Confessor In Alleged Notorious B.I.G. Murder Plot Escapes Prison

Clayton Armstrong Hill, who has confessed to being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Notorious B.I.G., has reportedly escaped from prison.

It has been reported that Clayton Armstrong Hill has escaped from a prison camp in Atlanta, Georgia. Hill, who has confessed to being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Notorious B.I.G., is currently on the run from law officials. 

U.S. Magistrate Judge Russell G. Vineyard has signed documents noting that Hill walked away from the prison he was in last week.  

“I was notified by officials … that inmate Clayton Armstrong Hill walked off the grounds,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Clay M. Cleveland noted in an affidavit, as reported by Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "A bed count was conducted to verify Hill’s status, and at approximately 6:40 p.m. Hill was identified as missing.”

A report of the escape can be seen below, courtesy of WSBTV in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Hill was in a medium security prison after pleading guilty to charges of more than 100 fraudulent federal income tax returns in the mid-2000s. In July 2011, Hill confessed to being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Notorious B.I.G. in his memoir Diary of an Ex-Terrorist, and he shared more about it in a feature with HipHopDX that year. He said that the Nation of Islam was involved with the plot and cover up of the murder, sharing how he was an accessory after the fact after helping a man who claimed to be the shooter. 

"I guess he felt comfortable so he began to talk about why he was on the run," Hill shared regarding the alleged shooter. "Dawoud explained that he had put in the ‘work’ on Biggie. I gripped my steering wheel tighter but stayed silent, allowing him to continue to talk. He explained that he was a member of the Bloods and said it was [for] what happened to Tupac [Shakur] who was a Blood and a Muslim. ‘And I made twenty five ‘g’s’ off that.’ He patted his front pants pocket to emphasize his point which I noticed was bulging. ‘So where you headed to next?’ ‘Philly. The brothers up at #12 are expecting me.’ He was making reference to Muhammad Mosque #12, the infamous home of the Black Mafia.” 

More of this feature can be read in its entirety in the link provided below. 

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  • lou

    Bunch of gossipers on this blog that don't know shit. Talking about a bunch of nothing that myself nor anyone of you know about. The only thing I know some things about is Pacs robbery in NY n that's because the streets talk and the dudes that SPECIFICALLY robbed Pac are from my hood in bklyn and no they're not specifically tut and hench. They had involvement but wasn't them some specifically. Anyway it ain't my biz to talk about that so it's whatever but some people's comments on here are ridiculous. A lot of you truly need to open your eyes and stop believing everything you hear. Could say the same for me as well but I know one of Big's formers producers and he already confirmed what I knew so there's nothing to dispute on that note.

  • Nick T

    Puffy played it smarter than suge , put the hit on pac then played the victim , suge put the hit on biggie then played the i don't give a fuck role. Puff started the shit , I don't know hy suge gets a bad rep , when he rode pac after he died , mainly because some 2pac stans are fucking retarted and will believe anything they say about tupac if you told that , tupac once trained at NASA to become an astronaut , they'll believe it and do anything to support that dumb ass theory

  • Anonymous

    Pac never hurt a fly.

  • John D. Wilson

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  • Kizman

    No disrespect but black folks don't know SHIT called LOGIC. Listen, if NO ONE (including you) wanna FESS UP and TELL then how the fuck are the police supposed to know anything and how the fuck are you or anybody else gonna cry about justice? Niggas talk all that snitch stuff when it's another statistic but when it's their family member or their man they wanna cry justice. Look, niggas in LA KNOW Orlando killed 2pac but no one wanna fess up cuz they'll get labelled a snitch. Instead they rather go at Funk Flex or Suge Knight and use them as scape goats and act tough with them on the Internet or via records. How is the police gonna lock any of these criminals up if nobody is fessin up? And then when the feds DO lock niggas up y'all cry "the police is lockin' brothas/rappers up". I feel sorry for african americans, y'all have the most fucked up mentality out in the world, but yet still think it's worse overseas LMAO. I live in both places btw and yes i'm black.

