao this man said lord infamous is "ok"...the mans a legend in the south an probably the most influential right now, everyone right now is jockin that lord infamous flow...the whole raider klan, asap mob, freddie gibbs, wiz khalifa, and yelawolf

    • Anonymous

      Lol @ IROC , idiot.

    • lordsoze

      Playa fly and Gangsta Blac are Prophet Posse. They were never in 3-6

  • MalcolmLittle

    Scarecrow and Koopsta back on some Paul beats? I fk's with it, no question. Lord Infamous was always my fav. out the whole crew anyway, lowkey the only reason I was even as big a fan of Three 6 as I was. When fam left I didn't have much reason to keep listenin.

  • x0004

  • Nigga creep

    Good, about time. Paul is an out cold producer on his own. Crunchy got half his muthafuckin face blown off so I don't know how he gonna rap anymore but he might be ok. Im glad to hear this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Man, they need Juicy J to be apart of this too, that boy is buzzing right now. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop news and videos on there too

    • tsert

      Its bout that money niggaas...three 6 aint hot anymore ever since they havent been about to capitalize after most known...last 2 walk came out 1 year too late and not their buzz been gone. Juicy buzzin now... dont matter what beats, its bout that cake and he gettin it...juicy appeal to da kids, paul voice too ruff. Old paul rapping might though. He should go back to that style.

    • dj nemesis

      ^same goes for dj paul...these niggas rather get these Juicy j/dj paul wannabes to produce they shit instead of doin it themselves smh

    • Anonymous

      Juicy beats were so ill back in the he rhyming over this teeny bopper bulshit.

    • nigga creep

      Juice need to stay off those weak ass mike will beats n produce his own shit again. Taylor gang shit is weak too

  • Anonymous

    Ooooo I guesss its not cool anymore to rep the 666MAFIA?? Satanic clowns!Go Away

  • COCA


  • kennyken

    juicy j has to be one of the most talented, flakiest niggas i've ever heard of. Dj paul was his man, it sounds like them niggas are frenemies now.

    • Boobie

      Yes, but Project Pat and Juicy J are brothers. Why wouldn't you have your flesh and blood brother on your shit over your home boy. So, no...if they say there is no bad blood then that's what it is.

    • kennyken

      and when i say project pat is on the album, i'm talking about project pat on juicy j's new album. why in the fuck your best friend ain't on your album? Man yall niggas are stupid. or should i say you honkies are stupid?

    • kennyken

      project pat is on the album. Why isn't his man, dj paul on the album? they talk business together? man you are some dumb ass pussies. listen between the lines idiots.

    • PointAndLaugh@Kenny Ken

      Another dumb and ignorant comment from Kenny Ken Finish reading the article next time. AGAIN.

    • nigga creep

      . "But we still talk because we still own all the companies together, we still get big checks together, so we still talk business stuff but Im not on the album. Nigga how does that sound like they salty? They just on different shit musically

  • ques

    all yall gump ass niggas hyped up to NOT support the shit when it drop...what good are yall to the culture if you dont even respect the shit you claim to love?

  • Anonymous

    I don't care what they call that shit, without Juicy J that shit is wack. He's the best producer out of all of them. They got Lord Infamous back tho, so i'll give it a chance.

    • stabler420

      Have you listened to juicys solo projects compared to DJ Paul??? Juicy J sucks. Paul can at least rap decent too.

  • asher1985

    It kinda seems like DJ Paul is a little jealous, thats just my perspective. It's crazy because on the old Three 6 albums DJ Paul was like the lead rapper and Juicy J was more in the background. I was always a bigger fan of Juicy J though because he would joke around more in his rhymes. Paul was always so serious. Anyway it seems the tables have turned. I'm sure in 10 years these guys will be best friends again, but right now it is what it is.

    • Fresh2Def

      No, after Juicy shit don't sell in July they'll be buddies again. Fuck Taylor skinny pants gang.

  • #RuleTalk

    They need to let Ja Rule join the group

  • Fresh2Def

    They need to include Skinny Pimp on this.

  • jus10

    Smoking on that f'n Bin Laaaaaden. This is great news! Not really a fan of their music anymore, but it brings back memories of the old days.

    • IDK

      lol same here. Ever since I started listening to 90s east coast hip hop, I ended up seeing Three 6 Mafia as very inferior. However, they'll always be one of my favorite hip hop acts because they helped open the doors for me to discover more hip hop after I was stuck with 2000s mainstream radio shit when I was young.

  • Anonymous

    juicy j's gettin to big for his own good. his solo shit fuckin sucks. hes tryin to sellout Fuck him, lord infamous is back

    • Anonymous

      because that's all I have. I don't know them, I just act like I do. Don't really have to many friends so I just post on HipHopDX where I know someone will respond and pay attention to me.

    • Anonymous

      you have no idea whats going on behind the scenes so why are you talking like you do?

  • Dee

    The pioneers of the current south, before No Limit, before Cash Money, 3-6 were the defining members of that southern simple, opposite of swag style. Straight southern hip hop beats, drum triplets, ppl music.

  • lordsoze

    I can't wait to hear Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca together again.

  • Anonymous

    more southren bullshit with no lyrical skillz

    • mouthfucka

      At least your mom has oral cock sucking skills.

    • stabler420

      If you don't think Lord Infamous or Koopsta Knicca are lyrical you must be retarded. BTW Crunchy is to 3-6 what Flavor Flav is to Public Enemy. He ain't even claiming to be a rapper. Anyway fuck you young bitches and your swag(gag) rap!!!!

  • calibeatbox420

    Word play is mad ill son: You tryin to be me, but you can't be me You tryin to see me, but you can't see me It's hard for you to see, me in this industry Hustlin in the skreet, tryin to get me some eat GANGSTA BOO - I THOUGHT YOU KNEW F/ CRUNCHY BLACK LYRICS LMAO......Dont forget Soulja Boy and Trinidad Shit..oh yeah Shyne sucks something awful.

  • Anonymous

    Hell Yeah!!! Bring that Horrorcore shit back

  • OUCH!

    Gangsta Book!?? These people are fucking idiots!

  • Anonymous

    Crunchy Black is the worst rapper of all time. Try and name someone worse, I bet you can't.

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