Eminem, Royce Da 5'9, Black Hippy & Mr. Porter  Pictured Together In Studio

Eminem joins label pals Black Hippy and Royce Da 5'9 in the studio.

Close label proximity may be bringing two of Hip Hop's most lyrical camps close together.

ThisIs50.com posted a photo on Instagram of Eminem, Denaun Porter and Royce Da 5'9 with Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock.

The Black Hippy crew was in Detroit for their good kid, m.A.A.d city tour, where they met up at Em's studio:

Eminem and Kendrick are both under the Interscope and Aftermath umbrellas, with their respective compatriots attached via other deals.

Though it is not known whether Shady and Kendrick's crews collaborated, Eminem is currently wrapping up his eighth studio album.

Recently, Em and Royce were accompanied in the studio by fellow Detroit natives Mr. Porter and Big Sean.

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  • ultrasa




  • Anonymous

    sad that these wack niggas get to fuck with em cuz the politrix of the monopolistic label interscope! 50, em, dre and all the other label mates will fuck with kendrick and BH..madd over rated

  • Anonymous

    my boy Big Ja needs to come outta retirement and show these young niggas how shits done Seriously think about it, Ja Rule comes back and colabs with Whacka Floka Flame.. The King of the old generation and the current King of the new generation on a track together.. Shit would be epic

  • Anonymous

    how did k dot not make the headline?

  • milehighkid303

    50 and Em need to get back in the studio together. On another note, I hope they did record some music, would prolly be pretty good with Black Hippy and Nickel Nine.

  • akward pic

    Kendrick gots that whole metrosexual army thing going on.

  • Anonymous

    sooner or later em and Kendrick are gonna collab and it's going to be release

  • TDE

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  • Anonymous

    Bsd Meets Evil ft Black Hippy... it just doesn't get better than that...

  • PuCho

    Classic shit in the making.

  • dentaldamboy

    Birdman visited there and was disgusted by the sight of all of them having a gay orgy.

    • JA


    • Anonymous

      I don't need to, hoe nigga.

    • dentaldamboy

      If you visited YMCMB, tell me of its layout.

    • Anonymous

      You got that backwards. There's no gay shit at Timbo's studio and Shady Records, only at YMCMB.

    • dentaldamboy

      That's a fake above me. There was no gay shit in ymcmb studios, only in timbaland's studio and shady records.

    • dentaldamboy

      No thats a fake, Wayne jizzed in my mouth but I had to spit it out cause birdman and beiber had just finished

    • Anonymous

      Liar. I was with my cousin at YMCMB studios and I saw the gay orgy and left. You're making shit up. There's no "we." You're not part of them. I was at Shady Records and Jay-Z's studio. There were no orgies.

    • dentaldamboy

      I was giving beibs a rim job while wayne sucked my dick

    • dentaldamboy

      Ha, you used an e for dentEldamboy instead of dentaldAmboy. I know you were fake. None of that shit happened at YMCMB. Only at Gay Z's studio.

    • denteldamboy

      Ok you are right it was a gay orgy with YMCMB, and Justin Beiber but you forgot to mention that I was also involved!

    • dentaldamboy

      You were not at YMCMB. We kicked you out. I had a sex tape of the 4 before burning it.

    • Anonymous

      You're making shit up. There were women there; I know it because I was there the entire time. There was a gay orgy with Justin Bieber over at YMCMB.

    • dentaldamboy

      The bitches were men. Birdman made a video and showed it to me. No justin bieber and gay orgy.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. The bitches were hot women. Birdman was never there and there was no gay orgy there, just at YMCMB with Justin Bieber.

    • dentaldamboy

      And the bitches were men. Birdman was there and there was a gay orgy going around.

    • Anonymous

      You're lying. I was there that day and there was no gay orgy. These niggas were battle rapping each other, made some music, and fucked mad bitches. Birdman was never there.



  • Anonymous

    Nothing but dopeness will come out of this.

  • Anonymous

    but he can't write a verse for tech n9ne...


    this was a blowbang i was there

  • Anonymous

    ja rule in a league of his own, none of these no-name rappers can ever touch him.