    • tmos

      I agree, the black mentality is fucked up but... the feds killed them guys. It was a lesson the gov was teaching us. you notice we haven't had any strong positive rappers of singers since they died? Every time a rapper tells us good things we need to know they get locked up for rape or taxes lol. this guy was telling us info and the feds got rid of him...he aint escape lol that nigga knows something

    • DrebinSlevin

      I laugh at this comment because you think its a black thing to not snitch. White people had that code first man. "Omerta". The Italian mob's code for shut the fuck up.

  • YEBO

    people say that pac got raped in prison and had a boyfriend in drama school. google "2pac and Eskiah." 2pac was also used to strip and hump blow up dolls on stage yet yall have the nerve to call guys like game gay for allegedly being a male stripper and having a tongue ring. even though pac was a documented stripper and had a nose ring. 2pac also supported queen latfifah at a gay pride concert. if a rapper like wayne or kanye did that today you guys would be all over them for it and hate mongering. yet Pac is guilty of the same behavior. and victim of the same types of rumors. 2pac was also a documented ballerina. The point is you n*ggas live in glass houses and habitually throw stones at today's rappers for doing the EXACT same shit that pac and biggie did! Biggie rapped about raping jesus, fukin men in the ass, and sucking his girl's dad's dick yet you n*ggas say NOTHING! but let kanye where leather and he's a faggot!? You fuking hypocrites!

  • KrazyK

    Oh shit i use to go to that place. i was in a halfway right next to it on West York st. One of the counselors was a black muslim by the name of Muhammed. Nigga was always trying hard to get me in the movement.

  • Beat Freak

    "He walked away from the prison he was in last week." What kind of prison is that? To just walk away.

  • Marguerite T. Brady

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  • Rozay

    on some street shit, DMX would beat the shit outta both big and pac Bawse!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Rap Fan

    I think the people calling Pac fake are confused about Pac. Pac's family was really into the black panthers. I think some of his family fled the country after all the killings back in the old BP days. As for Pac being fake, I don't think so. There was a story that Pac killed two undercover drunk cops in self defense because they were beating a man. This happened before Pac was mainstream in his younger days. When Pac aligned with Suge he was always torn between the gang lifestyle and the black panther, pro life, conscious rapper lifestyle. That's why he was often a hypocrite in what he did and said in his raps. Aligning with Suge did two things, it made him really mainstream but in the end it took his life. I don't think Pac was a blood, I do think he was into that lifestyle and probably had many blood friends.

    • Kai

      He didn't kill the two cops. He did get into a shoot out with them which was well documented. He came to the aid of a black motorist being beaten by two off duty cops, got into a shoot out and then had charges made against him. The charges got dropped when it became clear the police involved were drunk and had a bit of history when it came to racial profiling. You undermind your own argument when you exaggerate events of that nature. It was Pac's Aunt that fled to Cuba and remains there. She's on an FBI most wanted list to this day because of her black panther activities.

  • Kramer

    hahhaa how do you just "walk off the grounds". classic


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  • SST

    GANG AFFILATE = an individual who is associated with members of the movement GANG MEMBER = an individual who is putting in work solely for the movement. pac wasnt a blood gang member, only an affiliate. so he wore the red and preached m.o.b. but did not claim being an official gang member.

    • Anonymous

      "Did 2pac ever pull a trigger, or do dirt by himself?" damn kids do your research! Pac shot a cop!

    • MalcolmLittle

      He still pulled the trigger though and showed he wasn't like the rest of these bitch ass niggas who'll shoot at another Black man with no hesitation but then tuck tail at the first sound of sirens. AND he did it in defense of a man who was bein harrassed (I think even beaten if I'm not mistaken) by the drunk cops, which makes the act that much more respectable.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      To this Assnonymous dude talking about Pac never pulled a trigger. He is the only man I know to get away with a Chris Dorner.

