Turk Says That He Doesn't "Know" The Lil Wayne Of Today

Though Turk still has love for former labelmate Lil Wayne, he can't relate to him anymore.

During the near-decade Turk spent in prison after his 2004 arrest for shooting a Memphis, Tennessee SWAT team member, the rapper's former labelmate Lil Wayne went from New Orleans phenomenon to international pop success.

With that success came change, as Lil Wayne's wardrobe and musical tastes changed vastly - something Turk commented on in a G14 Radio interview.

"Yeah, Wayne...that's like my little brother, but we grew apart," admitted Turk. "I got my own movement. I was just locked up. If I had been out, it would've been the same result. ...I think my thing gonna go farther. I got people that can relate to me, and I can relate to. I'm not Michael Jackson, I ain't weird, quote-unquote. Some of these dudes out here, you can't even touch 'em, you can't even talk to 'em."

Turk touched on the subject of Lil Wayne's alleged drug use, relating it tow his own heroin addiction. "I used to be in a circle where I was caught up in some drugs. I used to do heroin, cocaine. I used to shoot heroin and cocaine like an old nigga, when I was fifteen, sixteen, because no one tell me nothin'. So the only thing I can say about that situation is when you're under the influence... anything can come out your mouth. Don't necessarily mean that's the type of person you is."

Ultimately, Turk revealed his belief that the Lil Wayne fans see on TV today isn't genuine. "Wayne's like a little brother to me. That's not Wayne. When I see certain pictures of Wayne, I know that's not Wayne," he concluded. "I'd rather not even talk about the Wayne that's happened today. I don't know that Wayne. I can't speak on that Wayne."

Listen to the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    gotta make you feel weird knowing a dude you came up with and used to be close with is a homosexual now

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  • 3 headedmonstah

    shit turk i didnt know weezy can i cant tell you he is no gangbanger. we all know some of the rappers today is just fraud! smh .. nothing but beats and punch lines

  • Donald O. Slocumb

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  • Anonymous

    the wayne of 04-09 was pretty dope. problem was when he made that wack ass rock album and came out with a mixtape every month his shit was diluted. no one could give a fuck about any of his new shit coz he played himself out. call me capt obvious but that's just how i see it..

  • Kizman

    There once was a boy from Raptown named Wayne. Aside from that time when he accidentally shot himself, he had a fairly stable, uneventful childhood. In his preteen years, he started writing raps and freestyles which were mad wack. But then he met "Birdman" Bryan Williams, who mentored him and encouraged him in his wackness. "My parents tell me I should stay in school and study drama because I'm actually good at it", Weezy said. "No, no," Williams replied. "You have a very special gift, Wayne." "My friends tell me my raps is wack. They say I've got no talent." "You do have talent, Weezy," assured Birdman. "It's just... invisible. It's so special that people usually can't see it. You're that great Weezy. You're so great that normal people can't see how great you are." So Williams surrounded the young Weezy with Juvenile, Turk, and B.G., along with constant praise for his wack-ass rhymes. And the young Wayne continued rapping, slowly growing his ego on the fetid stew of his jumbled wordplay. To you forever, from me to you. I heard somebody say, "Church!" I'm gonna need a suit, I'm gonna need a coupe, I won't need a roof, Flyer than Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Soon enough Wayne had developed a following. He claimed to be the greatest rapper alive and people believed him for some reason. Glowing reviews from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Blender, The Guardian, The Source, and many others, resulted in Weezy being crowned emperor of all Hiphopland. In honour of his completely ridiculous commercial and critical success, Weezy returned to his hometown of Raptown for a celebratory parade. And throughout the parade he proudly displayed his beautiful, invisible talent. Call me what you want bitch, call me on my sidekick, Never answer when it's private, damn I hate a shy bitch. Don't you hate a shy bitch? Yeah I ate a shy bitch. She ain't shy no more, she changed her name to me, bitch. Hahahaha, yeah, nigga that's my bitch. The crowd was taken by his "unique" and "unusual" flow. They cheered at the "originality" of his rhymes, saying things like, "Man, I wouldn't have thought of rhyming those lines together!" All except one little boy. This child was too young to find out about hype MCs on the internet and read reviews on hip-hop blogs. He was not yet old enough to realise that Pitchfork is right about everything. He only had his own ears, and a tiny magic compass in his brain that told him whether or not he liked what he was listening to. And at this parade, despite the enthusiasm of his family and peers, the tiny magic needle of his tiny magic compass was firmly, unequivocally pointing to "W", as in "Wack". Under his breath, almost unconsciously, he muttered, "This shit is wack". A few people heard him over the crowd's noise and stopped dead in their tracks. "What did you say?" they inquired, unsure if they'd heard correctly. This time more people were listening. "It's wack," the boy reiterated, louder this time. More heads turned. "Mad wack," he declared boldly. A nearby woman fainted. "Wiggidy wack!" he yelled out with conviction. There was a collective gasp, and the crowd fell into a hush. Wayne did not immediately notice, and rapped a final couplet in the awkward silence. Swagger tighter than a yeast infection, Fly go hard like geese erection. The words hung heavy in the air. They pierced through the pure consciousness of the listeners. Slowly, they began to understood the words as they truly were, their ears unhindered by the mad hype, their minds newly coloured by the young child's naive honesty. The air was still for a few moments. Then... "Um... that doesn't make any sense", one brave soul ventured. "Yeah, uh... that's just stupid", added another. "Geese erection? What?" The crowd dispersed, mumbling to themselves, a little bit pissed off that they'd been duped. A handful of people bought the little boy a candy and offered him a position writing for their blog, which he turned down because he would rather play outside. Wayne, still convinced of his own greatness, freestyled non-sequiturs into the sunset, and everybody else lived happily ever after!