  • imho

    this song has to be done right- meaning eminem cant come with some stupid wack fuckin verse dumb shock value shits over.. its tiime for real spitters to spit real shit. eminem needs to go beast mode- leave the pill addiction, kim and assfuckin at home for this track--and albumm

    • Amen to that

      Lol huge em fan but I agree. Cannot wait for the next album idk wtf the news is on it. Kinda worried about the next album content but I know itll be crazy hope its some bme shit without the yelling flow

  • imho

    lets gooooo. hot summer


    The picture is fucking disgusting . We need a white supergroup Eminem ,Macklemore,Yelawolf,Riff Raff,Mac Miller,Pitbull Come on EM show some pride and hunger for this thing we created and gave back to the world !

  • uyguyyguy

    tell the crack head joe budden and that fat slow spic joell ortiz to eat a nasty dick

  • uyguyyguy

    fuck that wigger eminem and that uncle tom joyce the 59.

  • Anonymous

    i say god damn!

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    We need a Ja Rule is.......comment on here, those really make me crack up lol

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    NICKI MINAJ, LIL' KIM, CASSIE, NELLY FURTADO AND MY NUTS PICTURED IN A STUDIO TOGETHER!!! JESUS WTF....GOSSIP...NOW I BELIEVE HIP HOP PROMOTION IS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY HOMOSEXUALS. I dont hate but its such a chit chat, who cares until the product is confirmed by both camps, or its about to drop!

  • #RuleTalk

    A couple of careers are about to be ended by Ja Rule this summer

  • j dirty

    That Black hippy shit is garbage...Em needs to quit fuckin around with bullshit artists.Recovery is the biggest piece of crap pop album I ever heard.Bullshit beats with even shittier features.Dude might as well do a compilation album with nicki minaj.Booooooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

    old news. seen this hours ago on rapradar.com

  • Anonymous

    thats what i call a supergroup

  • Anonymous

    i feel its always the tracks that have super lined up artists that suck the most..idk if its the expectation kinda thing or what, but everytime i hear two superstar artists together it just isnt that great.

  • Nick T

    Eminem is shade of himself. When Em decided to kill Slim Shady so he can be himself again, that changed his rap career. He went towards the pop way, clearly because you can see it in the songs he has put out. Who the fuck collaborates with PINK in rap?? Anyone who says that "love the way you lie" shows how fucked up his realtionship with kim was, needs to listen to Eminems first three albums clearly (3 albums i'm referring to is Infinite, Slim SHady LP, and Marshall Mathers LP). He's mentioned his fucked up relatonship with kim multiple times, and talks about killing her. How many rappers did he have featured on recovery ? The answer is Zero (Yes i know lil' wayne, but i dont consider him a rapper since he made "how to love") Why didn't he feature any other rapper? Its cause eminem knows himself that his skills have digressed from what it was, and most of the rappers that were once on par with Em have either passed him or are still better than him in many ways. FACT: He chose wayne for a feature because eminem doesn't have to try hard to rap better than Lil' Wayne, which shows eminem HAD skills at one point. Its funny cause around the time "love the way you lie" came out, i swear the song syllables leaked around that time. In that song eminem clearly says "It's not about lyrics anymore, it's about a hot beat and a catchy hook" Isn't that what relapse and recovery were all about?

    • Anonymous

      How many times are you gonna copy and paste this?

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up. You might not like the beats or features on Recovery, but lyrically it was still dope. Same thing goes for Relapse.

    • Anonymous

      so what about Jay-Z rapping with Rihanna?..how is that different than Em and Pink?...Ill take Em & Pink over Jay And Ri anyday

    • Anonymous

      recovery was filled with dope lyrics yea the beats might have been poppy but he still spit circles around his old slim shady self

    • sam snead

      recovery was pop, relapse was detroit acid rap but was missing melody and rhythm of previous albums

    • Anonymous

      shut up u dumb piece of garbage...nobody cares what u think

  • Anonymous


  • Gerald A. Barnes

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  • Oats

    Too many rappers taking pictures nowadays. It's a shame the game is now saturated with sub par mixtapes and photo albums!

  • haha

    Seems like EM's album gonna be dope

  • Phill

    Hip Hop will be not more the same after that.