    • Rap Fan

      I do remember Pac killed two cops before he made it big in self defense so I do think he pulled a trigger. You also fail to realize that Tupac's family was really involved in the black panthers, so he knew what was up.

    • Anonymous

      Did 2pac ever pull a trigger, or do dirt by himself? The answer was no, so I agree. He was playing a role like the shitty movies he made.

  • Kizman

    Tupac was a terrible man and a LIAR. Your so trendy and brainwashed you wannabe gangster, wannabe American bitch. Tupac was a GANGSTER RAPPER who encouraged an entire generation of young black men to KILL EACHOTHER. THATS NOT GOOD AT ALL. Tupac complained that RICH WHITE PEOPLE didnt give away all their money to the poor, then TUPAC gets rich and gives NOTHING TO THE POOR. Tupac was jealous of Biggie,FUCKS BIGGIES WIFE, and then got him KILLED !

    • D

      I'm sorry, I don't see your point of view as strongly. Everybody lies. I could call you a liar and be correct. But Tupac would preach in interview that to speak and make music about the violence in these neighborhoods in order to raise awareness. He had compared it to Vietnam, people were just assuming people were over there dying these heroic deaths but then the media blasted all of these horrible images and the grim reality of warfare. and people were furious and made a lot of noise. Pac was hoping his music would do something similar - show you how crazy life can be when you're poor, stuck in a shitty neighborhood, and surrounded by crime. and he was hoping people would realize we need to make changes in how we look at each other and work together. I grew up listening to Pac, I bought his Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. album on tape when I was in elementary school and that was really what made me love hip hop music. I also don't think Pac was jealous of Big... I think they both changed (maybe for the worst, with the fame) and they just didn't see things the same way anymore. I think Big missed their friendship and Pac was dealing with too much BS at Death Row that he couldn't even act like he missed Big's friendship, too. We'll never know.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao pac had biggie killed...from the grave. Pacs connected like that.

    • MalcolmLittle

      Smh, everything about your argument is so flawed I don't even know where to start. I can only assume you had no idea that every crib Pac ever had was turned into makeshift homeless shelters to help those he saw some hope in. You must be completely clueless about all the kids he visited in hospitals across the country, and was so genuine about it that he rarely allowed the media to know about it. Jealous of Biggie, the same cat who got his start openin up for 'Pac's shows? Interesting. Lemme stop though before your delusional ass starts callin me a broke dickrider or whatever other bullshit you lames are sayin nowadays.

  • You Tards

    There are prisions that are low security were someone could just walk off.

  • Dentaldamboy

    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. He told me that in 96, Biggie was looking to get out of his contract with Bad Boy so he could sign with Cash Money. If Cash Money is right for Biggie, then it's clearly the top record label. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and Diddy found out about Biggie's upcoming departure and had him shot. Also, Birdman as always a role model for Pac. Most of you don't know this, but the song Hit Em Up was originally supposed to be Split Em Up, a song where Pac brags about fucking Faith, leading to her breakup with BIG. But Birdman explained to Pac that real gangsta's talking about killing people, so that's how Hit Em Up took on such a violent tone. YMCMB for life. We got the game by the clit!

    • Anonymous

      you weren't born until after 96

    • Sickadentaldamboyslies

      I'm tired of you posting on every article you work for cash money. Go away. Why would Jay-z care if BIG left Bad Boy? ..He wasn't signed to Bad Boy, he had his own label that had no ownership in BIG at all. And if you think YMCMB is bigger than Roc Nation or has made more money than Aftermath...then you sir are clearly a joke of an accountant who can't count clear as day numbers.

    • Big Bad One Eight Gang, E'z up!

      Only CLOWNS who have bad taste in music listen to your favorite fruity, faggot, bubble gum rappers.

  • Big t

    All you buffoons saying tupac wasn't no blood,shortly before his death he got M.O.B tattooed on his tricep He had made the crossover to fully fledged blood Dumbasses

    • MalcolmLittle

      @ E'z up! I wouldn't say MINIMAL problems fam, every case he caught was pre-Death Row. I see what you're sayin though, his fate was sealed the moment he signed that alleged toilet paper contract.