  • DentalDamBoy

    Carter I = Wayne stepped his flow, lyrics, and delivery. Carter 2 = Wayne was on some heavy hood/gangsta songs, perfecting his flow and lyricism. Carter 3 = Most diverse Carter album. Had songs that gathered attention from several audiences making it the most popular. Carter 4 = Most mainstream. Not up to par, especially for a Carter album. Only a small amount of songs were memorable such as Mirror and President Carter. Carter 5 = ? Hopefully the next Carter album is better.

  • Cashaholic

    Yo, bring me my lady leopard leggings, red rag and skateboard.

  • Anonymous

    Lil wayne has basically stole every artist on the labels style trying to stay relevant.He's becoming a imitator

    • Anonymous

      Don't hate cause he's been carrying the game for years while most other artists (including one's Wayne used to work with) do nothing.

  • Boy

    "During the near-decade Turk spent in prison after his 2004 arrest for shooting a Memphis, Tennessee SWAT team member, the rapper's former labelmate Lil Wayne went from New Orleans phenomenon to international pop success." He got it wrong in the last part. He went from New Orleans phenomenon to international HIP HOP success.

    • dentaldamboyisgay

      the only gay one here is you get off lil gaynes dick! you bitch...

    • dentaldamboy

      You aint my tutor. Wayne doesnt do that gay shit.

    • dentaldamboy's tutor

      I bet Wayne shoehorned his dick out of those tight, pink pants and shoved it straight in your ass.

    • dentaldamboy

      Eminem, kdot, tupac, and biggie were all gay. Tupac wore a ballerina, 2pac kissed dr dre on the lips, eminem hates women, and k dot has a gay soundlike voice. Wayne dresses like a man, fucked numerous females, and made far more money than you will.

    • gbaby

      Both tupac and biggie rapped about personal life, so were they pop artist? stupid point. eminem and kdot are true hiphop/rap, wayne is not anymore.

    • dentaldamboy

      So is rock considered pop because it reached the charts? Country? This isn't pop. This is true hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      he's reached the pop charts, not just here, but overseas, they had it right

    • dentaldamboy

      Boy is right. Lil Wayne raps over dope beats, talks about cars, money, bitches and therfore is hiphop. Talking about personal life like Kendrick or acting like a folol like Eminem is pop music. Wayne is real hiphop. Once he dies, he will be admired like 2pac and Biggie. They were accused the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      nah is ok bc is more like pop wat he doing this days :D

    • Anonymous

      They got it right the first time, mane

  • zcccc9


  • Sco*

    Well Turk, it has been ten years, so some growth and development is to be expected....but in the same breath, I kinda get what Turk is saying.....i honestly don't believe Wayne knows who he really is at this point.....

    • Anonymous

      do you think if you showed weezy a picture of him from today 10 years ago he would even believe it? if you told him he'd be wearing his daughters pants and furry moon boots out riding a skateboard hanging with white kids he would have said you were tripping!!!

  • Anonymous


  • zxxx4


  • zzzzx9


  • x0004


    • Anonymous

      is this a damn joke hahahahahahaha wtf does Destiny's Child Independent Woman have to do with this article?