  • Anonymous

    Bad Meet Evil Ft Black Hippy =============> the best of the best



  • Anonymous

    damn this gonna be dope as fuck can't wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    TDE are on tour and are currently in Detroit leg of their tour, Don't get your hopes up...

  • k flop

    One of these crews has more pics together than tracks.

  • jim

    Kendrick said last year the Eminem collaboration will happen but not now, well it looks like its now

  • Anonymous

    Just look at all these nigguz who got their careers killed by the one and only Big Rule.

  • Anonymous

    fuck eminen for working with that faggot kendrick

  • kritsuxx1

    eminem & kendrick in the same lab, it's a shot at history

  • criss1

    let's hope Jay Rock doesn't ruind this song this time

  • theMANN

    Kendrick x Eminem, OMFG it's like 2 gods on the same track

  • Colemaiid5

    That picture is the real hip hop Im talking about

  • poijut5

    Kendrick gonna stand out, as usual

  • WessLurferons

    God is sending us blessings again Cant wait Thats all I got 2 say

  • Anonymous

    ain't no one listening. ROYCE da 5'9" crushes all the other four combined. Jay Rock is in 2nd though

  • k dot pro

    why the fuck is eminem pretty much on another hiatus? dafuk happened to that album comin dis year??

    • Anonymous

      besides, i believe in the calm before the storm. shit seems quiet right now because they in the lab cooking up the fire. just wait til eminem season arrives

    • Anonymous

      3 years since last studio album, i dont consider that a hiatus. i'm sick of rappers releasing bullshit every year or even every few months. this wait just means a fire album is coming. and i'm expecting some beast shit from eminem cuz the last album was more personal. hoping he wigs out

  • vincent112

    This might be one of the greatest collabs of all time

  • zeezee11fjh

    Awww shit. Looking forward to to hearing this collab Kendrick was able to hold his own against Jay but can he with Eminem? I like them but those other three dont stand a chance. Maybe JayRock.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick won't outperform Em or match him but he'll be up there. Same with Royce. Ab-Soul might keep up, but I doubt it. Jay Rock will be left behind and Schoolboy might as well not be on here.

    • Anonymous

      The only who doesn't stand a chance is Schoolboy Q.

    • Anonymous

      Jay Rock has no lyrics. He can spit as hard as anyone, but it's just gangster shit. Schoolboy is the same, but not quite as limited in subject matter. Kendrick and Ab-Soul are ten times more talented than the other two.

  • makeup81

    shittt ive been waiting on a kendrick and em collab but all of black hippy too hopefully em does a song with each of em

  • Selecao

    this could be amazing if its done right. I can only see amazing rappers on that pic

  • kas

    Now THIS is some exciting news!! Dying to hear Em and Kendrick spazz out on a song!!

  • vesselMcFly

    kendrick gonna show them how to rap

  • revolu45

    kednrick and Eminem on the same track ? jesus christ, 2 legends

  • lolipp1239

    Classic, Kendrick and Eminem together, best rappers of their generations

  • lupefiascoterr

    Black hippy x bad meets evil ? oh god, it's a classic

  • davidasshel

    OMFG, it will be remembered !!!!

  • Andre.CO

    Anyways, I'm hoping Em's next album sounds closer to stuff like the Shady 2.0 cypher, Ridaz, Session One, Fast Lane, Loud Noises, etc. If it does, I think we'll all be in for some good shit.

    • Andre.CO

      Em can still do his thing like he did back in the day 1999-2003, but you have to adapt or die in music. When you listen to stuff like Beautiful, Underground, On Fire, Going Through Changes, Untitled, Fast Lane, Loud Noises, Ridaz, Session One, you know that Eminem never left, he's still there. But he also has a few more tricks and ways to spit now too, that he didn't showcase as much before. His stuff on Forever, No Love, Seduction, Drop the World, no one can tell me he doesn't go in on those type of verses as well. Agree, his verse on Our House was pretty dope. He just needs to pick the right producers, that was really the only flaw on Recovery in my opinion.