    • E'z up!

      Pac was no Blood. Maybe affiliated because of Suge but definitely not a Blood member putting in work. 2Pac tried way too hard to live that G life when he signed with Suge/Death Row and got caught up. Suge and some of the other people around him at the time were a bad influence. Pac was pretty normal and had minimal problems when he was signed to other labels but as soon as he signed with Death Row, well, that was pretty much death row.

  • i hope

    ps he just walked out! LOL okkkkay?

  • i hope

    cops just shoot him dead and end it all. no point in this guy being paid in jail to live fuck him

  • #RuleTalk

    Ja Rule determines when his own prison term is up

  • polo hova

    What a dumb ass

  • Anonymous

    How do you escape from prison by just walking out?

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule - #RULETALK EP August 6th produced entirely by Harry Farud, featuring French Montana, Rick Ross, Ashanti & more.

  • Anonymous

    SO he's not saying who killed Biggie, go figure.

    • Anonymous

      nigga it wasnt poochie it was itchy and scratchy.. they killed pac 2.. they bite and fight

    • Anonymous

      Poochie everyone from the LAPD, CPD to FBI know that. Poochie was a blood and a skilled shooter because he had used guns quite a bit so he was experienced with them. Poochies dead now. The original target that night was Puffy. Amir Muhammed aka Harry Billups a friend of some CPD cops who were friends with Suge went inside the club to kill puffy but his guards shook Amir Muhammed off. Suge then gave the order to kill BIG since Puff couldnt be killed Later they got kicked out of the club and BIG and puffy met up with Keefe D a crip who they paid protection to whenever they came to LA and Orlandos uncle one of the niggas that killed Pac due to the beating of Orlando and a hit Puffy (Not BIG) had out on them. Keffe told em they were loads of bloods and they should use them as protection BIG said they were cool and 10 minutes later BIG got shot.

  • #RuleTalk

    only Ja Rule can save the day!!!

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck can you walk away from prison?

  • KingO

    The shells that killed BIG, were shells that can only be purchased outside of the United States from another country. Someone with a lot of money, I mean lots of $$$ got BIG killed.

  • Anonymous

    2pac was M.O.R.E. Most Overrated Rapper Ever!

  • dafuq

    Because tupac was a blood and a muslim......LMAO fuck outta here nigga was a fucking ballet dancer and a mainstream artist fuck that!!!!

    • Anonymous


    • E'z up!

      dafuq, I agree. Pac was no Blood. Maybe affiliated because of Suge but definitely not a Blood member putting in work. 2Pac tried way too hard to live that G life when he signed with Suge/Death Row and got caught up. Suge and some of the other people around him at the time were a bad influence. Pac was pretty normal and had minimal problems when he was signed to other labels but as soon as he signed with Death Row, well, that was pretty much death row. Pac was a good rapper but he was also a good actor too and had a bright future. Such a tragedy.

    • Jay

      @Oz. F right man.. pac's mom was a Black Panther. His dad too. His label was death row.. With suge and snoop. he lived in california..Bloods capital of the world..if you have any balls at all you can be in a gang. Have u heard a pac song in your life @dafuq..Mainstream?? come on

    • Oz. F

      Why is it so hard for you to believe he was a blood? You think its that hard to be a G? Anyone can get walked in a gang that don't mean shit. Niggas get in gangs at like 16 and shit. I'm not saying its a good thing but I am saying you prolly don't know a single G if its really that out of this world for you.

    • Anonymous

      ya sound like a bunch of groupies, do ya masturbate to your 16 year old Biggie posters?

    • Anonymous

      pac was a frut

  • gob

    and then Warden Gentles said "i've made a huge mistake."

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross wasnt doin his job

  • Anonymous

    Damn, the jail house got caught slipping smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too

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