  • Twunty

    Shout out to turk for keepin it 100. Gotta respect that. If you need Boom Bap, Trap, or R&B production..get at me at: atowntwunty dot com

  • Cash_Money_Killaz

    Well it would be a good idea that the both of you kill yourself. We dont need: - skinny jeans rappers; - faggots who kiss eachother; - skating faggots; - having stupid tats on ther bodies to hide there insecurity; - having the same bullshit lyrics about money, bithces and guns; - wearing a scarf; - destroying hiphop music. Oh and FUCK all the scary pussy ass rappers from NEW YORK sucking DIRTY SOUTH dick!!!!! What about setting trends instead of being followers?????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Cash_Money_Killaz

      @ fuck Why you mad son? Prbably you cant handle the truth. Or is it you Wayne?

    • Anonymous

      actually dude has a point it's just said in a very ignorant way. when people shit on Wayne they quick to point out his excessive use of punchlines about the same shit over and over, some of which never makes sense, his image and poor decision making skills, smh dude's fucked up all around the board.

  • dentaldamboy

    Turk got kicked out for trying to rape lil wayne, who's not gay. That's why Turk is mad. Wayne makes far more money than him.

    • hip hop

      but he's not gay! gtfoh... http://hiphopmorning.com/sites/default/files/styles/contentfront/public/Lil%20Wayne%20Is%20Gay%20For%20Kissing%20Baby%20And%20His%20Fashion.jpg

    • dentaldamboy

      No idiot. an accountant keeps track of their finances. My other job is to dispel rumors of gay shit of ymcmb.

    • Jason Collins

      Hey accountant...do you have an account of me have this dick in your ass?

    • Anonymous

      You fell off So Icy Boi. The great trolls like G-Unit Killa, Fuck Boy Music, Big Ghosface, Wondough are laughing at you.

    • dentaldamboy

      All of you are fucking idiots. I'm the fucking accountant. Tyga is fine here. He might not get a check but everything Tyga demands for, we pay it all. Cars, bitches, money. And all he has to do is just record music.

    • Delonte

      YMCMB don't even have an accountant, cuz Tyga said he aint never received a check except for his signing bonus. 18 months is when artist should see something come in. Then lil wayne signs his daughter... ok

    • Anonymous

      of course cuz he was locked up for 10 years how can turk make money u stupid M*****

    • Chris Etrata

      Who actually serves as ymcmb accountant?

    • dentaldamboy

      I am the goddamn accountant for ymcmb. Turk left because he sexually assualted wayne AND birdman. He's gay they are not. Turk was pissed off when he got fired. Today, he's mad because he made less money than Wayne. I ain't no groupie stan. Im one of birdman's employees.

    • Anonymous

      birdman and slim are the ones who do the raping over at ymcmb, where do you think officer ross learned??

    • Anonymous

      Everything you say is a goddamn lie. You're not an accountant and all of that shit never happened. If anything, Turk left because Birdman tried to rape him out of his money and rape him literally. Turk don't care about another man's bank account; only groupie stans like you do.

    • dentaldamboy

      It's no joke. I am an accountant for ymcmb and I saw turk trying to rape Wayne. I knocked his ass out and fired him. Now, Turk mad because wayne makes more money than him.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Good joke.

  • zxsss4


  • SpeaksTheTruth

    In other news, know one knows or cares who Turk is.

  • Anonymous

    "Wayne's broke compared to Bill Gates" I'm sure Bill would be impressed by Wayne's $100 million dollar portfolio.

  • John D. Wilson

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  • Tyu

    Any rapper who decides to put out a singing album and wear tight clothes is wack in my book. Andre 3000 and Kanye included.

  • x0009


  • KingO

    I like it when a real nigga drops a real perspective that make some of you sucka azz....suckaz, coming up with whack comments like the ja rule d*ck r*der, who is here everyday saying something immature.

  • Premis

    I agree that Turk knows what he is talking about, but "I got my own movement. I was just locked up. If I had been out, it would've been the same result. ...I think my thing gonna go farther" is a bit of a strech. Wayne was always Birdman's favorite...HOMO.. oops, I meant NO HOMO. Shout out to Roy Hibbert!

  • R.Pgh

    Not a Wayne or Turk fan, but if this cat was locked up for a decade, he was put away when Wayne was 19 or 20. Most teenagers are the same when they hit their 30's.