    • Snorting Oxy Daily

      I agree. If you listen carefully, the beginning of the first verse on "kill you" has the same flow as the shady 2.0 cypher. That's pretty cool. Also, for me personally, i hope his album includes the style we heard on "Our House" with slaughterhouse. To me, that flow on that track, and subject matter plus choice of words sounded like the combination of his whole career in one verse. Dope as fuck

  • TrueStory512

    Em's all short as fuck lol


      btw, em is 5'8, kendrick is 5'6 but that nigga looks taller in this photo so uh, whatever. Why u hatin on a nigga's height anyway? that aint fair, if u wanna hate, hate on a niggas girl, or a niggas outfit, or a niggas house or car or sum shit, but not his height! unless u in a freestyle battle that is, if so then call his ass a mufukin oompa loopa!, fuckin willy wonka slave nigga!

    • gucci mane's pimp stormin yo street wit gucci luv

      nigga grow up

  • j

    I squeeled a little on the inside.

  • big ed the assassin

    Kendrick, schoolboy and ab soul a buncha weak ass niggas. I aint wit that shit. Hope the whiteboy got some heat comin and not a buncha pop songs.

  • Anonymous

    royce is the best rapper in the building, you mainstream shitheads ain't gone like that statement


    this could be amazing if its done right. hopefully something comes out of this. maybe a slaughterhouse/black hippy collabo could happen as well

  • 101

    Em probly called these young cats in to save his sinking career, such a sad fate royce has too deal with keeping the bad meets evil combo alive and well. Em can't rap for shit and his ass old and overrated. White trash

    • deranged man fantasizing about torture chambers and vulnerable animals, lust becomes meat infested pleasures

      anyone who tries to talk shit about eminem is doing so out of ignorance, ignoring his OBJECTIVE status as a legend.

    • Andre.CO

      His sinking career, really homie??? The guy who's last album in 2010 went 4x Platinum and sold over 8 million copies worldwide. And who last official release, an EP where he and Royce just spazzed out lyrically, is about to go Platinum. Keeping Bad Meets Evil alive??? Both went hard on Hell The Sequel, and Recovery though not perfect, mainly due to his production choices, was still a lyrically dope album. Cold Wind Blows, On Fire, Going Through Changes, Seduction, No Love, Cinderella Man, Almost Famous, Untitled, Ridaz, and Session One, the white boy went in lyrically. Em still shits on most anyone in the game at the moment, I can only imagine Nas f**king with Em rhyme for rhyme right now. The main thing Em needs to do on this next album is drop the Just Blaze, Boi 1 Da, Alex Da Kid, Dj Khalil producers. Get a couple Dre tracks, a track or two with Premier, a few Porter tracks, a few with NO ID, and than handle the rest himself like he did on Eminem Show. Lyrically, he's as on point as he has been lately. But hey, it's fashionable to hate on Eminem now.

    • an

      another miserable person with an internet connection. sucks to be you man

    • Huey Freeman

      Damn, you're dumb as hell.

    • Anonymous

      Em can rap, he just has lost all substance

  • ky

    I'm actually starting to have hopes for this album. Porter/bigSean collab and a royce/blackhippy collab? Sounds good to me

  • dentaldamboy

    All of these lazy ass rappers like Eminem and Kendrick do is pose for pictures. They complain about the labor pains but where is the baby? When Ross or Wayne get in the studio, it's to put in work. That's why YMCMB and MMG got the rap game by the clit.

    • arghhhh

      BOY, you fucking retard! Rick Ross is a fake obese turd, FUCK HIM, fucking recognize that already. Fuck YMCMB and MMG, they aren't not authentic hip hop, they are not even good FAKE hip hop, they fucking suck cock! god damn. you kids/ retarded 20 yr olds/ slash fuck up adults need to recognize what hip hop is. FUCK YO LIFE

    • Penetration of Trolls, mmm

      FUCK TROLLS, GET THE FUCK OUT or KEEP TROLLING just know, your life is irrelevant regardless of what you do. All trolls are people who attempt to troll are equivalent to animal shit covered pedophiles.

    • BOY

      I cannot vouch for that lil poop stain lil wayne. but Ross is way better than eminem right now. You could put GFID and Recovery song by song. Ross wins that easily.

    • dentaldamboy

      SHHHHHH...everybody quiet....I'm painting my toenails pink.

    • Anonymous

      When ymcmb get in the studio it's to sell to the latest trend and little kids

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