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean by 'the same'? wayne was not most teenagers. he had a 40 year old man telling him to call him daddy and kissing him on the lips. its not hard to see why he started wearing his daughters pants

  • note to everyone

    cant wait to hear that new jada weezy song smfh

  • Anonymous

    even lil wayne doesn't know the lil wayne of today. dont do drugs kids

  • Anonymous

    the whole industry knows wayne is a fruitcake but they all bitch niggas and won't diss him because he's so popular. it's horrible when you got NY vets like jadakiss and N.O.R.E putting lil wayne on their albums just to try and stay relevant when 10 years ago they would have been going in on the lil gremlin for being the queerest thing in rap

  • Anonymous

    turk speaking that real shit. i'm sure we all got an old friend of two that just changed it up completely and you cant really fuck with them no more. how you go from being this gangsta rapper to wearing your daughters pants and piercing your lip kissing men and riding skateboards

  • Anonymous

    you serious????? lol FUCK JA RULE

  • Anonymous

    WATCH : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJKrBNnkxSs ( SUNSHINE- WORLD SUMMER TIME SONG.) Dope Home boy doing his thing. Something I can Relate with right now this summer.

  • Anonymous

    You can tell that Turk came out the pin with a clear head, that's what's up. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good stuff on there too

  • Anonymous

    Don't necessarily mean that's the type of person you is." lol black people

  • Anonymous

    get his new number then lol fag

  • Sco*

    Wayne doesn't even know himself anymore...

  • mar500

    bg speaking the truth


    Haha Turk is ashamed to be associated with this wack ass, legging wearing, fake blood, skateboarder sellout one hit wonder faggot. I don't blame him.

  • Anonymous

    wayne has fallen off, its Rule time!

  • Art Brooks

    Turk implying he would've blown up like Wayne did if he never got locked up. Ummm, no. But yes, Wayne is half as weird as Mike Jackson was...and that's pretty fucken weird.

  • Marguerite T. Brady

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  • Satanic Racist

    I hate black people. I love seeing all you cringe as I make my worst attempt to tell some lame joke about racism/poverty/welfare etc. In reality I'm only a 13 year old kid who's never insulted a black guy in front of their face, well I did once, only it ended up in me getting the snot beaten out of me. I'd better take my ass back to Stormfront now. My 'friends' are calling me.

  • That Irish Troll Who Hates America

    America sucks. Aren't I funny? I waste every day of my life typing this shit on the news articles just because your government stopped funding my precious IRA. Now how are we going to win the battle against Britain?

  • Ralph

    wow thts real serious

  • K-Ruz

    Once you get a bite ouda that cheese there's only one thing that makes sense to you; more cheese!!!!....its all about money if being weird Wayne gets me money in truck loads why be old Wayne and get enough just for my Pockets..just my opinion .im not a fan of his music OLD or NEW

  • JP

    Bout time somebody had the nutz to say what we have all been thinking. Turk took the words out alot mouths. Most industry cats just look the other way and pretend they don't see the weirdo Wayne has become. They don't wanna piss him off because he is the biggest rapper in the game(sad to say).

    • Anonymous

      becuz they are all worried about these kids buying records, if they outright speak out, they know it could result in backlash, and the record sales will suffer. So they just ride with it, knowing thats some BS. That to me shows exactly what type of humans these industry artists are... mad superficial. but big props to turk for keeping it 100, wayne fell the fuck off. #PopDiva

  • YEBO

    there was a time where Wayne was a TOP FIVE rapper (from 2005-08). now he's not even top 30

  • tom boozer

    it seem like lil wayne is a puppet with cash money

  • Anonymous

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  • Mannie Fresh

    Make me 3rd on that

  • Anonymous

    I admire his positivity n competitiveness but he's not guna be anywhere near Wayne's level.

    • Anonymous

      im sure he doesnt wanna be anywhere near waynes "level" kissing dudes on the lips wearing his daughters pants riding skateboards around claiming blood gang all the while making some of the weakest music of his career. just cause people buy it dont make it good. turk knows what up

  • Juvenile

    same shit here wordie

  • B.G.

    dont worry Turk I dont know him either

  • Anonymous

    So this junkie doesn't like Wayne now? Who gives a fuck. Nigga's rich, and your broke.

    • Anonymous

      wayne was/is a junkie too

    • MalcolmLittle

      I've learned it's just a defense mechanism they gotta resort to when they know they have no other leg to stand on. The money talk is their ace in the hole...in THEIR minds anyway.

    • Rap Fan

      I still don't get why rap fans always have to bring money into everything. You never saw Bill Gates telling Steve Jobs that he had more money than him. These fans of today kill me with all that money talk, acting like they are getting paid by these rappers. SMH

    • I can play too

      so? Wayne's broke compared to Bill Gates

    • Tupring

      you're* broke

  • Fatal Honeymoon

    First bitches!

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